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ARIIFP Chapter 21

We are together

Chapter 21- After rebirth, I decided to inherit the family property


Song Yunran’s heart was overwhelmed for a while, and it was only with his remaining consciousness that he managed to understand what He Ziyou had just said.

He peeled He Ziyou’s dog paws away and asked, “What kind of love are you talking about?”

He Ziyou was rather shy, like a pure-hearted elementary school child who saw people kissing on TV for the first time, and said in a small voice: “Of course it’s the adult kind. Oh, you don’t have to be embarrassed to admit it. I think he is handsome and fits you quite well.”

Song Yunran was stunned for a few seconds before subconsciously turning his head to look at the man who was a few meters away.

Qin Ke did not eavesdrop on their conversation, but just stood there with his head raised slightly. It seemed that he was looking at the moon in the sky. Under the night, the color between his eyebrows and eyes became very pale, but the shadow that fell on the ground was clear and heavy, and a long, thick trace of color was drawn on the ground.

Handsome? He was indeed very handsome.

But He Ziyou actually thought he loved Qin Ke? Furthermore, the kind of love between adults?

Ridiculous, speechless.

Song Yunran didn’t know what went wrong, or maybe, it was simply He Ziyou’s brain that went wrong.

Anyway, he must clarify this matter. “You’re drinking too much. Our relationship is that he should be crying out Daddy to me.”

He Ziyou was not innocent again at this moment. He was shocked and sighed: “Awesome, it turns out you guys play so wild.”


Song Yunran was confused and didn’t understand the relationship between “Crying out Daddy” and “Playing wild”, but his instinct told him that it really sounded a little powerful.

His pride wouldn’t allow him to admit that he was the real elementary school chicken.

So he puffed up his chest and said proudly: “Of course.”

He Ziyou was stunned: “Does Uncle Song and Aunt Bai know?”

Song Yunran choked, “Are you really stupid or acting stupid? How could I tell the family about this.”

Who would tell their parents that they had adopted a cheap son outside?

He Ziyou thought so too.

Who would tell their parents that they were playing a daddy game with a male actor outside?

He was the one who was rude.

“Okay, go back early now that you’ve asked.” Song Yunran pulled him up, then turned to address Qin Ke, “Let’s go.”


The three returned to the upper courtyard of Xicheng.

Song Yunran disliked He Ziyou’s smell of alcohol, and immediately pushed the person into the bathroom to take a bath.

After coming out, he looked at Qin Ke who was standing in the living room. After thinking about it, he pointed to the bedroom upstairs and asked: “Should I help you with your luggage?”

Qin Ke looked at his thin wrist: “No, I can just take it by myself.”

Song Yunran was not averse to it: “Then you live in the first bedroom on the left side of the stairs.”

After a pause, he added, “My bedroom is right next to yours, but I have high requirements for my sleeping environment. Be quiet at night and don’t bother me if you have things to do.”

Qin Ke asked with his usual face, “What thing?”

Song Yunran glanced at him: “You’re already a big kid now, learn how to solve things by yourself, okay?”

Qin Ke smiled nonchalantly. While laughing, he picked up two suitcases and went upstairs.

He didn’t have a lot of things and didn’t plan to stay for long, so he only took out the toiletries and charger that he needed for tonight. After charging his mobile phone, he told Zhong Xiaofeng about the situation here.

After finishing these trivial matters, he clicked on another chat window and saw Song Yunran’s previous message, asking him about the results of the audition for Jianghu Road.

Qin Ke walked out of the bedroom and looked down from the railing on the second floor, only to see Song Yunran and He Ziyou, who had taken a shower, sitting on the floor, both holding their controllers and playing a game intently.

The battle had already entered the heating stage, and it seemed that the Little Boss Song did not have the time to listen to him report the audition results.

Just when Qin Ke was about to turn around, He Ziyou’s wild laughter suddenly came from downstairs: “I won! I told you that you can’t beat me, and you still don’t believe me!”

Song Yunran was not convinced: “One more round!”

Ten minutes later.

Song Yunran: “One more round!”


“One more!”

“No more.”

He Ziyou stretched out, “It’s been half an hour like this, no matter how I gave way for you. Like this, it seems like I’m bullying elementary school students, which is too immoral.”

Song Yunran squeezed the handle of the controller tightly, trying to retort but couldn’t find any lethal words, so he could only stay incompetent and mad with fury.

However, He Ziyou was trampled by his father for too long recently, and now he was finally able to raise his eyebrows and added provocatively: “Xinghe Entertainment, but just so-so.”

“Who said that?” A low male voice came from upstairs.

The two raised their heads at the same time and looked at Qin Ke, who had been watching for a long time.

Song Yunran’s heart thumped.
No way, Qin Ke saw everything that happened just now.

Will he look down on him for this?

Qin Ke went downstairs to the living room, took the gaming handle from Song Yunran’s hand, and sat next to him: “May I help you win it back?”

Song Yunran asked, “Can you?”

He always felt that in terms of Qin Ke’s personality, it would be incompatible with the word ‘game’.

Qin Ke raised his eyebrows: “Try ba.”

After the game started, Song Yunran inexplicably became nervous.

It seemed that what Qin Ke held in his hand was not a controller, but the honor of their Xinghe Entertainment.

He sat in the middle, busier than the two gamers. For a while, he looked at the blood of the characters on the screen. For a while, he watched He Ziyou’s fumbling movements— but more times than not, he turned to the other side to admire Qin Ke’s relaxed attitude.

The colorful combat special effects on TV were reflected in Qin Ke’s dark pupils, but they didn’t make him look a bit flustered.

