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ALIC Chapter 19.2

[Lin Ziran asked anxiously: Zhao Mingze didn’t follow, right?]

[System: …No.]

[Lin Ziran: That’s good, that’s good!]


Lin Ziran walked out of the club hurriedly. Fortunately, Zhao Mingze didn’t chase after him. He thought that this place was too dangerous, so he took out the black card and threw it directly into the trash can.

Then he simply turned around and went to the mall, watched two movies in a row, ate supper, and did not return home until late at night.

The door was closed and there was no light inside. Lin Ziran heaved a sigh of relief. It looks like Lu Sui should have left.

Today was too difficult…

Lin Ziran opened the door and walked in. He put on a pair of slippers and prepared to go back to his room to rest. But when he passed by the sofa, he heard a very soft voice: “Brother…”

Lin Ziran turned abruptly and saw Lu Sui’s gloomy face in the darkness and almost forgot to breathe in shock!

Don’t you know how to turn on the lights?!

Wait, don’t tell him Lu Sui has blackened by now and is trying to kill him to avenge his mother? Does he hate him so much? Is he going to die here today? But… Isn’t it alright to quit the game once he dies? Then he won’t resist…

It’s just that this game was really a huge loss. The plot was so messy and he died in the hands of the protagonist. He’d probably just get a D grade…

Just as Lin Ziran was in a trance, Lu Sui came to him, step by step. He was looking at him with sadness and pain, and said hoarsely: “I already understand. It’s not your fault that she fell to that point. She only had herself to blame. I know… you just want to protect yourself…

If it weren’t for her, nothing would have happened. We would still be the same as before, right…”

Lin Ziran finally showed an unexpected expression. He thought that Lu Sui would leave and thought that Lu Sui would blame him, but he had never expected that this would be the result.

This child does not seem to be hopeless.

Lu Sui looked at Lin Ziran greedily and humbly, and saw that he had not left like before. After a long time, he reached out his hand and hugged him cautiously, with his chin buried on the side of his neck, he choked: “Brother… please don’t leave me behind. As long as you let me stay I’ll do anything. Except for you, I have nothing left…”

Lin Ziran took a deep breath helplessly.

If Lu Zhen really existed and could hear these words, he will probably never have that nightmare again…because you see, Lu Sui didn’t blame you at all. You have done nothing wrong.

So there is no need to feel guilty, no need to suffer, no need to blame yourself.

Lin Ziran suddenly laughed and he said, “Okay.”

If you want to stay, just stay. Anyway, the plot has already collapsed into a mess and he didn’t expect to be able to bend it back. Just look at Lu Sui’s current appearance of only having his brother in his eyes. Even if you beat him to death, he wouldn’t try to snatch his brother’s boyfriend away again.

Who would have thought that one day, it would be so hard to wear a green hat?


Lin Ziran unexpectedly had a good sleep.

Suddenly a question came to mind while he was lying in bed the next day.

Lin Ziran asked puzzledly: “Since I can unlock the hidden plotline of ‘Lu Zhen’s Secret’, why didn’t I receive a prompt about the hidden plot when Zhao Mingze said he liked me? Is this not a hidden plotline too?”


After Lin Ziran finished asking, he patted his head and laughed to himself: “I understand! Because he doesn’t like me at all, it’s just because the plot deviated and changed. It must be the butterfly effect. Since he doesn’t really like me, it’s not a hidden plot!”

[System:…Yes, you are right. That’s it.]

Lin Ziran washed his face and went downstairs. He walked to the dining room and was surprised. Lu Sui actually cooked breakfast!

This child has been home for so long, but this was the first time he has cooked by himself! Does he really know how to cook?

Lu Sui smiled shyly at Lin Ziran, and said flatteringly: “Actually, I often cook by myself when I was abroad. Brother, try it.”

Lin Ziran sat down unceremoniously. He picked up his chopsticks and tried it. Yi, this tastes good, he deserves praise for doing well! “Very good.”

When Lu Sui saw that Lin Ziran was willing to eat the food he made and said it was good, his eyes suddenly became hot. After so many years, he never thought there would be such a day. If only he knew the truth sooner…

He wouldn’t have done so many wrong things and taken so many detours.

Lin Ziran was quite comfortable at first, but then he saw that with just a casual compliment, Lu Sui’s eyes were red and he looked so moved that he was about to cry. He was a bit embarrassed. Hey, you were once a domineering president. ! Don’t you know that this is hurting your scumbag image?

