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WTA Chapter 42

(M) A Gentleman and a Rascal

When the doctor came, he gave Li Shuo an injection and left some medicine.

After Zhao Jinxin fed Li Shuo some medicine, he picked him up and put him in the office lounge.

Li Shuo was lethargic, and said weakly, “I want Xiao Liu… to send me home.”

“I have sent Xiao Liu away.” Zhao Jinxin shook Li Shuo’s nose gently, and said with a smile, “You are now in my hands, my little lamb.”

Li Shuo has no strength to deal with Zhao Jinxin, he just wants to go to sleep now.

Zhao Jinxin kissed his forehead: “Go to sleep, it will be fine when you wake up.”

Li Shuo closed his eyes and thought, just treat it as a dream. In the dream, Zhao Jinxin is still by his side, and the two of them can embrace each other naturally. In the dream… you can be a little bit presumptuous.

Zhao Jinxin sat leaning on the head of the bed, looking at Li Shuo, who was gradually falling asleep, without looking away for a long time.

Li Shuo’s eyelashes trembled, and his eyelids opened laboriously. The familiar beige-colored curtains appeared in his eyes. Is he at…home?

He couldn’t tell for a moment whether he was awake or in a dream. He only felt that his head was still groggy and his throat was dry and it stings.

By then, he remembered that he had a fever and he fell asleep in Zhao Jinxin’s office, how could he go home? Did he sleep so hard that he didn’t even know he was taken home?

He moved his fingers and found that he didn’t even have the strength to clenched his fists. He took a deep breath, and the burning throat forced him to get up to find water.

As soon as he braced his body, Zhao Jinxin came in when he heard the movement: “Are you awake?”

“…water.” Li Shuo opened his mouth, startled by his own voice.

Zhao Jinxin took the cup on the bedside table and sent it to Li Shuo’s mouth to feed him: “Drink slowly.”

Li Shuo drank a large glass of water. His moisturized throat felt a little more comfortable now. He frowned and asked, “You sent me back?”

“Who else can?” Zhao Jinxin narrowed his eyes, “Rest assured, you are much lighter than your father.”

Li Shuo was startled, and whispered: “Thank you.” Not only did he thank this time, he also remembered that when the New York bombing occurred, Zhao Jinxin ran two streets with his father on his back and nearly collapsed from tiredness.

It may be that illness makes people vulnerable and soft-hearted. He looked at Zhao Jinxin, not as angry as he was a few days ago, and now he has no strength to be angry.

“No need to thank me for anything.” Zhao Jinxin probed his forehead with the back of his hand: “It doesn’t feel so hot anymore.” He took the thermometer and stuffed it into Li Shuo’s mouth.

Li Shuo is holding a thermometer in his mouth, his hair is messy, his white singlet reveals his large shoulders, neck and collarbone, the tail of his eyes is drooping, his eyes are dull as he looks at the quilt. His eyes are wet, like small animals wet by the rain.

This is completely different from the mature and stable appearance of Li Shuo in the past, which makes Zhao Jinxin feels very difficult to look at. He couldn’t help turning his head and kissed Li Shuo’s hot cheek, “I have an appointment with the doctor to come over and give you another injection before going to bed. If you get up tomorrow, I will guarantee that the fever will go away.”

Li Shuo still nodded blankly, his eyelids became heavy again.

Zhao Jinxin pulled out the thermometer from his mouth and looked at it: “38.5, it really dropped a bit.”

Li Shuo took a full breath and said in as calm as possible: “Jin Xin, thank you for today, you can go back and rest. I can take care of myself.”

Zhao Jinxin smiled and looked at him: “Do you really want me to go?”

Li Shuo closed his eyes and said, “There is no need to trouble you.” There was a voice in his heart that was the opposite of what he said. He doesn’t want to be alone at this time. This may be the only opportunity he can reasonably indulge himself and enjoy the company of the person he likes. After all, he is sick. After all, he is irrational. The sober Li Shuo will not allow himself to show weakness to Zhao Jinxin like this.

“You are sick, how can I be willing to leave you alone?” Zhao Jinxin touched Li Shuo’s face and said softly, “Don’t be brave, huh? Don’t think about anything now, wait for you to get better, anyway, I’m not going.”

Li Shuo looked at Zhao Jinxin quietly, not knowing what to say for a while.

