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DWTFT Chapter 20

Why is he so good!

Chapter 20 … Why is he so good !


Song Huai was wearing light blue rabbit pajamas, holding a big panda doll in his arms, a pair of beautiful apricot eyes blinking expectantly and helplessly.

Without receiving a response for a long time, Song Huai shook his injured foot slowly, his mouth pouting so much that one could hang a small weight on it.

He tried to save himself a bit of face: “I won’t be able to sleep without a goodnight kiss.”

Song Huai carefully tugged at the corner of his clothes, thinking in his heart, why did Lu Mian still not talk to him. Is he too proactive? Will he be considered frivolous by the other party?

Finally, Lu Mian’s Adam’s apple moved: “Goodnight kiss?”

Song Huai said proudly, “Of course, the goodnight kiss that you owed me for making me angry. When I was at home, our family’s Wangwang used to kiss me like this. ”

Lu Mian’s voice sank suddenly: “Wangwang?”

Song Huai nodded seriously.

Why does Lu Mian look a little unhappy?

Song Huai turned around angrily.

In the next second, his thigh was pinched, Lu Mian’s palm was wide, and the heat of his palm passed through the thin pajamas, causing Song Huai’s skin to scald quickly.

Lu Mian reproached in a deep voice: “Your feet are not good, why are they always moving?”

Song Huai was not happy at all when he tried to kiss but didn’t succeed . He was not happy, so he rebelled.

Lu Mian sighed helplessly in his heart when he saw him jumping and deliberately opposing himself.

In an instant, Song Huai was confined between the door frames by Lu Mian’s legs.

The smell of camphor after the rain instantly enveloped him.

Lu Mian used his slender and capable fingers to lift the soft hair of the young man, and landed an extremely light and precious kiss on his forehead.

Song Huai’s face flushed with “huh”, and he squatted for a long time without saying a word.

Lu Mian didn’t know what was wrong: “Was it alright?”

The doll in Song Huai’s arms fell to the ground. He covered his mouth with one hand and his forehead with the other, revealing only a pair of innocent eyes. In this way, it looks like someone has bullied him.

Song Huai didn’t answer, he jumped, quickly picked up the doll from the ground, and jumped back to the room in three steps.

The door was locked. Song Huai leaned back against the door.

The skin on his face is already so hot.

What’s the point of asking, “Was it alright?”, it was just too right! Lu Mian usually looks so serious, how does he know how to tease people!

Kabedon and a forehead kiss, it’s so awesome!

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah Song Huai screamed countless times in his heart!


When Lu Mian got up the next day, Song Huai was not in the house.

The secretary was at the table, and Lu Mian walked around the table and sat down.

The secretary saw through his thoughts: “Master Song has finished breakfast and went to school.”

“So early?” Lu Mian picked up the knife and fork and started breakfast. It was only half past six in the morning.

The secretary poured him a glass of milk: “Yes, Young Master Song looked very happy today. I originally wanted to take him to school along with us, but he ran too fast.”

Lu Mian stopped moving the knife and for a moment, lowered his eyelids: “Just be happy.”

“The general is in a very good mood today.”

Lu Mian stood up after breakfast, “Is everything ready?”

“The procedures have been completed, today you can go to school. ”


Song Huai went to school so early for the first time. The few students present were shocked to see him.

Ever since Song Huai got hit on the head by a basketball last time. He has stopped being evil. He has become a lot better. Coupled with his good-looking appearance, gaining the favor of others was rather easy.

Several classmates greeted him and got together to discuss yesterday’s gossip.

Hearing that the table next door was still talking about Lu Mian and Zhou Xueying, Song Huai knocked on the table, and the others thought he was rebellious.

He raised his chin slightly, and there was joy between his eyebrows: “The admiral is engaged, yes, but his marriage contract is not with that Zhou.”

“Song Huai, do you know more about it ?”

“That’s not it.” Song Huai was proud of it. He was like a little rooster, because that person is him.

“Maybe he really knows. You may have forgotten, but the relationship between the Song family and the Lu family is quite good.”

Hearing that the group of people began to associate him with Lu Chengze again, Song Huai’s heart beat: “It’s not Lu Chengze who told me ”

“Who told you then?”

Song Huai said, “I just know it.”

“Then you tell us what kind of person is the admiral’s wife.”

Song Huai’s eyes rolled around. He began to state them one by one : “He is smart, cute, witty, kind, lively and clever, with red lips and white teeth, and beautiful and lovely. And only he can be worthy of the admiral!”

A classmate who was invisibly fed dog food but didn’t know it: …


The place where gossip spreads fast, is the campus.

In the morning, Lu Mian’s engagement had already been passed on by word of mouth.

Lu Chengze stood in the corridor to breathe air, and friends around him asked, “Aze, everyone is talking about whether the news about your engagement will be true.” Since the last banquet, Lu Chengze has been soaking in the laboratory. Everyday there is a classroom experiment. He ran around in the room doing experiments and hadn’t returned to Lu’s house for almost a month. Last night, he called back and asked. His father just told him not to talk about it, but he didn’t tell him whether the uncle was engaged. But the Lu family has been calm, presumably it was all rumors.

“Let me just say, people are really boring now. I heard from the class next door in the morning that just what your little tail said was the most impressive, and everyone thought he knew what the inside story was.”

