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ALIC Chapter 31.2

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Mu Yang came to find Lin Ziran again.

Because of the gains today, Mu Yang seemed to be in a good mood. He opened the door happily and told Lin Ziran, “Look what I brought you!”

Mu Yang was always bringing him stuff and Lin Ziran was already used to it. “What is it?”

Mu Yang took out a golden yellow translucent fruit and handed it to him excitedly: “I checked the classics, this is the legendary golden leaf fruit, it is said that it can wash the bones and replace the marrow!”

Looking at the transparent fruit, Lin Ziran calmly accepted it and even began to wonder whether it tasted good or not.

He had eaten a lot of treasures recently. He didn’t know if his physique had improved, but it’s quite delicious. It’s true that the spirit fruit in this holy mountain cannot be compared to the small-fry fruits from the back mountain.

Seeing that Lin Ziran accepted the fruit, Mu Yang immediately took out a black ring and handed it to Lin Ziran, “I have checked this ring. It is a very good protection treasure. It does not require spiritual stimulation. It’s best if you wear it.”

Lin Ziran looked at the ring and took it calmly. Fortunately, the little angel didn’t know what it meant to give the ring, otherwise it would be a bit embarrassing…

Lin Ziran said seriously: “Thank you.”

Mu Yang gave out all the gifts and the two chatted for a while. Zhou Yue just came over when Mu Yang was about to leave.

Zhou Yue saw Mu Yang smiled and said, “Mu Yang is here too.”

Mu Yang stood up respectfully and said, “Elder Zhou.”

Zhou Yue smiled and patted him on the shoulder and said, “I said you don’t need to be so polite. It happens that you are here today, I have something to tell you.”

Mu Yang wondered: “What’s the matter?”

Zhou Yue laughed and said: “Recently, there have been demons in Luo An City, killing livestock and stealing children. Over there, Bingming Holy Palace hopes that we will send disciples to kill the demons. This is a good opportunity for experience. It was an inner disciple who led the team. Now, you have been practicing for a long time with your master and have made small achievements. I think it is appropriate for you to go out and practice. I want to ask if you are willing to take on this errand.”

Mu Yang thought for a while.

Zhou Yue added: “Although it is a demon cultivator, the demon cultivator in the Chiyan Immortal Realm have never been able to make big waves. It should be just some small-time demon cultivator. There is relatively no danger, it’s an opportunity to gain experience… If you are willing to go, I will leave it to you. If you are not willing, I will arrange for another inner disciple to go instead.”

Lin Ziran’s eyes narrowed slightly. The plot had arrived.

Zhou Yue was right. In the Chiyan Immortal Realm, demon cultivators had always made small troubles and hid themselves, even more so in the eyes of the Holy Palace disciples. The demon cultivators this time didn’t seem to be very powerful, so it would be treated as an ordinary training for the inner disciples, but in fact…it was a trap. If it were not for Li Ye taking the risk, the last group might not even come back alive.

Mu Yang actually wanted to go down the mountain to practice. After all, he was only a teenager and he was cultivating in the dull Saint Profound Hall all day. It was inevitable that he could not bear to be alone. This errand was not dangerous and he could go out to relax. It was actually very popular with the inner disciples… But Mu Yang still wanted to ask Lin Ziran for his opinion…

Mu Yang hesitated and said to Lin Ziran, “Do you think I should go?”

Lin Ziran said without hesitation: “I think you should.”

Mu Yang paused again and asked, “Would you like to go with me?” His eyes lit up and he seemed to think of something: “I heard that Luo An City has a nice view and we can do some sight-seeing.”

The little angel thought of himself wherever he went. Lin Ziran’s eyes showed a smile and he nodded: “Of course, I would like to go with you.”

Zhou Yue laughed and said, “Well, since you are willing to go to Mu Yang, then this matter is left to you.”

That’s how it was settled.


Mu Yang returned to the Saint Profound Hall and thought for a while, he still had to go down the mountain to ask his master first, so he came to the main hall.

Mu Yang stood in front of the closed door and said loudly, “Master, I want to go down the mountain for a while.”

After a while, an answer came from the hall. It was a cold voice: “Go.”

Mu Yang didn’t expect that Master to agree so readily this time and he was very happy in his heart.

After Xuan Yan spat out that word, he suddenly put one hand on the ground. His pupils were intertwined with black and gold and he seemed to be fighting fiercely. His complexion was pale without a trace of blood…

Why did you agree! He will take Li Ye away, damn ah ah ah ah-

I won’t allow him to go out with Li Ye!

