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The Prince and the Frog 10

Qin Lang didn’t talk with Ye Qian for two days in a row.

Ye Qian also chose to remain silent. Time seems to return to the end of last semester but unlike last semester that they didn’t care about each other, this time it’s because they were embarrassed and not sure how to deal with it more.

Ye Qian has been secretly paying attention to him for the past two days. After he felt that he fell in love with Qin Lang that day, he also tried to look at other guys and girls.

The result didn’t surprise him or make him struggle much — his heart beat faster only when he looked at Qin Lang.

He’s not gay, it’s just that the person he like happen to be a male.

After making up his mind, Ye Qian wanted to reconcile with Qin Lang even more but he’s not very good at coaxing people. Qin Lang is someone who explodes easily. He’s afraid that if he mentioned it, Qin Lang would be furious again.

But, now is like the days of the cold war, every second is torture for him.

It was noon, and there was a physical education class in the afternoon. Ye Qian grabbed his food and sat in the secluded corner as usual. He planned to talk to Qin Lang during physical education class so he didn’t notice anyone coming in this direction.

Then the plate he was eating was taken away and the young man skillfully pushed another plate with rich dishes toward him.

Ye Qian looked at Qin Lang in surprise. Qin Lang was alone today, no one was following him around. The young man did not look at him, only buried his head to eat. Ye Qian could only see his blonde hair whirling. Cute. A warm scent from the opposite side slowly entered Ye Qian’s nose.

Ye Qian didn’t know what to say. The young man didn’t look up at him but he looked at the young man with a scorching light in his eyes, watching the young man put the food he had eaten into his mouth.

Ye Qian’s ears turned red and dare not look again. Qin Lang should have seen that he had already eaten his food so on that meal, it more or less stained with his saliva.

That Qin Lang he…it always feels somewhat ambiguous.

“Hou…Another 5 points of favorability.” The system showed Qin Lang a screenshot of Ye Qian’s expression.

“Cute. Another day missed.” Qin Lang was in a good mood so he ate another mouthful of white rice stained with classmate Ye’s saliva.

“…” The corners of the system’s mouth twitched. “I think it might be someone else. You.”

“Why? I am the president!” Qin Lang was dissatisfied.

“Five centimeters decide the gong and shou, have you heard of it?” He didn’t know why but the system voice sounded a little resentful, as if it was deeply hurt by it.

Qin Lang looked up at Ye Qian on the opposite side, indeed he’s five centimeters taller than him. He narrowed his eyes, wanting to look at the other party’s lower body but the dining table ruthlessly blocked his view.

“It is said that the one below felt better?” Qin Lang suddenly wanted to discuss this issue. “Ugh, let’s just call your family Zerozero out. I would like to hear his opinion.”


“Great host, are you looking for me?” Zero’s voice was still as sweet as ever.

“Yes. I want to ask you, is it really better to be down there than to be up there? If so, I will reluctantly accept it.” Qin Lang has always been abstinent. This is not his world, his identity is also different, he thought he could try it. It’s just a love game anyway.

“Well….you should ask my brother this question.” Zerozero said seriously, “Anyway, he always…it must be very comfortable….”

“….Wait wait, what do you mean, are you the gong?” Qin Lang felt as if something had completely collapsed.

“Hey hey, why did the host ask so directly? I won’t tell you anymore…” Zerozero ran away.

Leaving Twenty-Five and Qin Lang with wide eyes, the atmosphere was a little awkward.

“So, you are a bristle1a slang for those who easily lose their temper or angry, the literal translation is fried hair, kinda like exploded lol shou?” Qin Lang thought he was very accurate at judging people, but the result turned out to be a reverse CP?

“Fuck!” Twenty-Five doesn’t want to answer this question, “You have finished your meal, go do your business!”

He doesn’t know why, Qin Lang’s mind automatically played a scene of Twenty-five being pressed to the ground by Zerzero. Zerozero cried while rubbing Twenty-five while Twenty-five was yelling and scolding at the same time….

The life of the system is really…colorful!

“Qin Lang?” Ye Qian shouted again, the other party seemed to be distracted.

“What?” Qin Lang answered him angrily.

“Don’t be angry, last time…I didn’t do it on purpose.” This is the first time Ye Qian has softened his voice and talked to Qin Lang. The deep voice sounded with a certain temptation.

“I’m not mad at you…” Qin Lang murmured in a low voice, “I am…Anyway, I’m just unhappy! It has nothing to do with you!”

“Oh…” Ye Qian didn’t break it, “Let’s play ball together in gym class?”

“Um, okay.” Qin Lang lowered his head and put the last bite of rice into his mouth and asked inarticulately, “How is uncle? Is he better now?”

