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ALIC Chapter 22.1

Lin Ziran’s startled gaze fell on the clean, white, slender, and beautiful hand.

Mu Yang didn’t dislike him for being dirty at all. It was indeed the type of person described in the script as beautiful and kind-hearted…

Lin Ziran slowly stretched out his hand to accept Mu Yang’s hand. His hand was stained with blood, a sharp contrast to the pale and slender hand.

Mu Yang lightly pulled Lin Ziran up from the ground, frowning suddenly: “Your foot is hurt.”

Lin Ziran looked down at his feet, only to realize that his feet were horrible. He lost his shoes when he jumped into the river, and then walked barefoot through the mountains and river. At this moment, the soles of the feet were bloody and the feet were also scratched bloody!

Terrible! He didn’t feel anything and if Mu Yang hadn’t said it, he wouldn’t have noticed it… Would Mu Yang think that he had a problem?

No, don’t panic.

Think about it carefully, in fact, this is completely justifiable.

Li Ye had been tortured since he was a child. Injuries and beatings were commonplace. Although this demon boy doesn’t know about his life experience, his prudent character is etched in his bones. That’s why he is cruel to others and himself, he would never allow himself to cry out in pain.

So he must not make a fuss and simply show the forbearance of the teenager.

Lin Ziran thought of this and clenched his hands, stubbornly turning his eyes away silently, but the corners of his white lips were pursed. It seemed to faintly reveal the pain he suffered…

When Mu Yang saw this, he sighed and couldn’t help feeling a little distressed. He was afraid the teenager didn’t say a word even after suffering such an injury because such things were already commonplace for him, so he was used to enduring the pain.

Mu Yang was silent for a moment before asking: “Where do you live? I’ll send you back.”

He was afraid that Mu Yan would return and planned to personally escort Lin Ziran home.

Lin Ziran looked down without saying a word, turned his head and left, fully demonstrating the indifferent personality of his character.

Mu Yang looked at him…

The young man was very battered with blood stains. He walked with a limp, leaving a bloody footprint with every step he took. He walked slowly and strenuously, but his back was always straight, revealing the unwavering stubbornness … the loneliness and rejection in his bones, shutting people thousands of miles away.

Mu Yang wanted to step forward to help, but was afraid of hurting Lin Ziran’s self-esteem, so he fell back a few steps and followed silently.

Soon they came to the Li Ye’s house, and Mu Yang muttered, revealing an unexpected expression.

He turned his head to look at Lin Ziran, his eyes clear: “You are not a servant.”

Lin Ziran suddenly became a little nervous. What did Muyang mean?

Mu Yang took a complicated look at this place and said, “Your mother used to be a proud member of the Mu family, it’s a pity…”

Lin Ziran realized that Mu Yang recognized his residence.

Speaking of which, Mu Yazhu, Li Ye’s biological mother, was also famous in Chongzhou City.

Although Mu Yazhu was born in the Mu family, she was the most highly praised daughter of the Mu family before the birth of Mu Yang, and she was also the genius who everyone thought had the greatest prospects to pay respects in the holy palace…

However, unexpected events occurred, and an accident ruined her.

Mu Yazhu was r*ped by an unknown man and lost all her spiritual power and roots to give birth to Li Ye.

How beautiful she used to be was how miserable she was after falling from grace.

In this world, there are always people who have fallen into the pit. Mu Yazhu, who had lost her spiritual energy and gave birth suddenly became an existence that anyone could bully, and now she could only live with Li Ye in this dilapidated corner…

Lin Ziran understood why Mu Yazhu had to pay such a high price – because Mu Yazhu gave birth not to an ordinary child, but a demon. This child drained her whole body of spiritual energy, and for this reason, she was ruined and turned into a useless person. Mu Yazhu’s survival itself showed that she was really strong. If it was an ordinary woman, giving birth was enough to take their lives, let alone giving birth to a demon.

However, this secret was not yet known, and Li Ye’s existence was not even known to him.

Having said that, Mu Yan always insulting Li Ye was also related to Mu Yazhu.

Mu Yazhu was so beautiful in the beginning, and there are countless young talents who admired her. Even Mu Yan’s father was once chasing her skirt. Until Mu Yazhu gave birth to Li Ye, whose father was unknown. All the men who had pursued her disappeared without a trace and avoided her…

Mu Yan’s mother was jealous of Mu Yazhu because her husband used to admire Mu Yazhu, so even her son saw Li Ye as a thorn in his eyes. Frankly, not dying after going through so much was already a clear indication of her strength …

Lin Ziran collected his thoughts and looked at Mu Yang.

Li Ye didn’t know his life experience, but everyone called him a bastard. The humiliation and coldness he received over the years was Li Ye’s painful scar, so he was very sensitive about his identity.

As a result, Lin Ziran’s expression changed. He stared at Mu Yang with vigilance and a trace of hostility appeared in his eyes, as if he was ready to bite him.

Seeing him doing so, Mu Yang waved his hand quickly and said, “Hey, don’t be nervous, I have no malicious intentions.”

But Lin Ziran didn’t seem to believe it, just continued to stare at him coldly.

