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AFTSGH Chapter 5.2

A few days passed. On this day, Bai Lian went to work at the bar as usual and delivered wine to a private room.

There were two men sitting in the private room, one sat on the sofa frowning while the other was whispering something.

When Bai Lian entered the door, the conversation between the two stopped and they looked towards the door. Bai Lian smiled at the two and said, “Sir, your wine.” Then he put the drinks on the table and turned to leave.

He didn’t notice but the gaze of the man sitting on the sofa followed him.

Bai Lian felt that such a day was warm and beautiful. The happiest thing was that Sinan Ke told him to go downstairs every night and gave him food from the place he worked at. The two of them lived peacefully as if they were ordinary high school students.

But Sinan Ke always felt anxious, as if something would happen.

He trusted his instincts very much. During the years when he spent fooling around, he relied on his instincts to escape one disaster after another. So Sinan Ke began to pay attention to his surroundings until one day, when he was attending PE class, he found a man wearing a suit and sunglasses standing outside the school. He was looking into the school with a pair of binoculars. He followed his sight and saw Bai Lian.

Sinan Ke: “…”

When Sinan Ke met Bai Lian again, he secretly took the other’s phone, found the overbearing president in his contact list, and made a call.


Sinan Ke asked the nouveau riche over the phone, “Hello, sir, I want to ask something.”

The person on the phone seemed a little surprised, but his answer was still very arrogant, “I don’t know what is there to talk about. If there is nothing important, please don’t waste my time, just send the money directly to the account I gave you before.”

“Wait!” Sensing the other party was about to hang up, Sinan Ke quickly said, “I want to ask you, what do you mean by sending someone to monitor Bai Lian?”

The other side paused and said, “I didn’t send anyone to monitor the child. I’m a man of my words. Since I said that as long as you pay the money, I will teminate the contract, then I will not do anything to him again.” Playthings like him were something he did not lack, no matter how beautiful and rare.

“Huh? It’s not you? Sorry for bothering you. I’ll send another 300,000 to your account later, please remember to check.” Sinan Ke was still a little panicked, and he politely said goodbye to the man on the other side of the phone. Turning off the phone, he frowned and thought, it’s not this stupid nouveau riche, so who is it…

Although he doesn’t know who it is, it must be someone rich… Sinan Ke had no means. His identity is just that of an ordinary high school student! He simply stared at Bai Lian. Usually, he wouldn’t allow Bai Lian to do things on his own.

Bai Lian didn’t know what happened, but he was very happy that Sinan Ke treated him affectionately and always smiled.

Unknowingly, his tablemate asked him, “Smiling so happily, did you get a girlfriend?”

Bai Lian continued to smile without a word.

After class, Sinan Ke routinely went to the vicinity of Bailian’s class, but saw an acquaintance.

“Yo~ it’s you!”

Zhang Jun, with three locks of yellow hair on his head, was walking along the corridor. The place he was beaten that day was still swollen, and he was looking fearful. He didn’t dare to move much when he walked, for fear of injury.

He hadn’t done his homework today, and heard someone call out to him as soon as he came back from the office.

Zhang Jun’s face turned pale, and he looked back…


Zhang Jun pretended not to see anything and continued to walk forward, but his footsteps had visibly sped up.

As a result, his shoulders were slapped before he could take two steps, and he couldn’t move forward. The hand on the shoulders seemed to be resting, but they were actually grabbing him.

Zhang Jun smiled unnaturally, and turned around and said, “Ahahaha…It’s you, hello, I didn’t expect us to be in the same school.” Damn! Why was he in the same school as this evil star?

Sinan Ke smiled brightly and said, “It’s been a long time, how are you doing?”

Hearing the greeting, Zhang Jun felt as if he had been beaten again, and his wounds were aching. “I-it’s okay.”

“Oh. Which classes are you in?”

Zhang Jun almost cried. What does this evil star want to do!

“Um.” But he also didn’t dare to not answer.

Sinan Ke blinked and said, “So… which class are you in?”

“Class 12.”

“Oh, do you know that Bai Lian is in the next class?”


“Bai Lian, the one you molested that day? That boy, he is in the class next to you.”

Yellow hair was startled.

He really didn’t know this. He rarely attended classes, and occasionally only came to sleep until evening self-study. He usually goes out to Internet cafes to play games, while Bai Lian rarely goes out of class. The latter is a hard-working student, reviewing his homework in class and only going out to the bathroom occasionally.

As a result, these two people in the neighboring class have never seen each other!

“He’s in Class 11.” Sinan Ke said, his eyes were very clean and clear.

Yellow hair was stunned, and his heart nearly exploded. What is this person trying to say? He tried to speak, “Don’t worry, I won’t trouble him, and I won’t bother him when I see him in the future.”

“I know.” Sinan Ke said with a smile, “If you dare, I’ll leave you half-paralyzed. Now that you’ve seen me again, how can you still have the courage?”

Yellow hair: “…”

You bully…ε(┬┬﹏┬┬)3

Sinan Ke said, “Anyway, they say that beating each other up is the best way to get to know another person. Since we are now brothers, do me a favor?”

Yellow hair watched him smile while acting like brothers and wanted to cry again.

Can I say no? (;Д`)

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  1. Avatar Arwah says:

    You can’t, Zhang Jun. My condolences. /plays requiem

  2. Avatar says:

    Thanks for the hard work!
    Regarding the problem with people referring to themselves in 3rd person; most chinese novel readers learn this quite early on (couse at first it’s super confusing reading “This slave is ready to…….” or ” This person acknowledges…….” thus it imprints well in ones memory) and it actually shouldn’t be a problem to use this form of speech while translating (especially since knowing what hard work translating already is, I have such respect), just adding a note (“referring to himself”) at the end of a chapter is enough.
    Back in topic – poor SK never gets a day off to just chill, the little lotus is an epic magnet for lecherous attention (the only good thing is that one can get used to and learn to ignore it, though one does lose hope in humanity, but hey, he’s got SK now!).

  3. Avatar milk says:

    lmao rip yellow hair
    tsym for picking this up~

  4. Avatar Cacecu says:

    thank you for the chapter ^ ^

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