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ALIC Chapter 6.2

Wen Yu gazed at Lin Ziran tenderly, remembering how they had been together in the past, and felt that he was not attentive enough before. In the future, he wanted to spend more time with this person. His phone suddenly vibrated.

Wen Yu ignored it. Who knew the message came one after another, maybe there was something urgent, Wen Yu lowered his head and took out his mobile phone to take a look, then his face changed suddenly.

Lin Ziran glanced at Wen Yu suspiciously. Seeing that his expression was very ugly, he quickly asked with concern, “What’s the matter?”

Wen Yu put down the phone, adjusted his expression quickly, and smiled: “Nothing.”

After he finished speaking, he raised his head and glanced over Lu Sui as if nothing had happened, this bastard!

Lu Sui smiled and continued to edit the text message.

Why didn’t you reply to my message, you clearly saw it.

It saddens me to see you pretend not to see it.

I said yesterday that I was serious about liking you. Would you not think about it? Or are you worried that I can’t satisfy you? Don’t worry, I won’t be worse than my brother in bed.

Or we can try. If you really don’t like it, I promise not to pester you again.

As long as we don’t say anything, my brother won’t know.

Wen Yu couldn’t bear it, and returned two words: shut up.

Lu Sui: Do you really want me to be silent? But I just can’t stay idle. You can’t control this mouth.

Lu Sui put down his phone, raised his eyebrows and smiled at Lin Ziran, and said, “Brother, guess who I saw yesterday?”

Lin Ziran looked at him with a confusion. Of course I know who you saw yesterday, but why are you asking me, shouldn’t you keep it secret?

Wen Yu’s face sank, his fingers on the phone’s fingers were pressed hard, his eyes turned ugly, and he sent out a word by word: What do you want?

Lu Sui glanced at the message, raised his lips, shrugged to Lin Ziran, and said, “I saw my former high school classmates. He recognized me at a glance and invited me to go out to play.”

Lin Ziran: “Oh…”

Wen Yu’s eyes relaxed slightly, and Lu Sui’s message came in again: See you in the garden after dinner.

Wen Yu sneered and slammed the phone down.

Lin Ziran was very at a loss at first, but later found out that the two of them were frequently looking at their mobile phones, and finally realized they were exchanging glances! Talking on the phone in front of me-How bold! Be creative, have better ideas, exciting!

Today’s meal was not eaten in vain.

Thinking that the protagonist Gong Sui finally had a sweet interaction because of his matchmaking, Lin Ziran was in a good mood and had a great appetite. He continued to be blind. In addition to chatting with Wen Yu, he was very caring about Lu Sui and asked him if he had any difficulties in work. He was very used to it. He was a good brother who loved his brother.

When Wen Yu saw this scene, it was clear that they were all his favorite dishes, and he was also surrounded by people he liked, but he had no appetite at all. But seeing Lin Ziran’s happy look, he could only force a smile and pretend there was nothing.

After the meal, Lu Sui took a deep look at Wen Yu and got up first and went out.

When Wen Yu saw Lu Sui leave, he and Lin Ziran were the only ones left. He pursed his lips tightly, and then stopped talking.

It seems that Lin Ziran really trusts and loves this younger brother. Even if he tells him something, he may not believe it. Even if he believed it, he will definitely be sad. If Lu Sui said something more, he was afraid that he will have trouble talking.

But Lu Sui was pressuring him. If this went on and Lin Ziran found out one day, even if he jumped into the Yellow River, he wouldn’t be able to wash himself clean.

Wen Yu furrowed his eyebrows, and was silent for a moment, before he said casually, “You brothers seem to have a good relationship, but why have you never mentioned having a younger brother before?”

Lin Ziran immediately cheered up when Wen Yu asked about Lu Sui! It seems that Wen Yu finally became interested in Lu Sui. This is a way of inquiring about Lu Sui in disguise. A good thing, good thing!

Lin Ziran quickly put on a guilty expression and smiled bitterly: “I must seem like a joke, because of some things in the past… Lu Sui has always blamed me and refused to go home all these years, so I didn’t want to talk about it.”

Wen Yu saw that when Lin Ziran talked about Lu Sui, his eyes were filled with helplessness, and his brows tightened. If he tells Lin Ziran about Lu Sui now, he will definitely be agitated. His brother was finally willing to go back but did such a thing behind his back…

He took a deep breath and swallowed the rest of the words down his throat. Forget it, he’d deal with Lu Sui first.

Wen Yu stood up and said, “I’m going to the bathroom.”

Lin Ziran cursed internally: why is the excuses you all use always about the bathroom? But he smiled decently: “Okay.”


Wen Yu did not go to the bathroom, but turned around and entered the back garden from the balcony.

