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DWTFT Chapter 14

On the road to living together

Chapter14… on the road to living together


Swimming lesson the next day.

Everyone changed into their swimsuits, and only Song Huai was still wearing a school uniform, sitting on a stool.

Li Ziqing came over and asked him, “Aren’t you going into the water?”

Gu Yang hadn’t completely let go of his vigilance against Li Ziqing, and said in a bad tone, “A’Huai is afraid of water. Why do you ask with such care?” Song Huai was taken aback by the fierce Gu Yang. His eyelids twitched, and sneakily tugged Gu Yang’s swimming trunks. Gu Yang murmured twice, but he was no longer fierce to Li Ziqing .

Li Ziqing transferred from another school halfway through the year. He had asked for leave from the swimming teacher for a while, and has never taken a swimming class before. Li Ziqing really didn’t know that Song Huai was afraid of water.

Song Huai sat alone, watching the classmates jump into the water like dumplings under the urging of the teacher.

Some of the swimming styles are beautiful, like a fish in the water, and some are purely like a dog splashing water everywhere, and there was a heart-piercing background sound.

Song Huai was particularly envious when he saw it on the shore. Their mermaid clan was originally an amphibious creature, saying that they were afraid of water as a lie. But if he enters the water, the fish tail will be exposed and when that time comes, the identity of him being a mermaid will not be possible to hide.

Gu Yang crawled ashore panting like a dog, drenched all over, as if he had lost his life.

He collapsed under Song Huai’s feet, and it took a long time to catch his breath.

He got up and saw Song Huai’s eyes were staring in one direction. Not only Song Huai, but almost all the classmates in the class were staring at one place.

Gu Yang looked sideways and found that Li Ziqing was swimming in butterfly style in the center of his sight. Li Ziqing’s swimming style was beautiful and fast.

Gu Yang tried his best, but couldn’t feel jealous in his heart.

“I couldn’t tell, Li Ziqing can perform the butterfly style .”

“By the way  A’Huai, you said that you and Li Ziqing were at the same table. Can your water-fearing problem be corrected? There is a saying…what was it? Ah, those who are near Cinnabar are red, and those who are near ink are black.” 1Those who are near Cinnabar are red, and those who are near ink are black : If someone stays with good people, they will try to make themselves better.But if they stay with bad people ,they’ll also turn bad .

Song Huai: …

After coming out of the pool, many girls have already waited to hand over towels to Li Ziqing by the pool.

Li Ziqing passed through the crowd and ran to Song Huai. When Song Huai saw that his body was getting wet, he gave him the big towel beside him.

Li Ziqing said thank you, and talked to Song Huai while wiping the water.

The scene where the two were talking and laughing was watched by others, and they couldn’t help whispering.

“Didn’t the two of them have a bad relationship? Why did they suddenly become better?”

“Last time Li Ziqing just smashed Song Huai into the hospital. What kind of fun is this?” It happened that students from other classes also came to swim. During class in the library, when he heard the comments of Song Huai’s classmates, a male student patted Lu Chengze on the shoulder next to him and said, “Hey, Lu Chengze, look over there. Isn’t that the topper Li and your little tail?”

Hearing this little tail, a trace of displeasure flashed clearly in Lu Chengze’s eyes.

Song Huai’s entanglement with him has become a source of conversation for other students in the school.

Lu Chengze grew up with Song Huai and knew Song Huai very well. He was just a young master who grew up in a honeypot. He can’t be said to be bad, but he is very dull, small-minded and have many bad ideas. He always likes to do something stupid to attract his attention. Anyway, he just a pretty stupid vase.

When Li Ziqing transferred to their school this year, Lu Chengze received him as the senior. Most of the students in their school are native residents of Capital Star. People from other planets have backgrounds or rich families. Li Ziqing was born in the first Setan Star slum.

The so-called Setan Star is a famous garbage star in the empire. As the name suggests, most of the garbage stars are machines at the bottom of the empire.

He actually hated those people in the slums, but his family education forced him to maintain dignity and modesty in front of everyone. When he first met Li Ziqing, the other party aroused the appetite of Lu Chengze regardless of his appearance, figure, character or grades.

It’s a pity, it’s just a bug from the slums.

The surrounding discussion became more and more violent, and many people looked at Lu Chengze. Lu Chengze has always taking care of his good-face. At this moment, he couldn’t help it, so he had to walk to the two of them.

The classmates all left in groups, there are other courses to follow.

Song Huai and Li Ziqing walked side by side.

Suddenly, Song Huai was shouted at.

“Dudu.” Song Huai felt annoyed when he heard this sound.

