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ALIC Chapter 23.1

Lin Ziran thought of how he would be the young master of the Demon Realm in the future and couldn’t help but feel the pride of using a sword to cut down injustice!

The game is fun!

That’s why he asked the stranger this on a whim and would reach out a helping hand if it’s just a matter of convenience.

The blind man still didn’t respond.

He’s afraid that this poor unlucky person really couldn’t hear him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be unresponsive even to this, Lin Ziran thought.

He laid down angrily again, grabbed a handful of grass, and chewed it in his mouth. The juice of this grass was sweet and sour. Lin Ziran liked it very much and picked a lot as a snack.

“If you don’t speak, this won’t count.” Lin Ziran got up and patted his clothes. Before leaving, he generously stuffed a few pieces of grass from his pocket into the blind man’s mouth and said with a smile: “Since you’re a friend, this is for you. I’m leaving.”

After saying so, he left with the bamboo basket.


It has been pretty comfortable these days.

Lin Ziran sighed emotionally as he walked. “I used to think I was spoiled and can’t bear any suffering, but I didn’t realize until today that farming novels really has its fun. It turns out that I can actually adapt to this situation!”

[System: …Hmm.]

When Lin Ziran talked about this, he had a self-satisfied appearance, but it suddenly dropped again, as if he had thought of something sad.

[The system was concerned: Are you okay? 】

Lin Ziran sniffed, choked up and said: “I was thinking about the CP and their Bad Ending…”


Lin Ziran wiped his eyes, but quickly recovered and said, “I will not fail again this time!”

He slowly walked back with a stalk of grass in his mouth.

As soon as he walked through the gate of Chongzhou City, he took a step and couldn’t help showing a painful expression.

Last time, Mu Yan failed to clean up Lin Ziran after he was blocked by Mu Yang. He was annoyed and determined to find another chance to clean up that stupid boy! Unexpectedly, Lin Ziran was very cunning, so he hadn’t seen a trace of him as the latter often came out early and returned late these days.

After careful investigation, he learned that Lin Ziran would return to the city at this time every day, so he waited here early this morning. He he didn’t believe he couldn’t stop this damned little thief!

Lin Ziran turned around and ran without even thinking!

Yangyang, help!

[The system saw him panicked and couldn’t help reminding him: Actually, you don’t have to run…]

[Lin Ziran: Don’t run and wait to be beaten? TAT]

[System: Did you forget that you can beat them?]

Um… Lin Ziran remembered.

This actually involved Li Ye’s extraordinary birth! Everyone now regarded him as just an ordinary person in the Chiyan Immortal Realm, but his essence was completely different from an ordinary person!

His father, Ye Liuyin, was the ultimate villain of this book. He was a devil who could fight against Xuanyan to the point where the world was destroyed. So even if he only had one essence, his child’s spirit, blood, and flesh were all born from the blood of the demon.

Because Li Ye had the blood of the Heavenly Demon, he couldn’t practice any Chiyan Immortal Realm spells. He could only practice the Demon Realm skills, which led everyone to think that he was born with a pseudo vein.

Heavenly demon was not the same as ordinary demon cultivation, there was only one heavenly demon in this world. Li Ye had inherited the blood of the Heavenly Demon. Even if he didn’t cultivate, he was born with the talent to swallow other people’s spiritual essence through sucking blood. Dealing with scums like Mu Yan’s was not a problem.

Li Ye was often bullied so he didn’t know that he had this ability. He had bitten someone else in a frenzy and sucked their blood on the spot. Only then did he realize his difference, but he knew that his demon-like characteristics will cause others to fear him and maybe it will lead to his death, so he had been careful to conceal his ability and would rather be beaten than expose himself.

So strictly speaking, Lin Ziran was not without the power to fight back, but… he was simply unwilling to use his ability!

How disgusting, sucking human blood!

No way, wanting him to bite people like Mu Yan would make him feel sick just thinking of it…

And now, he can find Mu Yang to cover him, he doesn’t have to make such a bad move.

When the pair of father and son meet each other in the future, Ye Liuyin will teach him the Heavenly Demon technique. At that time, he can easily seize the spiritual essence of others without needing to consume human blood.

Lin Ziran was chased by Mu Yan all over the street. Although Mu Yan was trash, he had already practiced a bit of kungfu, so it was not easy to get rid of him.

Lin Ziran was thin and flexible. He turned and fled into a narrow and dirty alley. In order to stop Mu Yan, he even threw the fruit from his basket. He quickly climbed up the roof, his eyes lit up when he saw a brocade-clothed boy not far ahead!

He jumped down without hesitation and fell in front of Mu Yang!

Mu Yan just ran out from the alley and he was about to catch the little thief. He didn’t expect the little thief to hide behind Mu Yang!

Damn it! Mu Yan’s face was hesitant as he stared coldly at Lin Ziran.

