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ALIC Chapter 30.2

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Most of the time it’s Mu Yang speaking. Li Ye is a taciturn person, so Lin Ziran had to remember not to talk too much. Every time he can’t help but want to speak, he will silently recite to himself that you are a cold and aloof demon. You are a cold and aloof demon. You are a cold and aloof demon…

Such constant hypnotism of himself was as if he really were a cold demon!

[Lin Ziran: It’s really not easy for me to be able to speak only three sentences in three hours.]


[Lin Ziran: Okay, uh, oh. I feel that it is enough to say these three sentences…]

[System:…] It’s hard for this player.

[Lin Ziran: Would you like to chat with me?]


“Ah Ye.” Mu Yang blinked and said, “I plan to go back tomorrow, I will rest with you tonight.”

Lin Ziran recovered and said quickly: “Okay, I will clean your room for you.”

Mu Yang seemed to struggle for a while, then turned slightly uncomfortable. “It’s just a night. We can sleep together and continue chatting.”

What? You still have things to say? Haven’t you said enough?

Wait… Is that the point? ! The point is that it’s inappropriate for us to sleep together, I won’t sleep well!

Lin Ziran sternly refused. He didn’t want to be embarrassed like last time! He said in an embarrassing tone: “My bed is too small, I’m afraid it’s a bit crowded for two people, I’m worried you will be uncomfortable…”

Mu Yang didn’t care, his eyes were bright as he smiled: “It’s okay for me. It’s decided.”

Lin Ziran: “…”

Mu Yang made the final decision, what else can he say as a humble dog licker? Of course it is to gratefully agree!

Lin Ziran: QAQ

The two people squeezed on a small wooden bed, which was much narrower than the bed in the inn last time. Lin Ziran was close to Mu Yang’s body, and his clothes could not block the heat from each other, which made him extremely uncomfortable.

We are just good brothers…

Hey, forget it. Treat it as a sleepless night tonight and wait for Mu Yang to leave tomorrow to make up for it.

This time, he definitely can’t fall asleep again, otherwise something like the beast-and-bird thing may happen in his dreams!

Mu Yang was close to Lin Ziran, feeling a little nervous in his heart, but this time he was prepared and had learned to control his breath, so it seemed quite normal, but if you look closely, you will find that the roots of his ears were slightly red…

Although it was a sudden thought, he did not regret it. He wanted to get closer to this person…

With this person lying beside him, listening to his quiet breathing made his heartbeat sped up slightly…

Mu Yang tried to make himself seem calm, but in fact his body was very stiff. He and Lin Ziran talked for a while, then closed their eyes and went to sleep.

Lin Ziran thought that Mu Yang finally fell asleep, but he did not dare to sleep, so he kept his eyes open, and every time he felt sleepy, he pinched himself severely. His eyes were bloodshot all night…He quietly looked sideways. Looking at Mu Yang, tears almost filled his eyes. You really made things difficult for me, little ancestor.

Mu Yang was actually pretending to be sleeping… He thought that Lin Ziran would still hug him like last time, but this time Lin Ziran was motionless and the whole night passed quietly without any movement.

What’s going on…

Mu Yang wanted to open his eyes and take a look, but he was afraid of being discovered by Lin Ziran…

The two were in a stalemate like this.

The result was that when they woke up the next day, no one slept well and they both looked listless.

Mu Yang’s face was hot, and his voice was low: “Well, I’m going back to the Saint Profound Hall, I will see you next time.”

Lin Ziran was almost unable to hold back, he was really sleepy! Looking at him with a complicated expression, he said: “Okay.”


Daddy, I want to make up for my sleep!

Mu Yang turned around and left.

Lin Ziran returned to his room and lay face down directly on the bed. This night was more difficult than acting a hundred different plays!

He wants to sleep!

Today, he won’t be surnamed Lin if he doesn’t sleep!


Mu Yang left Baojiang Peak and returned to the Saint Profound Hall.

As a cultivator, staying up all night was  nothing. The reason why hr look a little tired is more likely to be due to his nervousness…

It’s a pity that Lin Ziran didn’t get close to him all night, which made Mu Yang’s  a little depressed and also a little empty…Lin Ziran shouldn’t have noticed his intentions, right?

Mu Yang was about to go straight back, but hesitated when passing by the main hall.

He couldn’t do anything about Lin Ziran’s physique, but his master is so strong, he might be able to? Maybe it is not difficult for him to change his fate…

But if he troubled his Master for this kind of thing, will his Master be angry?

Mu Yang struggled fiercely in his heart, and finally decided to ask. At least if he tried and his master refused, he would think of another way.

He respectfully went to the main hall. “Master, I want to ask you for a favor.”

After a long while, a voice came from inside: “What’s the matter?”

Mu Yang hurriedly said: “I have a friend who has a special physique and is naturally unable to cultivate, so I would like to ask Master for help to see if there is a way to help him improve his physique.”

“Everyone has his own life. Don’t force it. Leave.”

Having received such an answer, although not surprising, he still showed a disappointed look…

Also, how long has it been since they had become master and disciple, yet he took the liberty to make such a request. It was pretty good that the Master didn’t scold him.