Zhao Jinxin couldn’t help swallowing, Li Shuo’s weak and feeble appearance provokes his itchy heart. He picked up the shoulder strap of Li Shuo’s singlet with his fingers, and said dumbly: “Look at me with this kind of eyes, I can’t help it if I lose control.”

Li Shuo was startled but he didn’t look away.

Zhao Jinxin hugged him from behind, bit his ear, leaving Li Shuo bewildered: “I heard that people who have a fever, that place is very hot, and I heard that having sex can help wick away sweat. You will get better faster. You want to try?”

“I don’t want to.” Li Shuo tried to push him away but it was useless. He whispered, “Stop making trouble.”

“I really miss it.” Zhao Jinxin rolled his ears with his tongue and licked. “You must be more sensitive than usual, maybe you will soon be fucked to tears.”

Li Shuo frowned. His heart was beating very fast, he was really afraid that this kid would really do what whatever he wanted.

Zhao Jinxin chuckled softly: “Don’t be afraid. I’m just teasing you. I am a gentleman.” He smoothed Li Shuo’s messy hair, flattened his body on the bed, and covered him with quilt, “Just take a rest and wait for the doctor to come. I will wake you up again.”

Li Shuo closed his eyes and nodded. In fact, he is not sleepy, but very tired, and he is also tired of facing Zhao Jinxin right now.

Zhao Jinxin stood by him, humming a soft tone, the room was quiet, only the unknown tune got into Li Shuo’s heart, like an ice spring flowing through his hot body, giving him a lot of comfort.

Li Shuo is fortunate that someone is by his side at this time, especially since that person is Zhao Jinxin.

Not long after, the doctor came, gave him another injection, and asked him to change his damp clothes.

After the doctor left, Zhao Jinxin turned a deaf ear to Li Shuo’s wish of changing his clothes by himself, fiddled with his arm, and took off his singlet.

Li Shuo only noticed that he was only wearing underwear on his lower body.

Zhao Jinxin carefully wiped Li Shuo’s skin with a dry towel. While wiping, he watched Li Shuo’s body intently.

Li Shuo was made even hotter by the hot eyes, and he simply closed his eyes. But after losing his vision, other senses became extremely sensitive. He could feel Zhao Jinxin’s hand raising his arm and stroking his skin. The fingertips seemed to be charged with electricity, causing his skin to shudder in a small area.

Finally, Li Shuo felt Zhao Jinxin picking his underwear.

Li Shuo opened his eyes suddenly: “What are you doing?”

Zhao Jinxin said innocently: “The doctor said that you need to change your clothes. You sweat a lot. If you don’t change, your cold will get worse.”

Li Shuo frowned and looked at him: “I have the strength to change myself.”

“Yes, I know.” Zhao Jinxin smiled slyly, “but I want to change it for you, and you just don’t have the strength to resist.”

“…Are you a gentleman or a rascal?”

“I am a gentleman who will become a rascal in front of you.” Zhao Jinxin said, pulling off the small piece of fabric.

Li Shuo held up his body and tried to get up, but was pressed back to the bed by Zhao Jinxin.

Zhao Jinxin tilted his neck and looked at Li Shuo, and finally couldn’t help reaching out and touching it.

Li Shuo’s body shudders: “Don’t ……”

“Maybe this will help shed virus” Zhao Jin Xin quickly bent over his body and put it in his mouth.

Li Shuo was shocked, his whole body went soft and limp, but there was a certain place in Zhao Jinxin’s mouth that went against him.

“Jin Xin…” Li Shuo raised his neck, and his whole body began to lose control.

“Well, it’s so hot, so interesting.” Zhao Jinxin muttered vaguely.

Li Shuo couldn’t describe his feelings at the time. His whole self seemed to be immersed in warm water. As Zhao Jinxin floated up and down sucking his dick, his brain was confused and could hardly think, but the sensory stimulation was multiplied. He felt that he was going crazy.

Finally, a torrent rushed to the vent and he ejaculated.

“Um…” Zhao Jinxin raised his head, rubbed the corners of his lips with his slender fingers, a pair of peach blossom eyes wrinkle with an ambiguous smile, “Have you not done it in a long time? It seems that Uncle Li has been very good this time. So this is a reward for you.”

Li Shuo collapsed all over, and even the strength of moving his fingers seemed to leave his body, his whole body was so soft like a puddle of mud.

Zhao Jinxin came over and kissed him: “My dear, don’t you miss it? It’s not as good as one-tenth of having sex for real.”