Even halfway through, he took the time to look at Song Yunran and smiled, “Don’t panic.”

There was a firm certainty in his smile.

Song Yunran was stunned, his eyelashes trembling slightly a few times, not wanting to admit that for a few brief seconds, he was indeed charmed by the handsome Qin Ke.

He had to lower his head and turn his eyes to Qin Ke’s hands.

Still the same white and slender hands.

Compared with the last time when he was peeling apples in the hospital, now those fingertips rose and fell in an unhurried rhythm. If it wasn’t for He Ziyou who screamed and broke the atmosphere, Song Yunran would like to take a picture of this scene with his mobile phone.

Soon, the music symbolizing victory suddenly sounded.

Song Yunran looked up and saw his own game character bouncing on the screen.

He waved his hands, excited as if it was him who had won the game: “Beautiful! He Ziyou, but just so-so!”

He Ziyou was unhappy: “You are not the one who won.”

“The two of us are together. If he won, I won!” Song Yunran smiled and touched Qin Ke’s shoulder, “Right?”

Qin Ke lowered his eyes to look at the shallow dimple on the other’s cheek, and after a few seconds of silence, he slowly raised his eyelids: “Yes, we are together.”

He Ziyou: “…”

It was really annoying and shameless.

Song Yunran relied on Qin Ke to win a round, and finally went upstairs to sleep contentedly.

He slept exceptionally well that night.

After waking up and rubbing his eyes, he remembered that Qin Ke still lived in the next room and hadn’t heard any movement all night.

Today was Saturday, so Song Yunran didn’t need to go to the company.

He laid on the bed and played with his mobile phone for a while. Only after feeling hungry did he slowly get up to wash.

The aunt at home knows his habit of sleeping late on weekends, so she wouldn’t come over to prepare breakfast these two days.

Song Yunran opened the door of the master bedroom while thinking about what takeaway to order. Then he heard a very soft voice coming from the direction of the second floor terrace.

Qin Ke was on the phone: “You don’t need to thank me, you should really thank Song Yunran for this.”

Song Yunran heard his name and immediately hid behind the door and perked his ears up.

Finally he remembered that this was his own house, so what did he have to hide from, and stood outside the terrace openly, wanting to hear what else Qin Ke would say.

Qin Ke said: “He should like your script very much. You can change the script with peace of mind.”

He didn’t know what the other side said, but Qin Ke replied back in a light voice, “Well, Xiao Song is always very good.”

Although Qin Ke had praised him several times before, he thought it was deliberately said in front of him.

Unexpectedly, behind his back, Qin Ke had thought that he was a very good person?

Song Yunran was happy and wanted to hear Qin Ke’s compliments.

It was a pity that the other party turned around and paused after seeing him: “I have something to do, let’s hang up first.”

Song Yunran sighed with regret.

Why don’t you talk? Can’t you say a few more words?

Qin Ke put down his mobile phone. “Sorry, did I wake you up?”

Song Yunran said: “Not at all.”
His house had good sound insulation, not to mention Qin Ke deliberately lowered his volume.

“Did you just chat with Zhong Xiaofeng?” He continued to ask.

Qin Ke nodded: “He didn’t expect Xinghe to buy two scripts directly, and now that person is a bit frightened, afraid of doing a bad job and won’t live up to your expectations.”

“What is there to be afraid of,” Song Yunran disapproved. “You let him continue to modify according to his own ideas.”

Qin Ke laughed: “It sounds like you trust him?”

Song Yunran raised his chin: “The premise of my willingness to invest is, of course, to trust each other first. My vision will not go wrong.”

After all, I’m the big guy with the golden finger of rebirth, he added in his heart.

Qin Ke stayed quiet for a few seconds, then looked at him and asked, “What about me? You signed me into Xinghe because you trust me?”

“You are different from Zhong Xiaofeng.” Song Yunran looked sincere, “I have an obligation to care for you until you grow up healthily.”

Qin Ke: “…”
Sometimes he really didn’t understand the brain circuits of President Song.

Or was Song Yunran already in this state when he was an actor in his previous life, but he didn’t find out because they weren’t familiar at that time?

Song Yunran began to show his ‘father’s care’ on the spot: “By the way, you didn’t tell me yesterday. What was the result of the audition for Jianghu road?”

“We have to wait for them to finish interviewing all the actors.”

Seeing a few erect hairs on his head, Qin Ke wanted to tell Song Yunran that the love in your eyes really didn’t match your appearance, particularly like a younger brother who was pretending to be steady on purpose.

Song Yunran nodded, and the hairs shook with him: “Then how are you doing? I heard that there are many actors competing for the second male lead role, so I won’t lose face.”

Who knew that Qin Ke would reply, “They didn’t let me finish the second male lead part.”

Song Yunran was stunned for a moment. Could it be that his awakening changed the plot of the original?

“So did you try the male three or male four?” He looked at Qin Ke’s expression, and began to feel uneasy, “…it couldn’t be the male five, right?”

Ah, this..
Wouldn’t it be too soon to go head to head with Cheng Jiaming?

Song Yunran thought melancholically, do you want the ten bodyguards prepared by your father to appear on stage in advance?

“Neither.” Qin Ke interrupted his wild speculations and explained, “The director group asked me to try out for the first male lead.”

als: Qin Ke has won back the glory for his little boyfriend!

Im back thankfully, sorry for the long wait! Btw, the release schedule of this novel has decreased to one chap a week every wednesday now TT

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Don’t worry ML, We really don’t understand the brain circuits of President Song & we can actually read them… 😂

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