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ALIC Chapter 31.1

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Xuan Yan pointed at Lin Ziran’s throat and his hand trembled slightly, as if a fierce battle was being fought inside his body. His forehead throbbed violently and his cold fingertips were like a knife. Against Lin Ziran’s neck, it left a light red mark…

The demon’s face looked very ugly when he saw it, Xuan Yan’s power was still stronger… His eyes were cloudy and uncertain and his voice was gloomy, “You won’t do it.”

Xuan Yan’s voice did not have the slightest temperature and his eyes were cold and deep: “I don’t want to hurt innocent people, but if you insist on doing this, I can only send him on so as to not be humiliated by you.”

The inner demon knew that this person was cold-hearted and did not dare to bet Lin Ziran’s life. Finally, he gave in and said angrily: “I won’t do it!”

Xuan Yan is the real master of this body. If he is determined to kill, he really can’t stop him…

Feeling the demon’s retreat, Xuan Yan completely snatched control of his body and said coldly: “You better remember what you said, if there is another next time, I will kill him first, so that you will also have no obsession. It’s easier for me to refine you.”

You— the inner demon was furious.

Xuan Yan raised his eyes slightly. It seemed that this was the weakness of his inner demon. He faintly warned: “Control yourself, otherwise, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

There was no sound in his ears this time.

The inner demon probably lost a lot, so he wouldn’t show up for the time being.

Xuan Yan let out a sigh of relief, got up and was about to leave, but his eyes fell on the boy on the bed and he paused for a while.

The boy’s clothes were untied and his hair scattered on the bed. His face was slightly red and there were traces of him being ravaged on his lips… he was afraid that he would find something wrong when he woke up.

Xuan Yan frowned slightly, he hesitated for a moment and finally stepped forward and gently picked up the boy.

The young man lay softly in his arms, his eyes closed in deep sleep, but it was inexplicably pitiful… Xuan Yan raised his hand intently and his slender fingers swept across the red marks on the young man’s body. The red marks disappeared quickly, as if nothing had happened.

He helped the boy pull back his clothes and carefully fastened his belt. Then he gently put him on the bed again. When he picked up the quilt and was about to cover the boy, his eyes fell on the corner of the bed. .

There was a piece of white jade pendant.

It must have been accidentally dropped when the inner demon tore open his clothes just now…

Xuan Yan picked it up and gently rubbed his fingers across the warm surface of the jade pendant, his eyes dark and inexplicable.

The heart demon cried out unwillingly again.

He went back! He never left me!

Otherwise he wouldn’t have my jade pendant!

Xuan Yan’s eyes were cold and he put the jade pendant back, stood up and said, “This doesn’t mean anything…”

The inner demon’s voice was sharp.

Do you really not understand or pretend to not understand? This shows that he didn’t lie to me, at least he went back to collect my corpse for me…

He has me in his heart!

Xuan Yan’s face sank. He snorted coldly and waved his sleeves.

Suddenly, he appeared in the Saint Profound Hall.

He entered the hall slowly and the door of the hall slowly closed behind him.

Xuan Yan meditated cross-legged. Closing his eyes, he used his skills to suppress the voice in his ears and frowned… Why did the demon suddenly become so powerful?

Today, it was just a moment of relaxation in the process of cultivation and he was taken advantage of by this demon who temporarily controlled his body. This was something that has never happened before…

Why? Is it because of the so-called love?

Thinking of obtaining his obsession made the demons so powerful…

It was completely beyond his expectation.

At this moment, Xuan Yan really had the thought of ​​killing Lin Ziran. If Lin Ziran weren’t there, then how could this demon’s obsession be triggered? But…

If he kills the innocent indiscriminately in order to refine his inner demons, what is the difference between him and real demons? When the time comes, he was afraid that his Dao’s heart will be unstable and it will be real desperation that Xuan Yan feels for the first time.

Lin Ziran is just a little liar…

The short-lived days of getting along was just a passing moment in his long life.

What qualifications did he have to make him waver?

Xuan Yan’s eyes were slightly cold, he would not lose to a mere heart demon.


Lin Ziran rubbed his eyes in a dazed manner. He slept very deeply, but seemed to have a very fragrant dream…

Ahhhhhhhhh, he shouldn’t be so hungry and thirsty!

Why did he have such a dream? Lin Ziran patted his face. He felt a little hungry and was about to get up to get something to eat. At a glance, he saw his jade pendant casually tossed by the bed.

Huh? Didn’t he usually wear it next to his body? Could it be that he didn’t sleep honestly today?

He didn’t think much, picked up the jade pendant and went to the mountain.

Time flies.

Lin Ziran was usually alone or leisurely stealing food with Zhou Yue and then occasionally chatting with Mu Yang.

Now, as a disciple of Xuan Yan, Mu Yang was well respected in the Holy Palace. Even the elders were polite when they met him. Although he was a waste that cannot be cultivated, he was covered by Mu Yang. His life was smooth-sailing.

