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WTA Chapter 40

Worthy of Being Shao Qun's Cousin

Li Shuo was stroking the chaotic thoughts in his mind little by little, and suddenly… Suddenly, he thought of a person.

That person is more powerful towards Shao Qun than Zhao Jinxin and the two of them once had a relationship because of Li Chengxiu. She is the eldest sister of Shao Qun. She has the desire to break apart Shao Qun and Li Chengxiu stronger than anyone else.

Li Shuo sat up straight and began to scroll through his phone book. Sure enough, he found the contact of the person who he hadn’t been in contact with for a long time. He dialed the number.

“Hello, may I ask who is this?” On the other end of the phone is a very magnetic female voice. By just listening to the voice, one can hear a powerful aura.

Li Shuo sneered a little: “Hello, I am Li Shuo…”

After being unable to reach Han Feiye for two consecutive days, Li Shuo became a little worried. No matter what Han Feiye thinks in his heart, he must be uncomfortable right now. He at least has to make sure that Han Feiye is okay. Thinking about it, he called Cheng Sheng.

It was already night-time in the U.S. When Cheng Sheng answered the phone, his voice was muffled and he was obviously had just woken up from sleep.

“Cheng Sheng, I’m sorry to interrupt you resting.”

“Lambert…you are back in China?” Cheng Sheng yawned greatly.

“Well, just reached here a few days ago. I’m sorry, I’m really in a hurry to call you so late.”

“It’s okay. You say, what’s the matter?”

“Can you go to Feiye’s company tomorrow and see how he is now?”

“Huh?” Cheng Sheng couldn’t respond, “What’s wrong?”

Li Shuo said embarrassingly: “We have… a bit of a misunderstanding. He is not answering my phone now. I just want to confirm whether he is okay, I am a little worried.”

“What’s the matter with you two?” Cheng Sheng was completely awake now. “You are quite a player, huh? Didn’t you get along with Daddy Zhao a few days ago? But today you are getting along with Han Feiye again?”

“Don’t assume.” Li Shuo said helplessly, “It’s not what you think. There’s nothing between Feiye and I. And I can’t explain it to you. Anyway, do me a favor and go see him, okay?”

“Okay, I’ll go tomorrow. If I saw him, what should I say? That I come to see him on your order?”

“Just tell him… not to worry about anything and call me back.”


After hanging up the phone, Li Shuo got up and went to the boarding gate. If he got to Feiyang City today, if it was exactly what Shao Wen said, then he would be able to see Li Chengxiu in the afternoon.

When he arrived in Yangcheng, Shao Wen sent a driver to take him to the hotel.

Just after noon, Li Shuo asked the hotel to bring lunch over to him, but after a few mouthfuls of salad, he lost his appetite.

He took a shower, shaved, and changed clothes.

Although he usually pays attention to appearance, he rarely dresses up deliberately. But today, he wants to make Shao Qun more and more uncomfortable.

It’s almost time and his cell phone rang. Shao Wen’s driver said politely, “Mr. Li, the car is already downstairs. You can get down when you are ready.”

“Okay, I will go down now.”

Li Shuo put on a black diamond tie clip for himself, and looked at himself in the mirror with a chic and confident smile.

He went downstairs and saw a black Bentley parked outside the revolving door of the hotel.

As Li Shuo walked out of the revolving door, the driver got out of the car and opened the door of the car for him.

A woman in a smoky pink dress was sitting inside. From his perspective, she couldn’t see her face, but she could only see a slender figure.

Li Shuo nodded to the driver and sat in.

Shao Wen turned her head to look at him, with a faint smile on the corners of her lips, neither rude nor enthusiastic.

She is a very beautiful woman, in her thirties, with short and medium-length hair that is close to her neck, her facial features are exquisite and three-dimensional, she has a temperament that is not fierce and prestigious, she is not an ordinary woman at first glance.

“Shao…” As soon as Li Shuo sat down, he noticed that there was someone else in the co-pilot seatr before he could say a few words on the scene.