Mu Yang left with a silent expression.

Xuan Yan was sitting in the main hall. Because he was isolated by the heavy door, Mu Yang didn’t realize that there was something wrong with him…

On that handsome face, a look of pain and distortion appeared at this moment.

Xuan Yan firmly grasped the beads on his wrist.

It flashed a dazzling light, but this time he could not suppress the voice…

The voice screamed in his ears, piercing like a knife scraping through bones…

You see, they are even sharing the same bed! Damn it, I’m going to kill that stinky boy Mu Yang!

Li Ye can only be mine, no one but me can touch him!

Xuan Yan took a deep breath, and slowly said, “Nothing happened between them.”

But the voice refused to let it go.

It didn’t happen this time, what about next time? Mu Yang’s thoughts are obvious!

I will not allow him to steal Li Ye!

Li Ye can only be mine!

The voice paused and became bewitching again.

Otherwise, why don’t you simply swallow Mu Yang, so that the one Li Ye likes will be you?

Xuan Yan frowned tightly and said coldly: “He won’t be yours, I won’t allow you to do that.”

Ha ha ha, let’s wait and see!

Xuan Yan closed his eyes forcefully. This demon was too noisy. Ever since he watched Mu Yang and Lin Ziran get along, they had been arguing all this time, making him unable to stop for a moment, and now he had a splitting headache.

He took a deep breath, concentrated and tried to suppress the demons again.


An hour later.

Xuan Yan still maintained the same posture with his eyes closed. His long black hair casually draped behind him.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes gently.

The eyes that were originally dark as an abyss now turned into a weird dark gold.

The corners of his lips rose slightly, hooking into a sneer. He got up and walked out of the main hall.

Suddenly, he appeared outside Mu Yang’s room.

The Di Chen Sword felt his breath and appeared outside the room. Suddenly, the tip of the sword pointed at ‘Xuan Yan’, making a terrifying buzzing sound!

‘Xuan Yan’ looked at the Di chen Sword and sneered: “Heh, you old thing are so thoughtful. You even gave Mu Yang your natal artifact a long time ago.”

Although he temporarily controlled this body, he might not be able to persist for a long time. The Di Chen Sword prevented him from killing Mu Yang swiftly.

Forget it.

He turned and left without hesitation, and in the next moment, he appeared in the west courtyard of Baojiang Peak.

That’s right, this is not Xuan Yan, but the demon controlling his body!

The heart demon finally took advantage of Xuan Yan’s unpreparedness to find a gap, and temporarily controlled Xuan Yan’s body. He wanted to kill Mu Yang first and then come to see Lin Ziran, but Mu Yang was protected by the Di Chen sword, so he had to give up this idea temporarily…

For him, Lin Ziran is more important.

He gently opened the door and saw the boy lying on the bed.

The young man slept very heavily because he was tired, only his chest was slightly undulating as he breathed evenly.

The heart demon slowly approached, bending down to stare at the young man’s face, the look in the dark golden pupils was gloomy. This was the person he was thinking of. At that time, he couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, couldn’t see, only his ears could hear the boy’s voice…

He stayed by his side, speaking to him and giving him food.

He is his world…

He is so dirty and ugly that even beggars are unwilling to take care of him, but this young man never disdained him.

A look of paranoia and desire appeared in his eyes. He seemed to hesitate, and finally slowly lowered his head and kissed the soft lips of the young man.

This taste is so wonderful, like a hook, attracting all the ugly desires in his heart!

He can no longer be suppressed.

He is a demon, and will get whatever he wants, at any cost.

He wanted to have this person right now!

This is his deepest obsession at the moment of his death.

The heart demon took the boy into his arms, pulled open his belt with one hand, and greedily kissed his lips, eyes, nose…

He didn’t let go of a single inch, wishing to absorb him into his own body.

The young man was probably disturbed by his actions. He frowned impatiently, eyelashes trembling slightly, as if he was about to wake up. The heart demon put his finger to the center of his eyebrows, and the young man fell asleep again, laying motionless in his arms.

The demon lowered his head again…

In the simple and crude room.

The disheveled boy was held by a handsome man with white clothes and dark hair…


Time slowly passed and as they were about to reach the last step…

‘Xuan Yan’ suddenly moved. One of his eyes was still dark gold while the other was covered in black, half of his face showed an extremely angry look. He opened his mouth and let out a suppressed cry: “Stop!”

Although Xuan Yan’s body was controlled, his consciousness was sober. He was so anxious seeing that he was about to make a big mistake. Just then, he finally obtained a part of his body control!

The other half of Xuan Yan’s face was mocking, “I refuse. What can you do to me?”

He looked like he was talking to himself, strange.

Saying this, ‘Xuan Yan’ bent over again and was about to touch the boy on the bed… When he was about to touch him, his face changed suddenly. His right hand grew uncontrollable and pointed into a sword, aiming straight at Lin Ziran’s throat!

His expression twisted as he slowly opened his mouth and said in an extremely cold voice: “If you continue, I will kill him!”

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