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ALIC Chapter 6.1

Lin Ziran looked at him and said, “Of course.”

Don’t think that this is nothing, even if it is for the plot later on, he still couldn’t face Zhao Mingze now. This is his friend! With the combat power of ten people, Zhao Mingze will only show his true colors at the end of the story. There was still time before their relationship was severed.

Zhao Mingze smiled when he got the answer he wanted, and then looked at Lin Ziran apologetically, “I will send you back.”

Of course he can’t! He didn’t return all night but if someone else sent him back, wouldn’t it be easy for someone to smell a rat?!

Lin Ziran flatly refused: “No, I can go back by myself.”

He ran away after talking.

When he went outside and turned on his phone, he saw a dozen missed calls from Wen Yu. This surprised Lin Ziran. What happened?! Is it the end of the world? Wen Yu actually made a dozen calls to him!

Lin Ziran called back immediately.

It was connected in less than a few seconds, and Wen Yu’s slightly tired and worried voice came, “Where did you go last night? By the time I rushed over, you were no longer in the hotel. I didn’t call you. I was very worried about you when no one answered.”

Lin Ziran:…

What’s the matter, little brother? Were you nervous because of this?

Wait, so Wen Yu didn’t stand him up yesterday, instead he was the one who stood the other person up? Did he get confused with the villain?

This realisation made Lin Ziran feel guilty. He has been waiting for the protagonist to cuckold him. Who knows before he waited, he first gave the protagonist a green hat. This is by no means a qualified and affectionate male partner!

No, it cannot be known.

This mistake must be buried!

“Lu Zhen? Are you listening?” Wen Yu’s voice came again.

Lin Ziran’s throat tightened, and he tried to say in a calm voice, “Yesterday, I thought you weren’t coming, so I went back by myself… The phone was muted during a meeting in the day, and I forgot to change it back. I didn’t hear your call, sorry.”

Wen Yu breathed a sigh of relief, then smiled and said, “It’s okay, I’ll come over to your house and see you.”

Wait, you still want to come to my house?! Lin Ziran, who was standing on the side of the road waiting for the bus, almost fainted, and hurriedly said, “No need!”

Wen Yu was a little confused: “What’s wrong?”

Just then a taxi arrived. Lin Ziran stopped the car while rolling his eyes and said, “I have a meeting in the morning, I’m leaving soon.”

Wen Yu calmed down.

Lin Ziran, fearing Wen Yu’s discomfort, quickly added: “Do you have time tomorrow night? I want to invite you to my house for dinner, okay?”

After a while, Wen Yu replied: “Okay.”

After hanging up the phone, Lin Ziran wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. It was too risky, he finally turned from passive to active mode! He had to quickly think about how to remedy it…

It didn’t take long to get home.

Lin Ziran opened the door sneakily. Very well, Lu Sui was not here! He quickly returned to his bedroom, took off his crumpled clothes, took a shower in the bathroom, and looked up to the mirror… Is Zhao Mingze a dog?

Lin Ziran looked at the tooth marks on his neck with a bitter expression, and changed into clean clothes. He carefully buttoned the top button of the shirt collar, which would cover it, and he was finally relieved.

Fortunately, he and Wen Yu are only innocently in love, otherwise these clothes would be useless.


Arriving at the company in a hurry, Lin Ziran sat in a daze in his office.

Although Wen Yu and Lu Zhen are in a romantic relationship, Wen Yu is also very busy. The two have been together for a long time but Wen Yu has almost never actively contacted Lu Zhen before, let alone call and care about each other like this.Scheduled appointments are often cancelled due to urgent issues… In this relationship, Lu Zhen has always been the one who took the initiative, but he rarely received a response from the other party.

So Lin Ziran never thought that Wen Yu would contact him the next day. Not only did he not stand him up, he was even concerned about his own affairs, and he promised to come to his house for dinner tomorrow night. None of this is a good sign!

What exactly did Lu Sui do yesterday? He leaked the information to him specifically, but he didn’t manage to deal with Wen Yu?

This younger brother might appear strong but truly weak on the inside. It was completely different from what he thought.

What happened to the overbearing president?

It can’t go on like this…As a qualified assistant, he should try to create opportunities for them.

A few more meetings might spark love?

Wasn’t it mentioned in the script? What Lu Sui likes to do most is to disrupt the situation when Lu Zhen and Wen Yu are dating, and to tease him. Lu Sui left Wen Yu in a dilemma but he was tempted, and he gradually realized that Lu Sui was the one who really moved his heart compared to the boring Lu Zhen. Thus, he gradually alienated Lu Zhen…

Thinking of this, Lin Ziran regained his fighting spirit!

He pondered for a moment, got up and headed to Lu Sui’s office. He took a deep breath, and pushed the door open.

Lu Sui was looking at the document, raised his head when he heard the sound, and quickly covered the sharp glint in his eyes, as he smiled at Lin Ziran: “Brother.”

It seems that he is really a good boy, very deceptive. If it were the original Lu Zhen, he would definitely be overjoyed at this regained brotherhood. How could he think that this bear kid came to create troubles?

Lin Ziran was as pleasant as ever. He said: “Tomorrow night, I’m having dinner with Wen Yu, so let’s go together.”

Lu Sui’s fingertip moved slightly. Yesterday he deliberately stalled Wen Yu to make it impossible for Wen Yu to reach on time, but Wen Yu still went. Was he too late to meet Lin Ziran?

