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ARIIFP Chapter 20

Do you love him that much?

Chapter 20- After Rebirth, I decided to inherit the family

Song Yunran thought Assistant Tang was complimenting him, and laughed contentedly.


Thinking of his identity as the president, he quickly gathered his smile and put on the cold face that a president should have.


After a series of ineffective operations, he walked into the company and went upstairs to the office under the eyes of several employees whose gazes turned from surprise to affection.


According to his habit, a cup of freshly brewed latte was prepared on the desk as usual.


The ratio of milk to coffee was to his liking. Song Yunran took a few sips with satisfaction before asking, “Have you seen the email I sent you yesterday?”


Although he was at home on vacation, Song Yunran didn’t forget his duty to work hard.


Like reading a comic book when he was a child, he read the collection of works sent by Zhong Xiaofeng day and night. After confirming that Qin Ke’s classmate is indeed his favorite gold medal screenwriter, he immediately asked Assistant Tang to follow up on the development.



Assistant Tang was horrified when he received the documents, and asked hesitantly this time: “President Xiao Song, are you sure you want to shoot the script of the newcomer screenwriter? ”


For a non-professional like Zhong Xiaofeng who had changed careers halfway, it would be nice for ordinary projects to let him go in as a part-time scriptwriter. How can he hold such an important position as the chief screenwriter as soon as he starts.


What’s more, Xinghe actually has to spend money to buy his original script. Isn’t this obviously taking the money to play in the water?


Song Yunran nodded: “I know what you mean. You are afraid that the new screenwriter is unreliable and the company will lose money. But you see, I’m still very cautious. I only bought two of his scripts.”


Assistant Tang’s blood pressure suddenly rose: “Are you going to make two movies for him? ”


Song Yunran was rather regretful: “There is no way, Xinghe’s development strength is only so much, I am too embarrassed to buy all of his scripts to fill the inventory. That would be too wasteful.”


”Do you trust Zhong Xiaofeng that much?” Then Assistant Tang boldly said, “President Xiao Song, this is too inconsistent with the rules of investment, can you give me a reason?”


Song Yunran had no scientific reason to talk about. But he was inspired to use facts as an example: “The results of Equation of Love are there, don’t you see?”


Assistant Tang momentarily felt dumb.


He heard that due to the cheating accident of Chu Xiaochen, the entire project of “Equation of Love” was directly gone, the script tailored for Chu Xiaochen was declared obsolete, and the manpower and material resources invested in the early stage also turned into a bubble in a blink of an eye.


But Assistant Tang still didn’t give up: “Equation of Love” is only a special case, or can you tell me through which channel Zhong Xiaofeng contacted you?”


He wanted to see which demon it was, who dared to deceive their naive and simple Little President Song!


Song Yunran said: “Qin Ke recommended him, is there any problem?”


“How can you believe it so casually

Assistant Tang was about to start spraying, but suddenly his words changed, “Oh, if it’s Qin Ke, then it’s all right. “


Song Yunran: “…”


Why does it suddenly become alright if it’s Qin Ke?

Just because he is the protagonist in the book, does your subconscious trust him unconditionally?


It was very unfair.


Song Yunran was angry for a few seconds, and decided that he would not fight the original will.


Anyway, he can buy Zhong Xiaofeng’s script.


Two people with very different brain circuits have struggled to come to a consensus as the misunderstanding deepens.


Song Yunran is still at least the president, so he didn’t need to appear personally to buy two scripts.


He asked Assistant Tang to find the director of the investment department and let the two continue to discuss follow-up matters, while he himself went to the floor where the actors were interviewed.


Before the interviews officially began, Song Yunran stood at the entrance of the large conference room and observed the new people waiting for their numbers through the glass doors.


The first time he received their resumes, he was keeping an eye on the famous actors from his past life, and among the dozens of people present today, there were several future traffic artists, as well as those with few fans but excellent acting skills.


Song Yunran looked at them like a farmer uncle who was looking at the gratifying growth of the crops in the field, and smiled happily.


He nodded contentedly and while thinking about Xinghe’s glorious future, he walked into the small meeting room next to him for interviews.


As soon as he entered, the artistic1previous translation was ‘artist director’ but apparently the most correct job title for this is artistic director! sorry about that director called out to him, “It’s not time for the interview yet, so go next door first and wait.”


Song Yunran raised the brim of his cap: “It’s me.”


“President Xiao Song?” The artistic director made a fuss and quickly explained, “I’m sorry, I didn’t recognize you, I thought it was an actor who came to the wrong place for an interview.”


  Song Yunran replied “It’s okay” and sat in the middle seat.


  The artist director sat on his right, and turned his head several times to look at the president beside him. Finally, he suppressed the desire of persuading Song Yunran to make his debut, and then asked, “Should we start now?”


Song Yunran nodded: “Let’s get started. “


 When the actors arrived at Xinghe, they all received a script for the live audition.


In addition, they have to prepare a performance that they are best at.