But so many people were watching and there was Li Ziqing next to him. He could only bite the bullet, turn his head and smile at Lu Chengze: “Brother Chengze.”

Lu Chengze glanced over Li Ziqing’s body, then turned to Song Huai and said, “Dudu, I have something to say to you.”

Li Ziqing subconsciously pulled Song Huai. He had dealt with Lu Chengze several times, and he also heard many anecdotes about Lu Chengze from his classmates. But he doesn’t know why, Li Ziqing just feels that Lu Chengze is not as simple as it seems. What’s more, the man in front of him is still the culprit for whom Song Huai targeted him.

The moment Li Ziqing grabbed Song Huai, Song Huai was almost moved by the brother’s loyalty that they had quickly cultivated in a short period of time.

But who made him still to be labelled as Lu Chengze’s bootlicking dog ? It would be strange if he and Li Ziqing suddenly reconciled. If suddenly there was a 180-degree turn in his attitude towards Lu Chengze, he was afraid of being discovered that something was wrong. For example, the author suddenly discovers that his consciousness is awakened, and then it will not be good if he’s given a cannon fodder role to create a messy plot. After all, there are such plots in the dog-blood novels he has read. Besides, he was engaged to Lu Mian, and he was even going to live together soon. When the position of the admiral’s wife is confirmed, Lu Chengze will be his eldest nephew.

He didn’t want the relationship between nephew and aunt to be too stiff, and Song Huai didn’t want Lu Mian to be too embarrassed.

Thinking of this, Song Huai felt that he was really a calm person, and no one could swallow one’s own anger better than him. God knows, he has kicked Lu Chengze 10,000 times in his heart.

Song Huai took his arm back from Li Ziqing’s hand, “I’ll be back soon.”

Then, he ran behind Lu Chengze.

Lu Chengze watched this scene quite playfully, and cast a provocative look at Li Ziqing.

Watching this scene, Li Ziqing unconsciously clenched his fists.

“Brother Chengze, what are you going to tell me?”

They walked to the side entrance of the swimming pool. There were not as many people here as there, but there were still people passing by. Everyone who passed by laughed at the two of them, as if watching a good show.

Song Huai could understand that the surname Lu looked humble, but in fact he was very narcissistic in his bones. Though he keeps saying that Song Huai should not be entangled with him, only he knows how much he enjoys everyone’s comments about Song Huai.

“Dudu.” Lu Chengze looked serious, “I told you, I told you not to trouble Li Ziqing anymore. He and I are just ordinary classmates.”

Song Huai rolled his eyes in his heart. He said innocently, “I don’t have any troubles with him, Brother Chengze, I listen to you very much. Li Ziqing is now my tablemate, and we have reconciled.”

Lu Chengze obviously didn’t believe it, “Really?”

“Of course it is true .”

“Yes.” Song Huai said, “And I also know that you don’t like me. Whether you have Li Ziqing or not, you won’t like me.” When Song Huai said these words, his eyes kept watching the grass being weeded not far away. With the shovel that the worker left there, he really wanted to give Lu Chengze a melon in the head to make him clearer.

Song Huai was quite cute when he wasn’t messing around. In addition, his voice was soft, and it sounded a bit unwilling to feel wronged, and Lu Chengze’s attitude became softer.

“Dudu, I said these things for your own good. You should get along with your classmates in school in the future, do you know?”

“I know.”

I know you are playing tricks. But where are you so good at?

As soon as Lu Chengze left, Li Ziqing ran over.

“What did he say to you?”

Song Huai said indifferently, “Let me eat and drink then be healthy. I didn’t hear the rest, my ears hurt.”

Li Ziqing:…

Why did he feel that Song Huai didn’t like Lu Chengze as much as he had heard…?

When Song Huai and Li Ziqing went to the biology class together, Gu Yang, who had slipped from the swimming class on the way, also returned to the classroom.

The time between major classes is very long, and there are still fifteen minutes before class.

Suddenly, Song Huai heard chatting at the table next door across the corridor.

“Mermaid? Isn’t that the paleontology in the book? Where is this thing now?”

“Why not? Haven’t you heard of the Battle of Caster?”

“You mean the one commanded by Admiral Lu seven years ago?”

“Yes, I heard that when the Admiral attacked Caster Star, he was cheated by the mermaid clan. Legend has it that the mermaids are not like the fairy tales. They look ugly and have malicious scheming. When the Admiral and them arrived on Caster Star, a mermaid deliberately led the army to the Sea of ​​Death. They suffered a lot of damage, and even the Admiral almost died in it.”

Song Huai was surprised when he heard these rumors in the past. His eyelids drooped down. But now that he knew of his final ending in the original book, plus what his classmates mentioned, that Lu Mian was pitted by a mermaid who he didn’t know where he came from, Song Huai felt suffocated for a while.