It’s too much. It’s not enough to show affection here, he even wants to go down the mountain together and leave my sight…

Xuan Yan’s lips were white, but this time, he didn’t speak.

He has been trying to suppress the demons these days, but the effect was not great.

Originally, the purpose of entering Samsara was to weaken the inner demon so that he could refine this demon…Who knows that it seems to be a self-defeating move. Not only did it fail to make it weak, but because of its obsession, it made it even stronger.

He underestimated it before.

The heart demon always thinks about Lin Ziran, wanting to seize his body to see Lin Ziran. So, these days, he has to suppress it all the time. He couldn’t sleep or rest at all and he must not relax for a single moment, because as long as there was a moment of distraction, it may give this demon a chance.

Once his body is controlled by the heart demon, he can’t predict what will happen…

If Mu Yang and Lin Ziran stayed in the Holy Palace, it would become even more dangerous for them…

It would be better to let them leave the Holy Palace for the time being and let them come back once he could control the demon.

Xuan Yan parted his lips slightly and let out a depressed low hum, then he pointed a finger at the center of her eyebrows, the dark color in his pupils was like a whirlpool and a layer of ice mist appeared on his pale face.

The voice screamed in his ears.

Xuan Yan did not hesitate to hurt his soul in order to suppress him!

I will devour you sooner or later, ah ah ah-


The next day Mu Yang came to Baojiang Peak early. He accepted the mission from Zhou Yue and then set off with Lin Ziran and his group of disciples.

Those disciples were very respectful to Mu Yang.

Mu Yang casually waved and materialised a small boat. This is a very high-level flying spirit weapon. If you buy it from the outside world, you need at least thousands of high-quality spirit stones, but Mu Yang took it out at hand. The disciples looked envious.

Lin Ziran sighed with emotion.

Xuan Yan is really generous!

He not only gave Mu Yang his own natal artifact, but also allowed Mu Yang to enter and leave the entire holy mountain at will. The treasures and weapons of heaven are at his disposal. These rare treasures in the eyes of outsiders are everywhere in the holy mountain. Xuan Yan doesn’t care about those at all… Although it was nothing to Xuan Yan, his willingness to give them Mu Yang signified his favour. After all, even if he doesn’t like it, he still must be willing to give it!

Those disciples who can enter the holy mountain once already felt that it is because their ancestors had burned incense for them. It opens once in hundreds of thousands of years and makes all the elders’ eyes red with envy… Yet Mu Yang could go in anytime.

This is like worshipping the best master in the three realms where the master said ‘you will be my only apprentice in the future. It doesn’t matter if you want to take everything. Anyway, it’s all rubbish that I can’t use…’

Hey, this golden thigh is too hardcore.

No wonder Mu Yang likes him…

He likes him too!

But the difference between him and Mu Yang is that he only likes golden thighs, not unrequited love…

Lin Ziran sat next to Mu Yang, remembering that Mu Yang seemed to seldom talk about Xuan Yan recently and asked tentatively, “How do you get along with your master? Is he really as scary as the legend?”

Xuan Yan had ascended a long time ago, so everyone thought he must be difficult to get along with and Lin Ziran was also a little curious.

Mu Yang thought about how he went to the Saint Profound Hall and only saw Xuan Yan once…that was the only time his master gave him a cultivation technique. Afterwards, every time he asked for instructions, they were separated by the door. They didn’t get along at all. …

But seeing Lin Ziran worrying about himself so much, lest he worry about being left out by Xuan Yan, he smiled and said, “Master is very good to me, he is not harsh, nor terrible. He is a very responsible person.”

Although they didn’t see each other very much, it could be considered so…

The cultivation methods were directly transmitted to him…

Lin Ziran saw that Mu Yang spoke kindly of Xuan Yan like this and thought the little baby in his heart really was in love. As if that old popsicle was so easy to get along with… This is called beauty in the eyes of people!

Or maybe he was just different to you.

Hey, in fact, isn’t it better for you to be an honest apprentice and not a lover? In the end, is treasure not all yours?

Still, he wanted to embark on that bumpy road of love.

But since you’re so good to me, I naturally have to do my best to help you pursue your true love!

This can be regarded as both repaying gratitude and completing the task without fail, perfect!

Thinking of this, Lin Ziran felt his fighting spirit rise in his heart and looked at Mu Yang affectionately, not only because Mu Yang himself was a cute little angel, but also because he was willing to take the plot so seriously.

How can anyone not like it?

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