When the man turned his head, Li Shuo’s face changed slightly: “Zhao Jinxin?”

Zhao Jinxin blinked his eyes and said with a smile: “Hello, Brother Li.”

“Hello.” Li Shuo nodded coldly, then turned to Shao Wen and stretched out his hand: “Miss Shao, thank you.”

Shao Wen shook his hand: “I should thank you. I apologize for all the trouble my brother has caused you.”

Li Shuo smiled but spoke without a smile: “You’re welcome, no one needs to apologize for him.” He came back this time for many purposes, one of which was to make Shao Qun pay for what he did.

The three of them then were quiet.

Li Shuo looked out the window, thinking about the person he was going to see for a while, and his heart couldn’t calm down. Suddenly, he felt Zhao Jinxin staring at him from the gap in between the co-pilot seat. He pretended not to realize it, leaned back in the chair, closed his eyes and try to calm down. He didn’t know what Zhao Jinxin wanted to do with him, but what else could he do if he recalled being deceived and fooled by the two brothers joining together.

Today’s Zhao Jinxin is just Shao Qun’s cousin, which makes him particularly sick.

The car drove into an old city and gradually slowed down. Li Shuo looked at the outdated and age-old constructions around him, feeling very complicated. On the one hand, he was thankful that Shao Qun had not taken Chengxiu away. On the other hand, he felt uncomfortable. Li Chengxiu is still not doing well.

The car stopped in front of an old residential area.

Li Shuo looked at Shao Wen: “Which one?”

“Not sure.” Shao Wen took out her mobile phone and prepared to make a call.

“No need.” Li Shuo suddenly saw two familiar figures, his teeth trembled, his fists clenched tightly, and he opened the car door somewhat roughly.

“Li Shuo!” Zhao Jinxin chased him down.

Two people walked in from the gate of the community. One was thin, fair and delicate, with a gentle and harmless temperament, and there seemed to be an inevitable sorrow between the eyebrows. The other was tall and straight, wearing the simplest casual clothes and flip-flops. He couldn’t conceal the extravagance of an extraordinary background. He was so handsome that he was embarrassed. He walked behind, looking a little depressed.

Li Shuo was in a turbulent mood and blurted out: “Cheng Xiu!”

Both of them were taken aback and looked at him.

Li Shuo walked over a few steps and put his arms around Li Chengxiu, watching this man standing in front of him in good condition, his heart that had been hanging, finally fell back to his original position.

After Li Chengxiu was startled, he couldn’t help but choked and said: “Brother Li…”

Li Shuo only felt a black shadow flashing in front of him, and then his body was roughly pushed away.

Shao Qun pointed at his nose viciously, and said sharply: “Don’t fucking touch my person.”

When faced with an extremely jealous enemy, Li Shuo gritted his teeth and said: “Shao Qun, you shameless villain.” He clenched his fist and wanted to rush on.

Zhao Jinxin jumped in between the two of them, blocked him, and said with a smile: “Don’t be impulsive, don’t be impulsive, it’s a hot day, don’t be so angry.”

Shao Qun narrowed his eyes: “Jinxin, did you bring my sister? And this idiot…”

“I was wronged, I just came to see you with my eldest sister.” Zhao Jinxin winked at Li Shuo and motioned to him to calm down.

Li Shuo’s eyes were cold and angry, he pushed Zhao Jinxin away: “Cheng Xiu…”

Zhao Jinxin blocked him again, and took the initiative to hold Li Chengxiu’s hand and shook his hand, showing a beautiful and pleasing smile: “Hello, you are Li Chengxiu, you are really delicate.”

Li Chengxiu withdrew his hand guardedly and took a step back. His gaze shifted between the Shao family, obviously a little frightened.

The frightened eyes of the small animal made Li Shuo feel sorry for him.

Shao Qun frowned and said, “Cheng Xiu, don’t be afraid. This is my cousin, Zhao Jinxin.”

