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ARIIFP Chapter 22

If you lose, you have to call me Dad in the future.

Chapter 22- After rebirth, I decided to inherit the family property. 


Song Yunran was about to collapse. 

It was clearly written in the book that Qin Ke was able to take over the role of second male in Jianghu Road in his previous life, mainly relying on three aspects: 

First, his agent at the time, Xu Ping, was very good at tearing up resources.

Second, Joyous Occasion was successfully released. Qin Ke won the best newcomer award and his popularity soared.

Third, Qin Ke relied on his audition performance to impress the directing team. 


Just like playing a game, to pass the level, you must gather all three props. 

Of the three elements above, one could not be missed.


There should be no problem with the latter two. But in this life, because Qin Ke was out of his mind, his agent had changed from Xu Ping to Chen Jing of Xinghe.

Originally, Song Yunran planned that if Chen Jing didn’t have enough qualifications to talk about Jianghu Road,  he should be able to make up for this small shortcoming by investing some money appropriately in the name of the company. 


The problem was that all of his plans were based on the standard of Qin Ke playing the second male lead! 

Song Yunran held on to a green plant next to him: “Why did they suddenly let you try for the first male lead?”


Qin Ke thoughtfully: “Because of my good acting skills.”

A very confident answer. 

Song Yunran’s heart was completely cold. 


There were indeed similarities in the appearance of the first male and the second male in Jianghu Road.


The problem was that the first male’s character was both good and evil, and it was much more difficult to perform than the second male.


At the beginning, Jianghu Road was delayed in finding an age-appropriate actor who met the standards, so in the end, the character setting had to be revised and they finally decided to have the thirty year old film emperor who won all the three Golden Stars awards for the act. If it were Qin Ke from the time period before Song Yunran was reborn, there would be greater hope of winning the first male role. 


But now that he had just finished filming Joyous Occasion, and had not yet completed the many acting improvement hurdles set by the author. How could he possibly meet the strict requirements of Director Tan Ming.


“Forget it, focus on participation.”

Song Yunran adjusted his gentle tone, comforting him like a father comforting his son who had lost a game. 

He shook his head, then turned around and said, “I’m going to wake He Ziyou up; you clean up. Let’s go out for a big meal together. Don’t be too sad.”


But Qin Ke tugged him from behind: “Wait a minute.”

“What’s the matter?” Song Yunran asked. 

Qin Ke lowered his head, looked into his eyes and asked, “You don’t believe that I can pass the audition?”


Song Yunran’s first reaction was to laugh at Qin Ke’s ignorance of the sky. But when their eyes met up close, he was inexplicably frozen on the spot.


There was undisguised confidence in those dark eyes. 

In theory, such a straightforward look would not appear in someone as emotionally restrained as Qin Ke.


But at that moment, he just saw it. 


Qin Ke had blazing flames in his eyes as deep as the night sky. 


Song Yunran’s nerves were scalded by the high heat. It caused his brain to twitch and said, “Why don’t we make a bet. If you lose, you have to call me Dad in the future.”


Qin Ke said with a smile in his tone: “Xiao Song always gambles too much, did you not think about what to do in case you lose?”

Song Yunran didn’t care: “Don’t worry, I can’t lose.”



Within a few days, Song Yunran put this bet behind him. 

According to the timeline of his previous life, in order to find the actor they wanted for the crew of Jianghu Road, the entire casting process dragged on for a long time, and it was not finalized until Joyous Occasion won an award. 


There was at least half a year left, so he wasn’t in a hurry to recognize his relative at the moment. 

But right now, Song Yunran had a question that needed to be answered by Assistant Tang. 

He asked, “Who arranged for Qin Ke to live in the upper courtyard of Xicheng?”

Assistant Tang replied in a loud voice: “I arranged it.”




Song Yunran didn’t understand what Assistant Tang was proud of.

After he finished betting with Qin Ke that day, he called He Ziyou on the way out to eat. On the way, he called Assistant Tang and told him to tell Chen Jing that she needed to help Qin Ke rent a house. 


It was normal for companies to help their artists solve the problem of accommodations. So after saying hello, he stopped caring. 


As a result, that afternoon, Qin Ke said he received a notice that he could move to a new home, but he was a little puzzled about the new home address.


