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AFTSGH Chapter 6.1

Sinan Ke looked at Zhang Jun silently.

Zhang Jun swallowed. He wanted to man up and resolutely reject this shameless guy, but he saw Sinan Ke’s smile growing brighter…

“Just let me know, I’m eager to help. How can I refuse a brother?”

Sinan Ke was happy, and patted Zhang Jun on the shoulder, “Thank you, bro.”

Zhang Jun felt as if he had swallowed three catties of coptis, but he had to put on a smiling face. It was hard to speak. “Don’t worry…” In his heart, he was thinking, I’ll f*** your dad!

[t/n: coptis – bitter chinese medicine]

Sinan Ke said, “You know, Bai Lian is really pretty.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Zhang Jun smiled and responded, thinking that he was indeed good-looking. Otherwise, how would he be fooled by that lad that day and molested a man?

Sinan Ke said, “But it’s easy to attract flies.”

Zhang Jun choked. He swallowed and said, “Yes, yes.”

Sinan Ke said, “You also know that he is my brother. I can’t watch him continue being harassed by others.”

“Brother you are really warm-hearted.” Zhang Jun’s facial muscles kept twitching, but he had to smile and compliment.

Sinan Ke sighed, and said helplessly, “I am also worried by this incident. I have to climb three floors after class and go back and forth more than a dozen times every day. These days, my leg muscles are sore, Say, am I very pitiful?”

Zhang Jun replied with a stiff face, “Big brother, you have worked hard.” He couldn’t help but glance at Sinan Ke’s straight and well-proportioned long legs, and remembered his fear after being kicked by these legs that day.

Sinan Ke looked into Zhang Jun’s eyes and said seriously, “So, at such a time, I have to rely on my brother.”

“Yeah, yeah, what you said is…Huh? Huh? ”

Zhang Jun was stunned, thinking about what Nanke Se said, and only felt that he seemed to have fallen into a trap, but he dared not refuse. He cautiously asked,”Brother, what do you mean?”

Sinan Ke hugged his shoulders, leaned against the wall of the corridor, and said, “Look, it’s a problem for me to run up and down like this. I’m so afraid that Bai Lian will run into an accident soon that I’ve drunk less water these days and my lips have begun to crack. You and Bai Lian are in neighboring classes, it’s convenient to help each other out. You can help me watch over Bai Lian and report his every move to me at any time. If there is something you can’t solve, just notify me, okay?”

Zhang Jun: “…”

Huh? what did you say?

Zhang Jun said awkwardly, “This, isn’t a good idea…”

Then he saw Sinan Ke’s original brilliant expression turned subtle. He seemed to see this guy raise a fist towards him and punched his stomach, then kicked him back a few feet, and beat his nose and face…

“This is not a good idea, how can I only watch for you? Don’t worry, we are brothers. Your problem is my problem, your brother is my brother, your brother’s brother is my brother, and your brother’s brother’s problem is mine. Not only will I help you to look after him, if he get into trouble, I will step forward! Who dares! Everyone are brothers, don’t you agree? Hahahaha~” Zhang Jun felt that he had never been so quick.

Sinan Ke smiled brightly and slapped him on his shoulder, “Thank you, bro! You are indeed a true buddy, I will invite you to dinner next time!”

Zhang Jun smiled stiffly, “Hahaha, no need to be polite… …Aren’t we all brothers?”

Sinan Ke said, “Then, I will trouble you in the future~”

Zhang Jun said, “Hahaha, what’s the trouble with this, it’s just extending a helping hand since I am so close to his class.”

Sinan Ke said, ” Let’s exchange numbers. Remember to send me a text message every day after class. If there is anything strange, remember to tell me… You have PE class with him? This is convenient~ Come on, good brother~ Hand over your phone number!” As he said, he took out his cell phone.

Zhang Jun’s face stiffened, “This…” His eyes moved and said, “I don’t have a cell phone…”

“No cell phone?” Sinan Ke asked with a smile and stretched out a hand directly. Before Zhang Jun could respond, the cell phone in his left trouser pocket was fished out. “You’re obviously not a good student, how could you obediently follow the school rules and not carry a cell phone?”

Zhang Jun: “……”


Sinan Ke didn’t look for his phone number. He directly used Zhang Jun’s phone to call himself, added his contact and input his number into the other party’s phone. He even wrote a note, and then gave it back to Zhang Jun.

Zhang Jun: “…”

“Hahaha, isn’t it much more convenient. Will you contact me more often?” Sinan Ke said, “Then I’ll go first, and I will send you a text message if I have something to do. The same for you, try not to call me. After all, we are still students. We must keep a low profile. Your cell phone is not muted. I adjusted it for you and set it to vibration. Even if we are not afraid of the teacher, we should keep a low profile, right?”

“Hahaha what you said…” Zhang Jun didn’t want to talk anymore…

“I’m leaving.”

Zhang Jun: “Hahaha, go, you are about to be late for class, hurry up~hahaha~”

Sinan Ke smiled brightly, showing eight big white teeth. He waved at him, “bye~” and then turned and went downstairs.

Zhang Jun: “Hahahahahahaha~ bye bye~”

He smiled stupidly, and the students passing by looked at him with strange eyes.

Zhang Jun quickly stopped his laughter and glared back. Those classmates quickly retracted their gaze and hurriedly walked around him. It didn’t take long for Zhang Jun to be left alone. He snorted and turned back to go into the classroom.

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    Thank you for picking this up. Thank you for your hard work translating this. I hope you will not drop this novel. (。•́︿•̀。) have a nice day.

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