Shao Wen, who was silent on the side, came over and said sarcastically: “Don’t you want to introduce your sister?”

Shao Qun said impatiently: “Sister, what are you doing here?”

Shao Wen raised her hand and slap on Shao Qun’s face. She then said angrily: “Guess what I’m here for.”

Shao Qun lowered his eyes and said nothing.

Shao Wen took a deep breath and restrained her emotions: “Go into the house and talk. We all are standing here, want to be a joke to people?”

“Cheng Xiu…” Li Shuo wanted to walk to Li Chengxiu’s side. This time, Shao Qun and Zhao Jinxin stood in between them. Li Shuo was so angry that he felt like he wanted to hit someone.

Five people went upstairs along the narrow-mottled stairs. Li Chengxiu stood at the door of his room and whispered: “Brother Li, come in and sit down.”

Shao Qun straightened his eyes and threatened: “The surnamed Li, you dare try to enter his house.”

Li Shuo smiled provocatively: “We used to live together and share the same key to a house. Should I have any problems entering his house?”

Shao Qun’s eye circles suddenly congested: “Aren’t you getting better with Jinxin? Now pretending to be infatuated in front of Cheng Xiu, it’s fucking disgusting!”

Shao Qun’s words literally pierced Li Shuo’s heart. All the humiliation, anger and hatred he had desperately suppressed came to his heart. He really wanted to beat Shao Qun to the ground: “Shao Qun, you are here. As a beast, do you think you can defeat Li Shuo with that kind of despicable trick? You will only make Cheng Xiu look down on you even more!”

Zhao Jinxin narrowed his eyes slightly, no emotions shown on his face.

“It’s you who intervened between us, you hypocritical beast!”

“Then that allows you to find someone to falsely testify and frame me?!” Li Shuo barked his teeth, “I can’t return to China for half a year. I sold the company. Are you happy this time? But I tell you, I don’t regret what I did. What happened before, how did you treat Cheng Xiu, you know better than me.”

“You fucking deserve it, I should make you rotten in America and never come back!”

Shao Wen sternly said: “Enough, Shao Qun, shut up!” She pushed Shao Qun and Zhao Jinxin with one hand, “Let’s go into the house, let them talk just the two of them, and I still have an account to settle. It’s up to you.”

Shao Qun didn’t move. Li Chengxiu opened the door of her house and said palely to Shao Qun, “Don’t come in.”

Shao Qun was stunned like he was struck by a lightning and his whole person was awkward. He only dared to stare at Li Shuo in anger and unwillingness.

“Brother, let’s go.” Zhao Jinxin hugged Shao Qun’s shoulders, dragged him in the opposite direction, and looked back at Li Shuo at the same time.

Li Shuo deliberately avoided Zhao Jinxin’s gaze. He straightened his collar, raised his chin and smiled at Shao Qun, turned around and walked into the house with Li Chengxiu, and then very slowly closed the door in front of Shao Qun.

Shao Qun roared angrily behind him.

The house is a one-bedroom and one-living room, the layout is clear at a glance, very simple, there are only a few decent things, at first glance, it looks like a temporary residence.

Li Chengxiu turned his back to Li Shuo, holding the stove with both hands, and took a breath, his voice trembled: “Brother Li, what would you like to drink?”

Li Shuo sighed, and whispered softly: “Water is good.”

Li Chengxiu poured two glasses of water and brought it over: “Please sit down.”

Li Shuo sat on the sofa, he looked around, suddenly feeling a little embarrassed. The two used to have a close and sweet time. Looking back, how they feel so distant and unfamiliar now is probably because he has never walked into this person’s heart. He drank the water and smiled bitterly: “Cheng Xiu, I haven’t seen you for so long, I have a lot to say, but now I don’t know where to start.”

Li Chengxiu looked at him with bright and gentle eyes: “Brother Li, how are you doing?”

How is he? He thought to himself.

