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DWTFT Chapter 13.1

News cannot be withdrawn

Chapter 13… news cannot be withdrawn (Part 1)


“Dudu is back.”


Just as Song Huai entered the door, he saw Mother Song winking at him.


He was wondering why his mother, who usually played mahjong outside, got home so early today.


Dad’s embarrassed voice came from inside the door again, “Dudu is back.” The strange enthusiasm of his parents today made him aware of something wrong.


When Mother Song’s eyelids were blinking and twitching, Song Huai poked his head in slightly and saw the man in dark green military uniform sitting on the sofa behind the Song family parents.


It just so happened that Lu Mian turned his head and their eyes met.


Song Huai blushed immediately.


His brain “buzzed”, how could Lu Mian be here?


Grandpa Song greeted him, “What are you doing there? Come and greet.”


Song Huai walked to Lu Mian with small steps.


Lu Mian stood up.


He was a head higher than Song Huai, and when Song Huai lowered his head, he only reached up to Lu Mian’s chest.


From this angle, he can just see a thin leather sash extending from Lu Mian’s shoulder to his waist. Several eye-catching medals are pinned to the sash.


A corset waist belt wrapped the thin waist, the legs under the military trousers, straight and slender, with the calf wrapped in leather military boots.


This was the first time Song Huai saw Lu Mian wearing a formal military uniform. It was-really-so cool!


The serious military uniform made him feel an irresistible sense of abstinence. Song Huai felt that he was going to suffocate with only a step of distance between them.


Song Huai looked at Lu Mian in a daze. Mother Song reminded him, “Dudu, say hello.”


Song Huai recovered and spoke softly, “Admiral, hello Admiral.”


Lu Mian nodded.


Grandpa Song joked, “Our family’s Dudu is shy hahahaha, Xiao Lu, this grandson of our family has been thick skinned since childhood. It’s rare to see him shy.”


Song Huai pouted unhappily and accused Grandpa Song with his eyes.


Grandpa Song laughed and said, “Okay, no jokes. I won’t say any more. Dudu, you’re getting married soon. Why do you still call him Admiral ?”


Song Huai asked, “If I don’t call him Admiral, what should I use?”


Father Song and mother Song looked at each other and smiled, “You can call him whatever you want.”


Song Huai realized what they meant.


His little ears turned pink.


Grandpa Song and Mother Song found a reason to walk away, leaving time for them both.


Song Huai secretly looked up at Lu Mian, feeling a little embarrassed. But he was the young master anyway, he whispered softly, “Well, that, I’ll take you to my room.”


After that, Song Huai repented again.


When Lu Mian came to his house for the first time, he took the initiative to take people to his room. Would it seem that he was particularly unreserved. What if Lu Mian thought he was a casual person?


He hurriedly explained, “I said last time, when you come to visit, I will take you to see my awards.” After that, he carefully observed Lu Mian’s face, “Will you?”


Song Huai’s eyes were bright. He walked in only a few moments ago, he didn’t have time to put down my schoolbag.


Lu Mian nodded lightly: “Okay.”


Song Huai became happy when the other party agreed to see his awards.


Song Huai led the way, and Lu Mian followed him up the stairs.


The Song family has a special room to store the trophies and medals Song Huai have won since childhood.


Pushing the door open, a wall of certificates came into view. A cabinet in the corner of the room was filled with trophies Song Huai had won over the years, and there was a glass cabinet for his medals and some award-winning handicrafts.


Song Huai wanted to show himself off in front of Lu Mian, and seeing the certificates and awards in this room, he felt confident.


He pointed to a certificate and began to explain: “When the school held a handicraft competition in kindergarten, I made a spinning windmill and won first place.” He raised his chin, his tone was very smug, “Look.” He pushed with his fingers, “It turns fast. A kid also made a small windmill back then, but mine turned faster than him, so I took first prize!”


“Also these little red flowers, the teacher gave them to children who actively answered questions in class. I took a full 521 when I was in kindergarten.”


“This trophy is for participating in the singing competition in my second grade in elementary school held by the TV station. Yes, the judges and teachers at the time always praised me for singing nicely, saying that they wanted me to be a small singer.”


“As for this, I took it in the chorus competition in the fifth grade.”


“This one, I took it in a solo competition in the sixth grade. ”



“You see, I didn’t lie to you, I sang really well, and I won a lot of awards!”


At this moment, Song Huai, like a proud little peacock who wanted to spread its feathers to attract the attention of the other party.


Lu Mian patiently watched him triumphantly introduce his house of honor, and he nodded in cooperation from time to time to affirm his achievements.


Song Huai turned his head once in a while, bumping into Lu Mian’s concentrated expression, and his heart would skip a beat.


He knew that the other party was just listening politely, but who could resist a focused and patient man? Song Huai couldn’t.


Besides, Lu Mian in military uniform, is really handsome .


It’s over, he will really have a nosebleed.


Song Huai held his nose and looked away, muttering a few words in his heart, telling himself not to be embarrassed by beauty.


In order to divert his attention, he took out a small gilded microphone, “This is the prize I won in the sixth grade solo singing competition , and I really liked it at the time!”


Song Huai’s stubborn nature was revealed, and he tweeted a lot.


Lu Mian listened carefully. Suddenly, he asked abruptly, “Then why don’t  you sing now?”


He didn’t know how this sentence hit Song Huai, he stopped talking as if the tape suddenly jammed. He showed a confused expression, and then changed the topic.


Lu Mian also skipped this topic cooperatively.


The introduction was almost done, and the two fell silent again.


