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ARIIFP Chapter 12

When his younger brother is in love, how can his elder brother not be happy for him?

Chapter 12- After rebirth, I decided to inherit the family property. 

“Joyous Occasion” is a thrifty crew. Even if they get the 20 million invested by Xinghe in excess, they did not intend to use it for extravagance. Instead, they booked the final banquet in a home-cooked restaurant opened by local residents.

In order to accommodate the crew, the restaurant owner arranged the entire dining table in two long rows in the hall, making it look like a Harry Potter movie restaurant with a slightly more pleasant atmosphere.


Song Yunran and the others came late, and there were only three seats left on the front table.

The two adjacent ones were obviously prepared for him and Assistant Tang, and the last empty seat was reserved for Qin Ke. With a very normal arrangement, Song Yunran didn’t feel that there was a problem.

Who knew that when he was ready to walk over amidst the wave of greetings, he saw Assistant Tang sitting on the seat that should have belonged to Qin Ke without squinting his eyes.


Song Yunran: “?”

Qin Ke: “?”

The two looked at each other, with the same confusion on each other’s faces, and finally sat side by side in doubt.


Everyone had arrived, so the restaurant owner led the waiters to come out.

In a short while, the two rows of long tables were filled with delicious home-cooked dishes of all colours and flavours, the fragrance evoked people’s index finger, and the surrounding atmosphere suddenly became more lively than before.

But the excitement was all theirs, while Song Yunran only had endless question marks in his mind.

He absent mindedly picked a piece of cabbage and looked at Assistant Tang from a distance, always feeling that something was wrong with this person.


When Assistant Tang noticed the boss’s eyes, he looked up and smiled confidently.

President Xiao Song, there are not many sharp assistants like me these days. Remember to raise my salary at the end of the year.


Song Yunran: “…”

He turned his face thoughtfully, touched Qin Ke with his elbow, and asked in a low voice, “Don’t you think Assistant Tang is acting weird?”

Qin Ke was startled, seeing the other party’s clear eyes staring at him seriously, and with a completely familiar attitude towards him as if he was one of his own, he had to put down his chopsticks and guess: “Maybe he got motion sickness on the road.”  

Song Yunran disagreed: “But you see how well he eats. “

What’s more, he never knew that Assistant Tang had motion sickness.

Qin Ke looked over there subconsciously, and had to guess again: “That’s because of too much work pressure. “

Although it is already not easy to be an assistant to the president… But once he considers that Assistant Tang’s job is to assist Song Yunran, he thinks that the possibility will be doubled.


Song Yunran: “Ah, maybe that’s the case. “

In fact, don’t say Assistant Tang, didn’t he himself also couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night yesterday?

Thinking about this, he was very moved, and he didn’t forget to take the opportunity to educate Qin Ke. “From now on, you’ll learn a lot from others. But no matter how big the difficulties are in front of you, you must work hard and never shrink back, remember that. “

Make sure you make money for me and recognize who your real dad is in time..   


Qin Ke lowered his eyelashes speechlessly, what do you want him to learn from Assistant Tang, hit you with the door?  


On the other end of the long table, a kind smile appeared on Assistant Tang’s face.

He is a few years older than Song Yunran, and knows the boss’s personality better than other Xinghe employees. Not to mention that the idea that Song family had instilled in him: ‘Yunran is spoiled by us at home, you must keep an eye on him when you are outside’, has caused him to sometimes look at Song Yunran as if he was looking at his relatives’ brother.


When his younger brother is in love, how can his elder brother not be happy for him?

Assistant Tang has established a set of logical self-consistent theories in his brain, and he smiled and took a big bite of rice.

Very good, even President Xiao Song and Qin Ke don’t know how to keep themselves lowkey. They really couldn’t help whispering in public. It was really embarrassing to watch.


After eating half full, everyone began to chat while drinking.

Song Yunran didn’t drink well, so he didn’t even touch a drink of alcohol tonight. He only mixed with the audience with a cup of tea.

He is an investor, and no one dares to control whether he drinks or not but Qin Ke, as the actor with the shallowest qualifications in the crew, can’t hide. After a while, waves of people came to him for a drink. 

