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ALIC Chapter 5.2


The beautiful man was curled up on the bed, his brows frowned slightly, but because he was very tired, he gradually fell asleep.

Zhao Mingze’s eyes were dark, he leaned over and kissed the corners of the opponent’s lips, slowly descending, and finally landed on the opponent’s apple, taking a punitive bite.

The man snorted.

Zhao Mingze held the man’s wrist and tightened it suddenly, took a deep breath, and slowly let go of his hand. He couldn’t bear to take it too much.

He pulled over the quilt to help Lin Ziran cover himself, then picked up the clothes scattered on the ground, and then suddenly he found a hard box in the other’s trouser pocket and took it out to see that there was a pair of platinum ring inside.

Zhao Mingze’s eyes suddenly turned gloomy, remembering what Lin Ziran said to him yesterday…So, you originally wanted to propose to Wen Yu, right? But Wen Yu did not come.

But even so, you love him so much, caring so much for him and willing to sink into the dust.


The corner of Zhao Mingze’s lips lifted in a sneer. He put the ring back into his pants pocket, and then threw the pants and ring together on the ground like trash.


A good night dream.

Lin Ziran rolled over and slowly opened his eyes. This house… why is it so strange…

He had a drink with Zhao Mingze last night, and then asked him to take himself home…

Wait, this is not his home!

Lin Ziran finally woke up and sat up abruptly, but his whole body ached, causing him to suck in a breath, then he lifted the quilt and took a look…Last night he did not have a spring dream, but it was really that!

[Lin Ziran: I am dirty.]

【system:? 】

[Lin Ziran: I am not clean anymore…]

[The system was somewhat guilty: I called you many times yesterday, but you were really drunk and ignored me at all.]

[Lin Ziran: What should I do? As a second male who loves the protagonist, even if the protagonist has been abused thousands of times, I have to treat the protagonist as one body and mind, and guard this body like jade! But now I was fucked by another man! I am already an impure male second, such a second male lead will be scolded by readers!]


After Lin Ziran finished speaking, he covered his face with his hands, and for a while he quietly opened his fingers to reveal a pair of eyes sneakily, as if he had done something ugly.

[Lin Ziran’s face reddened: Cough, this… speaking of it, does this game still provide this kind of experience? Isn’t that forbidden under 18…]

[The system was emotionless: you entered your identity id when you log in to the game, and you have verified it by comparing it with yourself. As an adult, when you log in to the game, you will not activate the youth protection mode, so you can experience the most authentic service experiences provided by the game. 】

Wow, is that so!

Suddenly feel more prickly-excited…

He thought of Zhao Mingze’s face again. No matter how he looked at it, he was not at a loss. This kind of top quality man is rare in reality. Even if you encounter it, you may not be able to get it. No wonder this game is so popular…

[Lin Ziran thought for a while, and felt that the system still couldn’t make the system misunderstand him: As a serious person, I never thought about experiencing this kind of service. Trust me!]

[System: Ha ha.]Do you know what it means to cover up?

Lin Ziran pondered for a moment, and finally began to think -why did Zhao Mingze want to sleep with him?

This is obviously a plot deviation. According to the original plot development, Zhao Mingze would not have such a relationship with Lu Zhen. What did he do wrong that caused Zhao Mingze to sleep with him? Could it be that it was so hard to show his affection, which caused this single dog villain to view him as unpleasant, and due to jealousy, can’t help but feel guilty…

Unexpectedly, you are such a villain, not only plotting against my company, but also coveting my body!

Lin Ziran pressed his forehead in distress.

At this time, there was a sound of the door opening. When he looked up, he saw Zhao Mingze walking in.

At this moment, Lin Ziran thought a lot. Since everything had already been done, he can only try his best to force the plot back. Fortunately, no one knows what happened last night except him and Zhao Mingze, so let’s treat it as a beautiful misunderstanding! After all, according to his personality, he is only good-willed.

Lin Ziran frowned, showing an annoyed look, and looked at Zhao Mingze coldly.

Zhao Mingze had changed his clothes, and his hair was pushed back casually, with a few strands of hair fell down, looking a little less rigorous, and a little more lazy and casual. He saw Lin Ziran’s expression, his eyes darkened, he seemed to be very guilty. His lips moved, and he muttered: “Sorry, I drank too much last night… it was all my fault.”

Oh, cunning! Last night, it was clear that two big men had sex after drinking. Everyone is responsible, but this guy did not hesitate to take the blame. Lu Zhen has always regarded him as a good friend. How could he be embarrassed to blame him again? Maybe he felt that he was at fault… He was even more embarrassed about having a relationship with a good friend.

Lin Ziran’s face was tense, and his expression was a little embarrassed. He pressed his lips tightly, and said one word for a long while: “I will pretend that yesterday’s thing did not happen.”

Zhao Mingze gave a wry smile.

Lin Ziran got up from the bed, picked up his clothes and put them on quickly. He straightened his collar, raised his eyes and said to Zhao Mingze: “I won’t tell anyone about this. I hope you can do the same.”

Zhao Mingze nodded silently and said: “Don’t worry, I won’t say anything.”

Lin Ziran felt a little relieved and walked away. It is better to get rid of this embarrassing situation soon…

Zhao Mingze suddenly called him when he turned around.

Lin Ziran turned his head and met Zhao Mingze’s implicitly apologetic eyes. The man’s voice was low and hoarse, and seemed a little uneasy. He said, “We are still friends, right?”

T/n: I really want to tell lin ziran to run from this scum QAQ

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  1. Avatar ThisHappyFujoshi says:

    We have been blessed with a double update! : D The characters’ relationships are becoming messier, and I find it confounding how Zhao Mingze was able to hold back his feelings for Lu Zhen, but then he did *that* with no consent at all D:

    Thank you for the update! ?

  2. Avatar Navleu says:

    They really went all the way!! Was Lin Ziran even conscious? Ugh. Well he remembers it, so he was, but still… Zhao Mingze is a Scum!

    Thanks for the chapter!

  3. Avatar Spica says:

    So they really did it?It was reallllyyy subtleeeee

  4. Avatar joey young says:

    did they really do it? or was it just the mc overthinking things??

    if they did do it why do i feel somewhat heartbroken i didnt get the papapa…

    my gosh im dirty sorry for existing…

    1. Avatar Vkun6 says:

      I liked this commet.
      I like this existence. Haha

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