But occasionally Lin Ziran would also reflect, as an affectionate second male lead, how can he always let the Xiao shou take care of him?

Lin Ziran counted. The day they go down the mountain should be coming soon.

Although the Chiyan Immortal Realm had been calm and peaceful these years, the Demon Realm has already infiltrated quietly.

The incarnation of Ye Liuyin had already infiltrated the Chiyan Immortal Realm, not only leaving his bloodline Li Ye, but also secretly expanding his power. Over the years, there have been more and more demonic cultivators in the Chiyan Immortal Realm.

The inside is actually far less calm than the surface.

Although the cultivation of demons is prohibited in the Chiyan Immortal Realm, human beings are always vulnerable to the fascination of power and desire. That is indeed faster to cultivate than the orthodox Dao method, so there were many people who have been deceived and went into the Demon Dao…

It’s just that now they are hidden and dormant and have not attracted people’s attention.

Soon, Mu Yang will lead the mission to go down the mountain to eliminate the demon cultivators in a small town. He thought it was just a trivial matter, who knew that he encountered a fatal danger. What was hidden there was not an ordinary demon cultivator, but someone from the demon world. The demon commander who was tasked to kill the disciples of the Holy Palace and almost destroyed the whole army of Mu Yang and the others!

Li Ye stepped forward at the critical juncture and saved them by exposing his abilities.

Soon, he will have a chance to save the damsel in distress!

At the same time, this incident is also an important turning point in Li Ye’s fate…

Thinking of Li Ye’s future fate, Lin Ziran sighed quietly.


A stream of light flashed and the white-clothed youth came with an imperial sword and landed on the holy mountain.

Mu Yang waved his hand and the Di Chen Sword fell into his hand obediently. After a period of incubation, the exercises Xuan Yan taught him had reached the third level and flying a sword was not a problem. The Di Chen sword had become more and more intimate with him. Although he still can’t use its true power, he was already very satisfied. After all, he has only been a disciple for a few months…

If other people saw Mu Yang’s cultivation speed, their eyes would fall from envy of this peerless genius.

Mu Yang walked slowly through the holy mountain.

He remembered that when he came here last time, he didn’t even know the most basic swords. He was very worn out from being chased by a bald eagle, but this time, it was completely different. The spirit beasts were all consciously avoiding him.

The spirit beasts can feel the breath of the Di Chen sword.

Although Mu Yang didn’t look very powerful, there was no spirit beast willing to provoke him.

Mu Yang was able to appear here because he was Xuan Yan’s disciple.

For others, this holy mountain only opened once in hundreds of thousands of years and it was a great opportunity to be able to enter once, but for Xuan Yan, this was actually just Xuan Yan’s back garden.

The Shengxuan Hall is located above the holy mountain, so as long as Mu Yang leaves the Shengxuan Hall, it is the holy mountain and no one else has the jurisdiction to come and go freely.

There are countless treasures in the holy mountain. While holding the classics from the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion, Mu Yang looked for spirit fruits here and he found some precious spirit fruits suitable for improving physical abilities. These spirit fruits were rare outside. Just one can cause many practitioners to fight for it, but it was everywhere here…

Xuan Yan refused to help Lin Ziran, so Mu Yang had to find a way by himself…

He picked a few spirit fruits and then came to the sword tomb. The divine tools all over the floor were obedient, but Lin Ziran couldn’t use these things. Mu Yang searched for a long time before he found a high-level spiritual weapon that could protect the body without needing spiritual stimulation. It was a ring made of gray-black metal.

After finding these, he went directly to Baojiang Peak to find Lin Ziran.

In the Shengxuan Hall above a hundred miles.

Xuan Yan saw all this in his eyes, but did not stop it and then closed his eyes and continued to cultivate.

The inner demon began to chatter again and he couldn’t help being jealous when he saw Mu Yang going to see Lin Ziran.

This person takes my things and steals my people. I will kill him sooner or later!

Xuan Yan curled her lips, her voice calmly: “Didn’t you already try it?”

The heart demon remembered the last time he wanted to kill Mu Yang but was prevented by the Di Chen Sword and became angry.

Did you already foresee it? So you deliberately gave your natal artifact to that kid, just to protect him! Well, you are so generous even to your rivals…

Xuan Yan’s expression was indifferent: “He is my apprentice, not my rival in love.”

Oh, don’t be stubborn, you really don’t like Li Ye at all? Don’t like how you helped him get dressed last time…

I will never allow Mu Yang to steal Li Ye!

Why don’t you be honest with yourself?

A dignified god is not as good as a young boy, you can’t even recognize his own feelings. It’s simply a travesty in the world. No wonder you have a heart demon. Jijijiji…

Actually I am you… I am the desire in your heart, you think you can get rid of me, but I am always there, hahahaha…

Xuan Yan’s eyes were cold, sharp and impatient. So what if this demon is clamoring all day and night? After all, it is nothing more than a demon and sooner or later, he will refine it…

He spoke lightly: “You are not me, don’t pretend to know my thoughts.”

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