Li Shuo blocked his eyes with the back of his hand: “I don’t have time to deal with you now, don’t take advantage of people when they’re weak.” Zhao Jinxin’s play made him think uncontrollably of how the two of them had lingered in bed several times in the past, which is exactly what he wanted to do. He had forgotten that Zhao Jinxin has the ability to turn him into a completely different person in bed, and he not only doesn’t hate himself like that, but he was also lost in the moment for a while. That is the most terrifying thing.

“Okay, I’m the one who take advantage of the weak.” Zhao Jinxin smiled low, “Uncle Li is good or bad, you are the only one who is clear about that.”

Li Shuo pursed his lips and said nothing.

Zhao Jinxin kissed his lips again: “I know you like it so much, and your stiff mouth is also very cute.”

Li Shuo turned around on the bed, turned his back to Zhao Jinxin, ashamed, and curled up unconsciously.

Zhao Jinxin took him into his arms from behind. Li Shuo, who is like a scared little child, can only be seen like this once in a lifetime. Therefore, of course Zhao Jinxin should appreciate it.

The morning sun shines into the bedroom, waking up the sleeping man.

Li Shuo, who had slept for more than 20 hours, woke up first. He yawned greatly, and he felt less uncomfortable in his body. He then felt a heat source behind him, with a heavy arm across his waist.

Thinking of what happened last night, Li Shuo patted his forehead annoyedly and got up.

Zhao Jinxin opened his wistful eyes, and said unconsciously, “Uncle Li, I’m still sleepy.”

“If you are sleepy, continue to sleep.” When Li Shuo spoke, his voice was still hoarse, but it was better than yesterday, and his throat no longer hurts. He turned over and wanted to get out of bed.

Just now, Zhao Jinxin, was still acting like a child, but suddenly, he stretched his arms and hugged Li Shuo’s waist, dragged the person directly from the edge of the bed, and hugged Li Shuo’s waist with a strong grip, “Don’t go, I haven’t slept with you for so long. So you can sleep with me for a while.”

“What logic.” Li Shuo pulled his arm, “Let go, I want to get up and take my temperature.” He felt that his fever should go away.

Zhao Jinxin yawned and let go, touched the thermometer from the bedside table, and handed it to Li Shuo.

Li Shuo put it in his mouth and got out of bed at the same time, looking for clothes to wear.

Zhao Jinxin leaned his head and looked at Li Shuo’s back, who was wearing only tank top and shorts, with wide shoulders, slender waist, strong hips, and smooth long legs. He really wanted to take a bite.

Li Shuo seemed to have a sharp heart. He turned his head abruptly and saw Zhao Jinxin looking at him like a wolf. He glared at Zhao Jinxin and found the pajamas to put on his body.

“Uncle Li’s legs are so beautiful.” Zhao Jinxin licked his lips, “They look the best when opened for me.”

Li Shuo slammed the closet shut: “This shouldn’t be what a gentleman said.”

“If you don’t even dare to say sincere compliments, such a gentleman is too hypocritical.”

Li Shuo took off the thermometer, looked at it, and then slanted a glance at him: “Thank you for your care, my fever is gone.”

“That’s great.” Zhao Jinxin sat up, “So you are going to drive me away now?”

Li Shuo’s hand paused wile buttoning his shirt, he turned around and said sternly: “Jin Xin, you take care of me, I am very grateful, but this can’t change anything between us much.”

Zhao Jinxin’s face changed slightly: “You changed your face too quickly, right.”

“I didn’t change my face. I just didn’t have the strength to wrestle with you yesterday.”

“Did you feel good yesterday?”

“Yes.” Li Shuo said calmly, “but I didn’t ask you to do that.”

Zhao Jinxin smiled: “Are you passionate or ruthless?”

“This has nothing to do with passion and ruthlessness. I have already made a decision and told you.” Li Shuo lowered his head, feeling uncontrollably uncomfortable, “How many times do you want me to say? We will only be business partners in the future.”

“I can’t understand no matter how many times you have said it.” Zhao Jinxin squinted his eyes, his tone was prickly, “Han Feiye has given up on you, do you still think of him?”

“It has nothing to do with him.”

“It has nothing to do with him? If it doesn’t, then why did you suddenly propose to break up with me?” Zhao Jinxin narrowed his eyes, “I have proved to you that Han Feiye is not suitable for you. He is a person who has forgotten you for his own good fortune.”

Li Shuo said in a deep voice: “Don’t forget what you have done. It is too unpretentious to test others in this way, and you are not qualified to criticize him.”

