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Film Emperor's Little Wife 5

It was Liu Fang who called.

Jian Li’s studio pays attention to news about Jian Li on the Internet every day. They logged on Weibo today and saw several hot searches about Jian Li. The first five hot searches were all occupied by Jian Li, and the top three there is a flaming “busted” behind. Last night’s hot search about Jiang Meng’s beating has fallen out of the top ten hot searches because of Jian Li.






Several high-traffic news headline issued a unified copy at six o’clock, accompanied by a few picture of Jian Li lifting Bai Chen from the ground in the rain, wrapped in a bath towel and other animated pictures.

Even at 6 o’clock in the morning, there are still a lot of people who read Weibo. As soon as the paper of the news company was sent out, the hot searches on Weibo exploded, causing Weibo to freeze. With the increase of Weibo traffic, Weibo was paralyzed, the programmers had to get up early to work overtime to repair the servers.

“The rain was so heavy yesterday, I was careless. I didn’t expect you to be photographed.” Liu Fang sighed, “It was also because you didn’t give them any news before, this time, in order to grab traffic headlines, they never come to us to buy the photos but post it directly.”

“Hey, I finally got a chance to show my ability and skill, but they didn’t even look for me. I guess I don’t have the blessing to deal this thing about you.” Liu Fang made a little joke.

But it is true that Liu Fang has been Jian Li’s agent for so many years, and has not experienced buying Jian Li’s photos from news companies before.

Jian Li is too clean and self-conscious.

Jian Li listened to Liu Fang’s words on the other side of the phone, and put the phone between his shoulders and his ears, leaned slightly, reached out and took the tablet on the bedside table next to him and clicked on Weibo.

As Liu Fang said, most of the hot search topics on Weibo are about him, Jian Li simply clicked the first hot search.

The news company was just that, Jian Li knew very well, so he didn’t even read the text, he clicked on the picture below.

The first one is an animated picture of Jian Li carefully holding a person, picking up Bai Chen who fell on the ground. Because of the heavy rain, and the camera is a little far away, so the people on the animated picture are not clear, but Jian Li is highly recognized, so everyone recognized him at a glance, but Bai Chen was buried in Jian Li’s arms without being photographed.

The second one is an animated picture of Jian Li wrapping Bai Chen with the bath towel from the hands of Xiao Zhou. People still can’t see the person clearly, and Bai Chen doesn’t show his face, but from Jian Li’s movements, they can see his gentleness and caring towards Bai Chen.

The third is an animated picture of Jian Li holding Bai Chen into the nanny car, but Bai Chen’s face is still not photographed.

The six photos below are screenshots taken from these three animated photos, they have been combined into a nine-square grid.

Jian Li silently clicked and saved all the animated pictures and photos. Although they were taken secretly, he had to approve of the person who took the video and screenshot, each one was very romantic, Jian Li was very satisfied with it.

After saving the picture, Jian Li clicked on the comment again, and as expected, as Liu Fang said, the bottom exploded, the battle between fans and anti fan was very chaotic.

[Fake, brother Li just came out of the crew a few days ago, how can he have time to fall in love, and in these years, everyone know how clean my brother Li is and take care of himself, he is an opposite sex insulator, it should be brother Li sister or cousin.]

[Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah! ! ! ! ! ! Put down that girl and I will give you a hug, my husband! ! ! ]

[Hehe, maybe Jian Li hit his girlfriend, otherwise such a heavy rain, who would run around in the street, she also fell down, it is estimated that the injury is not a light one, distressed for the girl.]

[The anti fan upstairs can really spread rumors vigorously, you didn’t see how gentle my brother Li’s movements in the animated one is, ah, ah! I also want a boyfriend like brother Li!]

[Fuck, I got up in the wrong way, how come my husband became someone else’s when I woke up.]

[Waving.jpg, I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it, if Jian Li really falls in love, I will leave the fan!]

[I used to see Jian Li treat other actresses coldly and ruthlessly. I thought he was a scumbag. It turned out that Jian Li treated his girlfriend so tenderly and sweetly. My tenderness is only for you, ah so sweet, I have turned into a fan, I hope Jian Li and his girlfriend are happy.]

[Don’t guess everyone, brother Li is holding me, shy.jpg. I didn’t expect us to be exposed like this. Thank you for your blessings. Brother Li and I are very happy now.]

[Let go of that girl, husband, I will give you a hug!]

[Sad, can’t eat breakfast, my husband looks at me, I am your wife, and the one in your arms is a fake.]

[Yo, Jian Li can’t help but run out on a rainy day when the girl is angry! Hehehe]

[Hugging in the rain, could it be a quarrel?]

[Broad knife.jpg, I just want to know who brother Li is holding in his arms, snatching my husband, don’t stop me.]

[Love is as fast as a tornado, my love ends before it even starts.]

[Fake, Jian Li is in my bed now, ha ha.]

[Go die, go die, go die, bitch, Jian Li is mine, be careful when you go out, praying both a hundred times.]