Finally, the comprehensive scores such as the result of the two trial performances and the appearance of the actors are combined as the criteria for Xinghe’s admission.


After the interview began, every actor who came in looked at Song Yunran in surprise. Those who watched Song Yunran’s live broadcast were okay, but those who had not watched the live broadcast were simply at a loss.


Judging from where Song Yunran sits, he must be an important figure in the company.


But judging from his overly superior appearance, he looks too much like their peers.


Could this be Xinghe’s unpublicized artist?

Could he show up here today just to put pressure on us?


It was worthy of being a company that uses hot search to post recruitment notices. Normal people can’t think of this kind of trick.


Once the pressure rises, everyone performs even harder.


Many people performed extraordinarily and achieved self-breakthrough in this short interview.

After the interview that lasted late into the night was over, Song Yunran really found a few good seedlings that he didn’t know about before.


He did not intend to choose actors exactly according to the fame standards of his previous life. After all, whether they can be a popular artist or not depends on whether they have good luck.


For example, Song Yunran firmly believes that if he were not a cannon fodder in his previous life, he would have put Qin Ke in the ground long ago, and there is no need to wait for the word ‘daddy’. 


A few days later, the interview results came out. The company hired a total of seven actors, with three men and four women. At the same time Zhong Xiaofeng also signed the contract and sold the two scripts in his hand to Xinghe Entertainment.


After Song Yunran finished two major events one after another, he felt that the word president on his business card became more vivid.


He made persistent efforts and called the artistic director into the office: “During the interview that day, what is the name of the third female agent sitting on my left?” 


The artistic director recalled a bit and asked, “If you mean the one with short hair and long face. Her name is Chen Jing.”


Song Yunran hadn’t heard much of this name in the company, and asked, “Who does she have in her hands now?”


“There is only a male group formed before, and last year they were sent to participate in the talent show to gather some fans. Currently they are operating quite well.” The artist director introduced.


Song Yunran did not understand: “She does not have actors in her hands?”


He clearly remembered that on the day of the interview, Chen Jing acted very professionally, not only did many of her views coincide with his, but she was also able to accurately look at several famous actors from his previous life.


The artist director said, “In fact, at the earliest time, Fang Zhou was brought by her. But then the two fell out, Fang Zhou made a scene to the previous boss and forcibly changed agents.”


Song Yunran suddenly became interested: “How did they fall out?”


The artist director choked before saying, “She wanted Fang Zhou to sign as a local drama male lead.”


Song Yunran: “!!!”

So in this whole company, there are indeed outstanding people who shared his heroic views!


Song Yunran thought for a moment: “Then let her be Qin Ke’s agent.”


After work, Song Yunran received a call from He Ziyouwho was asking him to meet at a bar tonight.


As a person who doesn’t like to drink, Song Yunran couldn’t understand He Ziyou’s love for alcohol. He originally wanted to refuse, but He Ziyou threatened to break the friendship between them, so he finally had no choice but to agree.


I can’t help it. He’s a child of low intelligence. Xiao Song always has to condescendingly cooperate a little.


The bar agreed by the two was near the upper courtyard of Xicheng.


Song Yunran went home for dinner, changed his clothes and walked to the place of appointment.


The moment he entered the bar, He Ziyou’s loud voice burst out: “Do you know how miserable I’ve been lately!”


Song Yunran was shocked, and hurriedly asked to show his concern.



He Ziyou had already had a round of drinks alone and said with a red face: “It’s all because you and Shen Yiyi joined forces to deal with the scum. My father knew that Ningdong had gotten a piece of land from Shen, and now he scolded me every day for not striving, saying ‘you should learn from Song Yunran, who can already help the family, while you are still a waste who does not know how to work hard’. Can I be convinced after he said this?”


Song Yunran ate the fruit and said, “You have to be convinced ah.”




He Ziyou gave him a glance and continued to complain, “My dad is old and dizzy, but I’m not blind yet. Our friendship from kindergarten can’t fool me. You and I are the same. Your goal in life is also to be a rich second generation who eats and waits to die, right?”



Song Yunran couldn’t bear it anymore: “Nonsense, I have a great goal!”


He Ziyou didn’t believe it: “Really, but I don’t see you doing anything.”


Song Yunran immediately counted up his fingers to He Ziyou: “I’ve been in the company for only two months, but do you know how many great things I’ve done to achieve my goal? I invested in the movie that Qin Ke acted in, I drove away the ill-intentioned trash Wancheng and signed Qin Ke into the company, I bought the scripts written by Qin Ke’s classmate, and just a few hours ago, I even helped Qin Ke choose a particularly good agent!”


 I am only one step away from my lifelong goal of being Qin Ke’s father, do you understand!


“It seems to be quite a lot.”

He Ziyou was about to be persuaded, but after taking a sip of wine, he reacted, “No, what does this person named Qin Ke have to do with your great goal?”


Song Yunran smiled mysteriously, “I won’t tell you.”


