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HSS 37

Film Emperor's Little Wife 3

“Brother Jian, get in the car quickly.” Xiao Zhou ran over quickly with an umbrella in one hand and an unopened umbrella in the other hand with a large bath towel. He first tilted the umbrella in his hand to protect Jian Li from the rain. Holding a bath towel on the other hand, he wanted to cover Jian Li’s body.

Jian Li hugged Bai Chen, held Bai Chen’s butt with one hand, avoiding Xiao Zhou’s movements, he took the bath towel from Xiao Zhou’s hand, quickly wrapped Bai Chen in his arms, and then took the unopened umbrella from Xiao Zhou hand, with his long-legged and Xiao Zhou he walked quickly back to the nanny car.

“Jian…” Liu Fang who was sitting in the car, seeing Jian Li came back and was about to ask him what was going on, but saw a girl with long hair in his arms.

Liu Fang was stunned.

Afraid that Bai Chen in his arms would catch a cold, Jian Li hurriedly said to Liu Fang: “I will take him inside to change clothes.” And just walked directly to the back of the nanny car.

The back of the nanny car was used as a dressing room. Jian Li walked over with Bai Chen in his arms, and then drew the curtain to block Liu Fang’s gaze.

Xiao Zhou followed Jian Li and got into the car. As soon as he closed the umbrella and closed the car door, he was pulled aside by Liu Fang.

“What happened? Why did Jian Li hug a woman back.” Liu Fang said in a low voice, both surprised and curious.

Jian Li has been a gossip insulator since his debut. It’s not that there are no female artists who want to use Jian Li to hype themselves, but they are all relentlessly beaten back by Jian Li. Over time, no female artist dared to use a scandal with Jian Li’s to hype. After all, they need exposure but they also need their face too.

Liu Fang, Jian Li’s agent, the two have been working together since Jian Li’s debut. Liu Fang has count all the opposite sex that appeared around Jian Li, however, there is no one close to Jian Li.

Over the years, Liu Fang didn’t have to worry that Jian Li would lose fans because of falling in love, and even Liu Fang faintly worried that Jian Li would be a monk for a lifetime if he continued like this.

So this is the first time Liu Fang has seen Jian Li being so close with a girl, and the posture of him holding her tightly in his arms is like carrying a valuable treasure.

Xiao Zhou also looked dumbfounded. The rain outside was too heavy, and Jian Li ran too fast. When he took the thing and chased him out, he couldn’t see Jian Li anymore, he only vaguely sees Jian Li’s back in the rain curtain.

When he ran to Jian Li’s side, he had already seen Jian Li holding a person in his arms as if holding a child.

It is a lie to say that he is not curious, but the assistant’s professional code for so many years has made him remember what he should do first at that time, so Xiao Zhou too was also puzzled by the sudden appearance of Bai Chen in Jian Li’s arms.

When Liu Fang saw Xiao Zhou ask three questions, Liu Fang had no choice but to let Xiao Zhou go to take a towel and wipe the rain off his body.

Liu Fang stared at the curtain with scorching eyes, as if he could see the situation inside through the curtain.

Suddenly he realized that something was wrong. What Jian Li just said was to help each other change clothes…

Are they both to the point of frankly seeing each other already?……

Is the other party really Jian Li’s lover that he didn’t know when they secretly fell in love?

Otherwise, how could they be so close the first time they met.

And Jian Li’s strange attitude before is probably because of the girl in his arms.

First, when passing by the bus station before, Jian Li strangely asked the driver to stop and get off the car. He thought that Jian Li had seen something that he cared about. Now that he thought about it, he should have seen his lover. But because he didn’t find his lover, when he was meeting with the director to talk about the role, he was distracted from time to time. After the talk, he strangely asked the driver to take this road again, rushing out regardless of the heavy rain outside.

Liu Fang felt that he found the truth.

Just when did Jian Li start dating without telling him…

Behind the curtain.

Jian Li hugged Bai Chen and let Bai Chen sit on his lap. He took away the wet bath towel that was wrapped around Bai Chen’s body, then took a clean bath towel from the shelf on the side to cover Bai Chen’s head, wiping his hair for him.

Jian Li stopped his hand after rubbing a few times, and then moved naturally to support Bai Chen’s upper body, unzipped the dress on Bai Chen’s back, and took off the soaked dress from Bai Chen’s body, exposing Bai Chen’s white and slender body.

The scenery under the dress is completely different from Bai Chen’s outfit. It is a man’s body, although it was the first time Jian Li has seen it, it felt like it a matter of course, as if he had known the person in his arms true gender long ago.

Bai Chen watched Jian Li’s busy actions for him seriously, and his previous grievances disappeared. He couldn’t help but curl his mouth. A pair of black and shiny eyes like black grapes are sticky and obedient, he looked at Jian Li lovingly like sweet and sticky syrup.

Following Jian Li’s movements, Bai Chen obediently let go of the arms that hugged Jian Li’s neck so that Jian Li could help him take off the dress. When the dress fell off, he hugged Jian Li’s neck again, nestling in Jian Li’s arms.

Jian Li’s movements are quick. In a short while, all the soaked clothes on Bai Chen’s body were removed by Jian Li. Jian Li took a bath towel on the shelf and wrapped Bai Chen again, and wiped off the rain on Bai Chen’s body.

After every inch of skin was wiped clean, Jian Li wrapped Bai Chen in a bath towel, and then picked him up, wanting to put Bai Chen on the seat.

Bai Chen panicked, and the arm around Jian Li’s neck tightened subconsciously.

