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WTA Chapter 7

Who Told Me to Like You?

Li Shuo called a friend of the judicial system. He asked him to help with the investigation. Then, he went home feeling uneasy. He thinks a lot about it. People who he had recently offended can only count be one; Shao Qun. Otherwise, with his character as a human being, he can’t think of anyone else who is willing to do such evil.

Shao Qun is Li Chengxiu’s ex-boyfriend, but he really doesn’t want to use the word “boyfriend” to describe that person. He is a bastard who doesn’t know how to respect anyone because of him being powerful. How could he give Li Chengxiu away to such a person.

He retreated to his room, sitting at the desk. He looked at the notebook in front of him. He was in a heavy mood. He thought for a long time in the dark. He slowly opened the notebook. He found out the information of Benhui Real Estate Project. Benhui Real Estate is a company he cooperated with when his career started. The boss is a northerner. He has a bold personality. He is the same as the big brother. He has a certain support for him. The two were in a deep personal relationship.

But this person has a short board. It is too ambitious. Pursuing the company’s rapid expansion. As a result, the project is blossoming everywhere. This has caused a huge funding gap. He still remembers that late night several years ago. The boss found him. He proposed to make a beautiful account jointly. He can borrow a loan from the bank. As long as the project is operational again, he can immediately repay the loan. No one will know. And promised him shares. He refused without thinking. He has never done anything against money. He is even more reluctant to touch any high-voltage line. So the boss gradually alienated him.

But because their contract has not expired. He did the audit work at the end of the year. At that time, Ben Hui’s book was far better than what he knew. And it looked seamless. He certainly doubted that any fake account can be fully realized. The audit only needs to be carefully checked. Then only the loopholes will definitely be found. He didn’t tell anyone. He stayed up all night for three nights. He found out false evidence from the sea-like data. So he went to question him. He still can’t forget it. The man of the same age as his father cried to beg him and to make a promise not to reveal the data.

As a friend, he finally softened his heart so that man was lucky. He hoped that the project would really be able to repay the loan without knowing it. So he didn’t know what to do. According to the fake account, the audit report was issued. With this audit report, Ben Hui loaned 1.2 billion from the bank. After the Dongchuang incident, the boss did not mention him at all. And there was no evidence against him. So he only contributed a few testimonies. He lost some reputation which was not great. It doesn’t matter.

Except for the boss and him, no one knows that it is greasy. But his heart was not cleaned from the incident. That was the biggest mistake he made in his life and the last regretful decision he made. Countless times he regretted why he did not have to courage to proceed with the data. Seeing his friends take risks, he played a role in helping.

After that, he changed the company’s name. Two partners were approached. A new office was established. This incident is a warning bell that always hangs on his head. It is also a scar in his heart. But this scar was rudely lifted by Shao Qun. He didn’t believe that Shao Qun had any evidence to prove him. Even if it was revealed from the boss’s mouth, it was empty talk. But as long as there is enough energy, you can make a fuss about it. At least it is enough to stir him up.

Shao Qun did this. Is it just for Li Chengxiu …? Li Shuo looked at the huge data group. He recalled the nights when he was looking for loopholes all night. The kind of contradictory mood that he wanted to discover but was afraid to discover. It made him sleepless. His eyes gradually lost focus. The information in his mind was messy. It seemed that he was about to break through the cage of consciousness and explode completely. Sure enough. Anything off from the right track will surely cause bad consequences.

He did something against his principle. In exchange for years of guilt, he did another thing to abandon the principle. In exchange for malicious revenge, money and fame can’t shake him. His only feelings drag him down again and again. The life state he most hopes to achieve is to be alone without hurting others. So he tries to treat everything and everyone rationally. And the facts further prove his idea. Only enough rationality can avoid risks as much as possible.

He does not regret everything he does for Li Chengxiu. Even if he doesn’t start in as right way, helping a friend is also a responsibility of his. He didn’t do a good thing. But he didn’t do anything wrong either. It’s just that… He must better control himself. He can no longer be held hostage by emotion.

He didn’t sleep the whole night. After the normal working time has arrived in China, Li Shuo called several friends again to understand the situation. Similar to what Brother Xiang had said, the authorities had already filed a case. They also had sent someone to the firm to investigate. But they have not received a search warrant. The lawyer withheld the project information and refused to give it to them.

The way it is, it seems that as soon as he returns to China, he will be taken away for investigation. He doesn’t want to find out what will further happen if he does return so he knew that he can’t return there for now. But such a small economic case will not make the authorities to chase him all the way to the United States to arrest him. In this case, of course the only way to be safe is to not go back.

He didn’t know how many pits Shao Qun had prepared for him to jump. If Shao Qun’s power was large enough to convince the boss to bite him with a reduced sentence, he is really in trouble. Li Shuo let the lawyer continue to follow up. At the same time, he found a private detective to investigate the legal representative of Benhui Real Estate-that is, the boss’s nephew.

