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DWTFT Chapter 15

How did you get in?

Chapter 15… How did you get in?


Song Huai looked around curiously, the three-story villa was not very big, and it was just right for two people to live in.


The secretary said, “Madam, your room is the second room on the left side of the second floor, and the admiral lives opposite you.”


Song Huai felt happy every time he heard this sentence, but he still remembered to be a little reserved.


He softly said to the secretary, “It’s fine if you secretly call me that in private. Don’t mention it in front of the admiral. I’m afraid he will be unhappy.”


“Okay, please rest assured, madam.”


Song Huai walked in. The sky blue colour in his room was not as matte and tender as his room in Song’s house, but the color was as beautiful as the blue sea.


The curtains and bed nets are all white, and the bed nets blow down from the ceiling, with dots of flowers embroidered on them. The styles are exquisite. Song Huai likes them very much.


He walked into the bathroom and found that the bathroom here was almost exactly the same as the Song’s. Most importantly, there was also a huge bathtub.


He didn’t know when Lu Mian had already figured out his preferences. He even paid attention to places like the bathroom.


Song Huai felt, for the first time, the thoughtfulness and care of a seemingly cold man.


Song Huai opened his box and packed everything out in the same way. Last time he bragged with Lu Mian, so he didn’t bring the big white bear.


He opened the cupboard and was pleasantly surprised to find that there was a panda doll in the cupboard.


Song Huai was so happy that he ran out and asked the secretary, “Who prepared these in the room?” The secretary said, “Oh, I prepared it. Does the madam not like it?”


Song Huai was suddenly a little discouraged when he heard that it was the secretary’s arrangement .


But he nodded to the secretary politely, “Thank you, I like it very much.”


After finishing things in the room, Song Huai walked out, and the secretary was already waiting outside.


“Let me show you around.”


There is a hall and kitchen on the first floor, as well as a small room for sundries. On the second floor, apart from the two master bedrooms, there are two second bedrooms, and there is also a study room dedicated to Lu Mian .


Song Huai’s curiosity was all attracted by a room at the end of the third floor. A thick iron door was added to the outside of the room, and he didn’t know what it was for. Song Huai seemed to hear some faint noise of the movements inside.


When Song Huai walked towards the door uncontrollably, the secretary stopped him, “Madam, you can go to all the places in the villa. But you can’t go there.”


“Why? What’s inside? “The secretary still has a professional smile on his face, but his attitude is very tough.


Song Huai then said, “Alright then, I don’t really want to know.”


Song Huai waited at home for a long time, but didn’t see Lu Mian. The secretary kept accompanying him in the lobby.


It was dark until after dinner, and Lu Mian still didn’t come back.


Song Huai went to class for a day today and came back to organize his things. He waited in the living room and fell asleep.


There was a noise from the upstairs, and then the secretary closed his book and stood up.


Lu Mian, who hadn’t appeared the whole evening, was standing on the stairs, looking at them condescendingly.


He was still wearing yesterday’s military uniform, his handsome face was pale as paper, and the messy hair on his forehead was more like being wet with water, sticking to his scalp.


Lu Mian glanced at Song Huai, who was already asleep, and took the small blanket on the sofa to cover him.


The two walked outside, and the secretary asked, “Admiral, should I call Doctor Zhou over?”


Lu Mian shook his head and refused, only asking, “Have you got the radio back?” The secretary said, “It encountered some problems, maybe it’s still stuck. It will take a day or two.”


Lu Mian heard the answer and closed his eyes. “Okay, there is nothing wrong here. You have worked hard today. Go back first.”


The secretary was worried, “But Master Song is here.”


Lu Mian opened his eyes. The pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes were bloodshot . When staring at the secretary, he looked like a ferocious beast, “I will lock myself up, and I will contact you as soon as I have something to do.






Song Huai was awakened by a sound.


The voice was faint, and it was not very clear .


He opened his eyes and realized that he didn’t know when he was carried into the room on the second floor.


Is it the secretary? He brought him up? Or Lu Mian?


Thinking of the next possibility, Song Huai jumped out of the bed barefoot. The secretary said that Lu Mian’s room was opposite him. He opened the door and looked out .


