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ALIC Chapter 21.1

[Ding, the game plot completion degree is being judged——]

[Level: B]

[Lin Ziran was a little surprised: the plot collapsed into such a ghastly mess, how can I still get B? ] He thought it would be the worst…

[System: Although the main storyline collapsed, your character didn’t collapse(OOC), and the hidden storyline had been triggered, so there are bonus points. The player is requested to continue his efforts. ]

[Lin Ziran:…Ah, did my character really not collapse? ]Actually, he thinks he did, occasionally, a little bit…

[System: As long as your outsider identity is not detected by the npc, it can’t be considered a collapse. ]

[Lin Ziran: Is the requirement so low?! ]Shock!

[System: It is not easy to do this. ]

[Lin Ziran:…]

[System: Do you want to enter the next game now? ]

[Lin Ziran: Wait a minute.]

He just received the game helmet yesterday and was so excited to play it. But in reality, the whole day has passed. Lin Ziran realized that he was hungry and thirsty. The game is fun but eating is more important. Wait until he is full and ready for war!

He didn’t expect to be able to get a B grade, and it looks like it’s not too far from A! This gave Lin Ziran an illusion that he could get A!

Lin Ziran took the game helmet off and let out a sigh of relief. When he saw that he was alone in the bedroom, he didn’t know where the others had run off to.

He washed his face and walked out of the room.

There was still food in the cafeteria, and there were not too many people. Lin Ziran filled himself with a large plate and sat in the corner to eat slowly… He was used to living a luxurious life in the game. Suddenly, he was a little unaccustomed to the cafeteria…

He was eating and thinking about the things in the game. Which part of it caused the plot to collapse like a dog?

At this moment, there was a commotion in front.

Lin Ziran looked up subconsciously, and saw a tall and handsome young man coming in. He walked calmly and had an outstanding temperament. He talked and laughed like a spring breeze. He only had on a simple white shirt and black trousers with a khaki windbreaker jacket, but even so, it was still outstanding in the academy full of handsome men and women.

Oh… isn’t this Ji Chen, the famous senior?

Before graduating, he was already popular. He was handsome, good at acting, and had a brilliant resume. This is the goal of all younger brothers and sisters in their lives!

Especially those fangirls who have begun to squeal.

After all, it is rare for a great god to appear in school.

Lin Ziran was about to withdraw his gaze. At this moment, Ji Chen just turned his head and looked over. His eyes were deep as if he were going to sink in… Lin Ziran could not help but look away and continued to eat his own meal casually.

Well, he is indeed a very good-looking man, but it had nothing to do with him. Between them was the gap between the gods and the underachievers. Lin Ziran, hovering on the edge of this cliff, was very self-aware.

This year’s goal is-credits! credit! credit!

Lin Ziran was thinking about the game. He quickly finished the meal and Ji Chen was nowhere to be seen when he left.

After leaving the cafeteria, he went straight to the supermarket, bought a lot of canned instant noodles and other fast food and snacks, and returned to the bedroom. Lin Ziran stuffed the food into the cabinet, then put on his helmet and called for the system.

Isn’t it just a game?

He doesn’t believe he can’t get an A.

[Lin Ziran: I’m back! let’s start! ]

[System: Okay. ]

[Ding, the new world is being generated-]

[Ding, the new world is loading——]

This world is called Chiyan Immortal Realm.

People in the Chiyan Immortal Realm are divided into two categories: one is the immortal cultivators who have ascended from the mortal world, while the other is the native creatures of Chiyan Immortal realm.

But this does not mean that the creatures in the Chiyan Immortal Realm are stronger than the ascending immortal cultivators. On the contrary, although the Chiyan Immortal Realm’s aura was dozens of times more abundant than the Mortal Realm, the creatures here were born with pure spiritual roots and had an easier time cultivating. But even if the starting point is higher than the mortals of the Mortal Realm, it still requires cultivation to become stronger.

On the other hand, the number of creatures in the Chiyan Immortal Realm was small and their lives were generally peaceful. They are generally inferior to those of the mortal realm in terms of cultivating temperament and perseverance. There aren’t many strong people who are truly successful in cultivation… but the mortal cultivators who successfully breakthrough and come here are all mortal realm powerhouses with great talents and perseverance, the cream of the crop.

Therefore, although there are now tens of millions of living creatures in Chiyan Immortal Realm, the number of aboriginals and ascendants among the strong are almost equal.

Most of the other creatures in the Chiyan Immortal Realm are equivalent to mortals in this world.

As for why this world is called the Chiyan Immortal Realm, this is a story with a lot of background!

The legend goes like this:

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the Chiyan Immortal Realm did not exist. At that time, the Three Realms were like a land of chaos. All the immortals, demons, and countless mortals existed on the same piece of land and fought endlessly…Until one day an almighty person was born. He possessed the ability to break through the heavens and the earth, and used his supreme cultivation base to separate the mortal realm into the demon realm, and the celestial realm. From then on, there were three realms – immortal, demon, and mortal realm.

