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WTA Chapter 9

I Was Just Teasing You, Don't Be Angry

When they arrived at the resort, it happened to be dinner time. The housekeeper prepared a barbecue in the yard. This season is neither cold nor hot so it is suitable for outdoor activities. There were two Samoyeds in the villa. When they saw many people coming, they got very excited. They jumped up and down to pounce on Zhao Jinxin. Li Shuo’s eyes were fast and he quickly pulled Zhao Jinxin’s wrist up slightly to avoid the injured hand from being touched by them. Zhao Jinxin looked at Li Shuo in surprise.

Li Shuo let out a sigh of relief: “These two little things. Almost touched your hand.”

Zhao Jinxin’s arm hooked his neck. He whispered affectionately, “Thank you.”

Li Shuo quickly pulled his arm down. He looked at Zhao Jinxin’s finger carefully. It was not as swollen as the previous two days. He said: “Let’s eat first. After eating, I will help you apply heat and medicine.”

Zhao Jinxin touched the two dog heads with his left hand one by one: “They are brothers from the same womb. One is called Ann. The other is called Bee, but I can’t tell which is which.”

Li Shuo commented: “This name is perfunctory enough. If there is a third one, is it called Cii.”

Zhao Jinxin laughed: “If there is a third one, I’ll let you name him.”

The housekeeper brought three huge Canadian lobsters to the wooden table covered with a white rice cloth. The smell of baked butter roasted into the nose. There are many seafood and seasonal vegetables on the table. Not only the aroma is attractive, the plate is also very delicate. The elders greeted them for dinner.

Li Shuo and Zhao Jinxin sat face to face. Zhao Jinxin glanced at the lobster. Then he smiled at Li Shuo. Li Shuo put down the fork he had just picked up. He touched chopsticks instead. No tableware can be more flexible than chopsticks. He tore off a piece of lobster meat with a knife and chopsticks. He put it on Zhao Jinxin’s plate. “Eat it.”

Zhao Jinxin took a fork and put a piece in it. He put it in his mouth. He watched Li Shuo while chewing. His expression looked very satisfied. Li Shuo put down his chopsticks. He began to peel shrimp. One by one, he put them on Zhao Jinxin’s plate.

Mrs. Zhao couldn’t help it: “Li Shuo, you don’t have to pamper him. You eat well. He can eat something without using hands.”

Li Shuo laughed: “It’s okay. I’m a bit airsick. I can’t eat anything.” He wanted to “wait” to be done with Zhao Jinxin, he plant to go into the house and make calls regarding his business. He looks at his inbox and see that the lawyer had sent some documents again.

“Young Master Li, would you like some medicine for airsickness? I’ll get it for you.” The housekeeper asked intimately.

“Oh. All right.” Li Shuo considers this his chance to leave. “I’ll go in with you. I just need to lie down for a while after eating.”

“Son, you were not sick before. Are you all right?”

“It’s fine.” Li Shuo blinked he then turns to compliment. “I’ve never been in a private jet before.”

Zhao Rongtian smiled very gratefully: “Go take a break. When you’re hungry, tell the housekeeper. You can have food at any time.”

“Okay. Thank you, Uncle Zhao.” Li Shuo followed the housekeeper into the villa. The housekeeper took him to the prepared room and then came with medicine and a glass of warm water. Li Shuo is reading the mail. Without looking up, he said, “Thank you. I will take it later.”

The housekeeper enthusiastically handed him the water and medicine: “Take it quickly. This medicine is very effective. It is not uncomfortable to lie down for a while after eating.”

Li Shuo had to take the medicine when he looked at the housekeeper’s eager gaze. He had to put the medicine into his mouth under the tongue because he had learn this on TV so that after the housekeeper left, he can spit it out. But once he drinks the water, the medicine goes down his throat together and he can’t stop it. But he didn’t care. It’s not poison anyway.

After taking the medicine, the housekeeper took the initiative to cover him with a thin blanket: “Young Master Li, this medicine will make you sleepy. If you wake up, call me if you are hungry.”

“Ah … I will be sleepy?”

The housekeeper nodded: “It’s not as strong as cold medicine. You won’t sleep until the next morning. You can rest for a few hours.”