Jian Li looked at Bai Chen’s clear eyes that were only full of him, and suddenly understood Bai Chen’s thoughts. He lowered his head, and his warm lips lightly touched Bai Chen’s cool forehead. “Baby, don’t be nervous, I’ll find you clothes to wear.”

Bai Chen leaned forward, rubbed his head on Jian Li’s body, and then let go of Jian Li.

He was still affected.

The panic and uneasy grievance when he couldn’t find Jian Li before made him especially want to stick to Jian Li’s body.

Bai Chen’s eyes moved closely with Jian Li’s figure, reluctant to move half a point away.

Jian Li was afraid that Bai Chen would be frozen. He quickly searched for a shirt and pants in this small changing room. Jian Li looked at the pants in his hand and frowned, and then buried his head in a few boxes. After a while, he finally found a few underwear that hadn’t been worn yet.

Whether it’s clothes or pants and underwear, they are all sizes that Jian Li wears. Compared with Bai Chen’s thin body, it’s a whole circle bigger. But at this time, there was a thunderstorms outside. Not only is it inconvenient to buy clothes, but Jian Li is also afraid that Bai Chen will catch a cold, so he can only make do with these first.

Jian Li first quickly changed his wet clothes, then took Bai Chen back into his arms, patiently put the clothes on for Bai Chen, and then carefully rolled up the long sleeves of the pant, then he took the belt he found from the side and fasten Bai Chen’s pant to prevent the pant from slipping down too much.

But even so, Bai Chen, who was a little smaller than Jian Li, wore Jian Li’s clothes, looked like a child that had stolen an adult’s clothes to wear, he looked cute.

After getting dressed, Jian Li took the bath towel and wiped Bai Chen’s hair again.

Bai Chen moved his body directly on Jian Li’s body, changing from sitting sideways to sitting face to face with Jian Li.

He lifted up his thin long legs, the bare white toes curled up cutely, and went around Jian Li’s back, holding tightly around Jian Li’s waist, his hands still holding Jian Li’s neck tightly.

“My name is Luo Ke, what is your name?” Bai Chen blinked happily and curiously. He still didn’t know the identity of his lover in this world.

He wants to know everything about his lover.

Jian Li carefully wiped Bai Chen’s long black hair. Hearing his words, he lowered his head and kissed Bai Chen’s lips: “Jian Li.”

“Jian Li.” Bai Chen repeated, obviously two simple words, but when it came out of Bai Chen’s mouth, Jian Li thought his name sound so nice.

Bai Chen bends his eyebrows and happily repeats Jian Li’s name several times, and then pouts his mouth. His pink lips fall heavily on Jian Li’s mouth, making a clear and loud sound. He was happy, he smiled, and laughed sweetly: “You will be mine from now on.”

He was not asking for his opinion, Bai Chen directly stamped his own seal on Jian Li domineeringly.

He was affected by the sweet smile on Bai Chen’s face, perhaps Bai Chen said what Jian Li wanted in his heart, his unsmiling face slowly showed a smile, a pair of deep black eyes that seemed to draw people into it, looked at Bai Chen: “Um, yours.”

After receiving Jian Li’s response, Bai Chen happily kissed Jian Li a few more times before burying himself in Jian Li’s arms again.

ALi’s arms are so comfortable.

Liu Fang sat in the seat outside with a strange expression.

Although the nanny car is big but the space is just like that, Bai Chen and Jian Li did not deliberately lower their voice when talking, he heard everything clearly outside.

It was the first time the two met! ! !

It was the first time they recognized and confirmed their relationship, also quickly and frankly too! ! !

Liu Fang was stunned by the speed at which Bai Chen and Jian Li were together! ! !


The curtain opened, Jian Li walked out holding Bai Chen that was stuck to him, and sat on the side seat, the two were intimate like siamese babies1.

Liu Fang and Xiao Zhou were amazed at seeing them. They were curious and wanted to ask, but strangely they thought it would be best to be quiet. The two of them were not curious, but they didn’t dare to be too obvious, so they could only secretly look, and don’t talk too much.

The car was quiet.

Bai Chen nestled in Jian Li’s arms, the familiar scent of Jian Li’s body made him gradually fall asleep.

The rain was still falling, the car passed through the rain curtain, slowly drove into a villa, and finally stopped in the underground parking garage.

Jian Li hugged Bai Chen, who was already asleep, got off the car lightly and walked to the villa.

Liu Fang, Xiao Zhou, and the driver also had a car. They didn’t get into their car and silently followed Jian Li to the villa.

The rain is too heavy, it will be inconvenient for them to go back, so they just stay.

It was about five o’clock at this time, when they entered the villa, Xiao Zhou directly walked to the kitchen. Usually, when he stayed here at Jian Li place, he was in charge of Jian Li’s kitchen.

Jian Li hugged Bai Chen and walked directly to his room on the third floor, placing the sleeping Bai Chen on his bed.

Fearing that Bai Chen would catch a cold from the rain, Jian Li took a hot towel and wiped Bai Chen’s body again, and then put comfortable pajamas on Bai Chen.

Bai Chen didn’t sleep long this time. Just after Xiao Zhou cooked dinner, Bai Chen pick up the scent and started to stir.

During dinner, Xiao Zhou habitually took out his mobile phone and looked though Weibo to browse today’s hot topic. He sighed as he ate.

“Eh? This crew actress who threw Jiang Meng out is a bit familiar.” Xiao Zhou stared at his phone for a while, and then suddenly looked at the sweet Bai Chen who was on the opposite side with Jian Li and abusing the dog during dinner: ” It looks a bit like Keke.”

1: conjuring twin

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! As magnetic as always, lol. & the poor side characters can’t help scratch their heads…

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