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HSS 35

Film Emperor's Little Wife 1

When the long whip was caught by Bai Chen, a hint of astonishment flashed in the girl in red angry eyes, her eyes widened in surprise, and then the feeling of unable to control her body off the ground made her scream in terror.


The girl in red hit the ground hard, groaning in pain.

Suddenly, the noisy surroundings became quiet, and only the painful groan of the girl in red was left.

Bai Chen stood up from the ground expressionlessly, and saw a few men and women in modern clothes rushing to help the girl in red, carefully checking her injuries.

At the same time, a group of men and women in modern and ancient clothes around him pointed at him, and the scene suddenly became noisy again.

Bai Chen frowned slightly.

“Luo Keke1, what are you doing! Who allowed you to do this, you don’t want to do it, do you!”

A man roared from behind a black machine.

Bai Chen intuitively felt that the Luo Keke in the man’s mouth was him.

He raised his gaze and looked in the direction of the voice.

A middle-aged man with a sloppy beard stood up from behind the machine and walked to Bai Chen angrily: “What are you doing as the cannon fodder? Haven’t you been recruited before? Where’s your brain?”

The middle-aged man scolded Bai Chen angrily like a machine gun. After venting all his anger, he cast his gaze on the girl in red who was surrounded.

“How is Jiang Meng? Does it hurt?” Compared to the tone speaking to Bai Chen, the middle-aged man’s voice at this time can be called gentle.

An elite-dressed man ordered the person next to him to help the girl in red, Jiang Meng, to rest. He pushed his glasses, stood up, looked at Bai Chen, and then set his eyes on the middle-aged man.

“Director Li, Mengmeng seems to be fine, but I still not at ease, I want to take Mengmeng to the hospital for an examination.”

Director Li frowned, and finally nodded somewhat unhappily.

“By the way, Director Li.” The elite man glanced at Bai Chen, and said slowly: “Mengmeng was frightened, we won’t ask for compensation, but afterwards, Mengmeng dare not play against such a spotlight stealing person.”

“Um,” Director Li nodded irritably.

The satisfied elite man helped Jiang Meng, who had a bad complexion, to the locker room to change clothes.

“You can pack up and leave.” Director Li said impatiently to Bai Chen with a dark face.

Bai Chen ignored Director Li. In the face of this strange situation, Bai Chen was still trying to process the information from the system.

The original owner of this body was named Luo Ke, who had no father and mother. Soon after he was born, he was thrown at the door of the orphanage. Later, he was raised by the orphanage. After graduating from high school at the age of eighteen, he came out to work and earn money because of the poor grades.

Luo Ke has been envious of the high-profile stars on TV since he was a child, and hoped that he could become a big star someday, earning a lot of money and be sought after. So after a year of odd job, Luo Ke frugally saved some money and came to the studio without hesitation. He started from a crew performer, he hoped that one day he could shine brightly and be admired by the director, and finally became a star.

However, although Luo Ke is good-looking, he has bad luck and has no talent for acting. Although he was spotted by an agent after a year of crew acting and signed with Jingji company, his wooden acting skills are still difficult to pick up good roles. If he receives a good role, he can only play the poor cannon fodder and flower vase2 with few scenes.

After learning that Luo Ke acting skills had not been improved, the agent became more indifferent to Luo Ke, and later squeezed Luo Ke final value even more, then gave Luo Ke to an old man, who was an investor.

Fortunately, Luo Ke ran fast and escaped, but because of this, he offended the brokers and investors, he was completely hidden by the snow3. Not to mention the poor cannon fodder characters with few scenes, he didn’t even have a chance to play a corpse in the studio.

In desperation, Luo Ke had to give up acting. After the contract expired, he left Jingji company and returned to the life of ordinary people, working hard to earn money to support himself and repay the orphanage.

But he was not very lucky. Just as his life got better through hard work, he died because of a car accident.

Until his death, Luo Ke’s dream of being a star had not dissipated.

System: [Little master, Luo Ke wishes to become a top-line actress, enjoy the much-anticipated shining light, and give back to the orphanage that brought him up.]

Bai Chen doubts: [Actress?]

Bai Chen lowered his head, only then did he notice something was wrong, he is now wearing a black ancient dress.

In the previous two worlds, Bai Chen also watched a lot of TV dramas. He could naturally tell at a glance that this piece of clothing he was wearing was an ancient woman’s clothes.

