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WTA Chapter 16

"I Really Want to Rape You"

Li Shuo thought that his mother was just talking casually. Unexpectedly, she called him up early the next morning and asked him if he wanted to see the ‘master’ himself.

Li Shuo said helplessly: “Mom, I won’t go. You also don’t need to go anymore?”

“This master is very accurate. Even your uncle Zhao believes in him. If you don’t go, give me a piece of cloth you recently wore. This will make it accurate.”

Li Shuo was not fully awake yet. He was sitting on the bed in a singlet and underwear being dumb for a few seconds. He pointed to the shirt on the stool that he had just changed yesterday and said, “Take that.”

Mrs. Li wrinkled her nose straight up when she picked it up: “It smells like hot pot. It had been smoked to death.” She turned to look at her son. “Give me your singlet.”


“Oh. I won’t let you do anything. Just give me the singlet. If you don’t believe then don’t believe it. It’s okay to ask for your mother to be at ease.” Mrs. Li is a typical Jiangnan woman. She always speaks slowly. There is still a little girl charm when she spoke coquettishly.

Li Shuo had no choice but to take off his singlet. Mrs. Li looked up and down over Li Shuo’s chest muscles and proudly said: “My son is so handsome. The marriage will definitely be good.”

Li Shuo smiled and told her, “Come back early.”

After Mrs. Li left, Li Shuo was not sleepy anymore. He got up and washed. He checked the phone as usual. There was an email from Brother Xiang. It was a cooperation agreement drafted by the lawyer with Ennan Group. Brother Xiang also wrote a paragraph in the mail related to his case. It roughly means that the investigators have not moved in the past few days. They will neither come to the company nor talk to them. Maybe things have changed.

Li Shuo is not surprised. Shao Qun either wants him to go back to find Li Chengxiu together or he has no time to take care of his affairs. Most of the probability is the latter. As long as things are cleared for him, he can return to China soon.

In fact, he had no idea where that person would go. Wen Xiaohui also had no idea. Compared with Shao Qun, he didn’t even know Li Chengxiu that well. He has used all the channels and means he can think of to find that person. Now, he can only do his best and obey the path of destiny.

He printed out the draft contract and drove to Ennan headquarters. Fortunately, he was not idle during his time in the United States. Otherwise, his mind was harder to calm down. Zhao Rongtian happened to be free. Zhao Jinxin was also in the company. The three went to the chairman’s office to discuss the contract. Zhao Rongtian agrees with the contract terms issued by Li Shuo. There are only few objections. The main reason is that the contract is fair and reasonable.

Li Shuo has his own principles for doing business. He never cares about interests. He appreciates the business philosophy of a Jewish wise man. That is, if 3 people is in partner with the costs 10 yuan. So as long as you can get 3. You don’t have to share 3.3333 ~. In fact, the same is true of man. You might make less money, but you can save a lot of trouble, and you can also get good words about you and gain friends.

During the negotiation, Li Shuo felt that Zhao Jinxin had been watching him. His unobtrusive eyes gave him a headache. After all, he was feeling guilty. If he didn’t have a good concentration, it will be really easy to get distracted. After negotiating the contract with Zhao Rongtian, they walked out of the office.

Zhao Jinxin said meaningfully: “This may be the fastest contract my dad had been done about. Especially for the first time.”

“We have to pay attention to efficiency. It’s good for anyone.” Li Shuo was also very relieved. He still valued the cooperation with Ennan.

“Do you know what my father’s character is like?” Zhao Jinxin looked at Li Shuo with a smile.

Li Shuo thought about it: “Ennan’s corporate culture is wolf-like. Uncle Zhao himself is also a decisive and resolute person. So, he is very strong.”

“This way.” Zhao Jinxin gently supported Li Shuo’s waist and led him into the pantry. “You’re right. My dad is such a person. If you go further, he has to take three steps to the front. If you step back, he can also take three steps back. If you are strong, he is stronger than you. If you are open-minded, he is more open-minded than you. He is always more “more” than you.” Zhao Jinxin said. He then laughed. “Isn’t it fun? I’ve been watching my dad for a long time. He is particularly interesting.”

