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BATCFO Chapter 31.2

But the person more surprised than Lu Ranxu was Ke Lei.

Ke Lei found Yun Xingze early the next morning and repeated the question ‘Did Dachuan really sign a contract with you?’ five times, just like a broken repeater.

“Damn, that kid said he didn’t want you. He’s not very honest!” Ke Lei commented on Luo Wenchuan’s behavior.

Then he asked curiously: “Ah, how much salary did he pay? Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.”

Yun Xingze slowly said the number, but did not share the “no cap” condition about additional salary increases.

“Damn,” Ke Lei replied, looking enviously at Yun Xingze. “300,000 star coins a month… It’s good to have money. Just drop money and hire the best mecha master.”

…It turns out that Luo Wenchuan is what he envied?

“If you have a problem with your mecha, you can also find me.” Yun Xingze said to him. “I will give you a discount because you are Boss Luo’s roommate.”

Ke Lei asked with staring eyes: “Really? You said so. No take backs…”

After the two chatted for a while, Ke Lei told Yun Xingze: “Dachuan went home yesterday. Something seems to have happened to his house. He asked me to take you to his exclusive warehouse and have a look.”

“Exclusive warehouse?” Yun Xingze hasn’t heard the word for so long after coming to school.

Ke Lei led Yun Xingze to the southwest of the school. There was a complex of buildings over there, which was not open to students normally.

And Luo Wenchuan’s exclusive warehouse is in it.

“This is the school’s privilege for the first place in the mecha competition.” Ke Lei took out the key to open the door. “Our school was originally one of the top four military academies, but it has fallen over the past few years, so the school give benefits and preferential treatment to those students who can drive mecha to improve the performance of the school team… Although it seems to be of little use.”

After the door opened, Yun Xingze was shocked by the various mecha accessories and weapons stored inside: “So many?!”

“A lot of it was given by the school.” Ke Lei said. “There are also many that Dachuan received when he went on missions. He came from a barren star. Poor children learn to take charge of the house early, so he sold some of the parts received on the black market and kept the rest.

“Mission?” Yun Xingze was stunned. “What mission?”

“Bounty mission… Not knowing is normal. Ordinary people can’t accept them.” Ke Lei replied while showing some of the accessories to Yun Xingze. “Dachuan can actually drive all mechas, so there are many accessories. But his favorite is the lightsaber mecha.”

Yun Xingze looked at these accessories, already thinking about them and beginning to assemble them automatically in his mind.

“Dachuan said, he won’t use these accessories, so if you need them, use them.” Ke Lei said to Yun Xingze, suddenly lowering his voice, “Actually, I suspect that he thinks your mecha is too ugly, but is embarrassed to tell you to change it.”

Yun Xingze: “…How could Luo Wenchuan be this kind of person?”1T/N: LWC is that kind of person!!! He despised you for making his mecha ugly several times!

Ke Lei waved his hand: “I just suspect this. Your mecha is very ugly; isn’t this thinking reasonable?”

Yun Xingze: “Okay, don’t talk about it anymore.”

“By the way, the fifth round grouping list seems to have come out.” Ke Lei looked at Yun Xingze, his tone became serious, “Your opponent is Su Zinan. You have to work hard, don’t lose to him.”

Yun Xingze knew that Luo Wenchuan arranged this for him. He nodded: “I will.”

“Originally, since Su Zinan and I were both on the school team, I should speak for him.” Ke Lei frowned slightly. “But I really don’t like him. A few days ago, Dachuan asked me to stare at an account on the forum because that account posted a lot of black posts about you. I was one of the administrators and later blocked it.”

“So, you mean…” Yun Xingze was a little surprised.

“Yes, the person who posted is Su Zinan.” Ke Lei opened the forum interface. “These are the posts he posted before. I deleted all of them, but kept the evidence.”

He showed the content of the posts to Yun Xingze.

The first post was <I heard that Chi Yu’s fiancée has enrolled in school, does anyone know where he came from?>. This post exposed the fact that Yun Xingze actually entered the school using his relationship, and Su Zinan pretended not to know it. Passersby kept replying, building more than a thousand floors.2As in more than a thousand replies. Floors are a meme or way to say threads or replies

There are many other similar posts, not only secretly satirizing Yun Xingze, but also stepping on Lu Ranxu along the way.

