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WTA Chapter 8

Coaxing the Little Fox

Most of the people who have been under major trouble will become resolute.

Li Shuo just agreed to go on holiday together today. The next day, his dad informed him to pack his bags and they will leave in the afternoon. Li Shuo is a little bit abashed. He is in distress because of his affairs. He is awaiting overseas phone call all day and he has no time to think about holidays but… looking at his mother’s excited look, he just makes himself go and pack his luggage.

He continued to make phone calls to ask regarding the news of the case. As he was talking, a beeping sound was heard on his phone. It kept ringing. Someone is calling him over his call. He saw that it was Zhao Jinxin who called. He hung up immediately: “Lawyer Wang, you continue to talk.” The two chatted for a few more words. The phone rings again. Li Shuo was getting agitated so he said: “Lawyer Wang, hold on for a while.” He picks up Zhao Jinxin’s call. “Hello?”

“Hello.” Zhao Jinxin stretched out the tail. It sounded lazy and casual. “Are you ready?”

“Ready. Right now, I am…”

“Remember to bring swimming trunks. I like black ones the best.” Zhao Jinxin smiled lowly. “I really want to quickly check the shape of your body.”

Li Shuo was already in a bad mood. This time, he had to listen to Zhao Jinxin’s frivolous joke. He couldn’t help but gets angry. He said stiffly: “I don’t have time now. Can you tell me these nonsense without taking my time?”

There was silence on the other end of the phone. Zhao Jinxin’s voice became serious and low. He said in a sad tone: “I just want to hear your voice … I’m sorry.” The phone was then hung up. Li Shuo held the phone stiffly. He felt his scalp is tingling. Then, he regretted that he let out his anger on him.

He was never a person who would be angry with others. It was just this matter is troubling him so much. Not only was he framed by his rivals, but he also uncovered a mistake that had made in his conscience which had made him uneasy for many years. It was in a time of him being frustrated, anxious, and worried that Zhao Jinxin really hit the gun. But this can not justify his temper tantrum.

He thought of apologizing to Zhao Jinxin when they meet later in the afternoon to have lunch. Uncle Guang sent them to a small airport on the outskirts of New York. The maintenance, parking, and landing are all small and there is a medium-sized private aircraft.

Zhao Rongtian ‘s private plane is usually here. Three of the Zhao family arrived early. Zhao Rongtian dressed like he was going to play golf. White clothes and white pants. Very casual. When not in the office, he looks kind.

Zhao Jinxin’s swollen hand hung down on his side. His head was sagged. When they met, he said hello with little energy. He steals a glance at Li Shuo quickly but didn’t dare to look in his eyes.

Li Shuo felt even more guilty. He walked over to him: “Jin Xin. Have you taken the medicine on time?”

Zhao Jinxin nodded. He still lowered his head. Li Shuo pulled him aside. He lowered his voice and said, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t lose my temper on you.”

Zhao Jinxin looked up. He looked at Li Shuo sadly. He whispered, “Do you really hate me?”

“I never hate you.” Li Shuo hurriedly said. “I can’t accept you. But I have never hated you.”

Zhao Jinxin is carefree. But there’s also some cuteness in him. Anyway, whoever hates someone who likes oneself. Zhao Jinxin blinked. “Does that means I’m being annoying?”

Li Shuo smiled. He couldn’t help rubbing the brat’s hair: “You are too good to be annoying. Let your uncle Li take a breath. I’m really busy recently.”

Looking at Li Shuo ‘s gentle and clear smile, Zhao Jinxin felt his heart tremble. His lips twitched imperceptibly. His eyes were as bright as stars, as if glowing. Unfortunately, Li Shuo did not see the eyes that seemed to want to swallow him whole. He was called by his dad and he looked away. The plane was ready. It was a Cirrus jet. There was only one vice captain sitting on the plane. Li Shuo asked: “What about the captain?”

Zhao Rongtian laughed. He pointed to himself: “If Jin Xin’s hand was not injured, the two of us can fly this. We obtained the license to go to the exam together.”

Li Shuo said guiltily: “I blame myself for not being careful …”

Mrs. Zhao said with a smile: “Hey. It’s okay. It’s inevitable for accident to happen.”

“Big Brother, it’s really okay. Because this guy also gets to eat two meals prepared by Big Brother. I didn’t expect Big Brother’s cooking is so delicious.” Zhao Jinxin smiled brightly.

Li Shuo was quite embarrassed by his compliment. Yesterday, he almost ignored Zhao Jinxin. With a careful thought, he then said: “I’ve been a bit busy these two days. I didn’t take good care of you. The doctor said that I should start hot compress today. When we arrived at Qiandao Lake, I’ll help you apply it. “

Zhao Jinxin hooked Li Shuo’s shoulder: “Thank you Brother.”

