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BATCFO Chapter 34

Su Zinan was smashed into seeing stars. Seizing the opportunity, Yun Xingze controlled the mechanical beast to throw out two light whips to entangle Su Zinan’s arms, and use the turbocharger at the same time to increase the mechanical beast’s power. The sinking force firmly imprisoned Su Zinan’s meteor mecha, and kept pulling downwards.

The audience was stunned by this scene. After a while, they seemed to see something.

“This is… This is Kaleb’s move!”

“That cat is learning Kaleb?”

“That’s how Kaleb fought Yun Xingze last time.”

Su Zinan’s arms were firmly controlled and unable to move at all.

He didn’t expect Yun Xingze’s mechanical beast would explode with such a large amount of energy, just like… a comet mecha!

Yun Xingze intentionally transformed the mechanical beast into a small comet mecha when he was refitting.

He referred to Kaleb’s comet mecha’s structure, modified the limbs and weapons of the mechanical beast to varying degrees, and improved the start-up and response procedures to make it more in line with a comet mecha’s way of operation.

In other words, Yun Xingze’s current mecha is a combination of a double star mecha and a comet mecha.

Su Zinan considered that, at most, this ugly cat would be an interference. But now it feels like he’s fighting two enemies!

As Su Zinan was tied up by the mechanical beast, Yun Xingze unceremoniously drew out two lightsabers and slashed the meteor mecha.

The two swords cut down at the same time; it’s expected the mecha will suffer severe damage.

Just when the audience thought Yun Xingze was going to win.


The meteor mecha used the last bit of energy to open the particle shield, blocking the attack of the two lightsabers!

The particle shield is a last resort on meteor mechas to save the operator’s life. It generates a blue transparent shield around the mecha, which can withstand fierce artillery fire and attacks in a short period of time.

However, this kind of protective shield consumes high amounts of energy and is used at most once per game. Generally speaking, the moment a meteor mecha uses its particle shield is the moment a battle is over.

Either the meteor mecha fights back desperately, or it will be slaughtered after the shield disappears.

Yun Xingze’s mecha held the two lightsabers tightly and slammed against the particle shield, trying to open the cover with force. But the density of the cover was unimaginable, and firmly blocked the sharp lightsabers.

Bright artillery fire no longer appeared, and the confrontation on scene turned to a game between opposing forces.

Su Zinan knew that this was his last chance.

He quickly thought of countermeasures in his brain. He wanted to get rid of the ugly cat immediately and hit Yun Xingze in the head with the last remaining energy. Only in this way could he win.

The game reached twenty-one minutes.

The audience was tortured by the constant reversal of the battle.

Lu Ranxu’s breathing became rapid, and his hands and feet felt cold. Every time he thought Yun Xingze was about to lose, Yun Xingze would perform a miracle. But victory was not so easy; Su Zinan does have the ability to fight.

The outcome will be announced soon.

But no one knows who the winner will be.

Even Zhuo Feiyue, who has ample combat experience, was holding his breath.

Soon, Su Zinan’s mecha moved inside the protective cover!

Resisting the mechanical beast’s light whips, he tried to pull his arms out slowly and forcefully.

As long as he can break free in a short time, then he can…

Just as Su Zinan was fighting against the mechanical beast, it felt as though the whip on his left arm loosened.

“That cat seems to have taken the light whip back?!”

“Can’t hold on anymore?”

“It should be that Yun Xingze’s physical strength has reached the limit!”

“Oh my god, isn’t Yun Xingze in danger…?”

Su Zinan quickly seized this opportunity. He raised the gun in his left arm and prepared to aim it directly at Yun Xingze’s head.

However, he did not have time to fire the gun.

The mechanical cat jumped up with a chain sword in place of a light whip, and slashed directly down on Su Zinan’s left arm!


A huge sound was transmitted to the audience’s ears through the meteor mecha’s particle shield and the protective covering around the arena.

This sound was caught everyone off-guard, and sounded a little dull from the two protective covers.

Su Zinan’s left arm of the mecha was severely damaged from being pulled for a long time. Coupled with subconsciously raising it’s arm, the whole mechanical arm and the shoulder present changed to a perfect 90 degree angle.

Yun Xingze expected that Su Zinan would raise the mecha’s left arm as soon as the light whip was released, so he controlled the mechanical beast to pull out the chain sword at this moment.

The left arm of Su Zinan’s mecha was completely unhinged and fell to the ground.

The audience was in shock at seeing this seen, their eyes widening in surprise.

“What the hell, Su Zinan’s mecha’s left arm was dismantled?!”

“It’s dismantled by a cat?!”

“This is too shameful. The first person in history to be dismantled by a cat…”

The moment the mecha’s left arm was removed, Su Zinan’s face paled from the pain. But the humiliation made him even more uncomfortable.

