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DWTFT Chapter 21.1

Admiral Lu in Public Class

Chapter 21: Admiral Lu in Public Class


[Part (1/2)]


Song Huai suddenly received an amnesty order from Lu Mian, and the whole person was dazed. Gu Yang dragged him away before he could recover.

Song Huai walked away but his eyes were still fixed on Lu Mian. Until he couldn’t see Lu Mian at all, he reluctantly retracted his gaze.

Gu Yang also calmed down, “Fuck! My eyes are still okay, right! That’s Admiral Lu!” Unlike Gu Yang’s excitement, Li Ziqing seemed not to be surprised by Lu Mian’s arrival.

His gaze fell on Song Huai, “Song Huai, did you and Admiral Lu know each other before?”

Song Huai was caught off guard and blushed when he heard this question, “Ah…ah…”

He squatted, “Before, I’ve seen him at the banquet before.”

“Is it just that?” Li Ziqing’s probing gaze swept across Song Huai’s face. Fortunately, Song Huai’s acting skills were somewhat stable, except for his blushing, no flaws were revealed.

Li Ziqing smiled and said, “I just asked casually. I heard that Admiral
Lu was very fierce, but I didn’t expect him to have such a helpful side.”

Gu Yang nodded, “Yes, A’Huai. You are lucky! You actually met Admiral Lu! Hey, you don’t know how many people in the school forum wanted to talk to Admiral Lu. You did it on the first day!”

Song Huai said, “In fact, he did not speak to me either.”

Gu Yang said excitedly, “He didn’t speak to you! He spoke for you! He not only spoke for you! He also put on the badge for you! My mother! This treatment! Not even the prince of the Empire got it! ”

Speaking of the prince of the empire, Song Huai secretly glanced in Li Ziqing’s direction, and the latter’s expression was slightly unnatural for a moment.

It was as expected.

Song Huai thought.

But at this moment, he was not in the mood to think about the story of the prince. Gu Yang unconsciously added fuel to the scene just now, as if Song Huai had gained great glory.

The excited people wanted to take away the badge on Song Huai’s chest that was touched by Lu Mian.

Hearing the sweet speculations about his relation with Admiral Lu from others, Song Huai’s whole body was about to float.

He looked at Gu Yang’s excitement , and thought: If Gu Yang knew he was actually engaged to Lu Mian and he was living together now… Lu Mian not only gave him a badge, but also gave him an engagement ring and rubbed his feet with medicine. He even kissed him last night. Then Gu Yang would be completely stupid, although he was already stupid enough now.

Thinking of this… ah ah ah.

Gu Yang touched Song Huai’s forehead with his palm, “Do you have a fever? Why are you blushing so badly?”

Song Huai slapped Gu Yang’s hand away, “You have a fever! I’m just feeling a little hot.”

Gu Yang looked at him, “If I think about it , you suddenly stopped liking Lu Chengze, is that because you have shifted your target to Admiral Lu?”

So accurate. Song Huai’s eyelids twitched, and his mouth stiffly said, “What are you saying?”

Gu Yang tweeted, “It’s not right, you’re not right.”

Anyone who has a close relationship with Song Huai knows Song Huai’s face-to-face attributes. Gu Yang and Song Huai had an old revolutionary friendship, and he could sniff out some clues all at once.

Li Ziqing asked, “What’s wrong?”

Gu Yang put his hands on Li Ziqing’s shoulders, “You know what, there is nothing wrong with A’Huai, he’s perfectly normal.”

Song Huai kicked Gu Yang’s calf, “What nonsense are you talking about?”

Gu Yang bared his teeth and coaxed him, “I praise you for having good aesthetics, a first-class aesthetic master.”

Li Ziqing also laughed, and suddenly he asked Song Huai who was standing next to him, “Song Huai, what do you think of me?”

Li Ziqing said it like a joke, but Song Huai felt that he was asking seriously.

Song Huai also answered seriously and objectively, “You look good, too.”

Li Ziqing heard it and was obviously in a good mood. He glanced at Song Huai from time to time, but the corner of his mouth never came down.

They returned to the classroom. It was rare that there was no one in the classroom.

In the end, Gu Yang grabbed a classmate who came back in a hurry to get things, and asked him, “Where did the others go?”

The boy adjusted his glasses, “Today is the first public trial class of Admiral Lu at school. Don’t hold me, I finally managed to get a seat , the seats will be gone a little later!” Lu Mian’s power made him dare to resist Gu Yang’s notorious prestige.

Gu Yang did not perform well, and his father didn’t expect him to be academically accomplished. He planned to join the army after graduating from college. Lu Mian is the idol of every soldier in the empire, now, in the past, and in the future. When Gu Yang heard this, he happily pulled Song Huai and Li Ziqing then said: “A’Huai, Qingqing, let’s go quickly and join in the fun.” Li Ziqing said, “I will go to a part-time job in the afternoon, so I won’t go, you go.”

When Song Huai and Gu Yang arrived at the scene, the open classroom was too crowded.

Among the crowds, wanting to cross this corridor is hell difficult.

Others leaned on people’s shoulders to see the scene inside through the glass windows.