“Okay. Thank you.” Li Shuo was helpless. After the housekeeper left, Li Shuo changed into his pajamas. He reads the information sent by the lawyer. Then he communicated by phone. After ten minutes, he felt sleepy. He fell asleep unconsciously. This sleep came fast and hard.

When Li Shuo woke up, he felt his brain fluttering lightly. His body was warm. There was a heavy weight on his waist. It made people feel very safe … Hmm? Li Shuo turned his head sharply. He saw Zhao Jinxin’s close-up enlarged face. He was sleeping sweetly beside him.

Li Shuo hurriedly bounced up. The movement was big and it causes Zhao Jinxin to also be awakened. Zhao Jinxin rubbed his eyes. He looked at Li Shuo quizzically. Li Shuo lifted the quilt to look underneath at both of them. He felt a little relieved to see that they are both still wearing full clothes.

Since he is too surprised, he forgot to be angry: “You, why are you here?”

Zhao Jinxin was particularly calm and looked like he had done nothing wrong: “I came to see how you are doing. But, you never wake up. I’m also sleepy so I decided to accompany you to sleep for a while.”

“You!” The looks on Zhao Jinxin’s face was extremely natural that Li Shuo almost felt like laughing in irony. He didn’t even know how to blame him. He can only blamed himself.

Zhao Jinxin, as his opponent, only shows him a casual smile. Li Shuo got up from the bed and gritted his teeth. “Get out of my bed. Go out.”

Zhao Jinxin yawned twice. He then said reluctantly, “I won’t do anything to you. This bed is so big. Why can’t I sleep here for a while?”

Well said… that just fucking makes sense! Li Shuo scolded in his heart. Zhao Jinxin sat up. He gazed at Li Shuo’s gloomy face for a moment and then he bursts into a big cheeky smile. He rushed to hug Li Shuo’s waist and threw the man on the bed. Li Shuo shouted, “Don’t make trouble! Let go!”

He tried to push him away two times but he still couldn’t shake Zhao Jinxin off of him. He really couldn’t figure out how can Zhao Jinxin’s thin body has so much strength. Zhao Jinxin’s two arms resemble two iron pliers. He tightly grips Li Shuo’s waist. One of his legs presses onto Li Shuo’s leg. He smiles brightly: “Let me hold you so you can sleep well. I will not get you in trouble. You just need to be obedient.”

Li Shuo narrowed his eyes: “If you don’t let go, I will ignore you.”

Zhao Jinxin’s charming peach blossom eyes are full of charming smiles. But the tone has a savage taste: “Li Shuo, you should be mine in my bed.”

Li Shuo gritted his teeth: “Have Ann and Bee not been in your bed yet?”

Zhao Jinxin laughed loudly. He buried his head on Li Shuo’s chest and rubbed it against his chest hard twice. Then he loosened his grip. He smiled and said, “I was just teasing you. Don’t be angry.”

Li Shuo pushed him away. He said politely: “Go out, please.”

“Actually, I came to you to get your care and medicine.” Zhao Jinxin waved the other “conjury”-the injured hand. “It’s so sweet to see you sleeping. I can’t bear to bother you.”

As soon as Li Shuo saw the hand, his temper was half destroyed. He rolled his eyes to the sky: “You wait here for a while.” He took two steps to the door. He turned his head and ordered. “Get off my bed.”

Zhao Jinxin lifted his T-shirt, exposing a large piece of beautiful chest and abdominal muscles. He gasped and said, “Baby, are you sure?”

Li Shuo grabbed his coat on the back of the chair and threw it at him. Zhao Jinxin laughed and took his clothes. He then sat up.

Li Shuo went downstairs. It was almost 11 o’clock now. The elders had long been asleep. No wonder Zhao Jinxin was so arrogant. He asked the housekeeper for a new towel and hot water.

When he got back to the room, Zhao Jinxin was sitting on the head of the bed, rocking his feet while waiting for him. Li Shuo opened his suitcase and he took out a portable medicine box from inside of it. Although it is portable, it can be as big as a baby milk powder, it takes up a lot of space.

Zhao Jinxin unexpectedly said: “You carry this with you?”

