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ALIC Chapter 22.2

Besides, he was not really Li Ye. Now he doesn’t even know where the gate of Chongzhou City is and he doesn’t even know where to steal. He is afraid that he would be caught and beaten to death before he found something. Fighting is really not cost-effective or practical…

He thought to himself as he walked, his eyes lit up suddenly: “I can pick some wild fruits to eat!”

The mountain forest where he was accidentally lost last time seemed to be pretty good. He was walking in such a hurry and didn’t take a closer look. He only vaguely remembered a lot of colorful wild fruits… Lin Ziran thought of various jungle survival programs and his fighting spirit and interest burned bright.

Lin Ziran said excitedly: “System, I want to go back to the forest I was in the last time, do you remember the way? There are a lot of wild fruits to eat!”

[System: I do, but are you sure you want to eat those wild fruits that you don’t know? I need to remind you that Chiyan Immortal Realm is an advanced world of cultivating immortals, and it is dangerous in the wild. Many spirit fruits here are highly poisonous. It is not uncommon for ordinary people until their stomach rots.]

Lin Ziran: “…”

This is really bad for Lin Ziran. If you can’t steal or rob, can’t eat wild food, what can he eat? Eat yourself???

[System added: Please do not eat anything you don’t know at will. If you are not sure whether it is dangerous, you can come and ask me, I will provide you with answers and services. ]

Lin Ziran’s eyes lit up again: “You know what to eat?”

[System: Of course, my role is to provide advice and help to players. ]

Lin Ziran sighed sincerely: “You are actually a very useful system!”


Under the guidance of the system, Lin Ziran returned to the mountain forest again.

At that time, the sky was dim and he was in a hurry. Now, he could see treasures everywhere. After the rain and under the sunshine, the bright fruits on the trees look very delicious…

Lin Ziran swallowed and pointed to a fiery red fruit the size of a thumb and asked the system: “Can this be eaten?”

[System: It’ll probably kill you in one bite. ]

Lin Ziran: “…”

He walked around and found another ugly fruit with a hard shell about the size of a fist and asked, “Is this edible?”

[System: If you can break it, you can eat it. ]

Lin Ziran: “…”

Lin Ziran turned and finally found a beautiful blue, crystal clear fruit. His saliva was about to fall, but he still asked cautiously: “What about this?”

[System: Yes, but…] It’s spicy.

Lin Ziran didn’t wait for the system to finish, he put it in his mouth and chewed hard. He was hungry for a day and a night!

Two seconds later.

Lin Ziran: “Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah -”

He scurried around here like a headless fly, kept fanning his hands towards his mouth, and finally plunged into the cool mountain stream, dipping his head back and forth in the water several times. He finally slumped to the side…

He had never eaten anything so spicy in his life!

Lin Ziran said angrily with a swollen tongue: “Why, din’ you tell me it’s spicey…”

[The system’s answered calmly: You ate it before I could finish talking. ]

Lin Ziran: “…”

Forget it, he can’t be angry at System Daddy, can he?

Lin Ziran gained his wisdom from eating and no longer rashly. He obediently and patiently listened to the guidance of the system. After going around for a long time, he finally found a good fruit that was delicious and resistant to hunger. After picking a whole bag, he was satisfied. It should be enough for him to eat for two or three days!

When he was about to leave, Lin Ziran suddenly remembered the hapless person in the cave last time.

The reason for recalling is that the other party is too miserable…

He doesn’t know if he’d died…

He wanted to go and take a look. After all, it was a life, and it was on the way anyway.

This place is very close to the cave. Lin Ziran walked in with the fruits on his back. Seeing that the man was still motionless, there was no difference from the last time he left. He almost thought he was dead, but when he took a closer look, he found that he was up. The buns left behind was gone.

Yeah, he still ate it.

But how did this guy survive before? Lin Ziran looked around curiously, and his gaze finally fell on the tail of the mouse and a skull with blood dripping half of its bones…

Fuck! His eyes are blind!

Lin Ziran rushed out and threw up!

After he had vomited until bile came out, he wiped his mouth and gathered the courage to walk back. He closed his eyes and kicked the bloody mouse’s head away! Then, he hesitantly opened his eyes, making sure that he wouldn’t see anything bad for his eyes again, before he let out a faint breath. He looked at this person with a complex expression…

He actually survived by eating mice! It looks like the mouse thought he was a corpse, but ended up being the other party’s food…

This is really cruel, Li Ye willingly bows down!

But the problem is that mice can’t be eaten. Wild animals have viruses. Don’t you know? Especially eating wild animals raw is absolutely impossible! You might die of illness before starving to death, you know?

No, he can’t let him eat mice and bugs anymore…

Forget it, who let you bump into me? You are really lucky.

Lin Ziran opened his bag, picked out all the unsightly fruits like the crooked melons and cracked dates, piled them beside this person, and said earnestly: “This is what I picked up after a hard day. I’ll give you some, don’t eat rats anymore, don’t you know how dirty those things are?”

The man didn’t respond. Lin Ziran thought that he was really deaf. He said: “Hey, can you hear me? If you hear it, move and show me?”