When he thought about how a good scum gong had now become a crying bum beetle, Lin Ziran sighed deeply. After all, he couldn’t see Lu Sui and Wenyu’s love drama.

Lu Sui keenly perceived the melancholy in Lin Ziran’s eyes and his hands under the table clenched. What followed was the incomparable self-blame because it was he and Zhao Mingze who forced Lin Ziran and Wen Yu to break up. Brother must still be unable to let go of Wen Yu…but he couldn’t say it, so he felt sad.

Lu Sui couldn’t forgive himself even more thinking about how he was when he first came back. He even thought about stealing his brother’s lover.

Although… he was jealous that his brother had another person he liked more, but as long as he can stay with this person now, he doesn’t dare to expect more.

He just wanted to make up for his mistake.



The director clapped his hands and shouted, “This scene is perfect! Wen Yu, you can take a break first, we will shoot the next one in half an hour.”

The staff came to help Wen Yu untie the wire and his assistant quickly took a coat and put it on him.

The assistant asked nervously: “Why did you have to do the scene personally just now? Your injury has just recovered, you have to pay more attention to it. I even found a substitute for you, but you didn’t use it.”

Wen Yu said lightly: “I’m fine.”

Seeing this, the assistant could not say anything and silently helped Wen Yu get a bottle of water.

Since breaking up with Lu Zhen, Wen Yu has been more taciturn than before and he has worked harder, doing everything by himself… There was no difference from before, but his assistant knew that he had not let go of that person in his heart.

It’s just his pride that prevented him from begging someone who doesn’t love him.

The assistant shook his head and turned away.

Wen Yu laid in the chair and closed his eyes to rest. After a while, he opened his eyes again with a complicated look on his face and finally took out his phone.

He opened Weibo and searched for “Ranran chasing stars and forgot to eat”.

This is a micro-blog with few fans and few posts, but it can be seen that the other party was still using this account, and occasionally liked and forwarded content from some accounts.

Ten days ago, he liked his picture.

Six days ago, he liked a promotional video of his new drama.

A day ago, he reposted a Reuters photo of him, with the caption: Looking forward to it.

Wen Yu scanned the Weibo account from beginning to end until he saw the last photo. The picture was a signed photo of himself, with the steering wheel of the vehicle in the background. Under the photo, it says: I saw Yuyu today, and I got an autographed photo. He looks better than on TV, and his voice is sweet. Love him forever.

The corners of Wen Yu’s lips rose subconsciously, do you think I can’t recognize your hand? Can’t recognize your car? In fact, I found out a long time ago, but I just pretended not to know.

If he didn’t see it with his own eyes, it’s hard to imagine that a man who is calm and reserved on the surface would have such a cute side behind him. It seems a bit contradictory, but this is what he really is like as if he really loves him so purely…

You followed me silently even when I was unaware…

But what are you doing now?

After breaking up, why do you still pay attention to me?

The smile on Wen Yu’s lips gradually disappeared. He squeezed the phone and a trace of despair appeared in his eyes. In fact, you don’t love me that much, you are just like those fans who keep saying that you love me, you just like the thought of me. Once you encounter difficulties, you can easily retreat…

Unfortunately, I have fallen in love with you.

Wen Yu ruthlessly turned off the phone and began to prepare for the next scene. Suddenly his assistant walked over with a person beside him.


Yuh… I feel bad for Lu Sui.

Guess who came :))

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  1. Avatar Sai says:

    Oh man, the MC and the other characters are too awesome. Plot-wise, it’s really good. The system isn’t a pushover either.

    Thank you for translating!

  2. Avatar justanotherreader says:

    I’m waiting for our MC to really treat other characters as a human being rather than just a data, because i could see that he really doesn’t really care about emotional development inside everyone he interact. Anyway thank you for your great translation!

    1. Avatar Yuri says:

      Ugh been waiting for someone to say this lol

  3. Avatar meanight says:

    Zhao Mingze?? Lu Sui?? New character?? Wenyu, jiayou!

    Thanks for the chap!

  4. Avatar Seemanta says:

    It’s gotta be Lu Sui.

    I failed to stock up chapters again. I guess 2 chapters was my limit.

    1. Avatar 77 says:

      me too 🙂 i mean the failed to stock part

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