Mu Yang was a little stunned at first, but quickly recovered. He looked at the humiliated Lin Ziran, then looked at Mu Yan. How could he not understand what just happened? He immediately stepped forward, blocking Lin Ziran behind him, and said to Mu Yan lightly: “What’s the matter with you?”

Mu Yan knew that he would return without success today, but he was really unwilling to walk away like this! He thought for a while, pointed to Lin Ziran and said to Mu Yang: “Do you know who he is? He is a lying, sinister and cunning thief. Ah Yang, you are the young master of Chongzhou City and you will be the one who will enter the holy palace in the future to represent our entire Mu family. How can you have anything to do with this dirty thing? Won’t you be laughed at when this matter spreads it out? Don’t be fooled by his pitiful appearance!”

Mu Yang showed a thoughtful look, as if he was thinking about his words seriously.

Seeing this, Mu Yan felt hopeful and quickly put on a sincere expression. “Ah Yang, you rarely come there, so you don’t know how bad these guys are. Even if you help him, he won’t feel grateful! He is just using your kindness!”

Mu Yang seemed to be convinced. He showed a hesitant expression and said: “Your words seem to be reasonable. If he really stole your things, I will not continue to protect him.”

Mu Yan was overjoyed: “Ah Yang can tell right from wrong.”

Mu Yang pondered for a moment and then said: “But…what did he steal from you? Since I happened to be here today, I will return justice to my cousin.”

Mu Yan’s expression stiffened slightly, he didn’t expect Mu Yang would say that. He certainly couldn’t say that Li Ye stole three steamed buns from his family, but just now, under the gaze of everyone, he had called Li Ye a thief. So he could only bite the bullet. “My spiritual white jade was stolen by him. This is the spiritual treasure that my father finally found for me to cultivate!”

Mu Yang said in surprise: “That is indeed valuable. No wonder you chased him so hard, cousin. Let’s go to his house now and get your treasure back.” He grabbed Lin Ziran who was beside him and looked like he was about to leave.

Mu Yan: “…”

Seeing him not moving, Mu Yang slowly showed a smile, “What? Cousin, do you have something to say?”

Mu Yan chuckled: “How could I trouble Ah Yang for such a small matter? You can leave this thief to me, I can handle it myself.”

Mu Yang did not agree, but looked at him meaningfully, “How can I? I can’t ignore such things like theft, stealing, and corruption. If he really stole your things, I will return you justice.”

Mu Yan didn’t expect Mu Yang to be so adamant and start to feel pressured.

Just then, Mu Yang spoke again. His eyes were clear and sharp, and his voice was like the clear spring, “Cousin, don’t worry, no matter if someone is stealing or robbing, or framing and bullying the weak… I will punish them equally and impartially.”

Cold sweat ran down Mu Yan’s forehead, and he finally realized that Mu Yang had never believed him. He had just dug a hole for himself to jump into! He had deliberately tempted him to say those things step by step…

“I, I…” Mu Yan stuttered, not knowing what to say for a while.

If Mu Yang was really allowed to take him to Li Ye’s house, his lie will definitely be exposed on the spot, and then Mu Yang will bring this matter up to his father. Punishment is certain…

After a long while, Mu Yan smiled awkwardly, and said with shifting eyes: “I thought about it, maybe I remembered it wrong, I’ll go back and look for it first…”

He left without looking back.

The onlookers next to them didn’t know what was going on. They guessed that Mu Yan was bullying the little bastard again. Although this little bastard does steal some leftovers occasionally, he had never done any other bad things. It was not the first time that Mu Yan bullied him like this. Back then, Mu Yazhu was his father’s love…

The older people remembered the events of the past and looked at Lin Ziran with complicated and sympathetic eyes. Although the younger ones did not know the events of the past, they were also very disdainful of Mu Yan’s appearance.

But today, Mu Yan lost face in public!

Seeing the crowd dispersed, Mu Yang looked back at Lin Ziran and smiled at him slightly, “I’ll send you back.”

Lin Ziran seemed a little lost and was led back by Mu Yang like this.

The boy in brocade clothes had warm palms and his jaw was sharp. On his flawless face, his eyes were like stars, beautiful and handsome, like a fairy in the sky…

Lin Ziran walked on, suddenly asking softly: “If… what Mu Yan said is true, I’m just using you…”

Mu Yang stopped and looked back at him.

Lin Ziran fell into those clear pupils as if reflecting his tragic appearance. In front of such a person, Li Ye was humble like the dust, wanting to approach but daring not approach…

Mu Yang hooked up the corners of his lips slightly and he smiled, as if the world was clear. “From now on we will be friends.”

Lin Ziran looked at him in shock.

Mu Yang’s eyes were clear, and his voice was determined: “If you are really using me, you wouldn’t have told me. Moreover…”

He suddenly approached Lin Ziran. He looked directly into Lin Ziran’s eyes and smiled: “I believe in my own eyes.”

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