Lu Sui leaned on the railings and smiled lazily at Wen Yu: “You’re here.”

Wen Yu’s face was as cold as frost. With his temperament, he rarely encountered things that made him angry in recent years, but this time he was very angry. He said to Lu Sui: “It seems that you didn’t listen to what I said to you last time.”

Lu Sui’s eyes jokingly: “What did you say? That you are my brother’s boyfriend, so I must keep my distance from you?”

Wen Yu said, “Just remember.”

Lu Sui didn’t care, he raised his eyebrows and smiled faintly: “You’re not married, and you haven’t even announced your relationship. Maybe you will break up eventually. Why can’t I like you?”

Wen Yu tried his best to suppress the anger in his heart, his tone sarcastic. “Like me? Do you think I will believe what you say?”

If Lu Sui really liked him and had never forgotten about him, how could he have not heard from him for so many years? He had clearly forgotten about himself, but he was entangled because he was Lu Zhen’s boyfriend. Although he didn’t know why Lu Sui was doing this, and what resentment he had with Lu Zhen back then, he would never believe something so absurd.

Looking at Lu Sui’s current behavior, he never had half an ounce of respect for himself. He said that he liked him, this was an insult to the word ‘like’.

Lu Sui raised his eyebrows, “I will make you believe it.”

Wen Yu didn’t have the slightest trace of warmth in his eyes. He smiled: “Okay, I believe you. But even if you really like me, I can’t like you.”

Lu Sui’s eyebrows were dark in the night, and his lips were curled.He chuckled: “It doesn’t matter, I’m patient enough to let you all know my true feelings…”

Wen Yu was finally angered, what is he going to do? Must he tell Lu Zhen about this bastard? He cared about you and trusted you so much, but you’re doing such things behind his back!

You are not worthy of Lu Zhen’s kindness!

Wen Yu took a step forward, firmly grasped Lu Sui by the collar, and pressed him heavily against the wall, with a cold voice: “I advise you to stop.”


Seeing Wen Yu leave, Lin Ziran knew that he must have had a tryst with Lu Sui, and the two had just made an appointment in front of him! It’s so good… They can even come up with such a scheme, but it’s not enough.

He wandered around the place, thinking that the two should have already met at this moment, and how intense sparks might be colliding, so he couldn’t help but smile.

[Lin Ziran: ‘See what happens’ GO! Dad is optimistic!!!]

[System: See what happens?]

[Lin Ziran: You don’t know that, “Well-known” is homophonic to “See what happens”, this is the name I gave to their cp, how about it, does it sound good?]
[t/n: ‘遂誉而安’ and ‘随遇而安 sounds the same in chinese with different intonation]

[Lin Ziran: Calm, self-sufficient, superstar, scumbag, and vengeful, overbearing president! A collision between a pair of scums, a sadistic-love relationship, don’t you think they are very interesting!]

Especially when attacking a man who likes his older brother, it can’t be any more dog-blooded. Lin Ziran was almost addicted to this pair. Although it didn’t go smoothly some time ago, he was patient. He finally saw this couple emitting sugar today.
[Dog-blood: homophonic to ‘bloody enough’ which means there is enough abuse]
[Emitting sugar: when a couple is very loving, they practically give out sweet/fluff/moe]

Thinking of this, he couldn’t wait to see what they are doing now…

[System: I suggest you don’t go.]

You didn’t show the live broadcast to me, and now you tell me not to go, Lin Ziran snorted disapprovingly. He regretted not seeing it the last time.

Lin Ziran thought about it for a long time, and finally, his curiosity defeated reason. He walked back…

Just be cautious and take a peek, it shouldn’t matter!

Wait, where are they now?

Lin Ziran walked forward absent-mindedly, he faintly heard a sound that seemed to be coming from outside the corridor. He walked over and saw that Lu Sui’s collar was pressed against the wall by Wen Yu!

Damn, so exciting! Lin Ziran took a breath excitedly, and was about to find a concealed corner suitable for eating melons, when they turned their heads to look at him.
[Eating melon: To spectate]

Lin Ziran:…

[System: I told you not to go.]

Lin Ziran stood there innocently.

He slowly shifted his gaze from Lu Sui’s face to Wen Yu’s face, showing a very confused expression, and asked, “Didn’t you say you were going to the bathroom?”

T/n: Lin Ziran: Dumbfounded.jpg

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  1. Navleu says:

    He surprised them in the act!!! Well, it looks like it, at least.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Reading novel says:

    I really like such novels where mc go around making harem without his knowledge!!
    Wen yu looks a good person tho but our spectacle ml is definitely an eye candy which make me difficult to choose between them

  3. Silver Seikyoku says:

    I just imagine their heads snapping immediately toward him like automatic robots. ???

    It’s so scary!!

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