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DWTFT Chapter 13.2

News cannot be withdrawn

Chapter 13… news cannot be withdrawn (Part 2)


He didn’t expect Lu Mian to come back suddenly.


Song Huai sat up abruptly, threw away the white bear in his hands and stood up, with his hands behind his back, he was so embarrassed that he wanted to dig a hole to hide in.


He saw that Lu Mian was looking at him, his face didn’t look good.


With a twitch of his head, he squeezed his throat, and laughed awkwardly: “I, I’m screaming.” Lu Mian let out an “um”.


Song Huai now has Lu Mian’s “Um” voice syndrome. He has a bitter face, his brows are clenched, and his tone changes from statement to rhetorical question, “I said I was practicing my voice skills, do you believe it?”


Lu Mian glanced at him. After passing the strawberry socks on Song Huai’s feet that were in harmony with the room, his eyes fell on Song Huai’s nervous and unlovable face, and the pain relieved just now suddenly disappeared by a lot.


Rarely, Lu Mian showed a slight smile.


Although the arc of that smile was really limited, Song Huai’s fisheye could still keenly notice it.


He also showed a smile.


The atmosphere suddenly became more relaxed. Song Huai walked up to Lu Mian and suddenly thought, “Well, that, what are you doing at my house today?”


Lu Mian’s words that had just come back to say goodbye were swallowed again, and he replied, “I came today to tell you that the villa used for marriage has been cleaned up. If you want, you can move in tomorrow.”


His eyes kept looking at Song Huai, and he silently speculated on Song Huai’s wishes.


Seeing the boy’s sudden stunned look, Lu Mian paused, and added,”If you don’t want to, I won’t force you.”


“I do!” Song Huai was too overwhelmed, lowered his head shyly, and acted reserved. He added, “I mean, I will consider it.”


Lu Mian nodded when he heard the answer.




“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!” As soon as Lu Mian left, Song Huai began to scream happily  in the room.


Grandpa Song was so scared that he went upstairs and knocked on the door: “What’s wrong with this kid?”


Liu Xiaomeng stopped: “Grandpa, ignore him, he’s just celebrating.”


That day, the Song family heard Song Huai’s non-stop screaming till dinner.


Grandpa Song became more panicked as he listened, “Xiaomeng, you go upstairs and take a look.”


Liu Xiaomeng bit her chopsticks, pretending to sigh deeply,”My brother is not going to stay here for long, grandpa, just let him scream, we won’t  have any chance to hear it later.


That evening,


Song Huai was so excited that he didn’t go downstairs to eat. He was full of anticipation. Song Huai waited until the clock on the wall reached seven o’clock.


By this time, the Lu family should have eaten dinner.


He used the communicator to edit a message to Lu Mian and sent it to him.


[ Dudududududu : I thought about it, I am willing to move over.] About ten seconds passed. He waited for the other party’s reply.


[lm: Hmm.] It was obviously the same “um” as during the day, but Song Huai felt that this “um” was extraordinarily different, which made him happy.


He was barefoot and lying on the bed. After a while, he thought of something.


Sweetly changed the remarks of [LM] to [My partner].


They are both engaged and will soon be living together. Isn’t Lu Mian his partner?


He looked at the words [My partner]  and then clicked on that  outrageously handsome portrait. It is obviously full of the realistic style of middle-aged men. Why does his partner look like a model ? Or the one with nine or ninety-eight layers of filters.


He thought the photos in military uniforms were already handsome enough, but he didn’t expect the real person to be even more gorgeous!


Song Huai’s vocabulary is way too poor to describe it! He is now full of young love!


He read all the chat records with Lu Mian over the past few days. Since the last time he added WeChat, Song Huai has always harassed the other person in different ways.


When he sees a delicious cake, he would take a picture and send it to Lu Mian, and add a shy sentence by the way.


【Does it look good? If you like it, I will make it for you next time.】


While listening to grandpa nagging that it will rain tomorrow, he’d immediately send a weather warning to Lu Mian.


【Tomorrow will be heavy rain, remember to bring an umbrella ^o^】


Lu Mian says very few words, and occasionally replies with a few sentences, all of which are [um] [OK] [thank you] such monotonous and boring words.


Song Huai felt frustrated sometimes, but when he saw the handsome face on the other person’s head, he’d lose all discontentment. Who made Lu Mian so good-looking?


Beauty is justified!


Song Huai put down the communicator and stepped on the blanket with his bare feet. He dragged out his small box from under the bed. Fortunately, the box was not pink but blue.


Song Huai glanced around.


Where do I start?


Song Huai, who had never moved house before, wanted to bring everything with him, and the box quickly filled up.


He packed two large suitcases, but there were still a lot of things that he couldn’t fit.


Song Huai was worried.


He retrieved the communicator from the bed and took several photos and edited the text.


【Dududududududu: There are so many things, I don’t know what to bring, you can help me see it.】


Song Huai just wanted to send it to Gu Yang, but when he sent the text, he suddenly came up with an idea.


