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ARIIFP Chapter 13

What a fine conscience enterprise with artistic sentiments

Chapter 13- After rebirth, I decided to inherit the family property. 


 In the evening, Xinghe Entertainment official weibo released a news that the “Joyous Occasion” has come to an end.

  The attached picture is the working photo provided by the crew and the final photo released today.


  A week has passed since the turmoil of Fang Zhou’s contract termination. The hot headlines in the entertainment industry have long been changed, but everyone still keeps an eye on the company that has a peculiar style.   

  As soon as Weibo was released, netizens who watched the excitement attended on time:

  【I’ve never heard of anyone from the director to the actor. I thought Ningdong was going to enter the entertainment industry in a big way, and that was it? 】

  【Checked that the director has made several niche themes with a good reputation before. It should be his first time to try commercial films. Let’s wait and see.  】

  【What is there to look forward to, looking at it- it will definitely flop】

  【What are you talking about? Who is the handsome guy in the black shirt in the photo? Very well. I want all his information in three minutes.】

  【Oh, you guys can accept it again. It’s really superficial. As we all know, making movies is not a beauty contest, and being handsome can’t make you money.】


  Well, it’s not a question of whether handsomeness can give you money or not for the time being, anyway, most people’s eyes are sharp.


  The people in the company’s publicity department are not stupid, and they know who is the best to be used to promote “Joyus Ocassion” at this stage. Most of the selected photos are based on Qin Ke as the center of the composition. In addition, Qin Ke’s original fans took the opportunity to sell wildly in the comment area. Amway, Qin Ke’s number of fans has skyrocketed overnight.


  When Song Yunran heard the news the next morning, his right hand holding the mouse trembled slightly.

  He looked at Assistant Tang, who came forward to announce the good news with a complex mood, and thought to himself, could this be the protagonist’s aura? With just a few photos posted by the company, he could attract fans without even buying a hot search?


  You know, when he debuted in his previous life, Wancheng Film and Television has been on a hot search made by the Water Army for a long time.


  Song Yunran couldn’t say whether he was happy or sad, or some envy was mixed in it.

  He thought for a while and asked: “How much attention does everyone pay to “Joyous Occasion”?


  Assistant Tang said regretfully: “It seems that more attention has been paid to Qin Ke…” 

  At this point, he couldn’t help feeling ashamed of his joy just now. He didn’t see the big picture at all. 


  Song Yunran nodded: “Forget it, the movie has just finished filming, there’s no hurry.”  

  As soon as the voice fell, Assistant Tang’s cell phone rang.

  He pressed to answer, and after understanding the other party’s intention, he covered the microphone: “President Xiao Song, some media would like to ask you for an interview, saying that they would like to talk to you about the experience of investing in “Joyous Occasion”. When would it be convenient for you?” 


The surprise came so suddenly that Song Yunran was startled first, and then there was a burst of excitement in his chest.


  Has it  finally come? The legendary interview with the president.

After his rebirth, he watched a lot of videos of his parents’ previous interviews.The momentum of his parents sitting in front of the camera talking eloquently, not to mention the prestige.


  Thinking about it this way, Qin Kezhang’s Weibo fans suddenly became not worth mentioning.


  Song Yunran cherished this rare opportunity, and said quickly: “The sooner the better.”


  Assistant Tang: “…”

  I have never seen such an active president.



  The interview time was finally set at six o’clock in the evening two days later.


  “Entertainment Directly on the Spot” is an online media with the theme of live interviews.

  Unlike other peers who only look at the heat in everything, they are more inclined to pay attention to some new but unique professionals in the industry.


  When Xinghe Entertainment and Fang Zhou had a dispute over their contract, they paid attention to this company. This time, seeing that Xinghe actually invested in “Joyous Occasion”, they became more and more convinced that this company did not take the usual path.


  In general, most of the bosses of this kind of entertainment company are literary and artistic youths.

  In order to avoid showing timidity in front of Xinghe Entertainment, “Entertainment Directly on the Spot” also specially sent the team’s most senior film critic Shi Lin, and wanted to show a deep collision of souls for the majority of netizens in the live broadcast.


  At five thirty, Shi Lin drove to the film and television cultural industry park where Xinghe Entertainment was located.

