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DWTFT Chapter 23.1

You Haven't Kissed Me Tonight

Chapter 23 … You Haven’t Kissed Me Tonight


[Part 1/2]


The next day, Song Huai’s fever finally subsided.

He opened his eyes for a while, and suddenly felt that there was someone around him.

A hand tucked the quilt for him, and the man’s low and hoarse voice came out, “Woke up?”

Lu Mian’s palm covered Song Huai’s forehead, and Song Huai froze.

“It’s not hot anymore.”

Lu Mian stayed up all night and stayed in front of Song Huai’s bed .

His appearance was still handsome, but there was already some green stubble on his chin, his eyes were bloodshot, and his voice was a bit hoarse.

Song Huai was very distressed when he saw that haggard face.


When Lu Mian returned to the room to rest, Song Huai climbed out of the bed.

After sleeping, he intermittently recalled the events of last night.

He remembered that Lu Mian hugged him and comforted him, he cried and made noise in the other’s arms, and accidentally said what was in his heart.


Song Huai covered his face: What did he do?

But—Song Huai suddenly remembered the warm touch on his forehead and nose at that time, Lu Mian kissed him.

But Song Huai was also afraid that it was the illusion that was caused by his own passion.

Today is the weekend and there’s no class. Gu Yang asked Song Huai to go out to play basketball.

【Cool Domineering Yang Shao: Didn’t you say that you will come out to play basketball on the weekend? Li Ziqing is here.】

【Dudududududu: Suddenly something happened at home, I can’t go. Let’s go together next week, okay?】 After talking to Gu Yang, Song Huai slipped into the kitchen.

Lu Mian took care of him for the night, and he also wanted to take care of Lu Mian.

It happened that the aunt who was cooking today asked for leave. Song Huai put on an apron and decided to show his talents.

After all, to conquer a man’s heart, one has to conquer the other’s stomach first.


When Lu Mian was sleeping upstairs, he suddenly heard an explosion from downstairs.

The sound is not loud, but Lu Mian is very sensitive to all sounds when he fights on the battlefield all the year round.

Lu Mian put on a coat and hurried downstairs, black smoke was rising from the kitchen.

There was a bad premonition in Lu Mian’s heart. He walked into the kitchen and saw a mess in the kitchen, and Song Huai was standing there in a daze, with a dirtied face.

Song Huai heard the footsteps and turned back to face Lu Mian’s gaze.

Seeing the opponent’s eyebrows twisted.

Song Huai, who was not scared by the explosion, suddenly cried with a “hmm”.

Lu Mian hugged him to the table stool and wiped Song Huai’s face with a wet towel.

Song Huai knew that he had done something wrong, and honestly cooperated with Lu Mian’s actions.

But Lu Mian showed extraordinary patience to him, and he obviously blew up the kitchen.

Wiping the charcoal face for Song Huai, Lu Mian asked him, “Are you hungry?”

He thought that Song Huai was too hungry, so he cooked by himself.

Song Huai sniffed and nodded. When he heard what Lu Mian was asking, he shook his head again.

He lowered his head and clasped his fingers docilely. He blew up the kitchen and was not qualified to be hungry.

Lu Mian pursed his lips, didn’t say much, wiped off a new tear from the corner of his eye with his finger, turned and rolled up his sleeves and walked into the kitchen.

Song Huai was still a little ignorant until he heard the sound of cooking in the kitchen.

Lu Mian didn’t blame him, he was still cooking for him?

At this moment, Song Huai’s communicator rang.

It was a call from the secretary.

“Hey, ma’am, is the Admiral by your side? His communicator is turned off.”

Song Huai looked back at the direction of the kitchen, “Ah…ah…he’s there.”

Hearing this, the secretary breathed a sigh of relief: “Yesterday Admiral Soth suddenly passed away. The ministry held an emergency meeting. After the admiral went back, he did not come back again. He only told me that there was an emergency, and then the communicator kept shutting down. I thought something was wrong.”

Song Huai blinked after hearing the words, “I was sick last night.” On the other end of the phone, the secretary was silent for a rare moment.

“Is the madam better now?”

“It’s alright.”

The secretary said: “Madam should know, Admiral Soth used to be Admiral’s mentor.”

Of course Song Huai had heard of it. He once investigated Lu Mian and saw Soth’s name. When Lu Mian joined the army, he followed Soth’s Army.

Lu Mian must be sad when his mentor passed away.