“Jian Li? Where are you?” Liu Fang talked for a long time, but didn’t get a response. He couldn’t help but suspect that Jian Li answered the phone but set it aside instead. Jian Li did this kind of thing before.

Jian Li narrow his eyes, looking at the comments that insulted Bai Chen and cursed Bai Chen, his index finger tapped the tablet screen.

“Control the comments, delete all the unbearable comments related to Keke, and block their accounts by the way.” Jian Li said coldly.

His baby returned very late. How can he tolerate these so-called curses from netizens? He can’t do anything to them, but he can find someone to block their account, he so angry that he will do it all at once.

Yes, he is petty.

Liu Fang also saw the cursing of Bai Chen by those extreme people on Weibo, hearing Jian Li say so, and immediately agreed.

“Do you want to publicize it?” This is the purpose of Liu Fang’s call.

In the past, those actresses just wanted to hype Jian Li for mutual benefit or they just ignore Jian Li’s popularity. At that time, Jian Li was not as popular as it is now, and the hype is also conductive to Jian Li’s popularity. Liu Fang just ignored them, but when Jian Li learned about the hype on the Internet, he immediately asked them to clarify. After one or two times, Liu Fang also learned about Jian Li’s attitude. After that, the studio will clarify the public relations immediately without Jian Li saying anything.

But this time is different, Jian Li and Bai Chen are serious, and Bai Chen is not those irrelevant actresses.

Although Liu Fang knows that letting the public relations handle this hot search news is beneficial to Jian Li and can retain his girl fans, but Jian Li’s current status is not bad, there is no big loss even if these girls fans are lost.

Moreover, Liu Fang and Jian Li have been together all these years. Based on his understanding of Jian Li, Jian Li probably won’t be happy to let them publicize this time.

Sure enough.

“No, keep the hot search, you just deal with those comments, you can control the comments when I post on Weibo.” Jian Li looked at Bai Chen, who was sleeping soundly on his chest, and the corners of his mouth slowly raised.

Hearing Jian Li’s request to post on Weibo, Liu Fang’s heart suddenly jumped up. He tentatively asked: “What do you want to post? I will ask the public relations department to modify the sentence for you.”

“No, you will know later.” Jian Li exited Weibo on the tablet, put the tablet back on the bedside table, grabbed the phone between his shoulders and ears, moved the somewhat sore neck, his other arm holding Bai Chen patted Bai Chen’s back, “That’s it, I’ll hang up first.”

“Yes, remember to block all those accounts.” Before hanging up the phone, Jian-petty, super protected-Li emphasized again.

On the other side of the phone, Liu Fang looked at the hung-up cell phone silently. His mouth twitched. Suddenly, he was a little worried that Jian Li would shock people on Weibo, or say something more earth-shattering.

Liu Fang sighed sadly. Jian Li was different from other artists. When he first debuted, Jian Li was in charge of everything about himself. He, the agent, doesn’t even bother to help Jian Li with resources, Jian Li identity comes with his own resources investment, and he only needs to handle those troubles behind Jian Li.

Later, Jian Li established his own studio, and his work was even easier.

Liu Fang, the agent, had it easy, but at the same time he was destined to not be able to influence Jian Li’s decision and behavior. All he could do was to handle the things behind him for Jian Li.

Liu Fang stood there and sighed for a while, put his mobile phone away, and walked to the office. He also has to contact people to control it.

After hanging up the phone, Jian Li moved his body slightly, picked up Bai Chen, who was sleeping sweetly in his chest, and placed him on his body, making Bai Chen use his body as a bed.

Jian Li moved gently to adjust Bai Chen’s posture. After he set up his posture, Bai Chen still showed no signs of waking up. He slept soundly. He even took the initiative to hug Jian Li’s body and rubbed against Jian Li’s chest.


Jian Li stared at Bai Chen’s sleeping face for a while, then lifted his hand to move Bai Chen’s head, and sorted out Bai Chen’s long hair, then turned on the camera on his phone and found a perfect posture for the two of them. After confirming that Bai Chen’s face would not be photographed at a different angle, he pressed the camera button.

After looking at the photo, Jian Li nodded in satisfaction at the intimate attitude of the two in the photo, but then he frowned again.

No, although he didn’t show his face, the cute sleeping face of his baby was also taken in. It was so cute that he could only be seen by himself.

Jian Li saved this photo, and couldn’t help but take a few more pictures of Bai Chen’s sleeping face. After taking it from various angles, Jian Li was satisfied.

After saving all the photos in a special album and settle a password, Jian Li tapped on the phone screen, thinking about what kind of photo he should take to prove that he is close to his baby without revealing it. How cute is his baby?

Jian Li groaned for a while with a serious face, and then fixed his gaze on his hand.

He took out Bai Chen’s hand from the quilt, and squeezed Bai Chen soft and tender palm with affection, and then used his big hand to firmly wrap Bai Chen’s palm that was smaller than his. Hand in hand, holding the phone in his other hand, with the quilt covering the two people as the background, he press the camera button at the two hands.


Jian Li looked at the freshly taken photos with satisfaction, opened Weibo with his mobile phone, and logged in to his Weibo account.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels! Click here to join!


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