   He parked his car outside the company gate and looked up to admire the small three-story building, which was no different from other company buildings in the park.


  ”Obviously relying on Ningdong, but is still able to maintain such a low-key and practical style, Xinghe is really extraordinary.”

  Shi Lin expressed his feelings in his heart, and asked the accompanying photographer, “What a fine conscience enterprise with artistic sentiments, don’t you think so?” 


  The photographer rolled his eyes while carrying a large bag of equipment: “Can we go in quickly, do you know how heavy this pile of things is.”


  Shi Lin coughed awkwardly a few times and gave up communicating with the photographer.

Forget it,let’s use our energy to communicate with the president of Galaxy Entertainment, he must be able to understand his thoughts.


  The two walked into the door and explained their intentions to the front desk.

  The front desk checked the identities of the people who came over, then smiled and got up to lead them to the third floor.


  Several people came to the door of the president’s office.


  The front desk knocked on the door: “President Xiao Song, the reporter for the interview is here.”

  Before she came up, she notified Assistant Tang in advance. Before the people inside came out, she already took the initiative to help open the door for the visitor.


  Shi Lin has rich experience in the industry and is ready to smile professionally at this time.

  But then, he heard a sentence from inside:“Are they already here? Come on, come on, lend me your glasses, they all say I have a special aura wearing glasses! ”


  Shi Lin’s smile stiffened for a second:“…”

  He should have misheard it.


  When they entered the office, Assistant Tang, whose glasses had been snatched by the boss, squinted and greeted them.

  He learned the lesson and introduced himself: “Hello, I am President Xiao Song’s assistant, my surname is Tang.”


  Without the modification of the gold-rimmed glasses, Assistant Tang’s elite aura has also been weakened by more than half.

  Shi Lin did not have a common misunderstanding, smiled and said hello, then turned to look at the young man sitting behind the desk.


  Song Yunran specially styled himself before going out today.

  A dark-textured suit with a silk tie tied into Prince Albert’s knot. The fluffy forehead was wiped back with hairspray, revealing a smooth and full forehead, not to mention the gold-rimmed glasses that were just snatched on the bridge of the nose.

  At first glance, it seems that it is both calm and sophisticated, yet fashionable and exquisite, and it is possible to shoot a group of fashion blockbusters directly.


  Shi Lin was immediately amazed by Song Yunran’s appearance. He settled down, and took the initiative to step forward and stretch out his hand: “Hello.”


  Song Yunran controlled the expression on his face, and stood up and shook hands with him without a rush: “Hello.” 


  After a few brief greetings, Shi Lin asked the photographer to set up the machine.

  While waiting, he sat on the sofa to confirm the outline of the interview. Considering that the interview was a live broadcast, he thought that he should first explain a few precautions to the interviewee.


  As a result, as soon as Shi Lin looked up, he saw Song Yunran saying to the photographer: “Remember to turn the light more to the right. I look better from this angle.” 


 The photographer tried it suspiciously:“It’s true, I can’t believe you still did a research on this line. ”


  Song Yunran likes to hear others praise him most, and now proudly puffs up his chest: “Of course.”


  He used to cooperate with many well-known photographers to shoot blockbuster films, so he learned a little bit by his ears and eyes.


The appreciation in Shi Lin’s eyes became stronger and stronger. Sure enough, he(SYR) really is a tasteful film lover, even in his daily life he values the skills of lighting and photography so much.


  After everything is assembled, the time approaches six o’clock.

The two sat on two single sofas prepared in advance, with the bookcase in the president’s office as the background, and it looked quite good.


  After the live broadcast signal was connected, Shi Lin immediately introduced to the camera: “Hello, friends in the live room, this is “Entertainment Directly on the Spot”, and I am Shi Lin. Today we have Song Yunran, the president of Xinghe Entertainment. President Xiao Song, please say hello to our friends.”


  Song Yunran waved his hand skillfully: “Good evening everyone.” 


  The live broadcast has just begun and there are not many audiences.

  But even so, when the camera was aimed at Song Yunran, the barrage still brushed a piece of question marks neatly.

  Is this the face value that a president should have? Something’s wrong, it must be that the beauty filter is full.