He looked at Lin Ziran’s expectant eyes, and recalled what Wen Yu said yesterday. If Wen Yu comes over tomorrow and finds him, he doesn’t know how ugly his face will be? It’s really interesting…

Lu Sui responded happily, “Okay, I will go home on time.”

Lin Ziran nodded with relief. I hope you can do your part tomorrow night and show off your evil and arrogance spirit as the overbearing president. Don’t waste the opportunity I tried to create for you!


The so-called sudden plot refers to plots that appeared in the story that was logical to the plot. For example, in the script, the relationship between two people may only have tens of thousands of words and several important events are involved, but in fact, a few months have passed. Many things during this period are not included in the main story line provided by the script, but they are still very likely to happen in reality.
[t/n: still don’t get 突发剧情: sudden plot]

This is the time to test the player’s ability to adapt to change. Players need to make impromptu decisions in accordance with the plot. Through these subplots, they needed to advance the main plot, and this is also a difficult part of this game.

Now Lin Ziran is facing such a sudden plot.

Of course, it is impossible to launch another marriage proposal. His purpose is to create a chance for Wen Yu and Lu Sui to meet, so he deliberately invited them to his home.

The next night, Lin Ziran told Aunt Xu to cook the dishes that Wen Yu and Lu Sui liked early, and waited for the two to return home.

It was Lu Sui who arrived home first. He was actually quite busy recently. After all, Lin Ziran got him work every day, but today he took the time to go home early. It seems that he was looking forward to meeting Wen Yu, Lin Ziran happily thought.

Not long after Wen Yu came, Lin Ziran was excited. The protagonist entered the stage smoothly, and the scene could finally begin!

Wen Yu was delayed by an accident yesterday, and there was another traffic jam on the road, so when he arrived, Lin Ziran was no longer there. He felt a little guilty and wanted to see this person in his heart, so he agreed to Lin Ziran’s invitation without hesitation.

However, as soon as he entered the door, he saw Lu Sui wearing a smile but not quite a smile. He couldn’t help feeling a headache. He was about to ask Lin Ziran what was going on.

Lin Ziran suddenly smiled at him: “Lu Sui is also here, do you mind?”

Wen Yu:…

How can I say mind to this smiling face? Wen Yu sighed, smiled and nodded: “Of course I don’t mind.”

I know you don’t mind, you must be very excited now! Lin Ziran enthusiastically invited Wen Yu to sit down, and quietly glanced at Lu Sui on the side. He enthusiastically sat Wen Yu down and greeted Wen Yuhan.

Lin Ziran asked Wen Yu if he was busy.

Wen Yu said it was okay.

Lin Ziran asked him if he had any arrangements recently.

Wen Yu said he was uncertain.

Lin Ziran asked if he needed his help.

Wen Yu said not yet.

Because it was an extra scene, there was no plot or lines he could refer to. Lin Ziran acted cautiously, but fortunately, Wen Yu’s performance was normal. Lu Sui also kept quiet, focusing on playing with his mobile phone.

Soon after dinner, Lin Ziran naturally sat beside Wen Yu, and Lu Sui sat opposite Wen Yu.

Wen Yu ate slowly, with all his favorite dishes on the table.

Strictly speaking, he had not gone on dates with Lu Zhen many times, but Lu Zhen always remembers his preferences seriously. No matter when and where, as long as they were together, he will always prepare what he likes… But until now , He didn’t even know what Lu Zhen liked.

Wen Yu stared at the face of the man beside him, with a rare trace of guilt in his heart. He was accustomed to this kindness, accustomed to this consideration… but never thought of getting to know Lu Sui well.

But fortunately, it’s still too late to understand. Wen Yu recalled how they got along these days. This person was actually not perfect. He would be nervous, awkward, happy, sad… Just now he tried to find something to talk about, but he didn’t know what to… It’s a little cute.

He unconsciously looked forward to getting along with him more, wanting to see him more to make up for the time wasted before.

Lin Ziran was almost out of words, and he continued to work hard to find a new topic: “The crew of ‘Slaying the Immortal Record’ announced that you are the lead actor. When do you plan to enter the group this time?”

Wen Yu smiled, his eyes were soft but he hadn’t noticed: “You didn’t pay much attention to this before, why did you suddenly ask about this?”

Lin Ziran almost choked. He forgot that Lu Zhen is a busy president who doesn’t follow stars. “Ah, no, I have a friend who is a fan of yours… he told me.”

Wen Yu said meaningfully: “Oh… Since your friend likes me so much, let’s go out for a meal next time.”

Lin Ziran smiled dryly: “No, he is abroad.”

Wen Yu looked at him again, Lin Ziran was frightened, and then said lightly: “Forget it then.”

Although Wen Yu didn’t pursue it any more, Lin Ziran always felt that the other party seemed to have something to say. He must be overthinking! Hold on, don’t think about it!

Lu Sui raised his eyelids and gave them a playful look.

Your kindness and love is really dazzling, my dear brother. Do you like Wen Yu that much? But do you really know what kind of person he is? Do you think he loves you too? But this is not important, what is important is why you can be happy… You don’t even know what life I have been living these years.

You never really cared about me.

Lu Sui looked away casually and continued to play on his mobile phone.

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      Lin Ziran: *smiles warmly*
      Li Sui: why is my heart thumping so loudly? This is anger right? Right?

      1. Avatar Dewy says:

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