Li Shuo clearly felt a little pressure from Zhao Jinxin’s height and weight. He is not short even in Europe and America. But Zhao Jinxin is completely taller than him and has quite a shoulder width. Even if he does not have such exaggerated muscles, he will still feel at odd with him. How can Zhao Jinxin act so flirtatiously? They all got on to the plane. Zhao Jinxin took him to the last row of seats. Then he raised both of his hands. He smiled and looked at Li Shuo.

Li Shuo immediately understood what he meant so he leaned over to help the brat fasten his seat belt. Once the clasp of the seat belt snapped closed, he feels Zhao Jinxin suddenly kissed him on the cheek unexpectedly. Li Shuo was agitated. He looked at Zhao Jinxin in surprise. Then he turned his head suddenly to see the four elders. Fortunately, no one looked back.

Li Shuo glared at him. He asked with his mouth: “What are you doing?”

Zhao Jinxin looked back at him innocently: “I don’t know. I couldn’t hold it back.” The expression on his face looks like a kid that had accidentally stole a bite of someone’s ice cream.

Li Shuo was very angry and uncomfortable: “This is a family trip. Can you be decent with me?”

Zhao Jinxin licked his lips and nodded his head. Li Shuo sat back in his seat. He took out his cell phone and sent a text message to Brother Xiang. He told him to contact him in a few hours later. Then he turned off the phone.

The situation over there is currently stalemate. The bureau has filed a case. But there is no favorable evidence to apply for a search warrant. But according to lawyers, they will get the search warrant sooner or later. It is still strongly recommended that he cannot return to the country.

Li Shuo is both worried about himself and Li Chengxiu. In the past two days, he had sorted things out. He guessed that Shao Qun did not really want to treat him fairly. He expected that Shao Qun did not have enough evidence but still willing to play with this hand. It can effectively prevent him from returning to China. As long as he doesn’t go back, and he is across the other side of the earth, he cannot protect Li Chengxiu.

Tomorrow, his assistant will go to temporarily settle Li Chengxiu in the hotel. The place he chose is very secret. It can ensure that Shao Qun can’t find anyone in a short time. He had passed the relationship of the embassy. He applied for an expedited visa. It only takes three days to get down. As long as Li Chengxiu comes to him, he can protect his man.

Li Shuo looked out the window to see the ground. His heart was full of uneasiness. Suddenly, a hand rested on his shoulder. Li Shuo turned to look. Zhao Jinxin said: “When we met for the first time, it was also on the plane.”

The noise of the engine somewhat obscured the human voice. As long as the volume was reduced. The people in the front row could not hear what they said. Extremely aware of this knowledge, Li Shuo responded cautiously: “Yeah.”

“I’m telling you it was true that I fell in love with you at first sight.” Zhao Jinxin looked over his head. He rubbed his shoulder. “You are the type I like.”

Li Shuo really wanted to ask him if he lacked his father’s love, but when he thought of disrespecting Zhao Rongtian in this way, he didn’t say it. He only smiled perfunctorily. Zhao Jinxin looked at Li Shuo. His eyes looked innocent: “Regarding your domestic troubles, if I help you solve them, will you date me once?”

Li Shuo shook his head: “I’ve told you already.. don’t get mix up in my business. I can solve it myself.”

“Really? But I think you’re quite distressed. You didn’t sleep well last night. There are dark circles under your eyes.” Zhao Jinxin gently touched his face and said seriously. “Brother, I really want to help you. Even if you return to China to meet someone you like, I want to help you. I don’t want to see you uncomfortable. ”

Li Shuo ‘s heart was trembling. Zhao Jinxin ‘s eyes were deep. No trace of hypocrisy was found. He was really worried about him. The two had come back and forth so many times. This frivolous Zhao Jinxin made him feel touched for the first time. He opened his mouth. He said sincerely: “Jin Xin, thank you. But I don’t want to owe you a favor.”

“I just want to go out on a date with you. Just once.” Zhao Jinxin grabs his arm and shakes it gently. “Just eat and drink. Nothing else.”

Li Shuo tried to understand what Zhao Jinxin had looked forward to. He refused to commit at all. Maybe under the frivolous appearance, Zhao Jinxin really do liked him. But since he could not accept this person, he could not make use of him like that.

He sighed and said in a defeated voice: “If we go out to eat and drink, of course it’s no problem. But it will not be a date. It will be just between friends. However, regarding my business, I will solve it myself. Thank you for your the thought. Thank you so much.”

Zhao Jinxin smiled. The smile was very eye-catching: “That’s all right. There is a good pub in the resort. The owner is German. All the beer is shipped from Germany. I must take you there to try them. ”

Li Shuo nodded with a smile: “Okay. I look forward to it.”

Zhao Jinxin stretched out his hand again. The thumb’s fingertips flicked over his slightly purplish eye bags. A light smile came from the corner of his lips.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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