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BATCFO Chapter 32.1

T/N: As a thank you to all my readers and rashidalafari who sent unspecified ko-fis a while back, wish y’all a Happy Halloween with an extra release of BATCFO, RLDRFH, and TWE.

And thank you Emi and Bambi! As this is a split release, I decided to ‘use up’ their ko-fis (even if it was 4/5) so there’ll be an update tomorrow with the rest of this chapter. Guess y’all lucked out – 5 releases this week!

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For Yun Xingze, there was no path for retreat in the upcoming match with Su Zinan. He could only win and not lose.

Therefore, before the start of the game, Yun Xingze has been in a state of intense preparation, constantly building models with various modifications on the optical brain.

On the other hand, Su Zinan was very relaxed. He also specially asked someone to observe Yun Xingze’s state. When he learned that he was rushing to modify his mecha, he sneered and said: “His family won’t give him money anymore. What other tricks can he produce?”

At the same time, Su Zinan believed that Kaleb’s score last year was not as high as his own. He suspected he released water during the match, therefore, Yun Xingze’s victory against Kaleb, an A+ player, was just good luck. What’s more, Yun Xingze is still in estrus and is completely a soft persimmon.

Su Zinan wanted to make Yun Xingze lose more humiliatingly than Lu Ranxu.

Yun Xingze was busy modifying. The modification path he chose was actually very risky. At least in the information he found, no one had done it before.

The focus of his modification is on the mechanical beast.

Yun Xingze found some accessories in Luo Wenchuan’s exclusive warehouse. He scanned the images and sent them to Luo Wenchuan, asking: “Boss, can I take these comet mecha accessories?”

Luo Wenchuan seemed to be busy. It took a while before he replied. “All the things in the warehouse are yours. Don’t ask me next time.”

The two sentences were concise and generous. Yun Xingze couldn’t help but curl his lips after reading it. Moved by Luo Wenchuan’s attitude, he thought that meeting such a boss is probably every worker’s dream, right?

After a while, Luo Wenchuan sent another message: “Why do you want comet mecha accessories?”

Yun Xingze clarified his ideas for modification. Luo Wenchuan should have taken a while to read this text, and was shocked by Yun Xingze’s boldness.

“This is very risky.” Luo Wenchuan replied.

Yun Xingze thought that Luo Wenchuan would not support this. But the next second he sent a message: “Only you can do it.”

Yun Xingze laughed and replied to Luo Wenchuan: “Boss Luo really has vision.”

Luo Wenchuan probably didn’t expect Yun Xingze to say this, and it took a long time before he replied with the word “um”.

Taking the accessories, Yun Xingze found Lu Ranxu was also repairing his mecha in the refitting room. Many parts of his mecha were damaged by Su Zinan, and repairs cost a lot of money.

Because Yun Xingze was busy preparing for the battle, Lu Ranxu asked other people to help with repairs.

But Lu Ranxu’s attention was entirely on Yun Xingze’s mecha.

Since Lu Ranxu learned that Yun Xingze had matched Su Zinan in the fifth round, he was so excited that he couldn’t sleep. He said to Yun Xingze: “God has eyes, Xingze, you must end Su Zinan’s winning streak, so that the guy won’t be proud of it anymore!”

Modifying the mechanical beast with weapons, Yun Xingze casually hummed in agreement.

Seeing Yun Xingze’s modification of the ugly cat, Lu Ranxu curiously asked: “Why are you installing these on the cat?”

The person who helped Lu Ranxu modify also warned: “Classmate, you better not modify the mechanical beast like this. The mental power you assign to it is limited, and you can’t use these difficult weapons.”

This person is also a mecha maintenance professional and is good at refitting. He feels that Yun Xingze doing this is simply a waste of materials.

Although Lu Ranxu didn’t understand, he said to the man: “You refit yours. Does Xingze still need you to teach?”

The man curled his lips and rolled his eyes.

However, Lu Ranxu’s next sentence stunned him on the spot, and the repair tool in his hand almost fell to the ground: “He is a mechanic hired by Luo Wenchuan.”

“Luo…Luo Wenchuan?!”

Luo Wenchuan hired an omega as a mecha master? How strong is his ability?!

The maintenance students watching Yun Xingze gazes changed from disdain to shock to admiration, but Yun Xingze didn’t care. After the modification, he clapped his hands: “Kaleb gave me the inspiration. I imitated his data and modified it.”

