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WTA Chapter 41

No One Else Can Have You

Back home, before Li Shuo even change his clothes, he just quickly puts the chip in the chip-reader and plugged it into the computer.

Shaking images soon appeared in the video player. From seeing Shao Qun until leaving, all the images and sounds were captured by the pinhole camera on his tie clip. Although the two people had a physical conflict and was chatic, the video taken shows Shao Qun’s face very clearly.

This little chip that he had used is produced by an American military industry company and is not allowed to be circulated. It took Li Shuo a little bit of work to get one. It really was expensive.

He turned off the video and called the lawyer: “Lawyer Wang, I got a video about Shao Qun’s perjury and that he framed me.”

“No, he didn’t admit it positively. I wanted to bait him to say a few more words, but I was afraid that he would be suspicious that it was too obvious, and the scene was rather chaotic.”

“Yes, I questioned him twice, but he didn’t refute it. At least this video shows that he has a very big personal grievance with me. He broke into my office and attacked me illegally before, and it was also filed by the police.”

“Well, I know this evidence is not strong enough.” Li Shuo looked at Shao Qun’s excited face on the screen, and a cold light flashed in his eyes, “So you must let the legal person speak to him. It doesn’t matter how much it can impact him.”

After hanging up the phone, Li Shuo saved a few copies of the video and sent them to cloud disks and mailboxes.

At the same time, he scratched the whole thing in his mind. He felt that the impact he could have on Shao Qun would not be less than what Shao Qun had given him. His purpose was very straightforward-revenge, and at the same time, his loss reputation to the company could be restored.

This matter Li Shuo had been brewing when he was in the United States, but at that time he was worried about Zhao Jinxin and could not make up his mind. But now, he and Zhao Jinxin have already broken off, and today facing Shao Qun directly, he is even more disgusted and engulfed in all his hatred and grievances. The fire is ignited again.

How can I let him go! Li Shuo shout internally.

The next day, Li Shuo woke up very early. The first thing he remembered when he opened his eyes was to call Cheng Sheng.

Cheng Sheng answered the phone and spoke easily: “I went to see him, he is okay. He looks good.”

Li Shuo was stunned, and asked uncertainly: “Uh… he looks very good?”

“Yeah, did you guys quarrel?”


“Anyway, he didn’t say anything to me. Maybe I’m an outsider to him and it’s hard for him to say anything.”

“Oh.” Han Feiye is indeed such a person, and he doesn’t talk to people who he is unfamiliar with. It seems that it is impossible to know Han Feiye’s actual condition from Cheng Sheng. Li Shuo frowned and said: “Then, did you ask him to contact me?”

“I did and he said he will.”

“Nothing else?” Li Shuo somehow felt that something is wrong somewhere.

“I just spoke a few words to him so there’s nothing else.” Cheng Sheng then curiously asked, “What’s the matter with you?”

Li Shuo sighed: “It’s not easy to explain… Cheng Sheng, thank you. When I go back there, I’ll invite you to drink.”

“Haha, you are welcome.”

Li Shuo hang up the phone and dial Han Feiye’s number again but he still couldn’t get through. He faintly felt that there was some misunderstanding between him and Han Feiye but he was too far away now and he couldn’t communicate with him in person. He really didn’t know what happened. But according to Cheng Sheng’s statement, the company’s matter seemed to be resolved, which relieved him a lot. Next, he can only wait for Han Feiye to contact him himself.

Li Shuo took a quick wash to freshen himself. Then, he took the required documents and went to the company.

When Brother Xiang saw him, he gave him a strong hug and patted his vest twice.

Li Shuo feels bad for troubling him and touched for all his help: “Brother Xiang, thank you. I don’t know what to do without you in the country during this period of time.”

Brother Xiang sighed, “My brother, don’t mention about it anymore.”

“Is President Liang in the office?”

