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DWTFT Chapter 19

Can You Kiss Me?

Chapter 19… Can You Kiss Me?


 Song Huai was sleeping in the room. The secretary closed the door and reported the situation to Lu Mian.

 ”Dr. Zhou just came to see, madam is already asleep.” Suddenly blurting out the mistress, the secretary himself was embarrassed.

 Dead silence.

 In the dead silence, the secretary could only hear his own breathing.

 After about two or three seconds of silence on the other end of the phone, Lu Mian finally responded, “Is he still crying?” The secretary couldn’t help but speculate. Since there was a few seconds of silence, Lu Mian should have heard the address , but the other party did not refute.

 The secretary also thought about Song Huai jumping on the bed with a doll in his arms when he brought Doctor Zhou over.

 ”Crying.” But weeping with joy. The secretary obscured the second half.

 On the other side of the phone, Lu Mian seemed to sigh softly.

 The secretary couldn’t help being a little curious. He had other things to do today and didn’t keep up with Lu Mian, so he missed the scene.

 ”Admiral, I’m sorry but Madam- I mean, why did Young Master Song cry so fiercely?”

 After a few seconds of silence, Lu Mian made a statement about the situation on the scene.

 Secretary concluded, “So, you went with Adjutant Zhou to pick a ring for Young Master Song, just to be caught by Young Master Song.”


 Lu Mian also became aware of the problem, “He is angry because of this? “

 The million year old bachelor is not so inexperienced. The secretary chuckled, “Admiral, no one will not be angry when he sees his partner picking a ring with other men. Even if this is just a coincidence and misunderstanding, it was still seen by Young Master Song. Choosing things like the rings, shouldn’t it be better to take your partner with you?” At the end of the call, Lu Mian pondered for a moment, “I know.”

 The secretary was working in the living room.

 Then a voice came, “When will the Admiral be back?”

 The secretary looked up, and a little cutie protruded his head from the stairs on the second floor.

 The secretary looked at the clock on the wall, “The Duke of Perth will take the seven o’clock flight tonight.”

 ”Seven o’clock.” Song Huai looked at the wall clock indicating that it was only three o’clock, “There’s still a long time.”

  After speaking, he went back to the room with his lips pouting.

 The secretary cut a plate of fruit and sent it upstairs.

 When he knocked on the door, he found that the door was not closed, and there was a gap in the room. Through the gap, Song Huai was leaning against the bed, holding the doll in one hand, typing on the communicator and giggling.

 【Bad man: Are the legs better?】

 【Dudududududu: The doctor helped me see it, and it’s much better now.】

【Bad man: Hmm.】

 Song Huai held the communicator, raised his chin, and finally changed the “Bad man” back to the “My partner”.

 It showed that the other party was typing several times, and then no message was sent.

 Song Huai waited for a while, then took the initiative to send a sentence.

 【Dudududududu: aren’t you busy? Will chatting with me disturb you?】

He waited for about a second.

 【My partner: Now everyone is having dinner, so it’s okay.】

 【Dudududududu: Hmm. jpg】

 He racked his brains to think about topics.

 Then Lu Mian sent another sentence.

 【My partner: Is there anything you want to eat?】

 The following is a photo of the scene. The silver shelf is filled with various fruit plates and exquisite desserts. Song Huai liked it all.

 【Dudududududu: How do you know I like these?】

 【Dudududududu: I can eat them all.】

 After sending it, Song Huai regretted. Lu Mian would think that he was particularly greedy ah!

 He added another sentence.

 【Dudududududu: But don’t bring too much, I have a small appetite.】

Before this sentence was sent, the other party sent a video.

 There were a dazzling array of desserts and snacks in the video, and at the end of the video, Lu Mian’s voice could be heard, “Thank you, please pack them for me.”

 His voice is really nice. Song Huai’s ears were red.

 Does Lu Mian raise him as a pig? Pack them all…when will he finish them?

 The secretary looked at Song Huai, who began to roll on the bed with a faint smile.

 He closed the door silently and backed out.


 【Cool Domineering Yang Shao: What happened? Why did you run away from school!】

Texts from Gu Yang came one after another.

 If he sent them two hours earlier, Song Huai would be crying with him.

 But now it’s different, Song Huai felt sweet in his heart.