  Everyone looked at Shi Lin next to him while defying, and then fell into silence one after another. It doesn’t seem to be a beauty filter, after all, Shi Lin is still the same Shi Lin they are familiar with.

  Beyond the camera’s reach, a computer was showing Shi Lin the barrage. As early as on the first glance that he saw Song Yunran, he had already guessed that the barrage would react like this. It seems that today, no matter what, at least the total appearance of President Xiao Song can attract traffic, and he can complete this week’s KPI.1A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving key business objective


  Shi Lin nodded in satisfaction, chatted for a few words and then turned to the main topic: “As far as I know, the crew of “Joyous Occasion” encountered a shortage of funds in the middle of the year. What caused you to decide to send charcoal in the snow?2雪里送炭 (Xuě-lǐ-sòng-tàn) Send charcoal in a snowstorm means Offer help when help is needed.


  Song Yunran said: ” Of course it’s to make money.”


  Song Yunran’s overly frank answer made Shi Lin stunned on the spot. He looked at the sincere-looking Song Yunran and then at Assistant Tang who was standing behind the camera nodding silently, and found that this was different from what he thought.


Shouldn’t you be a company that comes up and talks about emotions?


  Shi Lin still didn’t give up: “But I don’t think that “Joyous Occasion” is like a movie that can burst at the box office. So in addition to making money, there must be other reasons, right?”


  Song Yunran frowned, he had extremely high expectations for today’s interview. Unexpectedly, it didn’t take long for the interview to begin, and the pace of the interview has become extraordinarily awkward. But after a little thought, he knew what Shi Lin was thinking about.

  He shook his head and denied: “There is no other reason. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to want to make money, just like you work to get a salary. Only if a good work gets the reward it deserves will it encourage everyone to make better works to give back to the audience. ”


  Shi Lin nodded absentmindedly, and all he thought about was — how did this President Xiao Song always think completely different from what he thought.


Didn’t all the deep soul collision questions he prepared in advance be in vain?


He had to urgently ask several follow-up plans urgently and change the subject to another matter.


  ”In fact, netizens have paid attention to Xinghe Entertainment, many of which are due to the contract termination incident a while ago. I believe that too many people have asked about the contradiction between you and Fang Zhou…”


  Song Yunran explained in time: “I have no contradiction with him, and also no one has come to ask me.”


“ … Okay. “Shi Lin continued to follow the script,“But I noticed that you mentioned “Equation of love” in the recording. At present, it seems that this will be a typical mature commercial film. As an investor in “Joyous Occasion”, what do you think of it?


  Shi Lin no longer expects Song Yunran to jump out as a sentimental representative to criticize the assembly line commercial film. This interview was completely different from what he had imagined and now he just wants to complete the interview step by step.


  Unexpectedly, Song Yunran was taken aback.

  What ideas can he have, he just wants to call on all investors to withdraw quickly.


  Seeing that he did not speak, Shi Lin had to continue to ask: “Since you said that the Fang Zhou is not suitable for “Equation of Love”, you must have a certain degree of understanding of it. Just a few words will do, even if it is a blessing to your peers.”


  Song Yun Ran originally wanted to skip this topic, but when she heard Shi Lin’s words, he suddenly became happy. 


Yes, since he is the only person in the world who knows the ending of “Equation of Love”, even if it can’t be too obvious, he can still be a vague reminder!


  According to the timeline,the male protagonist of this movie has now cheated on his marriage, and sooner or later he will be exposed. However, he could still save the director a little bit.


  Song Yunran made up his mind and said aloud: “Then I wish they can choose a really suitable actor, and I wish their director can be a good citizen who abides by laws and regulations.”


  As soon as the voice fell, Shi Lin closed his eyes helplessly, and the barrage exploded instantly.


  Qin Ke, who had just clicked into the live broadcast room, frowned unexpectedly in front of the screen.


Translated by als

  • 1
    A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving key business objective
  • 2
    雪里送炭 (Xuě-lǐ-sòng-tàn) Send charcoal in a snowstorm means Offer help when help is needed.
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  1. Avatar lowtide says:

    Lol, poor interviewer! If he was expecting an artistic person, maybe it wouldn’t have been too strange to hear “I was reborn and know the future” and take it as some sort of ~artsy~ bit?? Thanks for translating!

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