“Yes, you go say hello, even if you don’t work together in the future, you are still a shareholder of the company. Don’t let the relationship get stiff.”

Li Shuo smiled: “Don’t worry, I am here this time, I intend to apologize to him.”

The two went to meet with the third partner of the firm. Li Shuo solemnly apologized for the negative impact he had brought to the company during this period, and then they talked about Ennan’s project.

Although Li Shuo will not work in the company’s office in the future, his status has not changed much. He personally selected four people including assistants to form a working group for the Ennan project. Later, the assistant will be connected with him and he will lead the team. He still uses all the resources of the company, and they will also focus on the project with Ennan as the annual focus.

After the talk, Li Shuo and Brother Xiang found a place to eat, and they talked about what happened in the past half year, and they were both deeply moved.

Li Shuo talked about his plan to rectify Shao Qun, and Brother Xiang frowned when he heard about it: “Are you completely sure about it?”

“I’m sure about it, I still don’t have forgiveness for people like Shao Qun.” Li Shuo took a sip of wine and his eyes indicate that he is firm about his decision.

“That’s the Shao family, it’s not easy to deal with.”

“I know. Fortunately, I am neither of Chinese nationality, nor my parents are here, and I have left the compnay now.” Li Shuo smiled, “He has nothing to threaten me with.”

Brother Xiang shook his head at him: “I really don’t approve of you doing this, but I can’t persuade you not to. Fortunately, your home is not here, so don’t be afraid of him, as long as the legal person can accuse him of perjury, it’s enough to bring him down.”

Li Shuo poured Brother Xiang a glass of wine: “Wish me luck then.”

Brother Xiang sighed: “I still want to wish you that with a happy heart.”

Li Shuo laughed and said, “Thank you, Brother Xiang.”

Li Shuo drank a little that day. When he came home, he stood staggeringly at the door, facing the dark, empty house, and suddenly felt a huge sense of loneliness. This loneliness is like fermented wine. The thicker the stuff, the stronger it felt, and you can choke your nose with just one sip of it.

If only someone was at home waiting for him to come home.

He had been in and out of relationships for more than ten years, but at the end of the day, he is still alone.

He smiled self-deprecatingly, fell on the sofa, and fell asleep there till dawn.

He has a backache and headache when he woke up in the middle of the night from the coldness of sleeping on the sofa like that. When the alarm clock rang the next day, his hangover’s brain was muddled. He remembered he needed to go to Zhao Jinxin’s company to discuss matters today, so he had to struggle to get up.

He took a bath and looked at himself in the mirror. His swollen eyelids and blue dark circles look really bad. He changed his clothes, endured his headache, ate some bread, and went out with the information in his hands.

When he arrived at Ennan’s office building, assistant Xiao Liu was waiting for him in the lobby. When he saw him, he teased: “Mr. Li, where did you go to have fun last night?”

“Drinking with Mr. Xiang, what is fun?” Li Shuo rubbed his forehead, “Do I look so dull?”

“At first glance, you look like you drank too much and didn’t sleep well, but don’t worry, Mr. Li, you are still very handsome.”

Li Shuo smiled: “Thank you. Go, let’s go up.”

Ennan rented a whole floor of their office building. The office exudes a smell of newly painted walls. Li Shuo feels exceptionally sick when he sucks it into his nose. He feels quite uncomfortable.

The front desk took them into the general manager’s office. Zhao Jinxin was talking with the financial director. When he saw Li Shuo, he frowned: “What’s the matter with you? Have you been drinking?”

His tone towards him makes it obvious that they are familiar with each other. Li Shuo coughed slightly: “Oh, I had a few drinks with my friend last night, hello, Mr. Zhao, this is my assistant Xiao Liu.”

Zhao Jinxin came over and touched Li Shuo’s face as if there was no one else in the room.

Li Shuo avoided his hand. He glanced at Zhao Jinxin warningly and said in a more serious tone: “Mr. Zhao, I am okay. My condition will not affect the discussion.”