After the separation of the three realms, the almighty person lived in the immortal realm and named it Chiyan Immortal Realm.

Lin Ziran can’t help but bite his tongue. With this method and ability to open up the Three Realms with his own power, even Pangu will have to call him big brother!

[t/n: Pangu is the creator of the universe]

He was so powerful that he had no friends.

Eh, let’s continue…

After this mighty man opened up the Three Realms, the disputes in the Three Realms finally ceased, and everyone respectfully hailed him as the “God of Creation”.

In order to protect Chiyan Immortal Realm from being invaded by the Demon Realm, after sealing the Demon Realm, he personally set up ninety-nine Heavenly God Pillars in Chiyan Immortal Realm! It was an asylum and this God of Creation, Xuan Yan, is the protagonist of this world.

Speaking of the protagonist gong, the protagonist shou can’t be left out.

Regarding the relationship between the protagonist gong and shou, this story involves a secret that no one knows.

When the god, Xuanyan, created the Three Realms and wanted to seal the entire Demon Realm, it was naturally met with a counterattack from the Demon Realm. The battle between Xuan Yan and Ye Liuyin, the lord of the demon world, was earth-shattering, and the mountains and rivers were split apart… Although Xuan Yan defeated Ye Liuyin and sealed the devil world, he was also seriously injured. His source was hit by Ye Liuyin and his soul was fragmented and scattered throughout the world.

Hundreds of thousands of years have passed since then. These strands of soul fragments had been reincarnated in the Chiyan Immortal Realm, and finally became a teenager in this life.

The youth, Muyang, is the protagonist of this story.

There are ninety-nine cities and one holy palace in Chiyan Immortal Realm.

The ninety-nine cities were built around the Ninety-Nine Heavenly Divine Pillar, and the holy palace was the sect founded by Xuan Yan in the Chiyan Immortal Realm. Although Xuan Yan has long been become a myth and only existed in legends… …But the Holy Palace is still the supreme holy place for seeking Taoism in the Chiyan Immortal Realm. Any creature or cultivator in the Chiyan Immortal Realm will be proud to pay their respects in the holy palace.

Muyang was the son of the city lord of Chongzhou. He was born with outstanding talents his family placed high hopes in him since he was a child. Later, he successfully journeyed to the holy palace. After he entered, Mu Yang paid his respects and the speed of his training was so great that he was accepted as a direct (and only) disciple of Xuan Yan, who had long withdrawn from worldly matters..

So far, it’s still a cool story about a genius boy to grow all the way…

But Mu Yang fell in love with his master.

While they were getting along, Mu Yang gradually showed admiration for his powerful master. However, Xuanyan had only the affection of master and disciple for Mu Yang. The reason why he accepted Muyang as a disciple was because he could inherit his own mantle. Xuan Yan, who had long been cut off from love, would naturally not accept Mu Yang’s affection, and was very cold and ruthless. After knowing Mu Yang’s feelings, he even alienated him, but Mu Yang loved him like a moth drawn to fire and did not give up…

From then on, the master-disciple deep love and abuse began, and the story continued.

[Lin Ziran: Wow, is this the legendary selfcest! ]

[T/n: the word used here is 自攻自受 aka to be a gong and shou for yourself.]


T/n: 21.2 will be released later in the day because I don’t wanna break this chapter up too much as QT arc prestory are all very convoluted

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  1. Avatar Seemanta says:

    So this is the legendary selfcest… It’s my first time reading one. It feels a bit too heavy for my taste.

    1. Avatar scarletnatsu says:

      Oh, really? Then you haven’t read Supernatural Movie Actor App yet. ?

  2. Avatar joey young says:

    selfcest huh? like narcisism? dunno if i spelt that right.. to be fair i dont get the appeal but. im just gonna think of them as different people cause it would get pretty confusing very fast.

    hmmm the ending on the previous world made me cry.. cant the three gongs love the mc lol.
    but i was secretly rooting for the villain…
    then the incest…
    then the shou…
    in that order.. im so filthy im sorry.

    1. Avatar 77 says:

      I’m no better…

    2. Avatar scarletnatsu says:

      Same. I also secretly rooting for the villain. Then the incest. Then the shou. Hello, comrade, welcome to Hell. ?

  3. Avatar lokitty says:

    I was confused at first. But the comments made it clear. It’s selfcest.

  4. Avatar egg says:

    self… cest… i was wondering why we have two people named xuanyan but no…

  5. Avatar Chrissy says:

    I don’t get the self cest part. Isn’t it a master disciple relationship??

  6. Avatar N.O. says:

    Lol After dogblood drama its the legendary self cest??

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