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WTA Chapter 15

(M) It's Not Enough

Zhao Jinxin smiled quietly. He leaned forward slightly. He whispered in the ear of Li Shuo: “You sound like you’re jealous.”

Li Shuo laughed: “Fortunately, it is just ‘sound like’.”

“I know what you are thinking.” Zhao Jinxin scratched his chin with his finger. “I like your type. I like the maturity and elegance that age gave you. But you and everyone in the world are not the same. The experience I gained in my previous relationship… The only use of them is for me to be better and more attentive to you. This does not mean that I am not sincere, right?”

Li Shuo grabbed his finger and gently rubbed his fingertips: “I don’t mean that. Sorry. I’m too shallow.” He was also surprised and regretful for the words he just blurted out. He is by no means a whimsical person. No matter whether Zhao Jinxin is really sincere to him or not, it is not an excuse for him to speculate about others. Is he … really jealous?

Li Shuo immediately denied the possibility. He was very fond of the big boy. But he should not be jealous over him. Maybe it was just in that moment, he just thought that he had confirmed some speculations. After all, Zhao Jinxin was too pushy about this set of flirting. So, he has always been wary.

Anyway. He regrets what he said just now. Zhao Jinxin smiled very gently like a gentleman: “I know you are unintentional. I admit that I don’t have any implicit genes in my bones. You think I’m not reliable and normal. But I don’t think there is anything wrong with liking people as I like.” He looked deep into Li Shuo’s eyes as he spouted what he said word by word. “And… I know you will like me too.”

Li Shuo stared at the beautiful eyes. He was lost for a moment. The waiter just brought the hot pot over and interrupted their eye contact. Li Shuo coughed. He concealed his emotions. Zhao Jinxin also lowered his head. No one can tell what he was thinking.

When they finished their meal, both of them got up as if nothing had happened. “What do you like to add to the hot pot?” Li Shuo asked.

“Lotus slices and lamb. How about you?”

“Frozen tofu.” Li Shuo said with a smile. “The most delicious.”

“Next time, come to my house to eat fresh hot pot. You must try the chef of our family’s cooking. I will prepare a lot of frozen tofu for you.”


After dinner, Li Shuo sent Zhao Jinxin to his house. Zhao Jinxin unfastened his seat belt and ambiguously said, “You coming up?”

“No. There is something to do at home.”

“You have nothing to do. You just want to hide from me. In fact, the question of who should be top or bottom… I really don’t care so much.” Zhao Jinxin leaned over and put his chin on Li Shuo’s shoulder. “You can be my first.”

Li Shuo’s finger lightly touched the steering wheel. He hesitated for a moment and said: “Your illness …”

“Only surface trauma will trigger. I can’t coagulate myself.” Zhao Jinxin shrugged. “But I believe you. You won’t hurt me?”

Li Shuo embarrassedly said: “Jin Xin, I am very moved. But I really can’t do it.” If they have sex, he still have to worry about whether there will be an accident. He will definitely feel guilty on the spot. He is a very cautious person. Even if he is interested in Zhao Jinxin, he dare not.

Zhao Jinxin’s eyes flashed a cunning light. His tone was rather disappointed: “I want to do it with you. I think about it every moment. I want to make you mine. You may not understand it.”

Li Shuo couldn’t look directly into Zhao Jinxin’s eyes. The eagerness and longing for him made him feel panic-stricken at the same time. He was also somewhat proud of being sought after, but he could hardly respond to Zhao Jinxin’s passion.

“You can rest assured. I won’t force you to do what you don’t want to do.” Zhao Jinxin put his arms around Li Shuo’s waist. His lips kissed his cheek softly. The voice was deeply confused: “We can’t do it in the end, how?” Li Shuo looked at him sideways. Zhao Jinxin’s eyes glowed. “Follow me upstairs. Hmm?”


The two of them couldn’t hold back in the elevator. Li Shuo was pressed by Zhao Jinxin on the elevator door and couldn’t breathe. After returning to the apartment, he was even more impulsive.

What Li Shuo got from Zhao Jinxin is the sweet and sensory stimulation of a love that can only be burnt when he was young. It is fascinating and addictive like a poppy. This pair of self-righteous passion should diminish with age as life goes by. What a great surprise for him that this made him realize that he was not young enough. It was just that he didn’t meet the right person back then.

As he got along with Zhao Jinxin, Li Shuo had always been restraining himself so as to not be blinded by this kind of passion. But Zhao Jinxin approached him step by step. He is driven into a contradiction between strict discipline and timely pleasure.

The existence of Li Chengxiu was like a safety pin for him. The safety pin is now gone and the gunpowder had exploded. Both of them fell on the thick wool rug. They dealt with their clothes like they did with the enemies.

They kiss, stroke, and bite each other. The more intense the action, the more they can vent their desires and the more they can express their praise to the other party.

They tried their best to provoke each other. If the blood can be heated up with mad emotions, then it must have been boiling by now.

They are pleasing each other’s dicks, feeling the sense of accomplishment that controls each other’s desires. Thick breathing sounds drilled into the eardrum. It can shake the brain more than the craziest rock. It pulls their rational nerves one by one.