  【Dudududududu: It’s nothing, I twisted my foot, now I am resting at home.】

【Cool Domineering Yang Shao: Are you really okay?】

 In order to prevent Gu Yang from thinking too much, Song Huai also sent a voice message.

 His voice regained its vitality, letting Gu Yang breathe a sigh of relief.

 The upper left corner showed that there was new text. Song Huai hurried to check it. It was not Lu Mian who sent the message, but Li Ziqing.

 Song Huai was still very moved, and he replied to Li Ziqing again.

 Later, he thought it was too troublesome to reply one by one, so he simply pulled a group of three people.

 Song Huai was chatting high with his friends in the group, and suddenly, the sound of opening the door came from downstairs.

 Song Huai moved his ears and hurriedly lifted the quilt and climbed off the bed.

 He jumped down the stairs and saw Lu Mian in the hallway.

 Before he could be happy for two seconds, he saw Zhou Xueying standing next to Lu Mian.

 Song Huai’s face drooped down suddenly.

 But he immediately thought that this is his and Lu Mian’s home, and he is also the owner of this home. Not only must he be more generous, but he must also show this little vixen a little bit of his authority.

 Song Huai raised his arrogant little chin and cleared his throat, before starting to perform.

 Lu Mian walked up to him. He saw Song Huai standing barefoot on one leg by the stairs, and frowned deeply, “Why are you running around?”

 He reached out his hand and picked the other up, and went up the stairs.

 Zhou Xueying saw it with great taste, “Admiral, the Duke of Perth is still waiting for us.”

 They came back to fetch things halfway. They used the spacecraft sent by Lu Mian to the Duke. Zhou Xueying originally thought this time he would go back too.

 Unexpectedly, Lu Mian stopped at the corner of the stairs and said without turning his head back, “You know where the things are, you can send them directly.”

 In fact, Lu Mian didn’t want to bring Zhou Xueying back. After all, the child in the family had just been wronged. It’s just that this document is urgent and needs to be delivered to the Duke of Perth.

 Zhou Xueying was surprised, “Admiral, are you not seeing off the Duke?”

 Lu Mian turned sideways slightly, his beautiful peachy eyes were extremely sharp, and his tone was majestic and indifferent, “Adjutant Zhou, you are too broad-minded. “

 Zhou Xueying took two steps back under his terrifying coercion, and when he stabilized his mind, Lu Mian had already disappeared at the top of the stairs holding the person.

 Lu Mian hugged Song Huai back to the room, “Don’t move, I’ll go back to the room and change my clothes.”

 Hearing what he said, he really didn’t plan to go out.

 Song Huai was overjoyed in his heart. But how could he let go of such a good opportunity to give the other side a slap in the face.

 As soon as Lu Mian left with his front foot, Song Huai sneaked out of the room with his hind foot. In fact, his injury was not that serious at all, and he pretended for Lu Mian.

 Zhou Xueying took the file unhappily, and when he was about to leave, he heard someone say “Hey” from the top of the stairs.

 He raised his head and saw Song Huai poking out a head.

 Song Huai was like a victorious little cock. He was terribly awkward and stuck out his tongue at him.

 Zhou Xueying who suffered a double blow: …


 At night, Song Huai ate the snacks and desserts Lu Mian brought back for him.

 The taste was particularly delicious. He doesn’t know whether the things in the military department are so delicious, or just Lu Mian packed him the delicious one.

 When he and Lu Mian were face to face, he ate his food in a reserved manner. He was afraid that bad food habits would frighten people.

 Lu Mian seemed to see his restraint, got up and left midway.

 As soon as Lu Mian left, Song Huai performed a wonderful face change, and the five snacks in front of him were swept away in an instant.

 When he was just full, Lu Mian came back.

 Song Huai secretly touched the bulging belly that he had eaten, and resisted the hiccups.


 After dinner, Lu Mian sent Song Huai back to the room and left.

 Song Huai was rolling on the bed excitedly, with a low-noise version of the groundhog screaming.

 When he was twitching like a fish, the door was pushed open again.

 When he saw Lu Mian, Song Huai was embarrassed.

 He was agitated and immediately adjusted his posture.

 Sitting tightly, with his head lowered and his fingers clasped, he looked very obedient, “What’s wrong?”