At that time, Song Yunran was busy arguing with He Ziyou over trivial matters, throwing out the sentence “Stop nagging. If they let you live, then you can live”, then turned around and continued to fight wisely with the hairy boy1Actually the word here is 发小 which means close childhood friend whom one grew up with. .

If he had known this, he would’ve listened to Qin Ke.


Song Yunran was very annoyed: “Why did you let him live downstairs to my house?l

Was it reasonable for the company to pay such a high rent for Qin Ke before he made money?


Assistant Tang thought for a while: “Do you mean that he should live with you?”


But in that case, why bother to inform Chen Jing to find a house? 

Song Yunran almost vomited blood: “Why should he live with me?!”

Why else, of course, because cohabitation promotes feelings ah. 


Assistant Tang was puzzled: “President Xiao Song, please make it clear. Based on the current relationship between you and Qin Ke, where is it appropriate for him to live? ”

Song Yunran: “? ”

Assistant Tang: “…? ”


Between the lightning and flint, Song Yunran suddenly remembered the question He Ziyou had asked. 

Immediately afterwards, he remembered Assistant Tang’s various strange behaviors recently.

At that moment, with a ding on the phone, a message from Shen Yiyi jumped out. 


Shen Yiyi: [Sorry, I was busy with divorce recently and missed the time. Are you in good health? Come out for dinner, you can bring your boyfriend this time.]


Song Yunran frowned: [What boyfriend?]


Shen Yiyi first sent a smiling face before replying: “It’s okay, situations like yours are very common, and I don’t mind.]


Song Yunran’s breathing became rapid: [Boyfriend refers to… Qin Ke?]


Shen Yiyi: [That’s right.]


With a bang, Song Yunran’s mind exploded with a thunderstorm. 

It made his scalp numb. 


Since his rebirth, except for injuries, he has never skipped work or been late almost every single day, and has worked hard to become a serious president. 

But fate returned to him with a scandal between him and Qin Ke.


Song Yunran exhausted his last bit of strength and asked, “Where did you see that from?”

Assistant Tang said, “You guys are too obvious. Not to mention on the day of the banquet I saw Qin Ke, he…”


He kissed you. 

Assistant Tang really didn’t have the face to say the last three words. He looked like a stoned chicken who paid attention to his boss’s relationship all day long. 


Song Yunran was taken aback. 

Assistant Tang’s desire to speak stopped—in his opinion, it meant that he was too ashamed to speak. 


Could it be that Qin Ke did something…? 

Song Yunran had been in the entertainment industry and knew that some artists deliberately picked on others to stir up gossip in order to take shortcuts. 

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that it was possible, and it must be true. 


The reason why Assistant Tang and Shen Yiyi misunderstood was definitely because Qin Ke secretly hinted at them, acting as if he was having an affair with the boss! 

As for He Ziyou, who hadn’t seen Qin Ke before……


It’s just, Song Yunran thought. 

With He Ziyou’s mind, it was not surprising that his brain always made up strange things. 


It happened that at that moment, God seemed to think that Song Yunran was not shocked enough, and used his mind to strike the last thunderbolt for him. 


Assistant Tang received the call and was overjoyed: “President Xiao Song, it’s decided that Qin Ke will play the leading role in Jianghu Road!”


It’s over. 

Song Yunran was completely in despair. 

My eldest son is gone. 



Song Yunran didn’t even know how he spent the next day.


He was like a schizophrenic wandering soul. One second he was angry ‘How could Qin Ke rub on my reputation.’ and the next he would lament ‘How could Qin Ke be successful in the audition.’ 



When he returned home, he laid on the sofa for two hours before finally coming to a conclusion. In the end, the butterfly effect caused by this cannon fodder still shattered the world after rebirth to pieces.  

It was certainly good for the company’s artists to be able to sign with Tan Ming’s first male lead, but after thinking about it, it seemed that this matter had nothing to do with him. 

It was all up to Qin Ke alone to get his hands on such a good resource as Jianghu Road. 



Song Yunran roared weakly, his heart full of frustration. 

In the end, what was the point of his rebirth? 

Song Yunran felt that he had been played hard by fate. Under multiple blows, he decided to break the jar. 