The man remained motionless.

Lin Ziran was a little disappointed. Forget it. It doesn’t matter if he can hear him anyway. “I’m leaving, I’ll see you again in a few days.”

After talking, he left.


Lin Ziran returned to Chongzhou City cautiously.

Because he found a new way to survive and had a bountiful harvest, Lin Ziran was in a very good mood, but considering that his character cannot be collapsed, he always showed a calm expression on his face.

He returned home and brought the cleaned fruit into Mu Yazhu’s room: “Mother, I’m back.”

Mu Yazhu slowly opened her eyes, she coughed weakly, then looked at Lin Ziran tenderly and said, “Ye’er is back…”

Lin Ziran hurriedly helped her up and said: “Mother, this is the fruit I picked outside. I tried it and it is not poisonous.”

Mu Yazhu didn’t eat it immediately, but said to him seriously: “There are many wild beasts and insects in the mountains and forests, and the fruits of the spirit grass are highly poisonous. If you don’t know it, don’t try again.”

This Chiyan Immortal Realm was not the mortal realm. In addition to cultivation, there are dangerous animals and plants. It is actually very dangerous outside the city… Li Ye had not cultivated yet, so he had never considered going out of the city to make a living.

But Lin Ziran was different, he was a man with an almighty system daddy! knowledge is power!

Lin Ziran obediently said: “Mother, don’t worry, I won’t try recklessly.”

Mu Yazhu was silent for a moment, showing a sad expression and suddenly said softly: “It’s mother who’s useless. Not only can she not take care of you, but alsol drag you down…”

Her love for Li Ye was unquestionable, otherwise there eas no need to risk ruining her spiritual roots to give birth to a child, and raise him with much difficulty. Although she’s only an NPC, Lin Ziran respected Mu Yazhu very much. It is no wonder that Li Ye would be blackened after her death…

Lin Ziran grabbed her hand and said firmly and earnestly: “Ye’er has grown up, and I will protect you in the future. You must never say this again.”

Mu Yazhu was moved. For a long time, she touched Lin Ziran’s head and said, “Promise mother, you must protect yourself.”

Of course, Lin Ziran agreed, and then left Mu Yazhu’s room.

Now, he had shoes on and food to eat, but the house was still rudimentary. This broken house leaks air and rain, so he couldn’t sleep well at night… Lin Ziran went to pick up some thatch and repaired the roof. It was finally habitable. He dusted his hands, satisfied with the results of his day.


During this time, Lin Ziran basically lived a life running between two places only.

He doesn’t hang around in Chongzhou City at all, nor does he go to the places where he usually picked up garbage and stole food. He basically doesn’t deal with anyone. Every time, before dawn, he goes out of the city by himself, so he successfully avoided Mu Yan and the others!

Later, Lin Ziran could find his way back to the forest without the help of the system.

After a period of meticulous care, Lin Ziran found that this place is really a good place, it is a paradise. He was really lucky when he jumped into the river and was carried here!

Under the guidance of the system, he had now become an expert in farming, and his results were impressive!

The weeds in the cave had long been cleaned up, the corners were full of fruits and vegetables, a fence had been made around it, a few pheasants were raised in the yard, and a curtain made of vines hung at the entrance of the cave, swaying lightly… From then on, he lived a self-sufficient and happy life, and no longer had to worry about starving!

Seeing that this place has changed greatly, Lin Ziran felt a sense of accomplishment.

The ground was covered with soft tree leaves, which was as comfortable as a carpet, and the blind man was lying there quietly. Lin Ziran was tired after a busy day. He laid down beside him, folded his hands on the back of his head, squinted, and looked sideways at the blind man beside him.

After getting along for this period of time, Lin Ziran discovered that this man was not only blind, but also deaf and dumb. He hadn’t heard him say a word for so long nor given him a response. It was like a living dead. If not for the finding the food he left here gone every time he came back…

He would suspect that this was a dead person.

But this also has such advantages. Staying beside him will not give him pressure, and he didn’t need to always act cautiously… He could sleep as he likes, lie around as he likes, eat as he likes, one word– Cool!

What’s more, this place was a bit deserted, so it’s nice to have such a person next to him. It’s easy to raise and not bothersome, so just treat it as a companion to relieve boredom.

After eating and drinking, Lin Ziran glanced at the blind man’s dark face. With one look, he ran outside to wring out a rag and wiped the blind man’s face. It was really dirty. It took a long time to finally wiped his face clean!

With a glance, Lin Ziran took a deep breath. He didn’t expect that he still couldn’t see his face clearly because his face was also full of knife marks and festering wounds…

What kind of deep hatred is this? Lin Ziran suddenly showed a look of pity. You are really the most miserable!

This blind man can be regarded as his friend…Lin Ziran couldn’t help being proud when he thought that he would become the amazing young master of the demon world in the future.

“Hey, can you really not hear me?” He leaned over and nudged the blind man with his elbow, asking with curiosity: “Tell me who you have offended. This is too cruel. I will grow in the future and help you get revenge, OK?”

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