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ARIIFP Chapter 11

What are these two people doing in private...

Chapter 11- After rebirth, I decided to inherit the family property. 

Within three minutes of the whole process, the two happily reached an agreement.

“Then it’s settled.”

Song Yunran heaved a sigh of relief, and then urged, “Okay, go back to the studio, the crew is ready to set off for the banquet, don’t waste time here.”

Qin Ke nodded: “Okay, let’s go. ”

Zhao Siyu, who was stunned and watched the whole process:“…”

I am standing in front of you, yet no one cares about me anymore?

It turns out that no one really cares.
The two of them just walked away in front of him.

Song Yunran wanted to settle accounts with Zhao Siyu before, but now that he saved Qin Ke’s dog’s life, it was when he was in the best mood, and he didn’t want to care about the little things of his past life anymore.

Anyway, Zhao Siyu didn’t understand it, and in the end, he could only feel depressed by himself, so he might as well focus on how to teach Qin Ke.

When he was about to get to the studio, Song Yunran was still looking at Qin Ke while walking.
Perhaps it is the relationship between their identity and relationship that has changed, and now the more he looks at Qin Ke, the more pleasing he is to the eye.

He is indeed the protagonist appointed by the author. He is handsome with tall legs and a long face. Just a little worse than himself.

After Song Yunran assessed with satisfaction, he suddenly saw Qin Ke still holding Zhao Siyu’s business card in his hand, and he was suddenly unhappy: “What are you doing, not hurrying up and throw away the business card.”

Qin Ke said helplessly: “There are no trash cans on the road. ”

“ … Oh. ”
Along the way, Song Yunran kept his eyes on Qin Ke and didn’t pay attention to the public facilities. He cleared his throat and said, “Then remember to throw it later, this thing is too unlucky. ”

Qin Ke looked at him thoughtfully: “You hate Zhao Siyu? ”

Song Yunran was righteous: “Can’t I? It’s not like you didn’t hear it just now. He actually slandered my company in front of me. Wouldn’t you be angry if you’re in my place?”

Qin Ke thought about it: “It’s alright. ”

After all, Zhao Siyu didn’t mean to insult him to his face. First, he has a big misunderstanding about Xinghe, and second, he doesn’t know that someone is hiding behind the wall and eavesdropping.

Song Yunran never expected such an understatement. He sighed and looked at Qin Ke sadly, thinking that you are too ignorant of the dangers in the world, so stupid, what should father do with you.

Qin Ke:“? ”

Is it his illusion? Song Yunran’s eyes seem to be a little bit looking at him with……

The two returned to the studio in a strange atmosphere of looking at each other.

The crew booked a place in the restaurant near the set, and when they left, the large group had already set off first.
Seeing that they were finally back, the producer who stayed behind and waited hurriedly ushered in: “President Song, you and Assistant Tang will also come to the finale banquet tonight, and have fun with everyone. ”

Song Yunran, as an investor, of course has the qualification to participate in the final banquet.
He nodded and asked “Is it far away? ”

“It’s nearby. “The producer replied, “It can be reached by car in ten minutes, but the navigation may not work well. Remember to remind the driver to follow us closely. ”

After discussing it, several people came to the parking lot together.

The producer pressed the car key and naturally said to Qin Ke: “The co-pilot’s seat was scratched by my daughter a while ago, so you can sit in the back. ”

Qin Ke was just about to speak, and Song Yunran spoke: “He’ll take my car.”

The producer froze: “That’s not so good. ”

“What’s wrong with it. “Song Yunran said, “He is now an artist in Xinghe, and it is normal to use the company’s car. ”

Everyone present:“…”

What happened, why is it that in a blink of an eye, Qin Ke became an artist in Xinghe?
What about the agent who came to him to sign the contract before, where is the other person, how are they doing?

Compared to others, Assistant Tang’s heart is like stormy waves. He held his gold-rimmed glasses steady and watched Qin Ke walk towards President Xiao Song’s apple-green Maserati. He inexplicably felt that this scene was worth thinking about.

Unfortunately, the time is short and Assistant Tang didn’t have time to think about it, as he was urged by Song Yunran to get into the car.
He sat in the passenger seat next to the driver, fastened his seat belt, and heard that the two behind him had talked.

Song Yunran: “Did you throw away the business card? ”

Qin Ke: “Threw it in the studio. ”

Song Yunran: “It’s almost the same. Fortunately, I arrived in time just now, otherwise, it’s too tragic if you’re deceived by Zhao Siyu to Wancheng. ”

Assistant Tang pondered secretly, he knew of Wancheng but nothing about who Zhao Siyu was, and where did this “deceived” and “tragedy” comes from.

  Qin Ke also had the same confusion: “President Xiao Song always thought that I can’t go to Wancheng? ”
  Of course not, Cheng Jiaming is there waiting to harm you.

  Song Yunran was in great pain. He knew everything but couldn’t tell it all. He was really panicked. After thinking about it, he could only vaguely say: “Don’t look at Wancheng acting like a big family, they have a lot of internal contradictions. Take Zhao Siyu for example, many of the artists in his hands are also very competitive. If someone go in without a background like you, you will definitely be eaten with no bones left. ”
  Qin Ke frowned and didn’t speak.

  He was wondering why Song Yunran knew Wancheng so well, and why Zhao Siyu thought naturally that Song Yunran would be an artist rather than a president of Xinghe.
  Song Yunran thought he was afraid, and kindly comforted him: “But it’s okay. You are my person now, and I will cover you in the future, so you don’t have to pay attention to Wancheng. ”
  Qin Ke’s thoughts were interrupted, and he could only say softly: “Thank you, President Xiao Song. ”
   Assistant Tang sitting in the front row held his forehead speechlessly.

