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HSS 36

Film Emperor's Little Wife 2

“Have you seen her face?” Sun Hongliang said: “If the actresses in the entertainment industry want to be popular, they only rely on two things, one is beauty and the other is strength.”

Jiang Meng gritted her teeth secretly and slowly clenched her hand on her side tightly.

“Your recent headline has been suppressed by Zhao Xueqin. It just so happens that you can use this incident to get a wave of sympathy and goodwill. As for that crew actress that didn’t apologize, it is better, if she goes red1 because of that face in the future, you can take advantage of this incident to suppress it and you can also take the opportunity to get some hype, no matter what, you won’t lose.” Sun Hongliang put his own thoughts together.

Jiang Meng’s eyes flashed.

Bai Chen passed by and just hear Sun Hongliang’s words. He didn’t stop and walked straight to the dressing room of the crew actors.

System: [Little master, he is too much, you haven’t shown your face yet, he just calculate you like this.]

Bai Chen: [Jiang Meng is whipping for real.]

Although Bai Chen couldn’t figure out the situation when he came over, but the other party really tried to hit him and was not pretending, he can still distinguish it clearly.

The strength of Jiang Meng’s whip was not false at all. If Bai Chen hadn’t dodged it, the whip would not only hit him, but it might even hit his chin.

The system is angry: [Little Master, she is too much, she fell too lightly then, I want to go online to hack her.]

Bai Chen: [blacken her2?]

Although Bai Chen watched some TV dramas in the first two worlds, he did not understand much about the entertainment industry, he also did not chase any star, so he did not understand some words about star chasing in the entertainment industry.

The system indignantly began to teach Bai Chen with about the fan circle rules it had just learned by using energy.

Bai Chen took off his ancient outfit and replaced it with the floral dress that the original owner wore before. He stood in front of the full-length mirror, carefully looked at himself in the mirror wearing women’s clothing, and ended the lesson of the system: [System, am I good looking like this? Will he like it?]

Bai Chen is a little nervous.

The system is a parent who spoils children and is also a full-fledged fan: [Little master looks good no matter what you wear, he will definitely like it.]

Getting the system affirmation, the tension in Bai Chen’s heart dissipated.

It was the first time that Bai Chen wore women’s clothing. Although he was a little uncomfortable, he gradually accepted the original owner’s setting of wearing women’s clothes by looking at the beautiful appearance in the mirror.

He blinked the thick eyelashes, secretly affirming the original owner’s appearance in his heart.

Everyone was busy on the set. Although Director Li had just lost his temper, if the shooting is delayed for a while, more money will be burned. He also adjusted other actors’ scenes to replace Jiang Meng’s first shooting. After a while, they start shooting again.

Therefore, among the busy crowd, few people noticed Bai Chen, who had changed his clothes and carrying his bag, going out of the set.

Standing outside the set, Bai Chen was a little confused.

System: [Little master, do you want to go home first?]

Bai Chen retracted his gaze from the distance: [System, who do you think he will be?]

Bai Chen missed him.

System comfort: [Little master, you will always meet.] It believes that even if Bai Chen didn’t look for that person, that person would still be found too.

Bai Chen also thought in his heart the same as the system, but even if he knew they would meet in the future, Bai Chen still wanted to meet his lover in the first place.


The hungry cry of his stomach sounded.

System: [Little master, let’s go eat first and then go home.]

The system is worried that Bai Chen will be hungry, and immediately looks up for the nearest restaurant on the small map for Bai Chen.

When Bai Chen walked to a beautifully decorated restaurant, the system suddenly remembered something.

System: [Little master, can you see how much money is in your bag?]

Bai Chen blinked confusingly. He opened the original owner’s bag, flipped through it, and found a green fifty-yuan note.

The system is distressed. There is not much one can eat in this world for fifty yuan, and the taste of those things is much worse than those eaten from the two worlds Bai Chen has been to before.

The system suddenly became annoyed that it was not careful enough when selecting the souls, so now it has to wronged its little master.

Bai Chen squeezed the banknote in his hand: [What’s wrong with the system?]

The system blamed itself and told Bai Chen about its mistakes.