After that, he talked to Brother Xiang on the phone. Brother Xiang sighs too many times about the matter: “Can you tell me what’s going on now? Forget it. I’m not stupid. The last time I found the one you fought with was Shao Qun, right? “

Li Shuo laughed bitterly: “Yes. Most certainly he did it.”

“My dear brother, I have known you for so many years. Why did you let yourself get carried away with feelings?”

“Brother Xiang. This is not just a matter of feelings. Shao Qun is a bully. Cheng Xiu worked in our office after all. He is a hardworking and honest person. Can I ignore what happened ?”

“You … hey … so what are you going to do now? You are going to stay in the United States?”

Li Shuo cleared his throat. He calmed down with that mellow and magnetic voice: “The authorities will block me. Whatever it is, eventually, those who did evil, will definitely pay the price.” At the beginning, he made a mistake. He is paying the price now. Shao Qun, I am waiting to see your price to pay when this is all over. He hung up the phone. Li Shuo enlightened himself for a long time. His mood turns still a little calm. He thought about something for a while and took out his phone.

He calls Li Chengxiu. The phone is answered with a deliberate hushed voice: “Hi. Brother Li.”

“Cheng Xiu, are you at work?” Li Shuo closed his eyes, imagining Li Chengxiu’s current expression and movement. The more he thinks, the more excited he becomes. But he can’t laugh.

“Yes. Wait a minute.” After a while, the background sound on the phone was a lot quieter. Li Chengxiu spoke normally: “Brother Li, when will I talk to your mother? I am ready.”

Li Shuo smiled: “What are you prepared for?”

Li Chengxiu said embarrassedly: “I practiced speaking a bit.”

Li Shuo suddenly felt warm in his heart. He said softly: “The jet lag is always out of order. Not in a hurry.”

“Well. Okay.” Li Chengxiu asked hesitantly. “Brother Li, you don’t seem to be very energetic. Did you just wake up?”

“No. I …” Li Shuo closed his eyes. He furrowed his eyebrows. The sharp face had obvious puffiness and tiredness. He is afraid to say what he wanted to say. This is because he thought Li Chengxiu would probably Refuse.

“Brother Li, what’s wrong with you?”

Li Shuo sighed: “Cheng Xiu. I’m sorry … I’m a little blocked here. I can’t go back for the time being.”

“You, are your parents …?”

“No. They are fine. It was a problem with my office.”

Li Chengxiu asked: “Is it very serious?”

Li Shuo’s voice suddenly rise, “This matter is very complicated. I was framed. Now, as soon as I return to China, I will be investigated. Everything happened too hastily. For a while, I will be in trouble. So, I can’t go back to China. Do you get me?”

Li Chengxiu asked in a low voice: “… Is it serious …?”

Li Shuo said in a deep voice: “I didn’t want to tell you because I don’t want tp worry you. But considering your safety, you still have to be prepared.”


“This time, Shao Qun framed me. “

The person on the other side of the phone gasped in shock. Even across the Pacific Ocean, Li Shuo can almost feel Li Chengxiu trembling when he heard the name. This made him very sad. He said annoyingly: “What I was now accused of is a case that has been settled for many years. It does not involve the interests of any third party. The person who framed me not only will not get the benefit, instead, it will just cause him more trouble for himself. Think about it. It may only be of other interest that motivates him to do this. And it is so personal to me. Most of them are private revenge.” He paused for a while. “Speaking of private revenge, I only think of Shao Qun. “

Li Chengxiu’s voice started to break: “Brother Li. Did he really…?”

Li Shuo pondered: “Eight or nine out of ten, it should be him.”

“Then you. You can’t come back?”

“I’m afraid I can’t in the mean time. I can’t risk going back to China. If I stay in the United States, the worst case is that I will never be able to work again. But if I go back … I don’t know what will happen. “

Li Chengxiu’s breath was shaking. Li Shuo said in a dumb voice: “Cheng Xiu. I am worried about you now. If it is really Shao Qun, he will stop me from returning home as his first step. The second step is to get to you. I have asked the assistant to find you another house. There is also psychological preparation. “

Li Chengxiu whispered, “Brother Li. I’m sorry … “

“Cheng Xiu. You don’ t need to apologize. It’s not your fault. From back then until now, I think a lot. I think about my parents getting older. I think about what happened this time … Maybe this is fate. Maybe I should stay in the US for a while. I now have one question for you. The answer to this question is what I want to hear. “


“Are you willing to come to America?” The phone fell silent again. Li Shuo covered his eyes with his hands. It cost him a lot of courage to ask this question. He knew very clearly that there is no particularly deep feelings between the two of them. At most, Li Chengxiu is grateful to him. “I know this is a big decision. You need to let go of your current life, leaving your familiar environment. This is difficult for anyone. But as long as you want, everything can be overcome. Language, environment, friends, or even work. All can be overcome. I am here as long as you are willing to come.”