Since Yun Xingze enrolled in school, a total of more than a dozen posts have been posted, with true and false news mixed in, making countless people who eat melons3People who eat melons are those bystanders who don’t have a foot in the game and are simply reading or following along. suspicious.

Because Su Zinan used a trumpet, and other people didn’t know he sent it, Yun Xingze became a shameful omega, and Su Zinan turned into the example all omegas should learn from.

Ke Lei was silent for a long time, and said: “Xingze xuedi, work hard.”

Yun Xingze’s expression was quite calm, far from the “sensitive, irritable, and squeamish young master omega” described in the post.

Ke Lei felt that Su Zinan was shameless, and Da Chuan asked him to right the wrong.

Ke Lei gave the key to the warehouse to Yun Xingze.

Yun Xingze specifically asked Luo Wenchuan whether the accessories inside could be used, and Luo Wenchuan’s answer was “use whatever you want.”

What Yun Xingze wanted was to strengthen the defense of his mecha, so that he could withstand the intensive artillery fire when confronting Su Zinan.

The firepower of meteor mechas is terrible, and he may not be able to avoid it.

But this time, Yun Xingze didn’t care that his mecha would be damaged.

His modification was done with the goal of defeating Su Zinan.

Just when Yun Xingze finished drawing the sketch and was about to upgrade his mecha in the modification room, Chi Yu was suddenly found at the door.

Chi Yu first apologized for reporting Yun Xingze. “I’m sorry, Xingze. I didn’t think about it and should not have found someone to report you…”

“Go away,” Yun Xingze picked up the modification light knife and faced Chi Yu. “I have no time to care about you.”

Chi Yu took a step back hurriedly, his eyes showed guilt. There were light bluish circles around his eyes as he spoke hoarsely: “But I never thought about letting others know about this. Retirement is just a cover. I won’t really report you…”

Yun Xingze remembered the posts made by Su Zinan. It’s clear what Su Zinan’s real purpose is, yet Chi Yu still foolishly thinks that this is just a private matter between them.

“Donate your brain to others if you don’t need it.” Yun Xingze looked at him coldly. “Stop coming to find me to seek a sense of existence.”

Chi Yu’s throat rolled, staring at Yun Xingze, as he said affectionately: “This is all for you. Xingze. We are all important to each other, aren’t we?”

“No.” Yun Xingze resisted the urge to poke him with a light knife. “You hurry up and roll, okay?”

“Xingze, you can be my mecha master. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to recombine with me, I will use time to prove my sincerity…” Chi Yu tried to impress Yun Xingze, “Is this okay?”

“Sorry, I have already become Luo Wenchuan’s mecha master.” Yun Xingze said coldly.

Chi Yu was stunned, jealousy and anger suddenly surged in his heart, causing the emotions from the past few days to explode.

He stepped forward and frowned. “Xingze, what did that kid give you? He is a guy who is afraid of omegas. He will treat you harshly and scold you. He will not treat you well at all, and just wants to squeeze you!”

Yun Xingze curled his lips and said in a mocking tone: “Anyway, he gave more than you.”

Chi Yu’s eyes were more jealous, and he couldn’t help raising his volume: “Do you have to stimulate me in this way?”

Yun Xingze retorted: “Then do you think this stab is irritating?”

“You…!” Chi Yu was very angry.

It took him a while to calm himself down.

Before, Chi Yu would definitely turn around and leave, waiting for Yun Xingze to regret it.

But now he seems to have no confidence.

Even if Yun Xingze becomes Luo Wenchuan’s mecha master, he must hold back his inner jealousy so as not to further deteriorate their relationship.

“Xingze, making you angry wasn’t my goal today.” Chi Yu lowered his voice. “I saw in the fifth round, you and Su Zinan are paired up.”

Yun Xingze expressionlessly looked at him.

“Don’t get me wrong, and don’t be jealous. Of course I hope you can win.” Chi Yu looked at Yun Xingze and said. “But the level difference between you and Su Zinan…”

“You think I can’t beat him?” Yun Xingze raised his eyebrows and sneered.