In the first two worlds, Bai Chen never had to worry about food, clothing, housing and transportation, so he didn’t have a deep concept of money. However, even after hearing the explanation of the system, Bai Chen didn’t care about the current situation either. After listening, he directly let the system lead him to an affordable restaurant.

As soon as the cheap meals were sent, Bai Chen, who was nourished by the taste of the two worlds, frowned. But thinking of the financial situation of his body now, Bai Chen still bite the bullet and swallows the food. The system looking at this scene, its old mother’s heart is depressed and painful.

Its little owner was wronged.

Until he felt the fullness in his stomach, only then did Bai Chen stop eating. After checking out, he walked to the bus station under the guidance of the system.
Not far away, a black low-key nanny car passed by.

“Stop!” The low and melodious male voice like a cello spread in the nanny’s car.

The driver driving in front stepped on the brake under his feet, and the car stopped steadily on the side of the road.

“Jian Li, what’s the matter?” The agent Liu Fang was telling Jian Li about the endorsement advertisement. Jian Li suddenly stopped the car, quickly opened the door when the car stopped, and rushed out of the car.

Liu Fang was stunned for a moment, and hurriedly got out of the car and followed.

Seeing that both of them had gotten out of the car, the assistant Xiao Zhou on the side hurriedly took the hats and sunglasses on the seats, and rushed out of the car.

Jian Li entered the entertainment industry at the age of eighteen. Now that eight years have passed, with his handsome appearance and excellent acting skills, he has become a first-line celebrity. He has the face, the figure, acting skills, huge traffic, and no affair, in addition, he just won the second film emperor award. It can be said that the hype was not needed, the number of Weibo fans also exceeded the 80 million mark, and he became the domestic male star with the largest number of fans on Weibo.

It can be said that anyone who has internet usually knows who Jian Li is. According to a private survey, half of the ten people interviewed are fans of Jian Li. The degree of popularity is evident.

Xiao Zhou was worried that Jian Li, who wasn’t disguised, would be recognized by fans. His feet were fast, when Jian Li stopped, he came to Jian Li’s side.

“Brother Jian, put it on quickly.” Xiao Zhou eagerly handed the things to Jian Li’s hands, looking around nervously, fearing that Jian Li would cause a sensation after being seen by fans, and would be on the news tomorrow.

Jian Li took what was in Xiao Zhou’s hand, but did not move. A pair of ink-like eyes crossed the long street to look at the opposite bus station.

No, no, still no.

What was the feeling that made his heart palpitated just now?

Jian Li squeezed the hat in his hand in a daze.

“Jian Li, what are you looking for?” Liu Fang looked at Jian Li, who was not thinking of his job, and followed Jian Li’s eyes. There was no special person or thing.

On the contrary, a few people from the opposite crowd looked at them suspiciously, “You get in the car first, what are you looking for, tell us, and we will help you find it.”

Liu Fang was worried that Jian Li would be recognized, and urged Jian Li anxiously to return to the nanny car.

“Nothing.” Jian Li lowered his eyes and walked to the nanny car with long legs.

Seeing Jian Li going back, Liu Fang and Xiao Zhou both breathed a sigh of relief. The two watched as a few girls ran towards them, and immediately returned to the car without delay.

The car started, and soon it left the street and disappeared around the corner.
Bai Chen was squeezed into the bus by the crowd, the discomfort of the crowd made his calm face crumpled.

Suddenly a mysterious feeling flashed in Bai Chen’s heart. He subconsciously got out of the bus to find the source of his heart palpitations, but there were too many people on the bus, not to mention squeezing out of the bus, even moving in the bus is a bit difficult.

The car started slowly, and Bai Chen’s heart became anxious.

He knew what this feeling meant, it was the same when he first met Qi Xiao through the front window glass of the car in his first world.

The system keenly sensed the violent fluctuations in Bai Chen’s mood, and said worriedly: [Little master, what’s the matter with you?]

Bai Chen voice is excited: [It’s him, the feeling just now was him, but I can’t get down.]

Bai Chen was anxious and aggrieved, obviously met but missed it.

The system immediately comforted him: [Little master, don’t be in a hurry, let’s get off the bus at the next stop and come back to look.]

Bai Chen nodded.