He Ziyou felt more and more sad.


Ever since last year, he felt that his best friend had changed.

 The former Song Yunran couldn’t think of becoming a president nor inheriting the family’s property. Such troublesome things, It’s rare for them to do since childhood.


Moreover, since entering Xinghe, he(HZY) didn’t know what he(SYR) was doing but, Song Yunran has been busy every day. And the contact between them has become less and less.


It was even more excessive now. Song Yunran kept telling him about Qin Ke and counted how much he contributed for this person. In the end, he wouldn’t even tell himself about the relationship between them.


“You don’t love me anymore, you have someone else out there.” He Ziyou seriously accused.


Song Yunran sighed and patted his head, “Don’t think about it, when I’m done, I’ll take you as my son, Daddy’s love will always be by your side, okay?”


He Ziyou said angrily: “Fuck off! I’m your father!”


Just as the useless trash talk was released, he heard Song Yunran mutter: “By the way, I have to ask Qin Ke how his audition went.”


He Ziyou was so depressed that he called for another dozen drinks, and thought sadly, sure enough, the internet was right.


Love does not disappear, it only shifts.


The message that Song Yunran sent to Qin Ke was like a stone sinking into the sea. He refreshed his WeChat every now and then, but did not receive a reply.

In the end, he could only convince himself that Qin Ke might be busy, and it was not that he was deliberately ignored by an adolescent rebel.


He wanted to continue chatting with He Ziyou, but when he turned his head, he found that he(HZY) had already stood on the sofa and sang about little frogs.

Song Yunran looked at it with contempt and used his phone to record a live candid shot of He Ziyou so that he could save it to ridicule him in the future.


Then he put away his cell phone, stepped forward and grabbed the other person: “Let’s go, my friend, don’t embarrass yourself outside.”


Drunk He Ziyou is still pretty reliable. After he gets drunk, he doesn’t cause much trouble except for singing childhood golden songs.

After paying the order, Song Yunran resisted his friend’s broken voice and the meaningful eyes of passer-bys, and helped He Ziyou to the upper courtyard of Xicheng. He planned to let He Ziyou sleep at his place tonight.


When passing an old building, Song Yunran suddenly found that the figure standing under the streetlight was a little familiar. He put He Ziyou on the bench by the roadside, took a closer look, and found that it was really Qin Ke.


 It was night time. Why did Qin Ke come out with so much luggage?


He hesitated to go up and say hello, but Qin Ke had already turned his face to the side. When he saw him, he smiled lightly: “President Xiao Song, what a coincidence?”


 Well, I was out with my friend and just happened to pass by.” Song Yunran remembered that Qin Ke had said that he lived near the upper courtyard of Xicheng, and now it seems that he really didn’t lie to him.


Qin Ke glanced at He Ziyou who was lying nearby: “Can your friend still walk? ”


“Yes, don’t look at him like that, he can walk fast.”


Song Yunran thought for a while, then pointed to his luggage and asked, “Are you going on a long trip? Have you reported it to the company? ”


Qin Ke said, “No, the landlord sold the house, so Zhong Xiaofeng asked me to move to his place.”


He didn’t talk in details. In fact, the landlord suddenly told him this afternoon that the house was sold and gave him two hours to pack his luggage.


But Qin Ke was still attending the audition for “Jianghu Road” and did not receive the news in time. When he returned, all his luggage had been packed and placed outside the door. Otherwise he wouldn’t have to go to Zhong Xiaofeng’s temporarily in the middle of the night.


Song Yunran had never rented a house, so naturally he couldn’t guess the reason. But as the president of Xinghe, his sense of responsibility instantly rushed to his heart.


“Qin Ke, you are an artist from Xinghe, how can you share a place with others?”


Song Yunran made a decision quickly, “I don’t think you should go to Zhong Xiaofeng’s house tonight. First, go to my house and sleep for one night. Tomorrow, I will ask the company to arrange an apartment for you. You take your things and come with me. ”


Seeing that he had made a decision by talking to himself, Qin Ke couldn’t help but be taken aback.


The person who is more shocked should be He Ziyou, who had just gotten up from the bench. He was half awake after being blown by the cold wind for a few minutes, and as soon as he opened his eyes, he heard Song Yunran inviting the man named Qin Ke to live in his house, and said that he would help Qin Ke find an apartment.


He Ziyou sat in the same place. When Song Yunran came to call him, he stretched out his hand like a wandering soul, hooked his(SYR) shoulder, and whispered: “Yunran, you tell me the truth.”


Song Yunran: “?”

He Ziyou had mixed feelings, both gossipy and sadly asked, “Do you love him that much?”


The author has something to say:

He Ziyou: (Devil whispers)

Als: Guys, I’m still having an exam so there’ll be no chapters for 2-3 weeks. I’m very busy this october and november so I will try my best to make up previous chapters on December. Sorry and thank you! 

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    previous translation was ‘artist director’ but apparently the most correct job title for this is artistic director! sorry about that
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