It’s not that they want to get him drunk maliciously.

It’s just that in the past two months of filming, the crew members have a very good impression of Qin Ke. Thinking that as soon as he is finished today, they don’t know when again they will get a chance to cooperate in the future. As soon as this feeling comes up, everyone can’t help but want to have a drink and chat with him.

Song Yunran didn’t care at first, but after a while he couldn’t sit still.

He now has a subtle cub-protecting attitude towards Qin Ke. Taking advantage of the fact that there are no other people waiting beside him at this time, he asked unhappily, “Can you stop drinking.”

Is there not enough water in his brain?


Qin Ke turned his head and said: “Hmm?”

“Hmm what hmm?” Song Yunran frowned, “I tell you, as an actor, you must know how to refuse properly. In the future, you will have a lot of meals to participate in, so how can you drink everyone’s wine? Now you don’t even have an assistant yet, and no one cares what you do if you are drunk.”


When it comes to being drunk and nobody cares, Song Yunran is too experienced.

In his past life, it was because he drank a whole can of beer that he would lie in bed and dream about the truth of the world, so much so that after waking up, he returned to his pre-debut era.

 Although this is a good thing for him, what if Qin Ke unfortunately encounters such a situation someday? Originally, it was already good to become a big star, but then suddenly you returned to the tough early stages of your career in just one night, all the contacts and status of the works that had been accumulated through hard work were gone, wouldn’t your mentality completely collapse?  


 Song Yunran thought about it for a while, and the more he thought about it, the more terrifying he felt, and said with a straightened face: “You know nothing about the horror of alcohol.”


Qin Ke smiled softly.

He didn’t know what Song Yunran had been put through in the matter of drinking alcohol, but he inexplicably felt that Song Yunran’s appearance of seriously promoting the dangers of alcohol was a bit cute.


So he replied: “Then can I drink tea?”

Song Yunran nodded in satisfaction: “Sure, just drink it.” As soon as the voice fell, Qin Ke suddenly leaned over.

The seats of the two of them were already very close. As he approached, the smell of clean laundry detergent on his clothes was mixed with a faint smell of alcohol, and they floated into Song Yunran’s breath together.


That kind of wonderful mixture is not unpleasant, but it’s just a bit embarrassing. Song Yunran was stiff all over, not good! Is this drunk crazy?!


In the next second, Qin Ke had already sat back and took an empty cup, picked up the teapot he had just got, and poured water into it.

Song Yunran pursed her lower lip. Oh, so he took the teapot.

Really, why doesn’t he say it in advance.


“President Xiao Song…” The director’s vague voice sounded at the right time, and he was a little choked as he listened to it, “Thank you so much this time.”

 Song Yunran followed, and saw the director’s flushed eyes as he raised his wine glass to him. He continued to say: “You don’t know yet but “Joyous Occasion” is a script written by my father before his death. I wanted to shoot it, but the investors all withdrew midway. I almost sold the only thing my father left behind. A house…”

No, I knew it a long time ago.

Song Yunran replied in his heart, but still politely replying on the surface: “I also fancy the quality of the script before I decide to invest. Your father is a very talented elder, and he will definitely be proud of you.”

The director was stunned. Unable to hold back under the mix of sadness and joy, he cried out with a voice of “whoo1crying sounds“: President Xiao Song whoo whoo! I will repay you as a cow and a horse in my next life!”

Song Yunran’s eyelids twitched and fell. It doesn’t have to be like that.

Let’s be human, okay?


Seeing this, the sane producer next to him quickly got up and carried the director away: “Sorry, he is drunk.”

“It’s okay.” Song Yunran smiled understandingly.

The crew was under great pressure, and he had not seen anything else that is strange happen at the final banquet.
But this contrast…

Qin Ke doesn’t seem to look drunk?


He lifted his eyes to look at Qin Ke on his side, and found that the other party’s white skin was not red, and there was no turbidity in his sharp-shaped eyes ,and he looked very sober.

