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DWTFT Chapter 22.2

Admiral is a liar

Chapter 22… Admiral is a liar


[Part 2/2]


After Song Huai finally did 20 push-ups and ran 1,500 meters in the playground, one class time passed.

Song Huai’s whole person was tired.

The classmates returned to their seats one after another, almost sticking to the bench as soon as their buttocks touched the bench.

“Extremely exhausted, exhausted.” The class shouted tiredly one after another.

On weekdays, Song Huai was same as dead after the physical test, and he couldn’t get up even to drink his saliva.

But at this moment, he actually stood up with difficulty, and took the book and walked out.

Gu Yang saw it as if he had seen a ghost, and weakly yelled, “A’Huai, where are you going, A’Huai!” It’s just that he is too tired at the moment and is completely overwhelmed. After shouting twice, there is no sound.

Song Huai walked vainly in the direction of the office, his cheeks were flushed, his breathing was not even, and he walked in slow steps.

But he and Lu Mian had agreed that he would go to him to ask questions later.

One class’s time has passed now.

When Song Huai walked to the door of Lu Mian’s office, he heard that Lu Mian had just gone down.

Song Huai hurried out after hearing this, only to see Lu Mian getting in the car.

Song Huai didn’t know where the sudden strength came from, and chased a few steps behind the car. In the end, his legs were really weak, and he could only watch the car disappear at the gate.


By the time Song Huai returned to the class, most of the students who had just been lifeless had survived.

“Baby, you did a good job in the exam this time. Damn, your interstellar foreign language score is so high.”

It turned out that the results of the previous monthly exam came out.

Song Huai looked at the transcript in front of him. Two of the courses were close to full marks, but two of them failed to pass. Although they have made great progress compared with the last time, Song Huai can’t be happy.

Without a surprise, Li Ziqing took the first place in the class again, ranking second only to Lu Chengze in grade.

When the classmates gathered around Li Ziqing to congratulate him, Li Ziqing looked at the little tablemate who had been holding his head next to him.

Song Huai’s tender little hands pinched the serious transcript tightly.

Li Ziqing smiled and moved away from the other classmates, lowered his head and called Song Huai: “What’s wrong? It doesn’t matter if you fail the exam, you can work hard next time.”

Song Huai said nothing.

Li Ziqing bent down and almost got under Song Huai’s body. When he raised his head to look at Song Huai, two cool tears hit Li Ziqing’s eyes.

His heart trembled.


When school was over in the afternoon, Song Huai waited at the corner of the street where Lu Mian picked him up yesterday.

A taxi stopped in front of him, and Song Huai’s legs were sore, he still shook his hand: “No thanks, someone will come to pick me up.”

But he waited for a while, and the car did not show up like yesterday.

Suddenly, his communicator dinged twice.

【My partner: Transferred 2000000.】

Another one comes in behind.

【My partner: Take a taxi and go home today.】


It was early in the morning when Lu Mian returned home from work.

He received urgent news today and left the school in a hurry.

Today’s incident happened suddenly, and Lu Mian remembered that Song Huai wanted to ask him questions just before the evening.

At this point, Song Huai should have fallen asleep.

Lu Mian opened the door lightly and turned on the wall lamp in the living room. The tiredness of running around for a day came up.

Suddenly, he heard a very small hum in the direction of the dim sofa.

Lu Mian walked over and saw Song Huai shrinking on the sofa holding a pillow.

Lu Mian took off his coat and put it on Song Huai. Then he stood there with his eyes down and looked at Song Huai quietly for a while.

Song Huai opened his eyes stunned, looking up to see Lu Mian, stretched out his hand and hugged his leg.

Lu Mian stiffened for a moment.

Song Huai pressed his cheek to him, rubbing against the leg of his trousers like a cat coquettishly. Probably because he just woke up, his voice was soft and ignorant, with a trace of complaint, “Why didn’t you wait for me today?”

Song Huai pouted, looking a little unhappy.

Lu Mian lightly opened his hands around his legs and squatted halfway in front of him, his voice low and hoarse:, “Sorry, there is something very urgent to deal with today.”

Song Huai hummed twice, but then again. He pressed his face and rubbed Lu Mian’s knee.

Lu Mian picked him up and sent him back to his room to sleep.


In the middle of the night, Song Huai had a fever.

He started to fall ill all his life, and he was unconscious and cried fiercely.

Doctor Zhou was woken up by Lu Mian’s stern call. When he rushed to the villa, he wanted to give Song Huai an infusion, but Song Huai resisted as soon as he heard about it.