Gu Yang and Song Huai had never seen such a big scene in their entire lives.

“This is too awesome.” Gu Yang was already shocked and speechless.

He turned his head, “click”, Song Huai took a photo of him.

“What are you doing?”

“Posting to Moments.”

Song Huai edited the text.

【A big man came to school today, hehehe.】

A photo is attached below.

This time it was not only visible to [my partner].

Within three seconds of sending out the Moments, the second cousin clicked a like with a sharp comment.

【Liu Xiaomeng, the poisonous woman of the world: What is it? Now, who doesn’t know that Admiral Lu will go to your school today. Look at yourself, Song Dudu, the way you are smiling when reading this.】

Song Huai looked at himself on the screen, really smiling.

After thinking carefully and secretly, Song Huai was worried about this group of people.

How can he pass through them?


Twenty minutes later, Song Huai and Gu Yang struggled and finally squeezed into the open classroom. Not only that, they also had seats.

Song Huai once again looked at Gu Yang with admiration.

It turns out that there are limited places for public classes. Although the seats in the classroom are full, everyone has a seat, which is completely different from the other classes where there is no place for the outsiders.

The whole classroom is open and bright, and everyone is full of energy.

Gu Yang’s friends helped to grab the place for the open class. The mechanical theory course Lu Mian would teach today is their elective course this year. Although it is an elective course, it must be included in the total score and affect the grade ranking and scholarship. Therefore, Hanriks students will not slacken their elective courses.

Mechanical theory courses are very difficult, and if they are not engaged in related work or joining the army, ordinary students will not choose it. In the past, this course was quite unpopular.

Before the news of Lu Mian’s coming to teach spread, Gu Yang was planning to join the army, and his friend just saw it, so he signed up for him. Two hours ago, this course originally had half of the quota. The moment after Lu Mian appeared, the school system was paralyzed, and it is still being repaired.

Song Huai and Gu Yang came late, with only the last two seats left.

Those two of them were very close to the door, and there was a scoffing sound from the door.

Song Huai looked back, and a classmate poked his head in from outside the door and asked him, “Classmate, I’ll give you one thousand yuan, you give me your quota.”

“Classmate, I’ll give two thousand!”

“Classmate! Three thousand. I don’t need a quota, just this one class.

With a kick of Gu Yang’s long legs, the door was closed. He snorted, “Are we the ones who lack money?”

Song Huai felt both absurd and inexplicably excited. This was the first time that he truly felt Lu Mian’s popularity.

Thinking of this, his heart was even more turbulent .

The person chased by the crowd have become his partner .



Ten minutes before the class bell rang, the school asked the dean and security captain to clean up the students outside the classroom.

The person who took the ladder to climb the glass was a typical example who was caught .

“It’s a good thing that you love to study, but you can also look at other courses, such as my ideological and moral course, the world classics, you can use it when you go out to face the society in the future.” When the dean put the speaker off, the students instantly ran away without a trace.

The class time was getting closer, and the atmosphere in the classroom was also visibly anxious .

But except for a few classmates who couldn’t hold back their excitement and whispered, the whole classroom seemed serious as the class had already started .

Song Huai saw the poor student next door, who was even behind Gu Yang sitting on the back, with his back straight. He looked terribly nervous.

Song Huai met with Lu Mian yesterday, but he was also nervous at the moment.


Finally, as the class bell rang.

The breathing of the people in the class seemed to stop unanimously.

The next second, the side door of the classroom was pushed open.

A neatly dressed Lu Mian walked in from outside the door.

Lu Mian’s appearance is really excellent, and he immediately attracted everyone’s attention as soon as he walked in.

His figure is too tall, shoulders wide, legs long and thin waist, but he doesn’t appear to be too thin. He was wearing a tailor-made expensive suit, and every inch of fabric was ironed and fit to the body. Just looking at it, it seems that one can feel the power under the suit. The lines of Lu Mian’s front face are smooth, and the lines of his side face are firm and distinct. With a high nose, thin lips, and those peach eyes that should be sentimental but ruthless, one can’t pick out the slightest blemish in the facial features .

The most terrible thing is that Song Huai had never seen Lu Mian wearing glasses before, but today Lu Mian not only combed his forehead hair to the back of his head, but also wore a pair of vintage gold-rimmed glasses with a chain. One end of the chain went straight into the chest pocket of the suit.

Song Huai was excited and a little angry.

The excitement is that Lu Mian is too good-looking today!

He was pissed off that it was the first time Song Huai saw Lu Mian like this. And this time, he had to share this view with so many people present.

Lu Mian was holding a book in his hand, and the leather boots abruptly conveyed the texture of military boots. The moment he went to the podium, the momentum of the pre-war military parade came.

The students under the classroom trembled, suppressing the mood that was about to explode. They seemed to be soldiers being inspected by Lu Mian.

Gu Yang surreptitiously scrolled through the forum under the table. He grabbed Song Huai and placed the screen in front of Song Huai, “You see, everyone is serious now, in fact, they have already started screaming on the forum. ”

Song Huai reluctantly retracted his gaze from Lu Mian and glanced hurriedly.

Sure enough, Lu Mian’s wife fans have begun to appear on the forum.




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