 Lu Mian went inside the room and took the ointment, and walked over to Song Huai and squatted down.

 ”Show me your feet.”

 He actually wants to see his feet! He really is a foot control!

 Song Huai thought of the little yellow books 1 yellow books : erotica that he had seen, and many indescribable things in it started like this.

 Song Huai was extremely shy.

 But still pursing his mouth, stretched out his right foot shyly.

 Seeing that Lu Mian was not moving, he thought that his feet were not attractive enough, so he quietly hooked up the trouser legs with his little finger, revealing a straight, white leg.

 Lu Mian raised his head and glanced at him, Song Huai’s whole body was sublimated into water vapor under his gaze.

 He squatted and said, “You, don’t you like it?”

 Lu Mian glanced over his face faintly, and after a moment of indulgence, he said, “The other one.”

 Until the cold ointment was applied on his left ankle, Song Huai knew that he would be totally wrong.

 The reason why Lu Mian looked at his feet was not the one he thought!

 What is this inexplicable regret?

 Song Huai lowered his gaze, watching the tall and handsome man kneeling halfway on the head of the bed, rubbing his foot. His heart was so sweet. The corners of his mouth rose wildly, and he couldn’t hold it under any pressure.

 But as soon as he noticed that Lu Mian was about to look up, he forced himself not to be too happy.

 He replied shyly, “Is it really okay if you don’t send that Duke?”

 Lu Mian said, “I’ve already told him.”

 ”What did you say to him?”

 Hearing this question, there was a slight pause in Lu Mian’s movements.

 He drooped his eyelids and his expression couldn’t be seen from Song Huai’s perspective, “There is an injured kid at home. He is restless and likes to run around.”

 ’The kid…is he talking about me?’

 Lu Mian stood up, “It’s not very serious, just take a good rest for two days, don’t run around.”

 ”Okay.” Song Huai was cute and like a little wife.

 When he saw that Lu Mian was about to leave, he suddenly remembered something, and he became unhappy again, “That Adjutant Zhou, why is he so familiar with our house?”

 When he fetched the things, Lu Mian also said, “You know where the things are.” It seems that Zhou Xueying hasn’t come here only once or twice. He was actually more familiar with the house than it’s owner (SH).

 Lu Mian said, “He was my adjutant before. It was not long after that the Capital Military Region was handed over to him, and many documents have not been handed over. So he sometimes came to pick up things.”

 It turned out to be for work. There’s no need to care too much.


 Lu Mian’s gaze swept over him. After a while, he suddenly approached and explained to Song Huai, “It was an accident that I met Adjutant Zhou today. I made an appointment to pick the ring at a particular time.  At that time when I went out, he said there was something to say. So in order not to delay time, he went together. Sorry, I didn’t expect to cause a misunderstanding.”

 Song Huai blinked his eyes twice and stared at him stupidly.

 Lu Mian looked at him with a smile in his eyes. He took out a box from his pocket and handed it to Song Huai.

 Song Huai opened the box, saw the ring inside, and slowly blinked his eyes twice, What does Lu Mian mean?

 ”Give it to me?”

 Lu Mian nodded, “Last engagement was too rushed, I didn’t prepare for this.”

 It turned out that Lu Mian bought the ring for him. Song Huai was feeling so happy in his heart when he was holding the ring. But he still pouted and protested, “Then you are not allowed to hide from me next time, we are partners, and I want to pick a ring with you.”

 ”Okay.” Lu Mian thought in his heart. Next time when he goes to engrave, he can bring the other with him.


 At night, Lu Mian came out of the bathroom after taking a shower.

 He sat down at the table and looked at the other ring studded with pink diamonds. He held the ring and placed it in his palm for a while.

 Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

 Lu Mian walked over and opened the door.

 Song Huai was standing outside the door holding a panda doll.

 Seeing the doll in his arms, Lu Mian’s eyes flashed.

 His eyes fell on Song Huai’s feet again, and the air pressure around his body dropped sharply.

 Before he reprimand him, Song Huai took the initiative to attack, “I am very angry today!”

 Lu Mian’s arrogance subsided a bit, only looking at him quietly.

 Song Huai clasped his fingers nervously, his eyes wandering, and cautiously asked, “So…to calm me down, can you give me a kiss?”


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