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DWTFT Chapter 22.1

Admiral is a liar

Chapter 22… Admiral is a liar


[Part 1/2]


In the car the next day, the secretary felt that the atmosphere was a bit too condensed.

Song Huai, who was always full of energy, only said hello to him only, and stopped speaking after saying a word. From the moment Lu Mian got on the car, he has been reading the Military Daily.

Therefore, the whole car was a bit horribly silent, except for the occasional sound of Lu Mian flipping through the newspaper.

Song Huai leaned against the window, still thinking about Lu Mian’s refusal to give him a goodnight kiss last night. His eyes glanced at Lu Mian several times. It was so often that Lu Mian beside him couldn’t ignore it no matter how concentrated his attention was.

Lu Mian put down the newspaper, looked at Song Huai, and asked him what’s wrong with his eyes.

Seeing that the school was about to arrive at a corner of the street, Song Huai quickly spoke, “Stop.” The secretary parked the car on the side of the road, and Song Huai got out of the car. Their current relationship has not been made public. Being seen by other classmates that Song Huai was riding in Lu Mian’s car would surely arouse speculation.

Song Huai thought about this layer very carefully, and Lu Mian, who was sitting in the car, took a deep look at him through the window.

Song Huai’s move further deepened Lu Mian’s conjecture yesterday.

Song Huai didn’t want people to know about their relationship.

Thinking of this, Lu Mian’s face was colder than usual, “Go.”

Song Huai watched the car drive away from sight, he kicked the stone under his feet, feeling a little disappointed.

Lu Mian left really simply.

When Song Huai was depressed, Li Ziqing called him, “Song Huai.”

Li Ziqing walked up to him in a few steps, “Whose car did you get off just now?”

Song Huai blinked his eyes twice, “You saw it wrong.” Li Ziqing glanced at him suspiciously, “Perhaps.”

Song Huai and Li Ziqing talked and laughed when they walked to the school.

Not far from them, Lu Chengze was slapped on the shoulder, “Hey, it’s been a long time since I saw your little tail. How can he have such a good relationship with Li Ziqing now.”

Lu Chengze looked at the two close friends who were talking and laughing in front of him, his eyes cold unconsciously.

Speaking of which, apart from the last time they met at the swimming pool, Song Huai never came to him once.

Lu Chengze was inexplicably dazzled when he saw Song Huai and Li Ziqing’s smiles when they were talking and laughing.

Something seemed to be out of control in the dark, and he hated the feeling of losing control.


During the break, Song Huai was fighting with Lu Mian’s wife fans on the forum.

Suddenly, the classmates in the front row called him, “Song Huai, someone called you.”

Song Huai went out and wanted to turn the soles of his feet when he saw Lu Chengze. Unfortunately, the turn was a little slower, and he happened to be caught by Lu Chengze.

“Dudu.” Lu Chengze stepped forward.

Lu Chengze is the school grass from the school’s anonymous forum referendum, and he is eye-catching wherever he goes. Although the limelight in the past few days has been completely overshadowed by Lu Mian, as long as Lu Chengze came out, he was still the focus of the crowd.

What’s more, he is still with Song Huai, who is known to be notorious .

Everyone is waiting to see what the demon Song Huai can do in public.

Lu Chengze was very “considerate” and said, “Dudu, there are many people at the entrance of the classroom, let’s go and talk over there.”

Although Song Huai didn’t want to talk to him, he was a little curious as Lu Chengze wouldn’t even take the initiative to send him a message if it was before. Suddenly he turned around and came to the classroom door to look for him in full view. Besides, Li Ziqing and Gu Yang went to the bathroom just now. If Gu Yang came back and bumped into him and Lu Chengze, he might cause some trouble again.

Song Huai and Lu Chengze walked to the back of the teaching building in a remote location , where there were no people.

Song Huai asked him, “What’s the matter?”

A dark light flashed across Lu Chengze’s eyes, Song Huai didn’t even call him brother Chengze.

Lu Chengze suppressed the displeasure in his heart and asked him, “Dudu, what did you say to Li Ziqing this morning, so happy, you haven’t seen me behind you?”

Song Huai was full of question marks, that’s it? That’s it? That’s it?

He thought there was something earth-shattering that would allow Lu Chengzeyu to come to him.

Wait, Song Huai was suddenly enlightened .

Is Lu Chengze jealous? ! right! That’s right!

He must be jealous because of Li Ziqing!

Although Song Huai didn’t know where the protagonist’s emotional line had developed. But since Lu Chengze has asked this, 80% of it was because he was close to Li Ziqing, so he was upset. After all, Lu Chengze is a black-bellied and possessive person.

Song Huai didn’t want to get involved in the protagonist’s line of feelings, “It’s nothing, we are just good friends. If you don’t believe it, you can ask Li Ziqing.”

Lu Chengze’s expression was slightly sullen when he heard Song Huai say this.