It’s okay, there’s no worries about food and clothing, and the whole family is well. There’s nothing wrong with it, just…

It was really hard for him to answer, so he asked, “What about you?”

Li Chengxiu smiled: “I’m okay…I got a job.”

Li Shuo raised his chin towards the neighboring house, his eyes darkened, “What’s the matter with him?”

Li Chengxiu’s face changed slightly: “He, he found me, so he moved in the next door…”

Li Shuo lowered his head for a while, and said in a deep voice: “Cheng Xiu, why didn’t you come to America with me?”

If there is such an ‘if’, everything will be different. Li Chengxiu will not fall into such a dilemma, nor will he like someone he even doesn’t want to like.

A look of shame appeared on Li Chengxiu’s face: “Brother Li, I’m sorry…I am tired of bothering you…I, I dare not go.”

“I know, that decision was too sudden for you.”

Li Chengxiu’s eyes are red: “I’m sorry…”

Li Shuo looked into his eyes: “You don’t have to apologize to me. The affairs of the firm have passed for me. I want to know your future plans. I know that you want to get rid of Shao Qun. I am still willing to help you… …And only I can help you.”

Li Chengxiu was silent for a long time before he whispered: “Brother Li, I’m sorry…”

Li Shuo put down his tone very soft and slow: “Cheng Xiu, you say sorry, what do you think you are sorry for?”


“The thing that you should be most sorry to me is that you shouldn’t disappear suddenly.”

Li Chengxiu’s shoulders trembled, tears rolling in his eyes.

“Can you imagine how anxious I am when I am in the United States when I know the news of your disappearance? Why can’t you have faith in me, why don’t you wait for me to help you, have you ever thought about how I feel?”

Li Chengxiu couldn’t say anything except choking up his tears and said “I’m sorry”.

Li Shuo couldn’t bear to see him that way so he only pat his shoulder: “I didn’t want to blame you, I understand your difficulty. Cheng Xiu, I know you never liked me, it’s okay, it’s not your fault, you gave me a happy and warm time, you are still the person I admire very much, as long as you say a word, I will help you until the end.”

Li Chengxiu shook his head with tears in his eyes: “…Thank you.”

Li Shuo sighed, feeling very disappointed, but he was not surprised by Li Chengxiu’s refusal.

Perhaps as Wen Xiaohui said, only love that is as strong and crazy as Shao Qun is true love. Although he can never agree with this thorny and absurd feeling, he can’t change Li Chengxiu’s thoughts. He said gravely: “My number has not changed. After a while, you send your number to my cell phone. If you change your mind, or if you have any difficulties, call Brother Li, okay?”

Li Chengxiu trembled and nodded: “Brother Li…I am not worthy of a person like you.”

Li Shuo touched his head, his heart was blocked: “Fool, don’t say such things.”

Li Chengxiu hesitated and said: “Your company…”

“Oh, it’s nothing.” Li Shuo pretentiously shrugged his shoulders relaxedly, “I sold some of my shares, so I don’t need to go to work in the future and only get dividends.”

Li Chengxiu’s eyebrows are twisted together.

“Cheng Xiu, don’t blame yourself for this incident. It’s not your fault. And I’m fine now. I have more time to spend time with my family. I am interested in a new project now. No need to worry.”

Li Chengxiu nodded.

Li Shuo looked at Li Chengxiu’s thin shoulders and flushed eye circles, and wanted to hug him. He had no other purpose, it was just like seeing a stray rabbit and wanting to give it a little warmth, but he still restrained himself. Without doing it, he stood up: “I won’t bother you anymore, remember if there is any problem, contact me.”

Li Chengxiu stood up: “I, I will.”

Li Shuo took a deep breath and turned towards the door. He thought of something, and suddenly stopped and turned around, “Cheng Xiu, regarding what Shao Qun said… Me and his cousin are not what you think. …”

Li Chengxiu was taken aback.