Song Huai intertwined his fingers, “Next, I will show you to my room.”


Lu Mian did not nod or shake his head.


After getting along several times, Song Huai found out a little pattern in Lu Mian’s behaviour . If Lu Mian didn’t express his objection explicitly, it probably means that he tacitly agreed.


Song Huai’s room was the second to last in this corridor. When he was leading the way, he suddenly thought of his overly girly decoration, and he suddenly stopped. His whole person smothered silently.


Lu Mian watched him stop suddenly, and asked, “What’s wrong?”


Song Huai squeezed his fist, feeling that he was about to die, but he promised to take Lu Mian to see it, and he was almost at the door now. It’s already hard to turn back now. Also, it wouldn’t be good if Lu Mian thought that he was hiding something shameful in his room.


In order to give Lu Mian some psychological preparation, Song Huai said, “My room was decorated by my mother. You know, girls are more girlish.” As soon as the door was opened, the girlish decorations were revealed. The ceiling was pink. The walls, the curtains, and even the bed nets were pink.


The pink-white carpet was filled with various dolls, and the dried fish biscuits he had eaten last night were still on the table. Even the chairs have angel wings.


Song Huai blushed and explained, “These dolls were forced onto me by my cousin. The biscuits are leftovers from our cat. And this chair is–yes–” Song Huai couldn’t make anything up.


At this moment, he saw Lu Mian’s gaze staring in the direction of his bed. He walked along and saw a huge white bear lying on his bed. This looks like something Song Huai  usually hugs when sleeping.


Song Huai was extremely embarrassed. He complained, “Oh, my second cousin put up such a broken bear while I was not in my room. I must tell grandpa not to let my second cousin enter my room!” While throwing the bear plushie on the blanket pretending to be disgusted, the acting is close to the Oscar actor.


Lu Mian said “um”.


Song Huai was so embarrassed that he felt it was better to die.


He explained palely: “These things are really not mine, I don’t like them. Actually I am a man, you see, I still have muscles!”




Song Huai already wanted to cry.


“My mother thought it was a girl when she gave birth to me, so she renovated the room like this.” He asked cautiously, still feeling disgruntled, “Do you believe it?”


“Believe.” Lu Mian said.


Lu Mian said that he believed him, whether it was sincere or perfunctory, Song Huai was very happy.


At this moment, Lu Mian suddenly felt his chest tightening, his brain seemed to be strangled with a string, his face condensed because of pain.


“Sorry.” Lu Mian said, “I’ll go to the bathroom.”


Lu Mian walked out in a hurry, leaving Song Huai at a loss.


Lu Mian quickly walked across the corridor and went into the washroom he got a glimpse of when he went to Song Huai’s room earlier. The secretary who had been waiting at the top of the stairs saw him and hurriedly followed.


“Admiral, what’s the matter with you?”


When he went to the school to complete the formalities today, Lu Mian’s condition was obviously a little bad in the second half, and the secretary persuaded him to go home and rest. But Lu Mian said it didn’t matter, he had to come to the Song’s house.


Lu Mian locked the external door of the bathroom, and the secretary stood two steps away from him, looking at Lu Mian in the mirror, a trace of panic flashed in his eyes.


He had seen Lu Mian go crazy when he was in Pu Zhaoxing.


The secretary didn’t want to recall that scene again.


Lu Mian’s mental power was originally stronger than ordinary people. When he went crazy, no one could control him.


Lu Mian supported himself with his hands clenching on both ends of the sink, exposing the blue veins and knots on a section of his forearm outside his sleeves. He hung his head, his eyes closed tightly, his lips were white, bean-sized beads of sweat rolled in the sink, and the hair on his forehead was damp. He was enduring the pain with all his might to restrain himself from going crazy at this moment.


“Admiral. I’ll call a doctor for you now.”


“No need.” After a while, Lu Mian’s breathing finally calmed down.


He turned on the faucet and splashed water on his face with his palm to hide his embarrassment.


After a while, Lu Mian’s complexion returned to normal, but after a closer look, he could still see that his face was pale.


Lu Mian ordered,”Get the radio back as soon as possible.”


“Yes.” The secretary said worriedly, “Admiral, I just called Doctor Zhou to go home, you should go back soon.”


Lu Mian stopped in front of him.


His body was immersed in the shadows, and after a moment of silence, he said, “I’ll talk to Song Huai.” The secretary looked at the direction he was leaving, and a chuckle overflowing from the corner of his mouth broke the tension that had just been tight.


The admiral seemed to care more about Master Song than he thought.


In the room, Song Huai was sitting on the carpet and rubbing the face of the big white bear to vent his emotions.


Lu Mian just left him and ran away! Ran!


It’s a model of a contemporary scumbag!


At that time, Song Huai realized that Lu Mian wanted to use the bathroom, didn’t he have it in his room? Why go out! It must be because he disliked him, this pink room is not masculine at all!


Song Huai rolled over on the bed angrily, and hit the white bear’s fat face who slept with him every night. He was still ashamed and embarrassed in his heart, trying to find a way to get in.


He is such an idiot, he even brought Lu Mian to the room!


It’s alright now, he was completely disgusted by Lu Mian.


Song Huai felt more uncomfortable as he thought about it. He lay on the furry carpet, holding Xiaobai on his legs, and started screaming like a groundhog.


At this moment, the door that had not been closed was pushed open with a hum.


Their eyes locked onto each other.


Song Huai who was kicking his little feet in strawberry socks on the air and froze.


Song Huai: …




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