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MSGVB Chapter 1.1

Sorry, No more love.

Translator: Hua

“He’s here!”

“Hush! Be quiet!”

16:30 in the afternoon.

VIP channel of Capital International Airport.

Several armed police officers were lining up beside the extended guard line. Because they were fully armed, the overcrowded airport was much quieter than usual.

Not to mention that the photographer who used to stay here were completely isolated from the guard line. In addition, there were many staff who were carrying professional cameras who looked like reporters from big TV stations were also guarding outside.

There were some passers-by who were unaware of the event, and asked the nearby agent about the situation: “Which big star is showing off such extravagance?”

Most of the staff were well-informed, but some of them were also bewildered by today’s situation.

Someone who knew some inside information answered the passer-by question: “Not a big star, but bigger than a star! It’s the genius boy who went abroad to compete. He returned to China today!”

“…You are talking about the one that swept Europe and the United States in the Mathematical Olympiad before and participated in the International Robotics Competition in the past two years?”

“Yes, that’s him! His name is Jing Xun!”

“I haven’t watched the news these past two days, how is it? Did he win?”

“Of course he won.”

“He won the gold medal. Just look at all these splendor!”

During the discussion, a group of people appeared between the two long guard lines.

The team consisted of several young people, and the one who walked in the forefront, like a moon surrounded by the myriad of stars, was a young man wearing a black baseball cap.

The appearance of this youth was very prominent. From the moment he appeared, the reporters of the TV station and the officials who had been waiting were boiling with excitement.

As a national-level genius, Jing Xun had been competing for the country since he was fifteen years old. In the past five years, he had gone through more than ten competitions, big and small, without fail.

Because he often appeared in the news, anyone who paid attention to current affairs would know him well.

In addition, the frail body and delicate facial features also left a deep impression.

——Although his cheeks were half-hidden by the brim of the hat at this time, it could be judged from the tall nose bridge and thin lips that the boy’s facial features were quite handsome.

However, this beauty had a flaw, he was too thin.

A set of popular domestically made slim-fit sportswear was worn by him, making him look very slim enough to show his slender figure.

It lived up to the expectation that Mathematical Olympiad and computer programming were brain-consuming things.

It wasn’t something ordinary people could do.

Praises and applause appeared at the same time, and countless microphones were stretched over.

“Don’t push!” The staff responsible for maintaining stability spoke out again, and several armed polices promptly took action.

In the past, it was not this chaotic.

However this was a genius who returned home with triumph, this kind of enthusiasm was normal.

But it was clear that the boy belonged to the gentle and delicate type, there were no showing off nor arrogance.

He didn’t appeared angry in the face of the microphones and the cameras that almost shoved into his face. Although his exposed cheeks looked very pale without any blood, he still smiled and answered some reporters’ questions.


In the car, Jing Xun leaned against the seat and breathed slowly.

It was the weather in October, but a thin layer of sweat broke out on Jing Xun’s forehead.

He felt cold. It was cold sweat.

He had to take off his baseball cap, and wipe his forehead with tissue.

In this way, his handsome facial features were completely exposed, the facial line was almost perfect, the skin was white and snowy, and the most prominent feature was the delicate tear mole at the corner of his right eye.

Yet his pale lips made him look very weak, much like the kind of willow-like beauty in ancient poems, frail and delicate.

The three seniors who were riding in the same car with him couldn’t help but worry: “Junior, are you okay? Bear with it a little longer and you will be able to rest soon!”

Jing Xun had been in poor health since he was a child.

He was the type who couldn’t take a step without breathing three times.

After a series of brain-consuming final competitions, he had to take the plane for more than ten hours to return to China, and his frail body was naturally overwhelmed.

The seniors were aware of his physical condition, and they also knew that he was an orphan growing up under the special care of the state. His desperately joining the competition was just to repay the kindness…

These experiences made them want to care for him from the bottom of their hearts.