Xiao Liu looked curiously back and forth between the two of them.

Zhao Jinxin dropped his hand and changed his position in the air: “Mr. Li, please.”

Li Shuo secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

The four of them discussed some details of the cooperation carefully. Li Shuo was a little distracted as he talked. He felt like his head was getting more and more drowsy. Due to his low energy, he was unable to concentrate and his reaction was a little slow. The smell of decoration in the room made him even more nauseous.

Did I drink fake wine last night? He thought to himself.

Zhao Jinxin looked at Li Shuo’s apparent absence-mindedness and tapped on the table lightly: “Li Shuo, are you okay?”

“Huh?” Li Shuo was stunned. “Oh, maybe the smell of the decoration in the office is too much. I’ll just go to the window and take a breathe.” He stood up as he said, but he felt his whole world is spinning. He leaned back uncontrollably.

Zhao Jinxin stood up abruptly and hugged him: “Li Shuo?” His hand was wrapped around Li Shuo’s waist. He felt that the temperature was not right. He probed his forehead and found that he was really feverish. He ordered, ” The meeting is over, Xiao Liu, go find a doctor.”

Li Shuo held Zhao Jinxin’s arm and barely propped up his body: “…Have I got a fever?”

“You don’t even know if you have a fever?” Zhao Jinxin helped Li Shuo to sit back down on the sofa. He squatted halfway in front of Li Shuo, and touched Li Shuo’s hot eyelids: “The eyes are all bloodshot, isn’t it uncomfortable? “

“It’s kind of.” Li Shuo leaned back in the chair, feeling weak in his limbs and feeling nauseous a little. He was always in good health and couldn’t remember when the last time he had a fever. He begins to blame the restaurant’s wine. He also shouldn’t have slept on the sofa for half a night.

Zhao Jinxin pressed his body down to the sofa: “You lie down.”

Li Shuo touched his face with his hand, but couldn’t feel the real temperature. He only felt himself getting weaker. How could he have such an incident while discussing business matters?

Suddenly, he felt a chill on his forehead.

He opened his eyes, Zhao Jinxin’s face magnified and appeared in front of him, with a bottle of ice mineral water stuck on his forehead.

Zhao Jinxin comforted: “The doctor will come in a while.”

Li Shuo nodded: “I’m sorry about today…”

“It’s not important.” Zhao Jinxin quietly looked at Li Shuo’s reddish cheeks and dark eyes, and couldn’t help lowering his head, pecking his exhaled lips.

Li Shuo frowned. Before he could gather his strength to push Zhao Jinxin away, Zhao Jinxin had already let go of him, and blinked at him, playing rogue and said, “Uncle Li like this is so delicious, I can’t help it.”

Li Shuo turned away and said, “I’d better go to the hospital.” As he said, he remembered something.

Zhao Jinxin pushed him back onto the sofa: “Don’t move, I promise not to harrass you. Look at you, you don’t even know when you’re sick, and there is no one around you. At least let me take care of you.”

“It’s just a fever…”

“I feel bad when you have a fever.” Zhao Jinxin touched Li Shuo’s hot forehead and said softly, “Uncle Li, is it okay to let me be by your side?”

Li Shuo looked at Zhao Jinxin with wet eyes, probably his brain was too hot, he said chaotically: “You can’t give me what I want.”

Zhao Jinxin was startled, his lips opened slightly, but he hesitated for several seconds before saying: “If I can’t give it, then no one else can.”

Li Shuo chewed this sentence repeatedly in his head for a long time, but he still didn’t understand what it meant. It was obviously not suitable for thinking at this time. He simply gave up, closed his eyes, and became lethargic.

Zhao Jinxin carefully observed Li Shuo’s facial features with his eyes, his eyes were as dangerous and greedy as a wolf. He liked everything about this man, from the inside out, from head to toe, and he didn’t plan to let others enjoy it.

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