When facing comet mechas, he can still fight.

But this ugly cat removed one arm!

An angry Su Zinan wanted to continue to fight back, but Yun Xingze took advantage of the meteor mecha’s particle shield vanishing to use the two lightsabers again. This time, forcefully and accurately severing his mecha’s right arm!

The referee reminded on the side: “Student Su Zinan, you can surrender.”

After Su Zinan’s meteor mechas lost its arms, it had also lost any combat effectiveness.

Yun Xingze glanced at the two robotic arms that had fallen to the ground. The Yun family’s mecha company logo were branded on them – both of which were given to Chi Yu by the original owner.

He glanced at the accessories on Su Zinan’s body, controlled the mechanical beast, and removed several accessories with the same logo.

Before long, Su Zinan’s mecha was torn apart.

This kind of scene that only appeared in Kaleb’s battles was perfectly reproduced by Yun Xingze.

Su Zinan gritted his teeth. He had never felt so ashamed in his life.

No matter where he went, he was the strongest omega. But at this moment, he actually lost to a delicate omega!

His heart was full of anger and unwillingness as he stared bitterly at Yun Xingze. But because he lost his arms, he couldn’t fight back and almost smashed his teeth in anger.

Seeing that Su Zinan didn’t beg for mercy, Yun Xingze directly raised his foot and kicked the mecha to the ground.

Afterwards, the mechanical beast steadily rode on Su Zinan’s face, not giving him any chance to counterattack.

Su Zinan struggled a few times, his eyes flush from the humiliation of being ridden by a cat. He couldn’t help turning on the PA system and yelling: “Yun Xingze, don’t deceive people too much! You are just lucky!” He forcefully commanded the mecha’s legs to move, but they only twitched.

The referee began to count down.

Yun Xingze opened the cannon of the mecha and shot Su Zinan’s right leg with a shot, accurately hitting at the same position as Lu Ranxu’s injured part, to avenge him.

Su Zinan’s mecha twitched again, and the right leg of the mecha lost its mobility.

At the end of the countdown, Su Zinan lost.

The audience was in an uproar.

“Yun Xingze bear Su Zinan?”

“Oh my god, Su Zinan’s mecha was disassembled like that?!”

“It’s terrible, is Kaleb driving Yun Xingze’s cat?”

“Uh, isn’t this impossible?”

“What a wonderful game! Can an omega duel be played to such a degree?!”

“Fuck, then the forum coins that I bet to Su Zinan are wasted!”

After Su Zinan lost the game, he left the ruined mecha angrily panting. Looking at Yun Xingze with red eyes, he spat bloody saliva before opening his mouth. “Yun Xingze, don’t you feel embarrassed when you use these dirty tricks?!”

“Then why don’t you feel ashamed of what you did?” Yun Xingze frowned and looked at him coldly, “Every move I used to win the game is within the rules. What’s wrong with you?”

Su Zinan snorted coldly, “What have I done to you?”

He expected that even if Yun Xingze suspected that he had done those things, he would not be able to produce evidence, which is not to be feared.

Yun Xingze stared at him frostily. “Aren’t you the one who reported my pheromone leak?”

“That was also approved by Chi Yu,” Su Zinan smiled happily. “You like Chi Yu, he personally agreed. How is it, are you very sad?”

“The one who should be sad in a while is you.” Yun Xingze stepped forward and stared at him, “There are also forum posts, didn’t you send those too?”

Su Zinan’s figure stiffened immediately. “What evidence do you have?! Besides, those posts are right. You’re a shameless bastard who doesn’t want face. You don’t even have any trash skills and still cling onto Chi Yu. Chi Yu doesn’t like you, his destiny shouldn’t be tied to an omega like you…”

Yun Xingze looked at Su Zinan with cold eyes: “Still arguing. So you don’t think you’ve done anything wrong?”

Su Zinan’s lips were pale because of the injury, as he he sharply responded: “What did I do wrong? I’m just fighting for something that belongs to me.”

He grew up on a barren star, and mixed in the darkness from childhood till now. Every step he took relied on his own strength and scheming to quickly become the strongest omega.

After coming to Xinghai Academy, he was pursued by many people, but few people really appreciate his talents. Chi Yu is the most noble alpha among them, and the only alpha who showed warmth and care.

It’s a pity that Chi Yu has an unseeming fiancee.

But so what, Chi Yu didn’t like him.

Su Zinan always believed that he and Chi Yu were a natural match, and Yun Xingze was just a mistress between them.

The two looked at each other, and the air was so cold that it almost condensed into snowflakes.

The crowd in the audience became excited as they watched the confrontation between the two men.

“Wow, is this a battle between rivals in love?”

“Are they going to fight?”