“So I told Su Zinan, and let him be merciful to you.” Chi Yu looked at Yun Xingze tenderly. “Su Zinan agreed. He said that if you can’t beat him, as long as you beg for mercy, and not forceful like Lu Ranxu, he will consider reducing his firepower. He also won’t care about you insulting him before…”

“You don’t need to intercede for me.” Yun Xingze put away the mecha and turned to leave the modification room. “You tell Su Zinan for me, as long as he kneels and knocks his head ten times when he can’t beat me, I will consider letting him survive.”

Chi Yu shouted behind him: “Where are you going?”

Yun Xingze is going to Luo Wenchuan’s warehouse to look for more lethal weapons.

A bold and unprecedented modification plan quickly took shape in Yun Xingze’s mind.

He just wanted to win this game.

Now, he vowed to smash Su Zinan to the floor to find his teeth.


Chi Yu… buddy, you should just shut up. Pitting everyone around you. And you really should donate your brain; it’s absolute trash.


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  • 1
    T/N: LWC is that kind of person!!! He despised you for making his mecha ugly several times!
  • 2
    As in more than a thousand replies. Floors are a meme or way to say threads or replies
  • 3
    People who eat melons are those bystanders who don’t have a foot in the game and are simply reading or following along.
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  1. CattyCoopster says:

    You don’t donate trash; it should be properly recycled! ♻️
    Let it find a better use in a new shape or form. 🤗

    1. komorebi says:

      Well… for LWC, it’s not even recycled. Just sits there…

    2. Ross16 says:

      Exacto, las universidades necesitan cerebros para estudiar, que él no lo utilice bien no significa que su anatomía no sirva

  2. Thanks for the chapter! That fool waste of a being just lit the fire for our MC, lol! Forget winning, let’s crush that piece of trash snake!

    1. komorebi says:

      Hahaha. Another word for him is cannon fodder. 😂

  3. Panda Eyes says:

    The fight between YXZ n That

    Is it gonna be at least as detailed as when YXZ is fighting Kaleb?
    N is the kitty gonna appear too??

    I’m so looking forward to it. It would be better if the document bout the last result of School Team being cheated is exposed too

    1. komorebi says:

      The kitty will definitely appear. 😄
      As for details… most of the battles YXZ has, where the opponent is named, are pretty detailed. Not sure if they’re more or less compared to Kaleb though.

  4. Ousa says:

    Can’t wait for MC to trash Su Zinan to the ground…
    Thank you for the chapter!

    1. komorebi says:

      Sadly, I don’t think any of them will involve him sitting on an opponent (re: Kaleb) again. 😂

  5. Hadrian says:

    Dear translator,

    Thanks for the chapter! Also, is the school arc going to be over soon? Will Su Zinan get his face wrecked (who am I kidding? Isn’t this already set in stone?)? Will Su Zinan’s dirty laundry be aired soon? Will Lu Ranxu be okay? Please, I’m begging for spoilers….


    1. komorebi says:

      The school contest arc still has a way to go. Should be done in the next handful, though.
      Lu Ranxu is OK. I wish his role was larger in the latter half of this fic though. 😕

      1. Hadrian says:

        Aww…. I’ll miss Lu Ranxu

  6. Sadie Woods says:

    Chi Yu is really a parody of an alpha. He’s irritated me enough that he’s pushed through the hate level for me and starting to get a bit entertaining! Of course, this is mostly due to how stupid of a villain character he is. Su Zinan on the other hand is an actual threat, even if we all know who is ultimately going to come out on top of this match up. He’s smart, but his calculations of his opponents are unfortunately for him based on wrong data. I can’t wait for this fight!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. komorebi says:

      That’s impressive… As a translator, I can’t even get there.

  7. A says:

    No one wants Chi Yu’s trash brain. It will make them too stupid.
    But after reading all those QT stories about the vicious second female/male leads, Su Zinan and Chi Yu are doing such a great job at getting our MCs together. Good job comrades! keep up the good work!

    1. komorebi says:

      And the reward for best wingmen goes to… the cannon fodder! 😂

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