Not to mention that, although they were the selected elite representatives of the whole country, they were all PhD students, who were much older than Jing Xun.

But in the professional field, they were not as good as Jing Xun.

Take this robot AI competition as an example, if it weren’t for Jingxun’s integration of data to compile a new system and firewall in advance, their team might have missed the championship.

Encountered such a strong and tyrannical schoolboy who was exquisite in appearance and fragile to the touch, who wouldn’t care for him?

Senior 1: “Don’t be afraid, Ah Xun, we will arrive at the place in a while… Hahaha, I will tell you an interesting story. I just read this novel on the plane, and the protagonist has very similar name with you!”

While talking, Senior 1 took out a physical book. Senior 2 could not help frowning when he heard it: “What kind of messy things did you read, how can we let Ah Xun get influenced by it?…”

Halfway through his speech, Senior 2 noticed Jing Xun’s brilliant eyes and long eyelashes fluttering like butterfly wings, and he was suddenly unable to continue.

“Brother Pei, what novel is it?” Jing Xun asked curiously.

Although he was very polite in front of the media, he had always selectively answered the questions related to the competition only. There was no other unrelated things. It felt both upright and pure, like the only unstained spirit left in the world.

But for the people who were close to him, like his teachers, knew that Jing Xun was actually very curious about everything. But due to his physical condition and the lack of energy, he had no time to see and experience anything except professional courses.

Because of this, the seniors always spared no effort to show Jing Xun the outside world.

But this time, the seniors also regretted it a bit.

That book is not in line with the current style of online literature, but a slag novel that was published more than ten years ago. The protagonist, who had similar name as Jing Xun, suffered miserably along the way, and the ending was even more bleak1Don’t ask me how an elite PhD student come across BL novel, I also don’t know lol..

Generally speaking, it was a novel that seemed to take revenge on society in particular.

“It’s okay.” Jing Xun tilted his head slightly, the corners of his pale lips evoked a weak smile, but his eyes remained bright.

“I want to listen.”

“Well, anyway, just treat it as… satisfying your curiosity!”

Senior Pei couldn’t resist the glint in Jing Xun’s eyes. He glanced at the senior 2 who was dissatisfied with him, and began to tell Jing Xun the plot in the novel.

Obviously this senior Pei was very eloquent.

Because of Jing Xun’s physical weakness, he could only close his eyes and rest most of the time. If the seniors wanted to “instill information” into him, they could only speak with their mouths.

So even those with clumsy speech would become eloquent after months of training.

Jingxun knew that the seniors were deliberately coaxing him, so even though he felt uncomfortable at the moment, he still showed interest and listened with great concentration.

He closed his eyes lightly as usual.

In the darkness, after Senior Pei narrated the outline of the story, he heard the second senior indignantly asking: “The gong is such a scum man. How will they become HE?!”

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    Don’t ask me how an elite PhD student come across BL novel, I also don’t know lol.
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  1. Avatar ThatOneCryingInTheCorner says:

    PhD students can read whatever in their free time, ‘intelectuals’ also like to read this kind of thing.

    1. Hua Hua says:

      He’s a man of culture.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  2. littleyen littleyen says:

    Maybe the PhD Student is whether fudanshi or fujoushi (o^∀^o)

  3. Avatar Sekstifire says:

    I dunno about elite, but I came across this novel just fine.

    Personally I thought that someone who does robotics competitions being so famous that he needs police protection was a lot more unbelievable ?

    1. Avatar Chrissy says:

      I know right? I can’t think of a single robotics genius none comes to mind.

  4. Avatar Bernarda says:

    Senior1 ‘s sisster is a fugoshi

  5. Avatar Bernarda says:

    I added one more s a sister

  6. Avatar Reina says:

    Degree isn’t relevant to the things you enjoy XD
    I’m also taking my PhD (post grad studies) but I still enjoy reading BL. And my friends/colleagues saying/asking “you’re still reading yaoi Manga and novels?!”

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