System: [Little Master, don’t worry, Luo Ke is a man, but he has a lady-like addiction and likes to dress up as a woman.]

Bai Chen turned his gaze back to the unfinished information, only then did he notice Luo Ke’s hobby.

Although Luo Ke was a man, he was beautiful since he was a child and was often treated like a girl. At the beginning, he would resist in disgust, but Luo Ke fell in love with the identity of a girl as time passed.

Because the boys in the orphanage thought Luo Ke was a girl, plus his beautiful and sweet mouth, there were many boys who wanted to talk to him and play with him. In order to play with Luo Ke, those boys often give him all the delicious food in their hands.

Maybe because the orphanage was relatively poor when he was a child, the boys and girls clothes were mixed, as long as they fit well, so Luo Ke wears more girls’ clothes. When he grows up, Luo Ke has a soft spot for girls’ dresses, in addition, the status of a girl brings him more convenience and preferential treatment, Luo Ke was even more reluctant to give up his status as a girl.

So when he turned sixteen to make an ID card, Luo Ke deliberately guided the personnel who handled the card, made the other party think that he was a girl, and wrote his ID card gender as female and his name was changed to Luo Keke.

After leaving the orphanage, Luo Ke no longer had any scruples and completely dressed himself as a girl.

Luo Ke is 1.76 meters tall with an exquisite appearance. His bones are smaller than those of average boys. Therefore, he doesn’t feel strange to play as a girl at all. Even after signing with the agent and until the contract was terminated and he left, they didn’t know at all that Luo Ke was actually a man.

Bai Chen didn’t have any thoughts about Luo Ke women’s addiction. He faintly scanned the information to understand his current situation.

Now Luo Ke has been acting with the crew in the studio for nearly a year. At this time, he has not met the agent who will sign him.

In the past year, Luo Ke has played many crew roles. The maid, the dead, and the passerby with a variety of different roles. This time he played a cannon fodder with a complete part in the scene.

This cannon fodder is concubine Ji in the villain’s harem. After learning that the villain likes the heroine, he brainlessly finds the heroine. As a result, the heroine gives him a merciless treat. Later, he offended the villain and was killed by the villain.

There are only three short scenes, but compared to scenes that could not show their faces before, this is a leap in quality and quantity.

There were a lot of crew actors competing for this role, and Luo Ke was able to get this role because he had spared no effort to establish a good relationship with the crew for nearly a year, and this was the reason he got this role.

According to the information, Jingji company signed Luo Ke because of his appearance as concubine Ji, when he showed his appearance, he was spotted by the agent.

It’s just that Bai Chen has messed it up now.

Director Li saw that Bai Chen didn’t respond to what he said, and his bad mood was even worse: “Why, can’t understand human words now, can’t you hurry up?”

Bai Chen retracted his gaze from the materials he had read and looked up. He glanced at Director Li, who was slightly taller than him, then turned around and walked to the dressing room according to the system’s instructions.

Director Li was irritated by Bai Chen’s attitude, but he couldn’t do anything to Bai Chen, who had already been fired by him, and could only vent his anger on the other actors and scenes.

Bai Chen completely ignored all the eyes and comments behind him.

The dressing room for the crew actor is in the innermost room, Bai Chen will have to pass through the special dressing room for the lead actress if he wants to pass.

“Brother Sun, why did you just let it go? Sister Mengmeng didn’t fall lightly this time. As a result, the crew actress didn’t even apologize, but stood aside coldly.” The girl’s complaint came from the dressing room, “Who does she think she is!”

“Yes, brother Sun, why did you stop me from making trouble for her just now.” Jiang Meng was still wearing the red clothes, she was sitting in front of the vanity mirror, gritting her teeth, her face was full of anger and unwillingness. If one looks carefully, there is a trace of jealousy hidden deeply inside. “Why did you just let her go? I was thrown out by her in vain?”

The author has something to say: Hehehe , Xiaobai in this world is a big man in women’s clothing~

I mainly want to write about showing affection and all kinds of story in the world.

The entertainment industry is a good theme for showing affection, there are only a few people they show their affection to in the other worlds, which is not exciting enough at all, hehehe.

1: Ke is pronounced like when you make the K sound (for those that not sure how it is actually pronounced)
2: only have good look, no talent or any other thing to match
3: they freeze his contract

T/N: nice author (▼∀▼) let the dog food be more ferocious!

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