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HSS 34

Domineering Young Master's Personal Baby End

Although this charity auction had some accidents due to mother Xuan, fortunately, it was resolved in time without causing any major chaos.

After the auction ended perfectly, father Jing sent mother Xuan to the police station, Xuan Lingling and Jingxiu, as the victims under control, also went to the police for investigation.

Bai Chen and Duan Qin, who temporarily received a call from father Duan, who was about to leave, were talking quietly at the entrance of the venue.

“Baby, I can’t send you back. Go back to bed early at night, and I will come to you tomorrow.” Duan Qin touched Bai Chen’s head.

Bai Chen raised his hand to grab Duan Qin’s wrist, and naturally rubbed Duan Qin’s hand. He pouted, his soft voice was full of attachment and reluctance to leave Duan Qin: “Then AQin, you have come early tomorrow, I want to see you soon.”

Duan Qin’s heart was sweet and soft. He looked at Bai Chen’s clear black eyes full of him, and lowered his head to touch Bai Chen’s eyes: “Okay, Baby go home and go to sleep. You’re tired today.”

Duan Qin took Bai Chen’s hand and brought Bai Chen to Yan Lu, who was a little impatient, waiting aside.

Yan Lu glanced at Duan Qin unkindly, grabbed Bai Chen’s hand, and turned to leave.

Duan Qin didn’t care about Yan Lu’s attitude. He had a good temper and said to Yan Lu who wanted to leave: “Big brother Yan, I will visit uncle and aunt tomorrow.”

Yan Lu paused, his eyes looking at Duan Qin complicated. Then he gave him a cold hum.

Bai Chen followed Yan Lu but looked back at Duan Qin from time to time.

After walking a few steps, Yan Lu suddenly stopped. He did not look back: “I don’t want to see Yan Yan hurt in this relationship. You’d better deal with your own affairs, otherwise don’t come to the Yan family.”

In the night, Duan Qin’s sharpness became a little softer, his eyes looking at Bai Chen were full of tenderness, and his voice was soft but very clear to Yan Lu’s ears: “Big brother Yan, Yan Yan is my baby1.”

Yan Lu paused, then pulled Bai Chen into the car with a sweet smile on his face.

The car started, and the black, low-key car slowly melted into the night and disappeared.

Duan Qin looked at the black night, then turned around, and got into the car with the two assistants waiting behind him.
“Really capable, ah.” In the car, Yan Lu sat next to Bai Chen. After enduring him for a long time, he couldn’t help but ask, “When did you get together with him?”

Bai Chen turned his head, his clear eyes looking at Yan Lu, who was holding back his anger, his eyes determined: “Big brother, you don’t like me being with AQin?”

Yan Lu didn’t expect Bai Chen to suddenly ask this, he was stunned.

Although Bai Chen was asking Yan Lu, his eyes and his tone had already determined Yan Lu’s attitude.

He didn’t wait for Yan Lu to answer, and said directly: “But whether you like it or not, I will be with AQin, and we will not be separated.”

Bai Chen’s eyes were full of seriousness.

Yan Lu’s face was hard to look at immediately upon hearing this.

The car became quiet for a while.

After a long while.

Yan Lu sighed in his heart.

If there weren’t those things that happened in the meeting place before, then Yan Lu would probably want to use strong means to cut off Bai Chen’s thoughts.

But after the events in the venue, Yan Lu, who was on the sidelines, knew how high and important Duan Qin’s position in Bai Chen’s heart was.

To say something very heartbroken, he, the elder brother, is completely inferior to Duan Qin in Bai Chen’s mind.

But some things still need to be made clear. He hopes that his brother can reduce the harm he receives in this relationship, and it is best to get out in time.

“Duan Qin is the heir of the Duan family. His partner must only be a female. Yanyan, the biggest obstacle to staying with him is the Duan family. They will not allow you to be together. The heir of the Duan family can’t live without a child.”

Yan Lu observed Bai Chen’s expression, he was afraid that telling this cruel fact would irritate Bai Chen.

Who knows that Bai Chen’s response was indifferent: “I know.”

“You know?” Yan Lu was surprised, could it be that he was wrong? His brother didn’t mean to marry Duan Qin? Instead, just being a secret couple?

It’s not that no one in their circle has ever been like this, but the rumors that need to be endured are relatively large.

Yan Lu thought, suddenly a sudden anger broke out in his heart, his brother actually wanted to live such a life.

But then he realized that it was wrong.