“Kaleb?” Lu Ranxu was surprised. “Where did you get his data, ah?”

Yun Xingze smiled mysteriously pointing at his own eyes.

Lu Ranxu: “You can see it? Is this reliable… Forget it, I will go to the scene to see your performance then.”

Every decision Yun Xingze made always felt weird, but it also seemed somehow reasonable.

The maintenance student on the side asked: “Doesn’t Kaleb drive a comet mecha? How do you adopt the data for a double star mecha?”

“No matter what a mecha is, in the final analysis, it’s human strength, stamina, and reaction speed that are amplified when fighting.” Yun Xingze looked at the modified mecha, with a rationality and wisdom in his eyes that did not match his age.

After listening to this passage, the maintenance student fell into a daze, and seemed to have realized some great truth.

At present, Yun Xingze and Su Zinan have both won four consecutive victories, and their performance points are similar. In addition, both of them are the best amongst omegas, so their battle has caused a lot of discussion in the forum.

There are even people who opened a bet on the forum. The bet is in forum currency. Since real currency is not involved, this kind of bet is only entertainment in nature.

Those who support Su Zinan almost have an overwhelming advantage.

“Yun Xingze dare to compare with Su Zinan? Isn’t he just a little richer at home? Su Zinan is a top omega from a grass-roots background, and is much better than this young master.”

“Yesterday the forum deleted a lot of Yun Xingze’s posts, I guess he paid the administrator.”

“I’m really speechless. Isn’t this anonymous forum just for everyone to talk freely? Is he afraid that his scandal will be exposed?”

“His character is also worthy of Su Zinan? Yun Xingze’s reputation on several of the school’s forums is not very good, except for the mecha forums that have been blowing him.”

“He is a B-level, and he is still a B-level. Last time Lu Ranxu was beaten by Su Zinan.”

“I heard that Yun Xingze and Lu Ranxu are friends. Is this the rhythm of revenge?”

“Forget it, Su Zinan is the pride of us omegas. Yun Xingze is nothing. He walked through the back door and should retire. It’s weird that this kind of person can win.”

“Su Zinan is a good-hearted person. Isn’t Yun Xingze just uncomfortable watching him get close to Chi Yu? Che1Onomatopoeia for clicking one’s tongue or spitting..”

There are several forums in the school. Most of the posts come from the gossip forum, and the permanent users of this forum have a very poor impression of Yun Xingze.

Of course, this was all caused by Su Zinan’s continuous use of trumpets to send out Yun Xingze’s various “black materials”.

The forum is anonymous, and no one knew that the posts were made by the same person.

And Su Zinan’s method of smearing Yun Xingze is also very clever.

He never bluntly discredited Yun Xingze. Every time he would throw out some specious questions, such as “Is there a first-year omega in our school who has separated?”, “Is it true there’s an omega who doesn’t know how to drive mecha in our school?”, “I heard that Yun Xingze’s strength is comparable to that of Su Zinan, what do you think?”… and so on. He even pretended to speak as Yun Xingze in some posts, thus provoking more fierce sarcasm.

He doesn’t look like a whistleblower when posting, but firmly controls the direction of public opinion, letting it ferment and using everyone’s imagination to smear Yun Xingze’s image.

Although no one dared to do anything to Yun Xingze in reality, in anonymous forums, people’s hostility continued to grow. They vented and scolded him, while Su Zinan’s followers continued to increase.

Lu Ranxu was very angry when he saw the betting game. He told Yun Xingze about it and said: “I bet all my forum coins on you! Your odds are as high as 4.5. What are these people? So mentally disabled, and bet on Su Zinan? I’m really speechless.”

Yun Xingze did not comment on this, but felt even more that he would win the game.

Before long, the fifth round of the game came as scheduled.

In the middle of the game, many people were already tired, and those who continued to work hard were all rushing towards the goal of the school team.

Yun Xingze was not obsessed with the school team. He spends most of his time enjoying the process of driving mecha and observing various mecha data.

Except for this one with Su Zinan. All other times, he didn’t have much of a desire to win.


Match… almost about to start. Stay tuned for the next chapter tomorrow~


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    Onomatopoeia for clicking one’s tongue or spitting.
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