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BATCFO Chapter 33

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When the five decelerating bombs hit Yun Xingze at the same time, everyone thought that he would be hit.

However, Yun Xingze leaped in the air, evading all five bombs in a row. Each of them just passed by his waist, which was frightening.

What surprised the audience the most was that Yun Xingze not only dodged the deceleration bombs, but the mechanical beast on his back jumped to the ground without anyone’s knowledge, flexibly shuttling through the gunfire, and found itself not far away from Su Zinan’s mecha.

“What’s the matter with that cat. Yun Xingze still has the energy to control it?”

“The mainframe and the reconnaissance mecha dodged the gunfire. This is incredible!”

“I can’t believe that it is a mechanical beast…”

Su Zinan’s heart was uncomfortable. He thought that Yun Xingze would be hit by the decelerating bombs; never did he expect all of them to miss. Seeing the stupid cat rushing towards him, he sneered, directing his guns at it. “This kind of broken mecha also dares fight?”

However, before Su Zinan’s artillery fire had time to launch, the mechanical beast suddenly jumped up. Two gleaming chain swords came out as it jumped, quickly entangling with Su Zinan’s shoulder joints. It turned itself into a slingshot once more, and smashed Su Zinan’s mecha on the forehead fiercely with a loud noise.

This is the move Yun Xingze studied in the previous game. He replaced the mechanical beast’s chain sword with a new one, so it has more strength than before to beat Su Zinan even more painfully.

Su Zinan’s brain felt the collision. Although a large portion of it was blocked by the mecha, he felt a sense of shame for being was hammered in the head. At the same time, he felt a huge pulling force on his shoulder.

Su Zinan took a step, gritting his teeth, as he directed all firepower at the mechanical beast.

Taking advantage of Su Zinan’s disrupted offensive rhythm, Yun Xingze’s host mecha rushed to the meteor mecha, firing its long-range artillery.

He doesn’t have much artillery, so it’s necessary to save and use it accordingly.

Sensing that Yun Xingze was going to use long-range artillery to attack, Su Zinan immediately stared at his every move, ready to evade at any time.

Yun Xingze fired his particle cannon. Su Zinan was worthy of being a substitute for the A+ level school team. Under the interference of the mechanical beast, he brushed aside the gunfire.

Lu Ranxu clenched his sweaty palms into fists in the stands, feeling it was a pity that Yun Xingze’s attack missed.

After evading, Su Zinan quickly launched a second round of offense against Yun Xingze.

Yun Xingze barely had room to breath and was forced to dodge again.

Su Zinan’s artillery fire this time was even worse than at the beginning. The audience felt that Yun Xingze must have no move at this time.

Eight minutes into the game, Su Zinan’s artillery fire grew more and more intense.

Yun Xingze still seems to be at a disadvantage.

Oriel nervously asked Zhuo Feiyue: “Teacher, right now, wouldn’t it be better if Xingze gives up now? In case Su Zinan is like the last time…”

“Double star mechas are essentially restrained by meteor mechas.” Zhuo Feiyue watched the game deeply. “Because no matter which mecha is hit, it will cause a lot of damage. For Yun Xingze to be able to remain calm under Su Zinan’s fierce offensive, and not being hit once, is already very difficult.”

Lu Ranxu’s fingers clenched into a fist.

When he fought with Su Zinan last time, he could feel that the firepower of his mecha mecha was far inferior to Su Zinan.

Su Zinan’s mecha configuration is really good, and he can maintain a steady stream of offensive all the time.

At this moment.

Su Zinan seemed to have found a chance and fired a smoke bomb at Yun Xingze and the ugly cat. With a “bang”, Yun Xingze was surrounded by smoke.

Lu Ranxu’s heart leapt to his throat.

Oriel and Zhuo Feiyue’s expressions also turned bad.

The audience nearby agreed that the game was almost over.

“Yun Xingze is surrounded by smoke. He can’t evade anymore, right?”

“In front of a meteor mecha, a mecha caught in a smoke bomb is simply a fish waiting to be slaughtered.”

“Look, Su Zinan is ready to go.”

“The game is over!”

Taking advantage of Yun Xingze’s sight being covered by smoke, Su Zinan controlled the meteor mecha to jump high, opened all his destructive guns, aiming them at Yun Xingze’s mecha from top to bottom.

He was going to beat Yun Xingze into a hornet’s nest.

Lights began to gather at mouth of his guns, the dazzling particle cannon ready to fly towards Yun Xingze.

In the audience, Chi Yu’s eyes widened. At this moment, he suddenly regretted helping Su Zinan refit his mecha.

If Xingze is injured…what should he do?

Although Luo Wenchuan appeared calm on the surface, he sat up straight. His back was taut, and his eyes were tightly fixed on the two mechas.

Lu Ranxu swallowed, and his heart was about to pop out of his throat.

More than a dozen high-energy particle cannons launched out like meteors!

Yun Xingze stood still and didn’t move.

The audience collectively held their breath and opened their eyes wide. They seemed to have predicted that Yun Xingze would turn into a sieve under such heavy artillery fire.

In the midst of sparks and fire…

The moment the particle cannons were launched, the meteor mecha suddenly shook, and the aim of the guns were crooked!

All the particle cannons hit the protective cover instead!

Just when everyone thought it was Su Zinan’s mistake, someone suddenly exclaimed: “Why is it that cat again!”