“Um, much better. He is cooperating with treatment.” Ye Qian looked at Qin Lang tenderly and gratefully, “Qin Lang, thank you.”

Qin Lang hurriedly hugged his arms and rubbed them, disgusted: “Stop talking, goosebumps are rising!”

That’s it, the two reconciled again. When Qin Lang wanted to treat Ye Qian better, he would always look for strange reasons. Ye Qian, who has always been indifferent and silent, would always smile at Qin Lang.

The two became best buddies in the class, as long as they are at school, they are almost inseparable.

The semester is almost over, Qin Lang also brushed up his favorability to 80. 80 is a hurdle, past 80 is love. It was rather difficult but Qin Lang was not in a hurry.

During this semester, Ye Qian’s grades were ranked first, Qin Lang would occasionally get second or third. No matter what he did, he couldn’t get first place. Competing with him for second and third is Chen Ziyu, who was once ranked first.

Speaking of Chen Ziyu, he even fell in love with the female protagonist Han Han during this semester.

What is interesting is that although the two are in love, their favorability towards each other is not as high as towards Qin Lang. What they can’t get, they will always be in turmoil, especially if it is something they once could easily have.

“Ao, why are you first again!” Qin Lang looked at Ye Qian resentfully, “Why are you taller than me! Can’t you let me win once?”

“That can’t be done!” Ye Qian shook his head and refused, “You try to sleep less during the day, maybe you’ll get more than me.”

Qin Lang rolled his eyes, directly laying on the desk, “That won’t work. In order to lose weight, I’m tired to death every day, I just want to sleep in bed. I’m slimmer now, I’m going back to sleep!”

“You’ve slept for a semester.” Ye Qian really can’t do anything about him, “You’re going back to sleep?”

Qin Lang hummed, but didn’t answer him.

“Wait, I will surpass you one day. I’ll make you cry and call me dad…” Qin Lang muttered in a daze. The sunlight coming through the window was warm so he quickly fell asleep.

“Okay. I’m waiting…” Ye Qian lowered his gazes. The blonde boy buried his face in his arms so he could only see his head.

They have agreed to attend the same university.

Ye Qian’s eyes fell on the boy’s exposed fingers. He stretched out his fingers and gently touched the young man. Then, he bent his pinky finger and secretly hooked the other party pinky.

Make a promise with you first, when the college entrance examination is over, I will confess to you. I hope when we get there, you won’t be mad at me again…

“Whao whao whao.” After Qin Lang went back in the evening, he looked at the screenshot the system gave him. “My family Qianqian is so cute! But, he could be even bolder, don’t be afraid to steal a kiss!”

System: “Tsk…” This guy really isn’t some kind of cold male god, right?!

“Say, his real parents are about to find him, right?” After Qin Lang rolled around on the bed, he took the thing beside his bed. It’s a handicraft, the birthday present Ye Qian gave him.

The present is a miniature version of Qin Lang, it’s a porcelain doll. Although Ye Qian didn’t tell Qin Lang but Qin Lang knew, this porcelain doll was made by Ye Qian himself. Ye Qian’s grandfather used to make such handicrafts so Ye Qian also learned it.

In the original story, it is actually the female protagonist who gets to have this present. It’s a pity that it was secretly ruined by a female supporting character who also likes Ye Qian.

“They’ll meet next week.” The system checked the process, “Your old gong hard days are about to be over.”

“Ugh, my hard days are about to begin.” Although Qin Lang said so, he didn’t seem the slightest bit lost.

Qin Lang didn’t want to change the general trajectory of the world. He didn’t want to save the Qin family from bankruptcy at all. Father Qin should also be punished for stealing his competitor’s child and throwing him into the orphanage for profit.

It’s just that Yu Fang didn’t know about it, that’s why Qin Lang left 500,000 so that he could live alone with his mother. If Yu Fang was not here, Qin Lang would have no plans to save some capital.

With his power, building a business empire from scratch is not a pipe dream.

Finally, as the last month of winter vacation approaches, Ye Qian suddenly asked for a week off.

The first day Ye Qian didn’t come, Qin Lang made a lot of calls to him and sent a lot of text messages. It perfectly showed his concern for Ye Qian.

Qin Lang waited until 12 o’clock at night, when his upper eyelid and his lower eyelid couldn’t hold back anymore and wanted to kiss each other, Ye Qian finally replied.

He only replies with a text message, maybe he also realizes that it’s late so he is afraid of disturbing Qin Lang’s sleep. So after considering it, he just replied with a few words: Qin Lang, my family is rich.

The author has something to say: Don’t worry, the system also has some extras!

T/N: colorful system life(๑✧∀✧๑)

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    a slang for those who easily lose their temper or angry, the literal translation is fried hair, kinda like exploded lol
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