He copied the text and sent it to Lu Mian.


[Dududududududu: There are so many things, I don’t know what to bring, you can help me see it. ] About ten minutes later, he estimated that Lu Mian should have seen the news.


At least Gu Yang, has already started to reply.


【Cool Domineering Yang Shao:? 】


【 Cool Domineering Yang Shao: What did you show me?】


【Cool Domineering Yang Shao: Where’s the photo? What about the video? Nothing.  What did you want me see?】


Song Huai didn’t answer after a minute. Gu Yang felt impatient, so he called in directly.


Song Huai answered the phone and lied casually, “I wanted to sort out the things I should take when I go out for this summer vacation. My mother just sorted it out for me, so I don’t need your help.” At this moment, he caught a glimpse of Lu Mian’s reply.


Song Huai hurriedly said, “Ah, my mother called me, so I will hang up.”


Song Huai hung up, clicked on the WeChat interface, and started to reply to Lu Mian.


【Dududududududu: Huh? Sorry, I made a mistake and could not withdraw it.】


The top of WeChat shows intermittently that the other party is typing…


【My partner: It’s okay.】


【My partner: You can also ask me.】


Song Huai saw the phrase simply switched to his phone camera.


He took a lot of photos and sent them in one go.





At this moment, the Lu family came to the military as a guest today.


Lu Mian, who accompanied them, was listening to their chat when suddenly there was the sound of a communicator in the room.


In the past, when they held meetings, the communicator was strictly forbidden. Everyone looked at each other, and then noticed that Lu Mian’s communicator was ringing.


Oh, that’s all right.


At first, everyone didn’t dare to look at Lu Mian blatantly, but this time the communicator was ringing too many times, and everyone at the scene surreptitiously looked at him.


Zhou Xueying reminded him, “Admiral.”


Lu Mian said with a serious expression, “Don’t worry about it.” Then he went out under the guise of going to the bathroom without sitting for five minutes.


Lu Mian’s pace was a bit faster than usual, he went into the bathroom and closed the door.

Standing in front of the sink, then turned on the communicator.


The number of messages in Song Huai’s small dialog box has soared up to 30.


Click to open.


【Dudududududu: picture.jpg】








【Dudududududu :picture.jpg]




【Dudududududu: I like this very much, but it’s too big to fit in the box, so you say if I should bring it.】


【Dudududududu: This cup was given by Gu Yang on my birthday. Although it is not very beautiful, I also want to take it away.】




It may be because he hadn’t received a reply for a long time, Song Huai sent another text.


【Dudududududu: Are you there? 】


【Dudududududu: Did I bother you? 】


【Dudududududu: Or I’ll figure out a solution by myself.】


Lu Mian found that there’s some childish juvenile air in Song Huai, he seems to have never ever run out of energy, sometimes behaved, sometimes he would seem like a vibrant small speaker. In some small things, he can always pour extra complications.





Song Huai, who couldn’t get Lu Mian’s reply for a long time, collapsed like a deflated balloon on the blanket, and among the piles of debris.


He glanced at the communicator every two seconds.


He felt aggrieved in his heart: Why didn’t Lu Mian reply to him?


Suddenly, the communicator rang.


It turned out to be an advertisement.


Song Huai kicked the bed twice angrily.


The communicator rang again.


Song Huai took a look with no hope, and when he saw that it was Lu Mian’s text, he sat up abruptly.


【My partner: I’m sorry, but I didn’t reply in time because of something that happened just now.】


So there was something.


Song Huai thought about it happily: He said that Lu Mian had said it for his reference. How could he deliberately not reply to the news?


【Dudududududu: It’s okay. Panda picks feet.jpg】


【My partner: the second, third, fifth…The twentieth family has prepared them, so you don’t need to bring them.】


【My partner: This cup, if you like it, bring it.】


【My partner: It doesn’t matter if it won’t fit in the box, Allen will deal with it.】


Song Huai obediently sent a reply.


【Dudududududu: Good.】


He moved inside the room as if gaining extra energy, but took account of being a nuisance at night, and didn’t scream like a groundhog.


Song Huai was sorting things excitedly, feeling that this pile of debris was pleasing to the eye.


After the simple tidying up, he washed and lay down on the bed, and went through the conversation with Lu Mian again.


Tonight, he and Lu Mian talked 18 sentences, and the sentences grew and became meaningful.


Compared with the previous modal particles or mechanical answers that had no soul or meaning, it was a qualitative leap!


When Song Huai was flipping through the texts, he suddenly found out: That’s it! Lu Mian sent him the last text tonight, but he didn’t reply!


Song Huai tossed almost till midnight.


At this point in time, Lu Mian should have rested.


He heard that the work and rest of the soldiers are very regular.


Song Huai struggled for a while, and finally replied in the dialog box.


【Dududududududu: Good night.】


He thought he would have to wait until the next morning to get a reply.


Half an hour after the message was sent, Song Huai had just fallen asleep, and a dialog box popped out on the phone he was holding.


【My partner : Good night.】




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