It turned out that while Yun Xingze’s mecha was caught in the smoke, his mechanical beast somehow rushed out. While Su Zinan was aiming, it jumped up and used chain swords to grab his arms from behind!

Just as Su Zinan’s guns were about to fire, the mechanical beast accelerated, pulling on the meteor mecha’s arms, diving towards the ground behind him.

Under such a pulling action, the meteor mecha’s aim was naturally crooked when firing.

In fact, Yun Xingze could have used this trick before Su Zinan fired the smoke bomb, but he did not.

“Why didn’t he do that earlier?” Oriel breathed a sigh of relief from his tension, feeling scared. “Isn’t he afraid of making a mistake and being by gunfire?”

Lu Ranxu’s back was also sweaty from being overwhelmed by Yun Xingze’s thrilling behavior. He was a bit puzzled and asked: “Is Xingze too nervous?”

Zhuo Feiyue glanced at the two of them and frowned. “You two really can’t see it?”

The two looked at him blankly.

“No matter how powerful a meteor mecha’s artillery is, its energy is limited. It’s impossible to use all its guns all the time.” Zhuo Feiyue looked at Su Zinan’s mecha meaningfully. “Just now, Su Zinan directly wasted more than a dozen of his most lethal weapons, and the powerful particle cannon.”

Lu Ranxu and Oriel suddenly widened their eyes when they heard this.

Yun Xingze is actually deceiving Su Zinan? !

Su Zinan clearly noticed something was wrong.

Yun Xingze seemed to be downwind, but he was not hit by artillery fire at all. He even sold a few low-level flaws, which made him relax his vigilance.

The game has been in for fifteen minutes, and 75% of the meteor mecha’s artillery has been consumed.

Only then did Su Zinan realize the seriousness of the problem.

Is Yun Xingze trying to trick him to use up his artillery, and then fight back?

After understanding Yun Xingze’s intentions, Su Zinan quickly changed his combat strategy.

Seeing the weakened artillery fire, the audience naturally began to talk.

“Does Su Zinan have enough artillery?”

“That cat was so beautiful just now. Wasting so many of Su Zinan’s artillery and particle cannons.”

“So, Yun Xingze has the upper hand?”

“No. Ah, look, Yun Xingze’s reaction speed has also slowed down…”

Although Su Zinan’s offensive has greatly weakened, Yun Xingze’s speed has also slowed down correspondingly.

Su Zinan raised her lips and said with a sneer: “How long can a guy who fails the physical test, let alone in estrus, last. 25% is enough to knock you down.”

Controlling the amount of gunfire, Su Zinan looked for Yun Xingze’s flaws, as he pressed on step by step.

Yun Xingze and the mechanical beast were both forced to the edge of the protective cover. There were some traces of damage on the mecha left by the artillery fire just now.

Yun Xingze still seems to be at a disadvantage.

Zhuo Feiyue also frowned, “Is Xingze’s physical strength reaching its limit?”

“His physical strength returned to Grade C during his estrus period.” Watching Yun Xingze being forced backwards, Lu Ranxu was also anxious.

Chi Yu’s emotions fluctuated as he watched the battle. His entire body was taut like a tight string, staring at the two mechas. He knew that Yun Xingze’s physical strength was very weak, and he used to ridicule Yun Xingze because of this incident.

But now, he couldn’t laugh at all.

He wanted to rush into the arena and call a stop.

Luo Wenchuan’s eyes were full of complex emotions. It stands to reason that Yun Xingze should have used the inhibitor he gave him, and shouldn’t be exhausted now…

Yun Xingze was forced to the extreme edge and corner by Su Zinan’s mecha. As Su Zinan neared, the space he could dodge within grew smaller and smaller.

At this time-

Su Zinan suddenly raised the gunfire and aimed it at Yun Xingze’s right leg. A triumphant smile appeared on his face.

He is about to humiliate Yun Xingze in the same way he humiliated Lu Ranxu.

He wanted Yun Xingze to know that omegas without strength shouldn’t appear in the mecha arena.

He wanted Chi Yu to focus on himself again.

He wanted to take back all the things Yun Xingze had stolen.

The auditorium fell silent.

Everyone’s hearts caught in their throats.

The meteor mecha’s gunfire opened.

Su Zinan fired all his remaining artillery, vowing to break Yun Xingze’s mecha’s leg.

Everyone uttered an exclamation.

Just when the artillery fire was about to hit Yun Xingze’s leg.

The two double star mechas moved at the same time!

Yun Xingze jumped forward at an extremely fast speed, using the protective cover to propel his mecha’s feet. With this force, the mecha’s acceleration reached the maximum in an instant, and the artillery fire from underneath, brushed by nearly hitting him!

Su Zinan’s eyes widened. He didn’t expect that Yun Xingze could actually fight back!

The host machine rushed to the meteor mecha. The latter was running out of artillery. There was no way to aim so quickly, and he could only try to escape.

But the next second!

“Ah-that cat!!!”

“When did it go up?!”

The mechanical beast quickly climbed up with the help of the protective cover, and when it reached a certain height, it directly rushed towards Su Zinan’s mecha.

The huge ugly cat dropped-

“Bang!” from the sky and hit Su Zinan in the head!


Ahahah, the cat strike again!

Cat: 2, Su Zinan: 0, Yun Xingze: Making soy sauce. 🤣


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  1. Avatar SuouNono says:

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    Yashh, beat him up~

  4. Avatar Sekstifire says:

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    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      You’ll have to read on and see. 😉

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