  If it hadn’t taken into account that his monthly salary depended on Song Yunran, he really wanted to turn his head and complain. Please objectively compare the status of Xinghe and Wancheng in the circle, but if you have at least a little conscience in your heart, you’ll have no face to say the four words “It’s just Wancheng”.

  Fortunately, this was not heard by the boss of Wancheng Film and Television, otherwise people would really make a big deal out of it. You might have no choice but to vent your anger on Qin Ke, who is covered by you…
  This is not right.

  Wait a minute……
  Assistant Tang’s brain thoughts suddenly stopped abruptly, slowly paying attention to another problem.
  What do you mean“ “You are my person now”? !
  He stared wide in horror and looked back from the rearview mirror. He saw Song Yunran leaning lazily on the back of his chair, with an indescribable smile in the corners of his lips, looking so affectionate and relieved. His eyes were locked on Qin Ke, and didn’t move for a long time.
 If Assistant Tang has the special ability to read his mind, then he will definitely hear——
  Song Yunran: [Now you know how much dad takes care of you, I really want the driver to play “Father” on radio to influence you rebellious son earlier.]

  But the key is that Assistant Tang is just an ordinary person.
  The ten minutes from the parking lot to the restaurant was enough for Assistant Tang to think about a lot of things.

  He thought of Song Yunran carefully browsing Qin Ke’s weibo, thought of Song Yunran waiting to watch Qin Ke filming on the set without eating, and thought of Song Yunran temporarily regretting not agreeing to arrange an assistant for Qin Ke.

  Finally, he thought about while everyone didn’t know it, Qin Ke suddenly became a signed artist of Xinghe.
  What are these two people doing in private…
  Assistant Tang couldn’t help but get anxious, how can this be good.

  Mr. Song asked him to report President Xiao Song’s itinerary regularly, but President Xiao Song is an adult after all, and he is still an adult with the wealth of money. If he has any adult thoughts, do I also have to report something to you in a great detail? Mr. Song?
  It’s too difficult.
  He sighed deeply in his heart, greatly feeling that an assistant’s job was not easy to do.
  The sound of knocking on the window twice woke assistant Tang from anxiety. He turned his head hastily, only to find that he had arrived outside the restaurant without knowing when, and the initiator of his anxiety was looking at him outside the car with a puzzled face.
  Song Yunran found that his assistant was a little sluggish at the moment, and he couldn’t help but sink and ask, “What are you doing? ”

  It started to rain halfway outside, and Assistant Tang didn’t get off early to help him with an umbrella. He actually asked his dignified president to come out and ask him to get off?
  Thinking of this, Song Yunran turned his head and looked at Qin Ke again. Seeing that Assistant Tang didn’t respond just now, Qin Ke took the initiative to take out the umbrella in the car and stand outside to greet him. Even the driver in the front row didn’t move as fast as he did. It can be seen that children can be taught.
  Qin Ke held the umbrella with one hand, and when he saw that Assistant Tang was ready to push the door and get out of the car, he took two steps back. Then he saw Song Yunran still standing stupidly in place without moving, and Assistant Tang, who seemed flustered for some reason, opened the door without lifting his head as if he hadn’t seen the boss.
  Seeing that the car door was about to hit Song Yunran, Qin Ke couldn’t watch it anymore: “Be careful. ”
  Thinking about whether there was something wrong with the people of Xinghe Entertainment, he reached out and grabbed Song Yunran’s wrist in time and pulled him over to his side.
  The ground was a little slippery, and Song Yunran was pulled off guard, so he staggers and his feet almost hit Qin Ke.
  A few drops of rain dripped into his neckline, causing a chill. Song Yunran was trembling with cold, quickly squeezed into the umbrella, stared at Qin Ke inexplicably and asked, “What are you pulling me for?” ”
  Qin Ke replied helplessly: “You almost got hit by the door. ”
  He said this very softly, and it was directly overshadowed by the sudden increase in wind and rain.
  Song Yunran didn’t hear it so he approach him a little closer, while raising his face and asked “What?”
  Qin Ke had to lower his head a little, and his lips leaned to his ear: “You blocked the door. ”
  ”Oh. ”
  Song Yunran nodded in understanding, and as soon as his eyes turned, he saw Assistant Tang with his hand on the side of the car door, one foot on the ground, frozen there as if he was broken, and then suddenly activated. Just like that, he got off the car and walked stiffly and quickly to them.
  What the hell is going on, Song Yunran can’t figure it out.

  It wasn’t until the three of them finally entered the restaurant gate that he took advantage of Qin Ke’s chance to put his umbrella down and quietly cared for his subordinates: “Are you feeling unwell? Otherwise, I will ask the driver to send you back earlier, don’t push yourself.”

  Assistant Tang wiped the rain on his face: “No, I’m fine. ”
  Song Yunran was half-convinced: “Are you sure you’re alright? Don’t be in a daze if you’re okay. Qin Ke just entered our company, you have to cheer up and perform well. ”
  Don’t let others think that the assistant to the president of Xinghe Entertainment is only this level.
  Assistant Tang coughed dryly: “I understand, President Xiao Song. ”

  He closed his eyes and recalled the scene he saw when he got out of the car. If he was not mistaken, Qin Ke did kiss Song Yunran’s ear under the cover of an umbrella.
  That’s it, that’s it.
  Let’s hide it from Mr. Song first.
  Assistant Tang took a deep breath and felt that the responsibility on his shoulders suddenly become heavier.

Translated by als

Als notes: 

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