The time became longer because of waiting, but he finally got to the next stop, he squeezed out of the bus. Bai Chen stopped another bus and returned to the place just now, but no matter how Bai Chen searched for it, he didn’t see the figure of the man that made his heart long for.

Bai Chen: Where are you?

Bai Chen squatted down by the bus stop, clasped his knees with his hands, his whole body was curled in a ball. He lowered his head and pouted his mouth unconsciously, feeling wronged.

The system was worried, Bai Chen had been sitting there for more than two hours.

System: [Little master, let’s go back first, and we’ll come back tomorrow, okay?]

Bai Chen with a stubborn temper: [No, he passed here once, he can pass it again, I would like to wait for him here.]

The system trying to persuade to no avail, so it was a little anxious, it looked at the sky: “Little master, it is about to rain, let’s go back, there is no umbrella in the bag, it will be uncomfortable if you catch a cold in the rain, and he will feel distressed too.”

Bai Chen blinked his sore eyes that wanted to shed tears, but said nothing.

He just wants to see him sooner.

He really missed him so much.

System: [Little master, be good, be obedient, don’t be willful.]

Bai Chen moved, tightening himself.

When passers-by saw Bai Chen like this, they cast curious gaze from time to time.

System: [Little master, I will get angry if you are like this. Do you not like me anymore and not listen to me now?]

Bai Chen blinked his eyelashes, feeling even more wronged.

The system did not give in this time, and stood firm.

After a long while, Bai Chen’s low voice came: [Then, then I will wait another hour before going back.]

As long as it concerns that person, the system could hardly do anything about the stubborn Bai Chen. The system has experienced this a long time ago, except for that person, no one can do anything about it.

The system knows that this hour is Bai Chen’s bottom line, but no matter how hard it is, there will be no results.

The system looked sadly at the sky, and silently prayed for the rain to delay for a while, so that its little master wouldn’t get caught up in it.

Bai Chen is now in a mortal body, and will feel uncomfortable when he is sick.

Heaven is not nice, even if the system prays in every way, it will rain when it should rain.

The summer rain is always turbulent. The big raindrops hit people before people can react. Pedestrians on the road hurriedly hold their hands or bags on their heads to block the rain, hurriedly looking for a place to shelter them from the rain.

Bai Chen was sitting by the roadside, after a while he was soaked by the rain. His hair and dress stuck to his body, and crystal water droplets dripped on his face.

The system is anxious to use the energy accumulated in the previous two worlds to lift Bai Chen up and send him to a place to shelter from the rain, but even if it rains, there are many people running around on the road, and there are cameras everywhere in modern society, in doing so, it will only bring disaster to Bai Chen.

System: [Little master, move, get up and find a place to shelter from the rain, you will catch a cold.]

Bai Chen stared blankly at the tight rain curtain, and after a long while, he staggered to his feet.

He’s not here.

Bai Chen was a little sad.

He stood up obediently and went to find a place to shelter from the rain.

The rain was getting heavier and heavier, Bai Chen squinted his eyes to identify the surroundings, and walked to look for the eaves of a shop.

Suddenly Bai Chen turned his head in surprise, his extremely sad face turned into a bright smile in an instant, looking at the tall figure hurriedly running over under the rain curtain.

When he saw the figure and felt the soul that made him feel at ease, Bai Chen raised his foot and rushed towards the tall figure without hesitation.

System: [Little master, be careful!]


Bai Chen was too eager so he didn’t listen to the warning from the system, he stepped on an empty step with one foot and lost his footing, he fell into the rain-filled streets, causing a splash.

“It hurts” Bai Chen groaned softly.

In the next second, a pair of strong arms lifted him from the ground, Bai Chen subconsciously wrapped his hands around the person’s neck.

Bai Chen raised his head to look at the person coming, his black eyes shining like stars even in the dense rain.

He suddenly moved. In an instant, his hands and feet entangled him tightly.

While the two were entangled tightly, Bai Chen pursed his mouth and buried his head in the neck of that person. His wet head rubbed against that person’s neck, and there was a grieving grunt from his nose.

“I found you!” Jian Li hugged the wet person in his arms tightly with a complicated expression, and let out a gratified sigh.

1: became famous
2: hei ta mean blacken her, but in the sentence it sound better with hack her, the meaning still the same

T/N: sweet? ఠ_ఠ

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