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ALIC Chapter 19.1

Lu Sui looked at Lin Ziran dazedly. His lips trembled and his dark eyes showed a pleading expression: “No, no…you are lying to me, right…”

Lin Ziran looked at him with pity and slowly said: “I didn’t intend to say anything, so you thought your mother died to save me. But you still found out and asked me again and again. I’ll admit it then…I won’t continue to lie to you, this is the whole truth.”

Lu Zhen is really the victim, but facing Lu Sui, he does not have a clear conscience.

This is the real reason why Lu Zhen had always wanted to make up to Lu Sui.

Lu Sui remained in a state of half-kneeling by the sofa. He was motionless, helplessness and hesitation in his eyes, as if something he believed… was once again ruthlessly shattered.

Lin Ziran, in a rare moment, turned soft hearted when he saw his appearance, but it was impossible for Lu Zhen to accept his brother’s remorse without hurting his conscience after learning the truth; Moreover, he is just a player with a mission, there is no reason for him to hide the truth from Lu Zhen.

So… Now that you know it, you should know about everything.

Lu Sui seemed to need time to calm down, and he would probably leave by himself once the kid recovers. This time, he didn’t believe that Lu Sui wouldn’t blacken. Lin Ziran decided to go for a walk and come back only after Lu Sui left!

He got up and left with the key, but Lu Sui did not stop him this time.

But where should he go now?

Lin Ziran flipped through his wallet and accidentally saw a black membership card. He suddenly remembered, isn’t this the high-end club that Lu Zhen often goes to? It is a great place for eating, drinking and having fun!

In the past, Lu Zhen often came to this place frequently, but Lin Ziran only came twice. The last time it was because Zhao Mingze asked him.

Lin Ziran prefers to watch dramas and play games at home on weekdays. He never thought about coming to this high-end business club, nor did he like to talk about business, so he never came again. Today’s situation was special.

Soon he arrived at his destination.

As soon as he entered, the service staff escorted Lin Ziran to the booth he often went to and asked respectfully: “Mr. Lu, are you alone today?”

Lin Ziran smiled: “Yes, bring some food over.”

The service staff asked: “Okay, do you want the same as before?”

Lin Ziran nodded.

When the service staff left, Lin Ziran sat on the soft sofa, rubbing his forehead tiredly.

Seeing that the plot has deviated, he was afraid that it will be too difficult to fiix it. This task has actually been regarded as a failure. Lin Ziran sighed with disappointment, but it was not too unacceptable. After all, it was just a game. It is normal to win and lose. Losing more or less… is also normal!

If you lose, then you lose. No big deal, he will try again next time!

[Lin Ziran asked the system: I want to quit the game, what should I do?]

[System: Similar to other games you usually play.]

[Lin Ziran:?]

[System: Players will immediately exit the game if they pass the level or die.]

[Lin Ziran:…]

It’s really similar to normal games… But the problem is that when you die in a mobile game, you don’t feel dead. However, this is a very realistic holographic simulation immersive game. Is it possible he had to die to quit a game?

[Lin Ziran tentatively asked: Can’t you just logout like this?]

[System: No, unless the player encounters danger in reality and triggers the player protection mechanism.]

Lin Ziran hesitated…just in time as the food was served.

Ah, he’ll think about that kind of troublesome problem later, the delicious food in front of him!

The chefs here are very good at cooking. They are a little different from the characteristics of their own hotel, but they are also great. Lin Ziran happily ate and his mood also improved.

Frankly speaking, he really underestimated the difficulty of this game. It was not easy to pass the level and there is even a hidden plot…

After eating and drinking, he put down his chopsticks. Lin Ziran checked that it was still early and decided to rest here for a while, so as not to bump into Lu Sui too early when he went back, and give the child more time to calm down.

The sofa here was very soft. The light was dim, the ambience was quiet and his heart was at ease…

Lin Ziran fell asleep in a daze.


The elegant and gentle man was lying on his side on the sofa. He seemed to be a little tired, and his appearance was unstable. One arm fell under the sofa, probably when he turned over. His suit suit was a little wrinkled and messy, and his tie was also loose.

Zhao Mingze pushed the door open, and saw this scene.

His dark eyes had a strange loo. He was silent for a moment, before he walked over quietly, staring down at the sleeping man.

Lin Ziran slept relatively lightly and suddenly felt itchy on the side of his face and neck. He rolled over, slowly frowned and opened his eyes. When he saw Zhao Mingze’s handsome face, he couldn’t help but be stunned, and then he reached out his hand and pushed him away!

In the dim light, Zhao Mingze’s eyes seemed incredibly deep, but his gaze was intensely hot, as if he was about to burn everything.

Lin Ziran inexplicably felt a little uneasy. He tried to stay calm and asked coldly: “Why are you here?”

Zhao Mingze looked at him deeply, hooked up the corners of his lips and laughed lowly: “This club is mine. I’m the one who gave you your card. Did you forget?”

Lin Ziran: “!”

Who would’ve known about this trivial matter! It’s not written in the script either!

But he will not be cheated easily!

Lin Ziran looked at him coldly and frowned: “So what? I didn’t come here to see you. Could it be that Mr. Zhao meant that I would not be welcome here in the future?”

After he said this, he saw Zhao Mingze’s thin lips tightened and his eyes darkened, as if trying to suppress something painful.

Lin Ziran’s heart jumped. During this period of time, he got along with Zhao Mingze too quickly, and Zhao Mingze was always so considerate and gentle to him, so he nearly forgot that this person was a crazy villain! In the past, it was okay to feign civility, but now that Lu Sui has clarified everything, it is hard to guarantee Zhao Mingze will not do dangerous things.

Forget it, next time I won’t come to this place, it’s better to go watch a movie.

Lin Ziran patted his clothes and stood up, “I’m going back.”

Just as he was about to walk past Zhao Mingze, Zhao Mingze suddenly grabbed his wrist tightly and Lin Ziran had to turn his head to face him.

Zhao Mingze looked at him deeply, his thin lips moved slightly, and there seemed to be unconcealable pain in his hoarse voice. “The way you’re acting now, is it that you don’t want to see me anymore?”

You’re acting as if you really can’t bear to let me go.

Lin Ziran was silent and sighed faintly. Although Zhao Mingze was to his taste and this period of time was considered pleasant, even without Lu Sui revealing the truth, he would not stay with him.

Lin Ziran looked up and said: “You shouldn’t have done that.”

“Shouldn’t have done what? Shouldn’t send you those photos? Shouldn’t deal with Wen Yu secretly?” Zhao Mingze’s voice was low, with a self-deprecating smile on his lips. He said: “If I don’t do this, will you have been with me ?”

Lin Ziran seemed to be very disappointed in him, and said solemnly: “Then you shouldn’t hurt Wen Yu either.”

“Wen Yu.” Zhao Mingze sneered. He suddenly approached Lin Ziran, staring down into his eyes: “You only have Wen Yu in your eyes…Does he love you as much as I do?”

What? You’re talking as if the reason you did all these bad things is because you love me. You’re intending to persist as an affectionate character until the end?

Lin Ziran’s eyes twitched slightly and he laughed at himself: “You love me? You love me so you deceived me and hurt the person I love. Is this how you love someone?”

After speaking, Zhao Mingze’s hand was shaken off.

“Love is not an excuse to hurt others.” Lin Ziran looked into his eyes with a painful and determined expression, and said every word slowly: “Don’t show up in front of me again.”

He turned around and left, cold and ruthless.

But only the system knew he was panicking.


My heart skipped a beat when Zhao Mingze appeared…from fear.

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