Li Shuo ejaculated first while he was laying on his back on the carpet, staring at the ceiling. He took a big breath and his body was still twitching to recollect the climax just now.

At the next moment, his eyes were blocked. Zhao Jinxin put his hands on both sides of his head. The eyes that were red with desire looked charming to the extreme. The lips that were red as a result of kissing looked as sexy as the man is. He laughed lazily and greedily. “… but I’m not enough.”

Li Shuo took a deep breath. He stared at Zhao Jinxin’s magical eyes.

Zhao Jinxin leaned down and bit his chin. Then he leaned into his ear. He issued a devilish sting: “You are also not enough. Your body is far from being stimulated well. If you’re willing to give yourself to me, I will let you know what you have experienced in the past was nothing. I will make you think about my dick going to sleep every day.”

Li Shuo turned suddenly. He pressed Zhao Jinxin under him. He gasped and smiled: “It’s a pity you don’t do MLM.”

“It’s a pity. Where is money more attractive than you?” Zhao Jinxin held Li Shuo’s face with both hands. “I know you reject it because you are afraid.”

“What am I afraid of?”

“Afraid that what I said is true.”

Li Shuo was lying on Zhao Jinxin. He poked the smooth and tight skin with his hand. He laughed lightly: “I admit that I am a little curious. But in case you are just bragging, can I still claim an insurance?”

“I’ll pay myself to you.” Zhao Jinxin opened his mouth to cover his fingers and licked them with his tongue in circles: “If you don’t like it. Just do whatever you want to me but if you like it…”

Li Shuo narrowed his eyes slightly: “what if I like it?”

“You have to be mine.”

“Should I be proud of you?”

Zhao Jinxin smiled: “Am I not worth your pride?”

Li Shuo bowed his head and kissed him. He smiled and said, “Jin Xin, you deserve to be the pride of anyone. But I might not be one. But as a reward for your performance today … I promise you, I will consider it.”

Zhao Jinxin looked closely at Li Shuo’s confident and chic smile. Even the fine lines in the corners of his eyes were full of the mellow charm given by the years. He was slightly startled and smiled immediately. “One day, I will make you convinced.”

Li Shuo kissed his lips hard. He took a punitive light bite at the corner of his mouth. Then, the two of them embraced and laughed.

That night, Zhao Jinxin wanted Li Shuo to stay but Li Shuo didn’t want to be too clingy so he went home. Mrs. Li was reading a book in the living room when she saw him got home. She asked him if he is hungry.

“Mom, I went to eat at the old hot pot place tonight. I’m very full.”

“Oh. Who did you go with?” Mrs. Li put down the book and came over to her son.

“With Jinxin.” Li Shuo smiled and hugged her shoulders.

“What book are you reading?” The two approached. Mrs. Li suddenly froze, staring at his neck. Li Shuo lowered his head subconsciously, but saw nothing: “Mom? What’s wrong?”

Mrs. Li’s expression is a little weird: “Your neck … didn’t you notice it yourself?”

Li Shuo touched his neck and suddenly understood what was going on. He suddenly became embarrassed. How many times was this? The first time he was embarrassed in front of his parents was because of Zhao Jinxin as well.

Mrs. Li sighed: “You broke up with that boyfriend in China, right?”


“When you just came back a few days, you actively wanted us to chat. After a few days, you are no longer like that. Then, your emotions were also a little low. So I realized…” Mrs. Li said helplessly. “I don’t know if I should blame me for you to be born so pretty. You have such good looks since you were young… but how can you not settle down? Is there a problem with you?”

Li Shuo smiled bitterly: “Mom. I can’t understand this either. I think I’m very good to them. But at the end, I can never hold on to them. I keep being dumped. You tell me whether my good looks made my luck good or bad.”

Mrs. Li shook her head: “I thought that you must be able to marry a very good wife when you grow up. You don’t have to worry about emotional issues. As a result, not only you will not marry a wife but you being at such age and still find no stable partner. I will go back to China next time and I must find a place to pray for you.” She gave her son a slanted look and said with a long heart. “But you…you are not even bothered. It hurts others to see you ending up hurting yourself.”

“Mom. I don’t care about this.” Li Shuo couldn’t help but complain.

“Okay. If you’re not hungry, take a break early.” Mrs. Li said, “I must give you a pray. Should I find a ‘master’ to ask about marriage?”

“Mom. Don’t be superstitious. The masters don’t care about homosexuals.”

“You do not understand.”


*Translator’s Note: MLM = multilevel marketing (like the pyramid method of selling with down line and all). Li Shuo said so to Jinxin because people who usually got into this kind of shady business are very persuasive and convincing. Meanwhile, the ‘master’ that Li Shuo’s mom going to look for is like a priest for them to pray at shrines etc. They can count astrological stuffs like that to see which person fits which persons based on date of birth etc. and also past lives like that. Superstitious…. but in Chinese communities, most are still upholding this belief. Oh and about that Jewish principle about business, fuck me, I don’t even know how to translate that so I just lol….wrote down as it is. Hahahaha. I hate Math.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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