Qin Ke sensed his gaze, and was just about to say something but the producer had already returned and sat next to them. The producer looked at them: “There is something I was going to talk to Qin Ke tonight, but since you are going to join Xinghe, I have to ask for President Xiao Song’s opinion.”

The tone was very formal. Song Yunran also cheered up: “What’s the matter?”

The producer said, “I have a friend who is a casting director. He is currently helping a crew in the preliminary preparations, so he revealed a little bit of news to me and asked me to look out for new faces.”  


Qin Ke held the tip of his teacup and said:” Do you want to recommend me for an audition?”

 ”Yes, of course, it depends on whether you want to go or not, and whether President Xiao Song agrees or disagrees. ”

The producer lowered the volume and said in a mysterious tone of underground party connection, “The specific situation is still in the confidential stage. It is not too detailed. I can only say that it is a martial arts film by a major director.”

Qin Ke: “…”

Song Yunran: “…”

Do you mean “Jianghu Road” directed by Tan Ming? The two thought of it calmly.

Seeing that they were indifferent, the producer emphasized again: “It’s really a big director, and you will know it by then. From my personal point of view, if Qin Ke can ride this bandwagon, he will not have to worry about resources for at least five years.”

Song Yunran sighs silently. He was sure that Qin Ke’s audition would succeed, but there will also be Cheng Jiaming in the crew of “Jianghu Road” eyeing him. He didn’t want to let Qin Ke go in and break his shoulder.

“Do you want to try?” He decided to consult the party first.

Qin Ke raised his eyes and stared at him for a few seconds, and finally replied in a low voice, “Yes.”


What “Jianghu Road” left him, in addition to the betrayal of his former classmates and old wounds that are difficult to heal, there is also the regret of reluctantly quitting in the middle. That kind of regret stems from the importance that a serious actor attaches to a good script, and even if he works hard for a lifetime, he can’t reduce this desire in his heart.

Song Yunran was startled. For a moment just now, he seemed to see a certain sense of firm conviction in Qin Ke’s eyes.

Did I see it wrong, he thought, Qin Ke doesn’t know what kind of movie it is.

It is estimated that the new actor does not want to miss the opportunity to cooperate with the big director. “In that case, I will trouble you with the recommendation.” Song Yunran said to the producer.

It’s not a big deal if he arranges ten bodyguards for Qin Ke on the crew, and he does not believe that Cheng Jiaming can still hurt Qin Ke.

After the parties agreed, the final banquet was also coming to an end.

The other crew members were discussing a possible extension of the contract. Song Yunran didn’t want to participate in this scene, and called Assistant Tang, who seemed to be back to normal, to go back.

Before leaving, he called Qin Ke out of the restaurant: “We will prepare the contract as soon as possible. Remember to be smart these two days. No matter who comes to you again, you can’t promise them. Beware of Zhao Siyu, you know?”


The weirdness in Qin Ke’s heart rose again: “Have you met Zhao Siyu before?”

Song Yunran had no choice but to lie to him: “I planned to debut last year, and the agent that my family contacted me was him. But then I learned that he is an incapable person, and I felt that I was more suitable to be the president, so you have the opportunity to stand here and talk to me today.”


Unexpectedly, when Qin Ke heard it, a trace of regret flashed under his eyes.

He was quiet for a few seconds before speaking slowly: “In fact, if you are willing to shoot, you would also become a good actor.”

Song Yun was in a daze for a moment.

What do you mean, did Qin Ke see his acting talent at a glance?


Or is it that his overbearing temperament has long deeply conquered the protagonist of the original?


Song Yunran put on the ruthless face of the tyrant: ”You have good eyes.”

After turning around, he couldn’t help but raise the corner of his mouth.

Translated by als


SYR: *raises chin proudly*

Hey guys, this is actually the last chap that I can keep my eyes on. After this, I’ll be busy with exams and probs have no time to come here (though I’ve scheduled chaps in advance so this month’s updates should not be affected and will be released as usual) 

My point is actually, if you see any errors in future chaps since some chapters were done in a rush please lmk in the comment so that I can fix it after I’m done with my exams lol. Thank you!


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