Li Shuo thought of Zhao Jinxin’s words carefully and couldn’t help laughing: “It’s really interesting. He is such a retreatable character and that made Ennan as it is today. Your father is very amazing.”

Zhao Jinxin leaned on the table next to the coffee machine. He looked at Li Shuo with a smile: “So you really surprised me today.”


“I don’t know if you are intentional or unintentional… but you are following his temper completely. He enters when you enter. He retreats when you retreat. Sometimes I can’t even grasp this degree.” Zhao Jinxin looked into Li Shuo’s eyes deeper and deeper. His voice also became a bit dull: “Li Shuo… What else do you have that I haven’t found?”

Li Shuo lauged: “I don’t know whether you are overestimating me or underestimating me. If I don’t even have basic negotiation skills, I may have been in vain for so many years. But I am not as powerful as you think. Uncle Zhao’s sees me as a junior with a father’s friendship. He is letting me off psychologically. So as long as there are no major deviations in principle, this contract naturally ends fast.”

“You underestimated yourself. Do you know… When you wore a suit and were in a serious negotiation just now, I want to strip you …”

Li Shuo took a big step forward with his long legs and covered Zhao Jinxin’s mouth with his hand since he saw someone coming from the side of his eyes. Zhao Jinxin smiled with a pair of enchanted eyes. Li Shuo said: “You won’t be serious for three minutes.” And his voice fell as he felt that his palm was licked by something hot. It was crisp and ticklish. He quickly withdrew his hand. The palm was still wet with a small circle.

“When I’m not serious then you should you punish me.” Zhao Jinxin licked his lips with a small piece of bright tongue. “For example. Penalize me not to cum for an hour or something.”

Li Shuo patted his face. He raised his eyebrows and said: “You’re such a bragger.”

“I’m not bragging… see if you dare to try.” Zhao Jinxin took Li Shuo’s hand and put it on himself. He ambiguously said: “This is good. Let’s set time. I will lose you a million if I cum one minute earlier. More than one minute will cost more. You can do role-play with me. With prop. Or with a certain posture. Your choice.”

Li Shuo chuckled and whispered against Zhao Jinxin’s ear: “The geese are not being shot yet, so don’t worry about the cooking method.” He kissed Zhao Jinxin on one side of his cheek. He then laughed and walked away.

Zhao Jinxin touched the cheek that Li Shuo had kissed with his finger. A strong flame is burning in his eyes. He can’t get bored of pursuing such people. Zhao Jinxin chased Li Shuo out of the company: “Where are you going?”

“Go to …” Li Shuo didn’t really know where to go for a while. His parents were out. He has been in business for so many years and he has never been so idle. “… Go to the gym. I haven’t been active for a long time.”

“Let’s go together. I’ll take you to my club.”


As soon as he got into the car, Zhao Jinxin threw himself around Li Shuo’s neck and flirtatiously said: “Uncle Li. You haven’t kissed me today.”

Li Shuo said with a smile: “I just kissed.”

“The face is not counted.” Zhao Jinxin pouted his lips.

A hint of playfulness flashed in Li Shuo’s eyes. He tested a little bit of water: “Okay. Sit down and fasten your seat belt.”

Of course, Zhao Jinxin was not satisfied. The big hand pressed the back of Li Shuo’s head and blocked his lips hard. He kissed him hotly enough. Both of them lingered their lips until they finally couldn’t help but breathe. Zhao Jinxin lets go of Li Shuo with all his heart and soul: “This counts.”

Li Shuo straightened his collar. He squinted his eyes at him. “Now you can sit and fasten your seat belts or it’s such a shame… I’ll have to buy you a child seat.”

Zhao Jinxin paused while holding the seat belt and obscenely said: “There is a sexchair made as a child seat …”

Li Shuo laughed and scolded: “Enough with you.” He reached out and pinched Zhao Jinxin’s cheek. “Are you the reincarnation of a demon, hmm?” Zhao Jinxin laughed.

The two drove to an ultra-luxury fitness club that ranked well across the United States. There are even surfing and indoor ski slopes there.

“What do you want to play?”

Li Shuo shook his arm: “Play squash for a while.”