In the charity auction venue, Bai Chen’s possessiveness towards Duan Qin was extraordinary.

Sure enough, the next second Bai Chen said, “But AQin has a younger brother.”

Yan Lu was stunned.

After that, the car was calm.

After returning to Yan’s house, Yan Lu asked Bai Chen to go back to the room, and went to the study to find Father Yan.

Bai Chen knew what Yan Lu was going to say, but he didn’t care.

After taking a shower, Bai Chen wanted to contact Duan Qin with his mobile phone, but thinking of what Duan Qin said to him, Bai Chen still lay in bed and turned off the light to sleep.

The next day, when Bai Chen was still asleep, he was woken up by mother Yan.

“Yanyan, get up quickly, AQin is waiting for you downstairs.” Mother Yan took out a set of clothes from the closet, grabbed Bai Chen, who was wrapped in the blanket, and tried to dig Bai Chen out of the bed.

Bai Chen didn’t wake up easily in the morning, but when he heard Duan Qin’s name in a daze, he forced his eyes open.

“AQin?” Bai Chen asked softly.

Mother Yan’s heart is broken, the cabbage she has grown so hard for was dug away by the little bastard next door2.

Mother Yan sighed, “Well, AQin is here.”

Duan Qin was not the only one who came here, but also Duan Qin’s parents and the retired old man Duan.

After washing, Bai Chen, who was neatly dressed, came downstairs and saw the two families sitting in the living room, discussing something kindly.

Bai Chen blinked doubtfully, walked over to greet everyone obediently, and then naturally sat next to Duan Qin, reaching out to take Duan Qin’s arm.

Mother Yan and Yan Lu looked with their hearts sadly, little cabbage had really become someone else’s cabbage.

Duan Qin rubbed the top of Bai Chen’s hair, warmly said: “Go have breakfast.”

After speaking, he took Bai Chen to the table, and the housekeeper quickly served the breakfast that had been prepared.

Bai Chen rubbed Duan Qin’s arms, and then began to eat in contentment, not forgetting to feed Duan Qin too.

Although Duan Qin came over after having breakfast, Bai Chen was happy, and also Bai Chen fed him, so he also ate happily, and occasionally took the silverware and fed Bai Chen’s breakfast personally.

They are sweet here, but the elder of the two in the living room are in a mixed mood.

However, it can be seen from their eyes that they are mostly happy and relieved.

When Bai Chen finished eating, Duan Qin wiped Bai Chen’s mouth, lowered his head and took a bite at the corner of Bai Chen’s mouth: “Baby, let’s get married in March next year, that day is a good day.”

Bai Chen blinked, couldn’t react.

Duan Qin smiled and explained to Bai Chen the purpose of his family’s coming for today.

It turned out that Duan Qin confessed their relationship to father Duan after returning to Duan’s house last night. After that, the two talked for more than two hours in the study. They don’t know what Duan Qin said, not only did father Duan and grandpa Duan agree to let them be together, they even came to Yan’s house solemnly in the early morning. They came to recognize being in-law with father Yan and mother Yan, making a marriage agreement for the two.

Although it was very hasty in terms of time, the Duan family was fully prepared in only one night, and was very polite. On the contrary, it can be seen from their attitude that their family is very satisfied and valued Bai Chen.

It is precisely for this reason that although father Yan, mother Yan, and the others were a little awkward at first, they quickly accepted it. In such a short time, the two families started calling their in-laws affectionately.

After Bai Chen and Duan Qin’s marriage were set, Duan Qin ran to Yan’s house almost every day. Mother Yan, seeing that Duan Qin was busy with company affairs every day, but he had to rush over to serve her son, she felt distressed for Duan Qin, even abandoning the initial reservation, she took the initiative to ask Bai Chen to find Duan Qin more, and don’t let Duan Qin run at both ends, he will get tired.

Bai Chen was naturally very happy, sticking sweetly and diligently to Duan Qin’s side every day.
System: [Little master, Yan Yan’s wish is fulfilled.]

Bai Chen: [Huh?]

The system brings out the data.

In the past few days, Bai Chen and Duan Qin are like honey mixing with oil, they have not paid much attention to Xuan Lingling’s affairs.

After the bomb incident at the venue that day, mother Xuan was sent to the police station. Because the incident was so bad, coupled with the use of psychology to control others’ for terrorist acts, mother Xuan was sentenced to life imprisonment, it is impossible to come out of jail in this life.

As for Xuan Lingling and Jing Xiu, they were released after they were investigated because their minds were controlled, which is not what they wanted to do.