Song Huai suddenly felt guilty, and he didn’t know anything. He thought he ran a lap and had a bad grade test and was wronged that Lu Mian could not go home with him.

While eating, Song Huai shed tears.

Lu Mian put down the tableware and asked him, “Where is it uncomfortable?”

Song Huai shook his head while wiping tears, feeling that he was particularly useless. He has been embarrassed in front of Lu Mian several times, will Lu Mian find him bothersome?

He couldn’t help sobbing as he chewed the rice in his mouth, “Yes, you cooked the food so deliciously, my stomach has been caught by you.”

Lu Mian: …

After eating, Song Huai had no face and volunteered to wash the dishes.

He obediently stood at the door waiting for Lu Mian to come out. Lu Mian had already handled the things in the kitchen neatly, and called professional workers to handle it.

When everything is done, Lu Mian has the time to start dealing with Song Huai.

He had been in the army for too many years, and he couldn’t change it for a while.

Song Huai stood upright in front of him like a soldier who did wrong, his head drooped, and his attitude of admitting his mistakes was very good.

“Do you know that it’s wrong?”

Song Huai pursed his mouth and said in a small voice, “I know. I’m sorry, I just wanted to cook for you to make you happy. I didn’t expect myself to be so stupid. Not only did I fail to do it, but also annoyed you.”

Lu Mian looked at him. Looking up and down Song Huai who was pleasing to the eye, he said after a long silence, “I’m not angry.” It’s just that if Song Huai didn’t hide when the pressure cooker exploded, what kind of scene would it be?

Lu Mian’s heart was beating a little faster when he thought about it now.

Lu Mian put down the overlapping long legs and stood up, stretched out his hand and rubbed Song Huai’s head, “Don’t think too much, go back and rest.”

Although Lu Mian said he didn’t blame Song Huai, the expression on his face was too fierce at that time. Song Huai still felt that Lu Mian was angry.

Song Huai tossed about in the room all afternoon, but didn’t sleep well.

He was so sad.

Song Huai searched on the interstellar network.

【What should I do if I make my boyfriend angry?】

The popular high praise answer below.

【1. To grab a man’s heart is to grab his stomach. If you make your boyfriend angry, just cook him a meal and coax him.】 Song Huai thought that he had already failed the first step. Not only did the failure blow up the kitchen, but Lu Mian grabbed his stomach instead .

【2. Good attitude, take the initiative to admit mistakes. If the other person is angry now, you can go later.】

【3. Acting like a baby, men eat this set of acting like a baby most. If the error is serious, you can use other auxiliary means. For example, wear a cute little dress and bring some cute auxiliary toys, squinting smile.】 What is the auxiliary toy? Song Huai saw that there was a post reply under that answer. He clicked in and took a look. As expected, someone was asking about  auxiliary toys.

【Original: Link】

【Original: If you still don’t understand, you can read my answer 【How to please boyfriend], there is a corresponding tutorial in it~】 Song Huai clicked on the first link, it was a popular video .

Little skirt, cat ears and tail, and ripped stockings. What are these?

What’s terrible is that Song Huai often sees these in the little yellow texts . After seeing these, he almost immediately understood what that person meant.

Song Huai buried his face in the quilt, and it took a long time for the temperature on his face to drop.

Is he going to seduce Lu Mian? But Lu Mian refused to kiss him, and what should he do if he is rejected?

At night, the door was knocked again.

It seemed that he knew Song Huai was coming, and Lu Mian opened the door quickly this time.

As soon as he opened the door, he saw Song Huai, who was wearing rabbit pajamas, rabbit slippers, wearing rabbit ears and holding a bunny, standing in front of the door shyly.

The child’s eyes wandered a little, and every time they touched Lu Mian’s sight, they hurriedly left.

Song Huai was very nervous.

He thought about it in bed in the afternoon and was still embarrassed to place an order, but he bought bunny ears when he went to the playground last year. In addition, he has his own rabbit pajama and small slippers, which should be cute enough.

Song Huai’s eyes kept blinking because of excessive tension, and his fingers clasped the little rabbit, almost squeezing the hair down.

He closed his eyes and finally made a decision in his heart.

He turned slightly to his side, held the door frame with one hand, then blushed, and raised his little butt.

After waiting for a long time, the other party did not move at all.

Song Huai’s face was so red that he could drip blood, and he was too shy to look at Lu Mian.

What’s up? Did he follow the original poster’s tutorial well? Didn’t it tell them to try this trick?

Could it be that he is not attractive enough?

He is an unattractive fish.

Song Huai was about to cry.



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