Song Huai saw that it was eleven o’clock in the evening. The time when Lu Mian returned the message to him last night was in the early morning, which means that Lu Mian might not be asleep yet.


Song Huai’s heart thumped, he adjusted his appearance and knocked on the door.


No one responded.


Knock again.


Still nothing happened.


It’s not right.


Song Huai was lying on the ground and saw light coming out of the gap.


Lu Mian was clearly inside, why didn’t he pay attention to him.


Song Huai continued to knock in. He did not have the two words ‘give up’ in his dictionary.


Suddenly, there was a bang. For an instant Song Huai thought he was knocking on the door. But when he listened carefully, there was a movement from inside.


Song Huai finally felt something was wrong. He patted the door and shouted, “Lu Mian! Lu Mian! Are you inside?”


He leaned his ear against the door, and the movement inside became louder and louder.


Song Huai remembered that the secretary told him that there was a spare key at home. He went to find the spare key for the room in the cabinet in the living room on the first floor. After trying each one, the door opened.


Before Song Huai had time to pull the key out, he was pulled in by a hand. The moment the key fell to the ground, the door slammed shut.


Song Huai was pushed hard against the door. His back hit the door panel and tears appeared in his eyes immediately because of the pain.


“You hurt me.”


The lamp in the room that had been turned on had been smashed by Lu Mian . There was a gap in the curtains. Only the moonlight came in, and the mess on the ground was vaguely visible.


Lu Mian panted with rough air pressure on Song Huai. The adult man who had been on the battlefield completely suppressed him in strength.


At this moment, Lu Mian was like a hungry wolf that was out of control. If Song Huai moved a little, he would show his fangs and bite on his throat, plundering his life.


Song Huai’s body was crushed, and his hands and legs were restrained. Anyone with dull senses could feel the danger of Lu Mian at this moment.


The atmosphere was tense, but Song Huai suddenly chuckled.


“Can you release your hand from my waist hahahahaha, I am ticklish.”


The boy’s laughter was crisp and sweet, with an indescribable magic.


Lu Mian recovered from the loss of control in an instant. He let go of his strength used to clamp Song Huai’s legs and feet. He staggered back two steps, and held the corner of the table with his hands, barely stabilizing.


He took a deep breath and forced his brain to stay awake from the severe pain. His voice was so hoarse that he was almost inaudible, “How did you come in?”


Song Huai said, “I opened the door and came in.”


Lu Mian: …


“Now you can go out.”


Song Huai thought indignantly. He was so worried about Lu Mian. He just entered the room and didn’t even get to sit somewhere. But he was already trying to drive him away!




Song Huai stretched out his hand to turn on the light. Lu Mian couldn’t stop him in time, and the light lit up the whole room.


Song Huai looked stupid at this moment. Just now, Lu Mian kept pressing him, and the room was dark, so he didn’t see clearly.


Song Huai looked at Lu Mian, who was pale and obviously looked wrong, “What’s the matter with you?”


The unbearable pain came up again, Lu Mian pinched himself severely, and shouted in a low voice, “Go!”


Song Huai looked anxiously, “I, I won’t leave.”


He took out the communicator and panicked. Fortunately, his head was still sober, “I’ll call Allen, and you will be fine soon.”


Song Huai called up and hurriedly explained the situation there.


When the phone was hung up, Song Huai turned around and suddenly there was no movement in the room.


The instinctive sense of crisis grabbed his senses in an instant, and Song Huai turned around and saw that Lu Mian was only a few steps away from him.


The sound of leather boots hitting the floor was powerful, and the man’s meticulous military uniform buttons opened, revealing the snow-white shirt and the looming collarbone inside. His sweaty hair was stuck to the back of his head at will. The dangerous eyes and the cold smile on the corners of his mouth broke Lu Mian’s usual abstinence. The whole person is contaminated with the evil spirits of both righteousness and evil.


Anyone who has heard the name Lu Mian knows that if you want to survive, you should run away at this time.


But Song Huai’s footsteps seemed to be frozen.


He watched Lu Mian approaching him for a moment, and his originally round apricot eyes stared wider as if he was afraid of missing something.


When Lu Mian’s body cast a shadow on him, Song Huai just looked up at him idiotically.


He covered his nose, but a line of nosebleeds still flowed down unsuspectingly.




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