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AFTSGH Chapter 5.1

Yellow hair knew immediately that he had kicked an iron plate and wanted to tell his brothers to flee, but when he looked at Bai Lian who was staring at Sinan Ke, he suddenly didn’t want to run away. Instead, he acted fierce. “How dare you hit my brothers!”

Sinan Ke said seriously, “Be reasonable, I not only dare to beat your brother, I dare to beat you.”

“Go to hell!” Yellow hair raised his fist. When he rushed forward, Sinan Ke greeted him with a smile, evading his fist and putting his hands in his pockets. With a foot, Yellow hair wailed and covered his crotch as he kneeled down. When the two brothers saw this, they hurried over to help him. One punched Sinan Ke, another asked him how he was.

Sinan Ke cracked his neck and grinned. His cervical vertebrae made a sound as he slapped and kicked, hitting his opponent’s chest. The young man flew out with a cry, as another one rushed up. Sinan Ke caught his fist and returned with a fist. Yellow hair saw his brothers being beaten and got up despite the pain. He stumbled and ran over to help but Sinan Ke directly grabbed him by his collar and punched his stomach a few times.

“Hey, aren’t you very good? Don’t you have four brothers? Isn’t it awesome? Didn’t you want me to act cute? Is it like this?”

The person who was kicked down stood up and shouted at Sinan Ke. Sinan Ke put down Yellow hair in his hand, and kicked him over again, “Is this how you act cute?”

Then he squatted down, grabbed Yellow hair who lying on his stomach, and punched him. “Still want me to act cute?”

“Hateful, people are getting angry.” The other two men clutched their injuries and looked at each other. They didn’t dare to step forward to save the others, but Sinan Ke was not prepared to let them off so easily. These little ruffians dared to molest Bai Lian and offend him. If something had really happened, he would regret it for a lifetime!

Sinan Ke walked towards the young man. The other party was so scared that he turned around and ran, but he wasn’t as fast as Sinan Ke. He was hit on the head with a punch. He laid on the ground as Sinan Ke stomped on his back. “Don’t you know how to answer people? I’m~So sad!”

Seeing Sinan Ke’s malice, the two men rushed towards him grimly. Sinan Ke smiled and said, “Hateful~hmph! It’s all your faultl, I’m so angry now.”

He punched one person in the face, kicked another person in the head and smiled brightly, “I really want to cry~” Then he dragged a person and punched him. He hit his chest and said, “Hitting your chest, you baddie~”

He was suddenly caught from behind, and Sinan Ke was taken aback when he heard the person behind him shout, “I caught him! Beat him!”

The two people lying on the ground couldn’t get up.

Sinan Ke sneered.

Hehe, what a joke, I’m a man who can lift an old sow. If they can still get up after these punches, I will call you daddy!

Then he turned around sharply. The man behind him hugged him firmly, so he couldn’t actually shake him off. Sinan Ke grabbed his opponent’s ear with his backhand and pulled down fiercely…


The guy was dragged down. He covered his ear with fear on his face as he fell to the ground.

Sinan Ke chuckled, squatting down and punching him in his stomach, “Bah~ I actually hugged someone, I’m so shy! You are so bad! I’m going to beat you!”

The guy on the ground was beaten, saliva dripping out. It was extremely miserable.

Yellow hair lying on the ground saw his brother being beaten, and shouted, “No, don’t hit anymore! We were wrong! We’re leaving!”

“Leaving?” Sinan Ke grinned and exposed his big white teeth. “Am I not cute? Why are you leaving?” He put down his hands and walked over. Based on his experience in gang fights with others many times that year, Yellow hair must be the boss.

He squatted down, smiled brightly, and said, “Why, am I not cute enough? Why are you leaving now?”

Yellow hair was about to cry. He didn’t know how to answer.

Who the hell wants to see a muscular man who is more powerful than them act like a baby! He wanted to molest the young man who was cuter and prettier than a girl, with big and innocent eyes and long eyelashes.

Sinan Ke reached out and grabbed his ears, “Huh?” He asked, “Why don’t you speak? Am I not good at acting cute?”

Yellow Hair cried and said, “Good, very good.”

Sinan Ke smiled, “I also think so~ Should I continue to act for you?” Then he punched his opponent in the stomach, “Hateful, if you talk like that, I will have to hit you with my small fist!”

Yellow Hair’s mouth began to foam as he spat out. No one knows if he had been struck by thunder or beaten up.

Sinan Ke stood up and looked at the other people with a smile, “Hmph, baddie, I’ll kill you!”

Bai Lian, on the side, was already laughing.

Sinan Ke straightened his coat, walked over, and said, “I didn’t expect that we’ll meet gangsters while hiking… It’s really amazing.”

Bai Lian smiled and said, “Fortunately, you came back early, otherwise I would have suffered.” He was no longer a simple boy. He knew what might happen if Sinan Ke hadn’t arrived in time. He had seen this kind of thing many times before.

Sinan Ke said, “Let’s go. Go back for dinner?” His face was shining brightly as if there were no gangsters looking for trouble. “I’m going to get some ice cream.”

Bai Lian also smiled, “Okay.”

He felt that as long as Sinan Ke was there, he wouldn’t be afraid of anything…

Sinan Ke went back and picked up a plastic bag under a tree, and they went back to the top of the mountain together to continue to have a picnic. Hmm… He had a rather big heart…

Acting cute… is really hard to translate in Chinese because they refer to themselves in third person… like ‘people is so angry’ but it sounds super cringey and grammatically incorrect so I tried to leave it in first person.

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