Li Ziqing saw Song Huai’s pale face and asked with concern, “What’s wrong with you Song Huai?”

Song Huai said, “It’s nothing, I ate too much at noon.” Gu Yang looked at the time, “We all are going to have dinner And then there’s you who are still adamant on having lunch.”

Song Huai gave him a ruthless eye knife.

Li Ziqing also heard the topic being discussed at the next table, and suddenly cut in, “Mermaids are very cute things, not as scary as its rumored. If possible, I would like to raise one.” When he finished speaking, his gaze just retracted and fell on Song Huai.

Song Huai’s scalp became numb for a while, and his eyes were looking here and there with a guilty conscience.

When Li Ziqing first saw him, Song Huai wondered if the other party knew his true identity.

That afternoon, Song Huai carefully tested whether Li Ziqing knew anything, and then discovered that Li Ziqing simply thought that mermaids were cute. Song Huai found several stickers and mermaid-related small objects in his drawer and book.

Then Song Huai’s favorability towards Li Ziqing was increased even more.

Regarding Li Ziqing’s feeling that mermaids are cute creatures, Song Huai patted him on the shoulder very appreciatively: “Yes, you have a good vision.” That little appearance was as if he could fly to the sky.

“Oh right.” In class, Song Huai realized afterwards, “Why do you know so much about mermaids?”

In order to prevent the teacher from seeing them chatting, Song Huai put his face on the table, and his meaty face was covered by the tabletop. It was squeezed to become a bit deformed, his cheeks must feel good to poke…

Li Ziqing’s hands were itchy when he saw Song Huai’s small grape-black eyes. He also bent his body and when he was about to answer, a chalk was thrown from the podium.

The two of them were so frightened that they sat upright and did not dare to speak again.

When school was over, Gu Yang got up from his sea, ran to Song Huai and asked him, “A’ Huai, let’s go to eat skewers at night.” He glanced at Li Ziqing next to Song Huai, “You can take this guy with you…”

Li Ziqing smiled and said, ” Thank you, but I have to work part-time, so there’s not enough time.”

Song Huai refused and said, ” I also have something to do tonight, no time. But I’ll think about it next time.”


Without waiting for Gu Yang, Song Huai ran to the school gate in a hurry.

Usually, there is a driver at home to pick him up, but the driver had something at home some time ago, so Song Huai volunteered to take the bus back by himself.

But today, he doesn’t want to wait for the bus anymore. He and Lu Mian have made an appointment to move into the villa tonight. Song Huai was already impatient, so he stopped a taxi and got in.


Everything was sorted out last night. The strange thing is that Lu Mian didn’t show up, and the secretary was in charge of everything.

Father Song was dissatisfied, “Where is Lu Mian on this day?”

The secretary explained, “I’m sorry, Mr. Song. The admiral can’t get away because of something, so he specifically told me to do it for him.”

Mother Song cried for a long time while holding Song Huai. Her son was going to be married. She was reluctant but also happy, “The person surnamed Lu considers our family Dudu. I still think he is a good person after meeting last time— ” Song Huai grabbed his mother’s clothes and said, “Mom, don’t say that. Admiral Lu cares for me . It’s okay, he must really have something to do.”

“Mom, don’t be afraid. I won’t be bullied.”

Song Huai said with a smile, “I’m so smart, who can bully me.”


Lu Mian bought the house in Tianfu Garden, just between the Song family and the school. This way, it was very convenient for Song Huai for going to school or going home.

Song Huai has moved out of the house for the first time since he has grown up.

The houses in Tianfu Garden are all small single-family villas, decorated in European style. Some small flowers and grasses were planted in the yard.

Song Huai looked at this house and liked it very much. But at the same time, he was worried about the upcoming cohabitation with Lu Mian.

The secretary took the communicator and said to Song Huai, who was standing there, “Master Song, everything has been packed, you can go in. Some personal items that you have ordered have already been put in, so please organize yourself afterwards.”

Song Huai was a little uncomfortable with the elderly’s over respectful attitude towards him, “You don’t need to be so polite. Just call my name, or just call me Dudu like them.”

“Okay, madam.”

Song Huai’s face blushed.

The secretary thought he was embarrassed, and was considering whether he was too straightforward.

He saw that Song Huai’s eyes had lit up suddenly, then he twisted his arms around, half shy and half expectant, “Can you call me that again ?”

Secretary: …



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    Those who are near Cinnabar are red, and those who are near ink are black : If someone stays with good people, they will try to make themselves better.But if they stay with bad people ,they’ll also turn bad .
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