“When I was in the U.S., he let his cousin approach me. This kind of trick is too low, I…” Li Shuo didn’t know how to describe it. He couldn’t deny his relationship with Zhao Jinxin completely, but he didn’t want to admit that he was fooled either.

Li Chengxiu looked at him quietly, without any doubt in his eyes.

Li Shuo smiled self-deprecatingly: “This matter is not important, I’ll go now, let’s keep in touch, eh?”


Li Shuo went out. Shao Qun and Zhao Jinxin were smoking in the corridor. When he came out, they both looked at him together.

Li Shuo had to admit that the brothers look very dazzling, but there’s nothing good about them.

Shao Qun strode over and said coldly: “What did you talk about?”

Li Shuo raised his eyebrows: “I will tell you word by word, do you want to find a notebook to write it down?”

Shao Qun grabbed Li Shuo by the collar and said viciously: “Is the lesson I taught you not enough?”

“It’s obviously not enough.”

Zhao Jinxin grabbed Shao Qun’s hand and frowned, “Brother, let him go.”

Shao Qun looked at him incredulously: “Who the hell are you helping?”

“Let him go.” Zhao Jinxin pushed Shao Qun away.

Li Shuo straightened his shirt, straightened his tie, straightened the crooked tie clip, and said eloquently, “Shao Qun, it’s not enough to just find someone to frame me. Without the company, I’m still around. If you don’t want to die, why don’t you find someone to kill me? Otherwise, as long as I still breathe, I will definitely make you regret it.”

Zhao Jinxin whispered: “Can you say a few words less?”

Li Shuo looked at him coldly: “No.”

Zhao Jinxin licked his lips: “From now on, if you say one more word, I will kiss you.”

Li Shuo widened his eyes in surprise.

Zhao Jinxin showed a rascal smile.

Shao Qun said loudly: “Go, fuck me!”

Li Shuo made a heavy “hmph” then turned and left.

Zhao Jinxin chased after him.

Shao Wen has left, Li Shuo walked out of the complex to find a taxi.

Zhao Jinxin followed: “Li Shuo, Brother Li, Uncle Li.”

A taxi is parked in front of Li Shuo. Li Shuo pulled the door and try to get into the car.

Zhao Jinxin slammed the door closed instead preventing Li Shuo from getting in, snapped his fingers at the driver, and signaled him to go.

The driver left without looking back.

Li Shuo turned around: “What do you want to do?”

Zhao Jinxin touched his nose slightly: “You see, my brother ran to live in this kind of place for Li Chengxiu.”


“He really likes Li Chengxiu, you can rest assured.”

“He likes Li Chengxiu. But he is a beast and gonna cause conflict for Chengxiu.”

“Whatever it is, the two of them can’t be separated.”

“Whatever what is?” Li Shuo wanted to laugh with anger, “You are worthy of Shao Qun’s cousin. Even if I told you what had happened between them, you will not understand and it also have nothing to do with you.”

Zhao Jinxin took Li Shuo’s arm: “Okay, don’t talk about them, talk about us.”

“We have nothing to say.” Li Shuo reached out and stopped another taxi.

“At least we still have a business cooperation.”

“Yes, I will send you the assistant’s phone number later. On Monday, I will go to your company to discuss the details of the cooperation.” Li Shuo got into the taxi and didn’t look at Zhao Jinxin again. The more he realizes Zhao Jinxin’s influence on him, the more dangerous he feels. It is the primitive instinct to stay away from danger.

Until Zhao Jinxin was no longer visible in the rearview mirror, Li Shuo let out a long sigh.

He reached out and took off his tie clip. There was a thread behind the tie clip, and the other end was connected to the shirt. He pulled the thread out, and its’ tail was studded with a small flat box.

He opens the box, there is a chip inside.

Li Shuo smiled lightly.


Translator’s Note: I just think it’s funny how desperate ZJX is in trying to inject himself into LS’s life. Silly boy doesn’t even realize that he’s actually in love hahaha. -K

You may find the shared universe of the story between Shao Qun and Li Chengxiu here:

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