“I know about this because my father passed by once and mentioned it…” Mu Yang smiled helplessly. In order to not offend the sensitive young man, he spoke in a soft and soothing tone, “Father said your mother was very powerful back then. He said that he had fought with her back then, but some accidents happened later, well… no matter what, she is a very independent and strong woman in my opinion, and also a senior who deserves my respect. I just didn’t think I would meet you today…”

He had a very sincere tone and a serious gaze in his dark eyes, without any malicious intent.

Lin Ziran slowly relaxed. After a while, he spat out two words that sounded a little blunt to Mu Yang. As if he had never said words in his life, it sounded a little weird: “Thank, you.”

Mu Yang raised the corners of his lips and gaze him a bright smile: “It’s just a small matter, you are welcome.”

Lin Ziran nodded, then turned around coldly and left.

He pushed the door into the courtyard, waited until the door closed, then slowly let go of his cold expression.

He looked around. The courtyard was really small, narrow and shabby. There was a broken water tank in the corner. In front of them are two dilapidated wooden houses, one for Mu Yazhu and the other by Li Ye.

Mu Yazhu has been in poor health since giving birth to Li Ye. Most of the time, she was bedridden. She was weaker and sicker than sister Lin. Therefore, Li Ye has taken on the responsibility of taking care of his mother since he was very young. The two depended on each other.

At this moment Mu Yazhu should be resting, Lin Ziran quietly returned to his room. Now, he really wanted to eat something and rest…

He walked around. Not to mention eating and drinking, there was not even a change of clothes!

Sure enough, the worst had happened.

Lin Ziran put his hands together and fell on the bed, looking up in despair.

Hey, Mu Yang is too gentle and considerate, caring too much about his feelings… Actually, what he really needs is poverty alleviation! Don’t be afraid of hurting his self-esteem!

The clothes on his body finally dried after a all night, and there was nothing to change anyway. Lin Ziran pulled the torn quilt on the bed and fell asleep tiredly.

In his dream, it seemed as if he had returned to the last world, living a profligate and extravagant life…

The next day, he woke up in a daze. Feeling the hard wood under him, only to realize that it was a dream, he was very sad… He walked into the yard, and unexpectedly spotted a few things on the stone bench next to him.

Lin Ziran went over and took a look.

A crystal clear jade medicine bottle, a pair of boots that look very strong, and a fragrant bun.

Lin Ziran almost shed tears. What kind of peerless sweetheart is this?!

Silently sending warmth.

Even Lin Ziran was moved, not to mention the poor little Li Ye who had never met a good person… he was not wronged at all.

Lin Ziran happily carried the things into his house.

He first applied medicine to the soles of his feet. This medicine was obviously not extraordinary. Once his feet were cool, Lin Ziran tore a strip of cloth to wrap his feet, and then put it in his boots. Finally he was wearing shoes!

After doing these, Lin Ziran looked at the bun and swallowed his saliva, but he didn’t plan to eat it alone. He now had a mother to take care of!

Mu Yazhu and Mu Yang are the only two important people for Li Ye. Mu Yang is the light and hope in his heart, and Mu Yazhu is the close relative who pulled him up.

Lin Ziran came to the yard, found a small amount of firewood and burned a pot of hot water, then entered his mother’s room with the bun.

Mu Yazhu had already woken up. She was sick all the year round and was very weak in bed. At this moment, she was leaning on the bed with a frown. Seeing Lin Ziran come in, she gave him a faint smile: “Ye’er…”

Lin Ziran obediently stepped forward and put the water and food beside Mu Yazhu and said, “Mother, eat something.”

Mu Yazhu looked at the steaming steamed bun, and then looked down to see Lin Ziran’s boots.

Lin Ziran suddenly became a little nervous, wondering how to answer if she asked… Mu Yazhu had already looked away.

She didn’t ask anything, just said gently and softly: “Okay, you’ve worked hard…”

This is a very wise woman who knows not interfere too much with Li Ye’s behavior. This pair of mother and child have depended on each other for many years and naturally trusted each other.

And Li Ye was indeed reliable, self-reliant and tenacious since he was a child, he never let Mu Yazhu worry about him.

Not long after, Lin Ziran left Mu Yazhu’s room and went back to eat his half of the steamed bun. As he ate, his eyes fell on the emerald medicine bottle. It looked very valuable. If he exchanged it for money, he would be able to eat meat for a long time…

Stop! Stop these dangerous thoughts!

This is the first thing that my White Moonlight gave me! How can I exchange it for money!

[t/n: Baiyueguang = white moonlight AKA first love]

Lin Ziran reluctantly put the medicine bottle away as if it were a treasure and then sighed sadly. Now, he had eaten a meal but couldn’t guarantee the next. He can’t expect Muyang to give him food every day, so he still has to find a way to be self-reliant.

Thinking of this, he went out with a sad face.

Li Ye usually survived mainly by stealing food or picking up leftovers…In fact, if he works hard, he can barely support him and Mu Yazhu, but the three houses of the Mu family was too powerful in Chongzhou City, and in the entire Chongzhou City, no one dared to hire Li Ye. In addition, Mu Yan made trouble for him every two days, which made Li Ye’s survival even more difficult…

But Lin Ziran didn’t intend to steal steamed buns or pick up leftovers. What a joke! He would rather starve to death than eat that stuff, okay!

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