Father Jing’s worried that mother Xuan’s hypnosis would have a bad influence on Jing Xiu’s spirit. After the investigation, he sent Jing Xiu abroad for recuperation.

As for Xuan Lingling, Jing’s family didn’t just strip her alive because of mother Xuan.

Xuan Lingling broke up with Jing Xiu because of this incident.

Without her boyfriend’s money to support her, her mother went to prison again, and she was expelled from school, Xuan Lingling, who had no money, had to bring back the expensive bags, shoes, jewelry that Jing Xiu gave her when she was dating Jing Xiu and returned to the rental house where she used to live with mother Xuan.

Although Xuan Lingling and Jing Xiu have been together for a short time, she has developed the habit of spending money lavishly in that short period of time.

Xuan Lingling, who returned to the rental house, did not look for a job. After her wealthy wife’s dream was shattered, she was decadent in the rental house for a few days, and finally couldn’t stand the bad life in the rental house, so she used those famous brands Jing Xiu gave her, dressed herself up carefully, then hooked up a rich man in his forties in a nightclub, became the man’s lover, and lived in the villa that the man bought for her, and became a dodder flower.

Xuan Lingling who has this kind of experience, let alone enter the four great families, even ordinary wealthy young masters look down on her, and Xuan Lingling is only keen to enjoy life, love money, and has no idea about getting revenge for the Xuan family at all.

It is impossible for mother Xuan to come out of prison.

Therefore, Bai Chen’s mission was completed.

System: [Little Master, whether to leave this world and return to space to absorb the pure white soul..]

Bai Chen shook his head: [system, don’t ask this question in the future, I want to stay together with AQin.]

Bai Chen: [Every world will be the same in the future.]

Although he doesn’t know why the soul of Duan Qin will appear in two worlds of his mission but Bai Chen has a hunch, even after he leaves this world, he will also see Duan Qin again.

Whenever he thinks of this, Bai Chen’s heart is sweet, and there is no more suffering like the last world.

The system already knew Bai Chen’s answer didn’t say much, but the system still hoped that Bai Chen could return to space to absorb the pure white soul.

Bai Chen’s godhead was too shattered. In these worlds, although there is the system’s energy to support, so Bai Chen can stay for decades, but at the same time it will also consume Bai Chen’s godhead power.

It is best for Bai Chen to complete his wish and return to the space to immediately absorb the pure white power.

But the patriarch system dotes on the child, and seeing that Bai Chen is happily living, it didn’t force him.

The little master’s happiness is above all else.

As for the repair of the godhead, it is just a little bit slower. This is not a problem at all from the system’s point of view. Anyway, it will protect its little master.

In the coming year, Bai Chen and Duan Qin held a grand wedding. After they graduated from college, Duan Qin temporarily took over the Duan family. When Duan Qin’s brother was 22 years old and could start a family, Duan Qin retired and gave the Duan family to his younger brother and began to travel around the world with Bai Chen.

The two of them went all over the world, experienced the taste of being a couple all over the world, and finally returned to Country Z and settled down in a quiet place with green mountains and green waters.

For the rest of his life, Bai Chen was still spoiled by Duan Qin in his palm. Even if they were not young anymore, Duan Qin still regarded him as a treasure in his heart. He learned how to cook for Bai Chen, just to see the contented smile on Bai Chen’s face when he ate the dishes he cooked.

In this world, Bai Chen still failed to grow old with Duan Qin. He left Duan Qin when he was in his fifties, returned to the system space and fell into a deep sleep, absorbing the pure white soul.

The system watched the same golden light as the last time submerged into Bai Chen’s body, shaking it body with excitement.
When Bai Chen woke up again, he found himself lying on the ground. In front of him stood a charming girl in a red ancient dress, holding a long whip.

The girl seemed to be very angry, her eyes widened with flames looking at Bai Chen lying on the ground, and she uttered some words against Bai Chen. With a wave of her hand, the long whip suddenly flew towards Bai Chen flexibly.

Bai Chen’s indifferent gaze swept the red-clothed girl, stretched out his hand to grab the long whip that swept towards him, using a little force on his wrist, through the power of the long whip, he dragged the red-clothed girl over, fluttering away.

1: baobei also mean treasure (I not sure which one the author intending to go for this)
2: cabbage dug up by the pig (but mother Yan use a better version, I guess), if you don’t know what it means, it means something like the child they work so hard to raise was snatched by a bad man. Usually refer to the daughter as the cabbage

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