After a moment of silence, he asked Song Huai, “Dudu, am I still your good brother?”

Song Huai is now full of emotional lines of the protagonist gong, and said against his will, “Of course Brother Chengze.”

Lu Chengze heard the familiar brother Chengze finally and looked better again, “Dudu, it was your brother who was wrong before and left you alone. It will be your birthday in a few days. Then, what should your brother give you as a birthday gift?”

Wait? This doesn’t seem right.

Why did Lu Chengze suddenly care about himself? Song Huai licked his lips, “I’m sorry, Brother Chengze, I have made an appointment with a friend on my birthday.”

Lu Chengze never thought that he would be rejected, although his face was still laughing, but there was already a chill in his eyes, “Friend? What kind of friend? Does Dudu have friends that my brother doesn’t know?”

Song Huai nodded.

The smile on Lu Chengze’s face froze, he straightened up, and after taking a few deep gazes at Song Huai, he left with a cold face.

Song Huai rolled his eyes and turned back to the classroom.


The administrative building of Henriks is facing the back of the teaching building.

“Admiral Lu, Admiral Lu?” The instructor yelled twice. He was still talking with Lu Mian just now, and suddenly the other party was silent.

The instructor followed Lu Mian’s gaze and saw Lu Chengze and Song Huai standing at the back of the teaching building.

The teachers and students in the school knew about the relationship between Lu Mian and Lu Chengze. The dean of instruction hurriedly said, “Student Lu Chengze has excellent grades, good morals, intelligence, physical beauty and all-round ability. He is also very popular in school and has a good demeanor. Next to him is this Song Huai, who is filled with wishful thinking. Toad wanted to eat swan meat. He made a lot of jokes in order to entangle classmate Lu before.”

“Entanglement?” his voice filled with murderousness.

The dean nodded, “Yes, yes! We teachers certainly don’t want Student Lu to be delayed by this kind of person. We have persuaded and criticized, but this Song Huai is too thick-skinned. We can’t help it. “The dean’s voice became smaller and smaller, and shivered unconsciously at the coldness that radiated from Lu Mian’s body.

Suddenly, Lu Mian’s body shook almost invisibly. He was supporting the window frame with both hands, and sweat began to appear on his forehead.

The scene where Lu Chengze bent down and approached Song Huai was like a movie, playing back and forth in his mind making his eyes tremble.

The secretary immediately noticed that Lu Mian was out of control, and hurriedly interrupted the dean’s words and asked him to go out first.

The door was closed, and the secretary skillfully took out a syringe from the briefcase he carried and stuck it into Lu Mian’s skin.

After a while, the ups and downs of Lu Mian’s back were obviously slower than before.

“Admiral, are you okay? Do you need to go back to the military?”

Lu Mian raised his head, there was no one on the back of the teaching building.

He closed his eyes and said, “It’s okay.”

From past experiences , he can say that it was something that stimulated Lu Mian to get sick. The secretary followed Lu Mian’s gaze, and there was nothing there.


Today there is a mechanical theory course. Song Huai has done enough homework. Not only did he arrive in the classroom twenty minutes earlier, he sat in the first row closest to Lu Mian. He never previewed before , but last night he even previewed the part that he was going to attend today.

There are some new faces in the classroom today, and they all used money to buy places to listen to a class by Lu Mian.

During class, everyone’s eyes were focused on Lu Mian, and Song Huai was no exception.

When Lu Mian asked questions, Song Huai’s excited little hand was raised high. He was ashamed in front of Lu Mian yesterday, and wants to get it back today.

But Lu Mian didn’t seem to see his high hand, and called others up to answer questions.

Song Huai couldn’t help feeling a little sad. He missed sleep for several hours last night to prepare.

However, it is also possible that Lu Mian didn’t see it, and Song Huai felt that this reason was not very valid.

He sits in the first row.

Lu Mian saw Song Huai’s small hand raised, but he didn’t know why. When he saw Song Huai’s eyes looking at himself, he couldn’t help but think of the scene he saw at noon today.

The admiral felt annoyed for a while, he subconsciously looked away from Song Huai, and chose others to answer questions.

Although he was not named in class, when the bell rang after class, Song Huai courageously called Lu Mian, “Lu, Admiral Lu.”

Lu Mian stopped, “What’s the matter?”

Song Huai walked to him in full view and cautiously said, “I have a question that I don’t understand.”

Lu Mian’s gaze swept across the top of his hair, and he was a little unhappy in his heart, but his voice was still mild, “Come to the office to find me later.”

“Okay!” Good!”

When he came back from the big classroom, Song Huai eagerly counted the time.

When did Lu Mian mean by later? Five minutes have passed now, is it late enough?

When Song Huai finally waited for ten minutes, the sports committee called out, “Everyone prepare, it’s our turn to take a physical exam.”

Song Huai: …


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