“Is it for Chi Yu…”

Hearing everyone’s comments, Chi Yu was stunned, and a surprise flashed in his eyes — Yun Xingze got into this situation with Su Zinan because he was jealous?

Then he defeated Su Zinan with the help of the power of love!

Thinking of this, Chi Yu couldn’t help but glance at Luo Wenchuan not far away, with triumphant eyes, as if he was declaring his ownership over Yun Xingze.

Luo Wenchuan glanced at him indifferently, without any emotion in his eyes.

The referee looked at the mecha parts all over the floor and invited robots to clean them up. Yun Xingze wanted to take away those parts belonging to the Yun family, but when he thought that this was given to Su Zinan by Chi Yu, he couldn’t help but stop.

Forget it, they’re ruined anyway.

Finally, Su Zinan and Yun Xingze left the arena. The medical staff asked Su Zinan if he wanted to go to the infirmary, but he refused.

After stepping out of the arena, Su Zinan looked at Yun Xingze and said to him word by word: “What if you beat me? Chi Yu can’t like you. You’re just a B-level player. Go to the forum to see – everyone supports me…”

However, before he could finish his words, Lu Ranxu ran to the back of the arena out of breath and interrupted Su Zinan: “Su Zinan! The things you did were all exposed on the forum a few minutes ago. Why don’t you see who else supports you now?”

Yun Xingze was slightly startled. A flash of insight sparked in his eyes, as he guessed that this was probably Luo Wenchuan’s handwriting.

Su Zinan’s expression froze when he heard the words. Turning on his optical brain in disbelief, he entered the campus forum. His hands and feet were immediately cold, and his strength drained away.

There were three posts at the top of the forum. They were about Su Zinan’s forum posts smearing Yun Xingze, Su Zinan colluding with Carl to slander Yun Xingze, and an investigation into Chi Yu for releasing water against Su Zinan in last year’s competition.

Neat and tidy, and even marked in different colors by the administrator.

In the first post, the various methods Su Zinan used to secretly discredit Yun Xingze was shared, including replies, comments, and the thousands of posts blackening Yun Xingze.

Su Zinan’s breathing became short; he wasn’t even as uncomfortable as he was when he lost the battle.

As soon as this post came out, it meant that Su Zinan’s image of “omega in a new era of independence and self-reliance” established by smearing Yun Xingze completely collapsed.

“It’s impossible, how could these be on the forum…” Su Zinan’s lips were pale, big beads of sweat on his forehead. The next second, he tremblingly clicked out of the post, only to see that the forum was filled with posts sharing the same title.

The titles of these posts are neat and tidy, and they are all-

<Su Zinan Get Out of the Star Naval Academy!>


Again, as much as I hate Su Zinan, I hate Chi Yu more. Anyone notice the growing brain hole in that trash’s mind? 🤮


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  1. Avatar Aries says:

    Yeah he won!!! I knew he was gonna but that had to be humiliating. Deserved tho. I really don’t know how many times xiao ze has to say it before these two incompetent morons realise he doesn’t like Chi Yu! At all! He doesn’t care about him! At this point I’d be done arguing with them as well bc clearly nothing he’s saying is getting through their skulls.

    1. Avatar Kazza says:

      Can’t be helped. They’re both highly delusional and extremely self-centered. It’s so refreshing that Su Zinan is getting the taste of his own poison!

  2. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    Honestly, the only reason I’m more amused in an angry way at Chi Yu than filled with rage is how ridiculously stupid he is. All dumb alpha testosterone and no brain cells. Cheaters are the absolute worst and no one here will ever argue in this scum’s favor! It’s just, he seems too incompetent to pose a threat. Like a chihuahua yapping in the face of an actual wolf. SZN on the other hand? He’s not a genius but he has a scrappy attitude borne out of pure survival instincts, no matter the cost. Used correctly this makes for an intriguing protagonist archetype. This way though? He enrages me. You reap what you sow though- he’s earned this end!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. Avatar owo worm? says:

      don’t be mean to chi yu, he’s just never had a turn with the Dumb Alpha Braincell. probably never will either

    2. komorebi komorebi says:

      Ehh… all I can say is refer back to the novel synopsis for what CY will do. 🤫

  3. Avatar owo worm? says:

    anyone else want to see chi yu get flawlessed by yun xingze? i know i do.
    thanks for the chapter!

  4. Avatar SuouNono says:

    Can’t stand these two havent the largest trash brains thinking everything is about them. Su Zinan is down, Trash Yu, you’re next

    1. Avatar SuouNono says:


  5. Avatar Hadrian says:

    Finally! The dirty water I’ve been waiting for! Chi Yu’s brainhole is evolving to a greater degree each time he even thinks about YXZ I swear.

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      His brain hole is as large as his brain, which is to say, he has no brains!

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