First of all, he has to skip work! 

To his president position, to his Xinghe Entertainment, goodbye everyone! 


Song Yunran did what he said and did not go to the company for several days. 

Even when Assistant Tang called him about Zhong Xiaofeng’s script development, he couldn’t raise his enthusiasm for work.


In the past few days, he slept until he woke up naturally. 

After getting up, he would let his driver drive the fancy sports car in the garage and send him out to play happily with He Ziyou and other friends.

He wouldn’t go home until late at night, and fell asleep after taking a shower. 


Occasionally Song Yunran would think, Ah, I am really a degenerate bad man. 

But when he remembered Qin Ke’s confident appearance on the terrace that day, he would be overwhelmed by great sadness. 


The protagonist and the cannon fodder were really different. 

That night, Song Yunran came back from outside as usual. 


He took the elevator to the top floor of the apartment. As soon as he stepped out of the elevator, he was so frightened by the figure standing outside the door that he rushed back and pressed the first floor button decisively. 


“Who the hell!”

Song Yunran yelled in anger while pushing the door closing button frantically. 


When the elevator door was about to close, someone suddenly reached his hand out and blocked it. 

Song Yunran’s heart jumped to his throat. 

He was the only one living on the top floor of the apartment, so who would wait for him there in the middle of the night. 


Could it be that this was the legendary kidnapping?!


Seeing that the story in his head was already running towards the horrific ending of the kidnappers tearing him apart, the man outside finally spoke: “It’s me, Qin Ke.”


Qin Ke walked into the elevator and looked at the pale-faced Song Yunran, “Sorry, Did I scare you? ”


Song Yunran was taken aback for a while: “What are you doing here?”


“No one answered your phone,” Qin Ke said, “So I came up to take a look.” 


Song Yunran blinked, he didn’t want to see Qin Ke now. 


But in the gap of these few words, the elevator had automatically closed the door and slid down, so he was forced to stay in the narrow space with Qin Ke. 

Qin Ke stood beside him and looked at Song Yunran silently. 

After the news of the signing of Jianghu Road broke out, advertisers with a sensitive sense of smell immediately came to the door, wanting to sign a cooperation while his offering price was not high. 


Chen Jing received two reliable promotion activities for him. As soon as he came back from abroad today, he heard that Song Yunran had not gone to the company for a long time. 

After only a few days of not seeing him, Song Yunran seemed to have lost weight. 


The face was only as big as one’s palm. His chin was so thin it became much sharper, and he had an unspeakably pitiful look.


Qin Ke pursed his lower lip: “What’s wrong with you?”

“It’s none of your business.” Song Yunran turned his back, his tone unhappy. 


Qin Ke sighed: “You turn around first. ”


“I won’t.”

“Turn around.”

“I won’t! ”


Qin Ke raised his eyes to the security camera in the elevator and advised, “I’m afraid the security guard thinks you’re facing the wall.”



Song Yunran turned back silently, his facial features maintaining an angry look. 


The elevator reached the first floor in a blink of an eye. 


Qin Ke asked, “You don’t want me to go to your house, so let’s talk outside? ”

 “I’ll go out when you tell me to?” Song Yunran was particularly rebellious, “Then I am so shameless.”


Qin Ke had no choice but to close the elevator door and press the floor button again. 

The elevator went upstairs again. 


Neither of them spoke this time. 

Song Yunran looked down at his toes and guessed that Qin Ke must think he had a problem.

What president would throw such an inexplicable tantrum with an artist?


Moreover, it was under the premise that the artist had obtained a huge resource by relying on his own efforts. 

But his heart was just suffocating.

He didn’t know who to be angry with. 

When the elevator door opened again, Song Yunran thought about it.


There wasn’t a way to escape all the time. It was better to tell Qin Ke readily: I’ve hated you for a long time, and I don’t want to see you succeed smoothly. 


With a certain idea, Song Yunran walked out of the elevator with his head held high. 

The next second, he looked at the corridor structure that was completely different from the top floor, and asked suspiciously, “Where is this?”


Qin Ke passed by him and opened the door on the right: “My house.”


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    Actually the word here is 发小 which means close childhood friend whom one grew up with.
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