“I … I don’t know.”

“I will ask your assistant to assist you with your visa. During this time, you can think carefully. Even before boarding the plane, you still have time to think about it. But I really hope that one day, I can hold you in the United States.”

In order not to let the parents see any abnormalities, Li Shuo took a bath and carefully shaved his beard. He made himself look better. When he first returned to China, he had tasted the hardships of starting a business. He had never asked for a penny or sent a complaint to his family. Now his parents are in their golden age. He needs to get himself together.

He went downstairs to eat. The first sentence that came out of Mr. Li’s mouth when he saw him was: “You went to see Jin Xin yesterday. How is he?”

“He’s good. The swell should be reduced in a few days.” Li Shuo remembered suddenly. He hadn’t ordered food for Zhao Jinxin yet.

“Oh. That’s good. I hope there are no side effects.”

Li Shuo made a phone call to the restaurant closest to Zhao Jinxin and ordered them to send a lunch to Zhao Jinxin’s house. He also asked them to leave a note that says: Take medicine on time.

When eating, Mrs. Li asked when her son would return to China. “Oh. Don’t worry.” Li Shuo smiled. “Recently, there are few happenings at the office so I am not needed yet. I’ll spend some more time with you.”

“That’s great.” Mrs. Li said happily. “Your Uncle Zhao bought a holiday villa in Qiandao Lake. He has been inviting us to visit. This time, since you are back, let’s go on holiday together.”

Li Shuo’s smile froze: “Together? Two families together?”

“Yeah. Jin Xin doesn’t like to go home and now he has a broken hand. If he goes on vacation together, it will be convenient to take care of him.”

“Uh …” He not only has no mood for vacation at all, but he also doesn’t want to be in the same room with Zhao Jinxin.

“Your mother has bought four skirts.” Mr. Li squinted her eyes at Li Shuo.

“… Is it?” Li Shuo grinned reluctantly. “Then I will prepare the camera. Take the most beautiful pictures of my mother.” He could not find a reason to refuse.

Mrs. Li smiled and said, “That’s right. Don’t you always say you want me to chat with your boyfriend?”

“Forget it. He is particularly shy. Maybe I will take him back to the United States next time. Then you two will have a good chat.” Li Shuo’s eyes flashed a little lonesome.

“Alright. Come on, son. Try this sea cucumber.” He just ate a few bites when his phone rang twice. Li Shuo was afraid of missing important phone calls or text messages so he quickly pick it up to look.

It was a text message from Zhao Jinxin: “You actually used the restaurant’s meals to deal with me.” He also included a crying expression. Li Shuo quickly responded: “Did you take the medicine?”

“I don’t want to eat. I don’t want to take medicine. Unless you come to me.”

“I can’t go there today.”

“If you can’t come here, send me a nude picture of you.”

Li Shuo clasped the phone tightly and put it on the table, intending to ignore the brat. The phone began to ring the sound of text messages one after another. Li Shuo’s parents looked at him questioningly.

Li Shuo embarrassedly said: “My assistant is passing documents.” He hurriedly ate a few more bites. He took the phone and get back into his room. Then, he turns to look at the phone’s screen. Zhao Jinxin sent several messages.

“Just the ass.” … “Okay. Chest.” … “Waist or thigh. Don’t care anymore.” … “Anything is fine.” … “Uncle Li. I really like your hand. Take a picture and send it to me. I promise you I’ll be very good today. Okay?”

Li Shuo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He had never met such a shameless person before in his life. He turned on the camera. He took a picture of his hand and sent it: “You’ll do what you promised. Today you should be good.

Zhao Jinxin returned with a smiling expression. Attached a sentence “I will think about this hand holding my dick all day long.”

Li Shuo’s face was agitated. He took a picture of himself showing his middle finger and sent it to him. Zhao Jinxin is simply a fox.

After a while, the phone rang again. Li Shuo hesitated to keep on entertaining Zhao Jinxin but still, he is unable to contain his curiosity so he checks his message. “I know you are in trouble right now. I am willing to help you.”

Li Shuo froze. His finger quickly pressed the button: “Don’t investigate my business again !!

What can I do since I like you…

‘Like’… How much weight is this ‘like’? Is it similar to Shao Qun’s ‘like’ for Li Chengxiu? Is that called ‘like’? But he brought only harm to Li Chengxiu. Does Li Chengxiu ‘like’ him himself? He appears to ‘like’ him. But it’s just possible that he is just grateful and dependent on him.

What about Zhao Jinxin? People like Zhao Jinxin, he’s been professing ‘like’ so many times that it could already be a mantra for him. It’s useless except to describe him as having good taste. Li Shuo laughed bitterly. He returned a sternly worded message: “Don’t get involve in my business anymore.”

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    I already feel sorry for Li Shou lmao, that Shao Qun is a piece of ****, if the guy doesn’t want you anymore let him go stop pestering those around him. Li Shou doesn’t deserve it.

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