“Song Huai.”

Lu Chengze glanced casually, just in time to see Song Huai playing badminton with Li Ziqing and Gu Yang on the playground.

During the intermission, Li Ziqing handed Song Huai water, and Song Huai gave him the towel.

When did they become so familiar?

Seeing Song Huai and Li Ziqing talking and laughing, Lu Chengze’s expression became more gloomy.

He tapped his finger on the railing. Except for that encounter in the swimming pool, ever since Song Huai came back from hospital, he has not taken the initiative to look for him even once.


At noon, the news of Lu Mian’s engagement was overshadowed by another dream coming to life.

Henriks School Forum.

[ Tongkongkongchang and: Some people say that they saw the Admiral at the Academic Affairs Office! The admiral will not really come to our school, will he? ]

[ Feiyi Riyao: At the scene! I am the bench where the admiral has been seated! ]

[Ling Xun: fart upstairs! The admiral was sitting in my chair! 】

【It’s becoming a trend: ah ah ah ah ah ah ah I was being criticized at the Academic Affairs Office at the time when I saw him! The admiral looked so handsome.]

It’s been rumored that a new teacher will come this semester. In conjunction with Lu Mian’s appearance on campus several times, everyone speculated that it was probably Lu Mian who would come to teach.

It is not uncommon for an imperial officer to come to teach at Henriks during the peaceful years, but it was the first time for such a high ranking official to come.

At noon, Gu Yang invited Song Huai and Li Ziqing to eat out together. None of the three paid attention to the news on the forum.

When the lunch break was over, the three came back from the outside. They found that the Dean was actually investigating the classmates at the school gate.

“What is Old Wang doing again?”

Song Huai also felt strange: “I don’t know, He probably didn’t have enough to eat.”

Li Ziqing is a well-known good student in the school, and Gu Yang is a well-known little troublemaker . With the addition of Song Huai, who was famous for chasing after Lu Chengze before, this combination is difficult to not become conspicuous.

After approaching, Song Huai discovered that the Dean was checking the appearance of the students. Henriks clearly stipulated that they must wear school uniforms to school. The buttons of the uniform must be buttoned to the top and the school badge must be worn on the chest.

Wait, the school badge.

Song Huai suddenly remembered: His school badge has been missing for a long time!

Song Huai dragged Gu Yang and gave Li Ziqing a look, and the two quickly understood.

Gu Yang didn’t do a good job of fastening the buttons to attract firepower in front. Li Ziqing turned his attention aside, and Song Huai took the opportunity to fish in the troubled waters.

The Dean has taught countless people, so how can he not see their little tricks.

Song Huai was arrested before he slipped a few steps away.

“Song Huai.” The Dean grabbed the person: “Where is your school badge?”

“No? Do you know who is coming today? Just stand aside.”

Song Huai felt wronged, muttering and walking to the side.

At this moment, the instructor who was being fierce and vicious suddenly changed his face at the next second, nodding and bowing repeatedly, in an incredibly flattering manner.

There was a sudden round of gasps coming from all around, and Song Huai carelessly raised his head.

And under the sun, Lu Mian, wearing a tailored suit, was surrounded by a group of school leaders walking with him.

When Song Huai saw Lu Mian, he remembered the kiss from the previous night. His face flushed.

Song Huai closed his eyes and hoped that Lu Mian hadn’t seen him. This is the first time they meet each other at school and he’s at the penalty station. It was really embarrassing.

Song Huai’s prayer did not take effect.

The secretary asked: “Dean Wang, this is—”

The teaching Dean smiled flatteringly: “Replying to the Admiral! Secretary Ai! I’m checking the appearance of the students.”

Lu Mian’s gaze fell on Song Huai, who was in the shape of an ostrich: “What about him?”

Lu Mian’s words were curt, but everyone in the vicinity heard it. None of the people who stood there were wearing school uniforms. Song Huai stood there neatly dressed and it was particularly conspicuous.

The Dean said: “Report! Admiral, this student did not wear the school badge!”

Then, in front of everyone, Lu Mian suddenly walked towards Song Huai.

Song Huai, who had been pretending to be dead with his eyes closed, felt that the sun was blocked. He opened his eyes and Lu Mian was already standing in front of him.

Today, Lu Mian is wearing a suit and his hair neatly combed to the back of his head, revealing delicate features like a sculpture. Although Song Huai felt that his usual appearance with broken bangs on his forehead was also particularly charming. But this situation is particularly like the gentle scum that can only be portrayed in novels.

Song Huai suddenly covered his nose.

Lu Mian frowned almost imperceptibly as he watched his movements.

Then, he took out a golden school badge from his pocket and personally buttoned it for Song Huai.

Lu Mian was much taller than Song Huai. With a broad back, standing in front of Song Huai. When looked at from behind, he almost blocked him.

He lowered his head slightly and buttoned the school badge for Song Huai. Song Huai looked at his eyes attentively and earnestly, feeling shy and honeyed in his heart.

When Lu Mian turned around, except for the secretary who knew the relationship between the two, everyone else had a dumbfounded expression.

The Dean of Education asked stupidly: “Admiral, this is— ” Lu Mian talked as usual, but with the inviolable majesty of the superior: “I just picked up this student’s school badge. Dean Wang, now, he can go in.”



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