“Aren’t I going to give you medicine?” Li Shuo opened the medicine box. He took out alcohol, cotton and medicine. Zhao Jinxin watched Li Shuo put things on the bedside table one by one. His eyes shine looking at the man before him. He couldn’t help saying, “I haven’t seen a man who is more careful than you.”

“It’s not a big deal. I’m just responsible for my actions.” Li Shuo sat next to him. He put a towel on his knee and extended his hand. “Give me your hand.”

Li Shuo’s own hands are not beautiful in the traditional sense. The fingers are long. But they are not very thin. The fingertips are slightly rounded squares. The palms are dry and the palm’s lines are clear. The hand describes the man as someone who is stable and generous. One can’t help but put down his or her guards around him. It is just his personality.

Zhao Jinxin said he likes Li Shuo’s hand and he really likes it. Zhao Jinxin’s hand is not like that. If you look at the back of the hand, it is thin, long, white and moist. It looks beautiful like the hand of a decent girl. But when his hand is covered in Lishuo’s, a layer of thin cocoons are noticeable, and there are more than one part. They are on the fingertips and the middle of the palm. When Zhao Jinxin hurt his hand before, Li Shuo didn’t dare to touch it so he didn’t see these at the time.

He turned Zhao Jinxin’s hand in surprise. He wondered aloud: “What equipment do you play with?” He touched Zhao Jinxin’s left hand. There are many of them. He didn’t notice these when they had a handshake before. Zhao Jinxin said casually: “Gun, crossbow, knife, nunchuck? Just playing around.”

Li Shuo frowned: “Do you have …”

“Yes. I have a gun license. Rest assured.” Zhao Jinxin rubbed the palm of Li Shuo with his palm. He said softly. “If someone bullies you, I will protect you.” Even if it was just a playful sentence, Li Shuo still felt a little touched.

He took that hand lightly and said, “Don’t move. Just tell me if you feel pain.” Zhao Jinxin looked at him affectionately. Li Shuo pretended not to see it. He wipes the injured area with alcohol and then pour the potion on the cotton: “This medicine will burns and tingles a little. Please endure it.”


Li Shuo gently wiped it twice. Zhao Jinxin deliberately hummed and chirped “pain”.

Li Shuo calmed him down softly: “Bear with it. It’s alright. It’s okay. Be good. Alright.”

Zhao Jinxin looked at Li Shuo’s drooping eyebrows and the slightly trembling curled thick eyelashes. It was like two fans. A small wind blew in his hot heart. His heart is itched with desire and felt particularly provoked. He understands more and more now why his arrogant cousin is so afraid of this man …

The medicine was carefully applied by Li Shuo on Zhao Jinxin’s hand and he felt satisfied. He then picked up the hot towel from the tray and wrapped it around Zhao Jinxin’s hand: “I applied the medicine and then the heat again. It can promote blood circulation. The congestion will disperse faster.”

Zhao Jinxin pursed his lips. He whispered, “If my hands are okay, will you not be so considerate to me?”

Li Shuo thought about it and said carefully: “I will treat you fairly as a friend.”

“That’s not good at all.” Zhao Jinxin wanted to draw his hand back.

Li Shuo pinched his wrist. He yelled softly, “Don’t make trouble.”

“Then, take it slow.” Zhao Jinxin looked deeply into Li Shuo’s eyes. His eyes looked a little pitiful.

Li Shuo smiled slightly. “Don’t talk silly. It will be fine soon.”

Zhao Jinxin still looked at him. He didn’t speak. Li Shuo said: “Go back to your room. Just put it on for ten minutes and then remove it.”

Zhao Jinxin rarely did not act shameless. He was silent for a while. He got up and walked to the door. He paused in front of the door. He looked at Li Shuo slightly with his head on his side. Li Shuo ‘s heart shivered uncontrollably. He felt that Zhao Jinxin’s eyes were particularly bright in the dim light. They seemed to be able to shine into every hidden corner of the person’s heart.

He suddenly felt a little dry. His fists were unconsciously tightened on the ground. He said quietly, “Nevermind.” Zhao Jinxin turned his head. His shoulders undulated violently. He opened the door and left.

Li Shuo fell back on the bed. Looking at the strange ceiling. His mind was very heavy.

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