“Dudu won’t get an injection, Dudu won’t get an injection….” Song Huai kicked on the bed, and the quilt was kicked off again and again.

It was originally a fever caused by catching a cold after running. The fever may get worse if he doesn’t  cover the quilt.

Doctor Zhou was kicked several times by Song Huai, and he didn’t dare to approach him from behind.

Lu Mian had no experience of coaxing people, and he and Doctor Zhou looked at each other in silence.

Lu Mian walked to the bed and swiftly controlled Song Huai’s moving hands and feet. After that, he rolled up by the half-knocked quilt and wrapped Song Huai’s in it. In order to stop Song Huai from moving, he held Song Huai in his arms.

Smelling the familiar smell of camphor after the rain, Song Huai, who was crying, suddenly settled down.

Lu Mian looked at Doctor Zhou, who gave him an encouraging look.

Lu Mian tried to release his hand, but his hand was suddenly grasped by Song Huai, who was free from the quilt.

Lu Mian thought Song Huai was sober: “Song Huai?”

Song Huai kept sobbing because he was crying too fiercely just now. He couldn’t say enough, but he just refused to let go of Lu Mian’s hand.

Lu Mian said: “I’m not going.”

Song Huai raised his red face and complained aggrievedly: “You are a liar, and you said you’ll be waiting for me to ask questions. I… I ran fifteen hundred meters today and did twenty push-ups. I went to find you after 20 points in the National Mathematics Entrance Examination. You just…you just left. “The sick person has no logic when speaking, but Lu Mian still barely understands it. Song Huai went to look for him when he left today.

“Last night…you didn’t kiss me last night, and you pretended not to see me woo woo woo woo hoo…”

Doctor Zhou stood behind these two people, feeling that he had heard something amazing.

Lu Mian didn’t put his mind on Doctor Zhou. He stared at Song Huai with a deep gaze, his voice was hoarse, but he was extremely patient and gentle, “Sorry, how can you forgive me?”

Hearing Lu Mian’s voice, Song Huai suddenly stopped crying, his face flushed with tears, his nose flushed, and his apricot eyes were so round that there were still tears in his eyes, so he looked straight at him.

He blinked his eyes twice, and he looked a little bit shy.

Lu Mian was suddenly blessed to his soul. He looked back at Doctor Zhou, who was already speechless and shocked by his rare patience and gentleness, “You go out first.”

No matter how curious Doctor Zhou was, he didn’t have the courage to defy Lu Mian’s order and stay.

Once the door was closed, only Song Huai and Lu Mian were left in the room.

The light of the wall lamp in the room was warmer, falling in Lu Mian’s eyes, like bright stars blown by the warm wind.

Lu Mian’s expression was particularly serious. He lowered his head and kissed Song Huai’s forehead for the first time.

The second time, he kissed the tip of his nose.

His fingers lightly rubbed Song Huai’s lips, and then Lu Mian seemed to chuckle lightly.

Song Huai wasn’t sure if it was an illusion, he was already confused anyway.

Although Song Huai was coaxed by Lu Mian, he still cried a lot when the needle was pierced into the skin.

He was afraid of injections since he was a child and was dizzy when he saw the needle. Lu Mian kept holding him in his arms, coaxing him carefully, and urged him with his eyebrows over and over again, “Are you okay?”

Doctor Zhou was sweaty by his sharp eyes, “It’s coming soon.”

“This injection will take effect quickly, but there may be side effects.”

“What side effects?”

“Generally, patients will experience thirst and sweat, but there is no major problem. Just sleep.”

After sending Doctor Zhou out.

Lu Mian returned to the room, Song Huai kicked the quilt to the bottom of the bed again, twisting and shouting like a fish.

Lu Mian picked up the quilt and hugged the person.

Song Huai kept struggling: “It’s hot, it’s too hot. Dudu is going to be too hot, ohh, Dudu wants to drink water.”

When Lu Mian poured a glass of water and helped Song Huai get up to drink, the other party refused to open his mouth properly.

Not a drop of the water was drunk, but a lot of it was spilled on the sheets.

Song Huai was still making trouble, “Dying to death of thirst.”

Lu Mian looked at the water glass, his face was a little stern, he thought about it for a while, and then glanced at Song Huai, who was crying and reddening all over his body.

Then, Lu Mian drank the glass of water by himself, held Song Huai in his arms, then lowered his head and gave him the water with his mouth.



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