“It doesn’t matter whether I am qualified or not, the important thing is that you and him should already broken up.” Zhao Jinxin got out of bed and walked towards Li Shuo step by step, his aura was like a beast walking towards his prey step by step.

Li Shuo’s heart tightened, and he took a step back subconsciously.

Zhao Jinxin forced Li Shuo to have nowhere to go. He pressed his back against the closet door. He softened his voice, “Uncle Li, isn’t it good for us to go back to how it used to? There will be no more man by your side who will be better than me. You are happy. We have always been happy together. Why do you want to change it? Don’t you think we should just indulge while we are alive?”

Li Shuo stared into Zhao Jinxin’s eyes, remembering what he accidentally said when he burned in a daze yesterday, and Zhao Jinxin’s reply was “If I can’t give it, then no one else can.” He couldn’t understand it at the time. Now, he knows the meaning of this sentence, Zhao Jinxin just wanted to prove to him that neither Han Feiye nor Li Chengxiu could compare to him, Zhao Jinxin.

Li Shuo admits that Zhao Jinxin is indeed a perfect lover if he puts aside other things, but those ‘other things’ contain things that are more important to life, such as family and spiritual stability, in addition to sex and happiness. Zhao Jinxin never intended to give stability to him, and he would never force it.

Li Shuo spoke slowly: “I said, I have had enough fun, don’t be entangled anymore.”

Zhao Jinxin’s face flashed hideously. He lowered his head, his nose almost touching the tip of Li Shuo’s, and whispered: “Uncle Li, you really want to annoy me.”

Li Shuo looked at Zhao Jinxin unblinkingly.

“I am angry, and I am not willing to be angry at you. Then, I can only vent my anger to others, such as… Han Feiye?”

Li Shuo’s face changed: “Don’t you dare.”

“Do you think I don’t dare?” Zhao Jinxin smiled, “As you said, I am Shao Qun’s cousin after all.”

Li Shuo narrowed his eyes: “Jin Xin, if you do something to Feiye, it will not be only between the two of us. I will definitely be responsible for everything that arises from me if you really want to blame me. The result is nothing more than losing to both sides if you deal with him, will it be interesting?”

“But I’m angry when I think of him now.” Zhao Jinxin ran his fingertips on Li Shuo’s face, and his eyes showed coldness, “We were fine before he came, how could I not blame him?”

“I thought you were very mature, but you turned out to be nothing more than just a hairy kid.” Li Shuo snorted coldly, “Do whatever you want to do, run with your horses, and go out from my house now.” He didn’t believe that Zhao Jinxin would really be jealous of Han Feiye. People with normal IQ will not think so. Because this is different from the grievances between him and Shao Qun. Shao Qun really likes Li Chengxiu. But for Zhao Jinxin, to him, it is nothing but the unhappy and embarrassment of losing a suitable bed partner. Even if Zhao Jinxin really intends to do something, he is not afraid. He can just let the two brothers share a jail cell together.

Zhao Jinxin stared directly at Li Shuo, the coldness in his eyes changed. Finally, he said: “Is it because I do something wrong that you don’t want to be with me anymore?”

Li Shuo’s lips trembled, and his heart fell extremely low. He wants to get along with Zhao Jinxin, very, very much, but what he wants is for this person to walk by his side completely, instead of just being sex partners for a while. Unfortunately, Zhao Jinxin can only give him the latter, so he does nothing wrong at all. He just wants it to end.

Seeing him not speaking, Zhao Jinxin lowered his head and patted his shoulder heavily, as if he was holding back something. Suddenly, he laughed twice: “Li Shuo, sometimes I wonder if you are just playing with me. When I treat you so well, you would be too cruel to me.”

Li Shuo closed his eyes: “You think too much…Thank you for being nice to me.”

Zhao Jinxin leaned in his ear and whispered: “We are not over yet.” After speaking, he turned and walked out of the bedroom.

Li Shuo stood stiffly, listening to the movement in the living room, waiting for Zhao Jinxin to leave.

It wasn’t until the sound of the door closing that he sighed, his eyes full of pain.

He stood by the closet door for a long time before he eased the discomfort, walked to the bed, and slumped down into the mattress.

His phone dinged twice. He slowly crawled to the bedside table and picked it up. It was a message from Wen Xiaohui, asking him to eat at night.

He replied: Xiaohui, I am not free today, how about tomorrow night?

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