Zhao Jinxin put the membership card at the front desk. After a while, a very hot woman took them to the squash court. Zhao Jinxin kept his clothes here. But the size is slightly larger and it will not be suitable for Li Shuo to wear. He went to the store temporarily to buy a suit.

When Li Shuo wanted to change clothes, Zhao Jinxin, who had already changed, leaned against the storage cabinet. He looked at him without blinking. Li Shuo chuckled.

He looked directly at Zhao Jinxin’s eyes: “If you want to see it, you should look carefully.”

Li Shuo hooked his tie with his index finger. He slightly leaned his neck and loosened his tie. Then, he slowly unbuttons his shirts one by one until he finally takes off the white shirt neatly and tossed it aside. His strong chest muscles and flat waist are exposed. Throughout this, he was watching Zhao Jinxin while laughing.

Zhao Jinxin’s throat rolled up and down. His eyes went down his chest. His eyes were unrestrained and naked. Li Shuo gently opened the belt buckle and tear off the zipper. The trousers went down. He admired the look on Zhao Jinxin’s face which resembles a wolf filled with desire. That look made him feel like a horse.

Li Shuo picked up the sportswear and put it on and Zhao Jinxin walked over. He stroked Li Shuo’s butt through his thin sweatpants across his palm and said unwillingly: “Uncle Li, you are bad enough.”

“I think …” Li Shuo turned his face and took a bite of Zhao Jinxin’s ear. “This is the punishment for you little kinky demon.”

Zhao Jinxin hurriedly hugged Li Shuo’s waist and put his entire heel off the ground and slammed him on the locker. The collision between his body and the hollow metal made a violent noise, just like how these two people’s hearts exploded at that very moment. The faces of the two are very close. It is so close that they can exchange each other’s breath. The body is also very close. Li Shuo can clearly feel the changes in Zhao Jinxin’s body.

Suddenly, they even lightened their breathing.

Zhao Jinxin took a deep breath: “I really want to rape you.” Although the tone was a joke, his eyes looked a bit predatory.

Li Shuo felt his heart beating violently. He knew that neither of them could be satisfied with just touching each other. That was not enough. It was never enough. They needed something more intense, more primitive, more indecent … to vent their desire for each other. If they hold it down again, it will not be good for the body. He is already an adult but Li Shuo hasn’t succumbed himself in this respect.

However, he dare not touch Zhao Jinxin. Thinking of the situation that Zhao Jinxin might get hurt, he will definitely feel bad about it. Is it really necessary to try to do bottom? … In fact, despite of being mentally against it, his body is curious. Past experience always gives him a concept that doing bottom may be better than doing top. At least the people who have gone to bed with him are very satisfied. And the physical satisfaction he has experienced in many sexual activities are not as good as giving the psychological satisfaction of the other party’s pleasure.

Would he like to try it… but… he just couldn’t take it.

“Whoa!” The two men jumped with shock. It turned out that other guests had came in and saw them.

Zhao Jinxin lets go of Li Shuo and blinked at the buddy. The other party gave him a thumbs up and an awkward smile. Then, he walked backwards.

Li Shuo combed his hair with his fingers and calmed down: “Let’s go to play.”

“How do you count if you lose? How do you count if you win?”

Li Shuo laughed twice: “I will let you fuck me if I lose.”

Li Shuo regretted it as soon as he said it. He was just joking. He also thought that he had thought about these things in his heart but he didn’t take care of his own words. As a result, as he looked into Zhao Jinxin’s eyes, it seemed that he had been taken seriously. “Umm……”

“Okay. Stay true to your words.” Zhao Jinxin was about to shake his hands.

Li Shuo shook his head with a smile. He said calmly: “Baby, I was a professional tennis player when I was in college. Now I have stepped back a bit, but you still can’t win me.”

“How do you know if you don’t try?” Zhao Jinxin looked at him provocatively.

Li Shuo shook his neck: “Okay. I talked. You lost. You also promised me a condition. Any condition.”



*Translator’s Note: 天上大雁都没打下来. 就别纠结清蒸还是红烧了。= The geese are not being shot yet, so don’t worry about the cooking method. It means like ‘don’t think of something which is unrealistic’. In a way, Li Shuo is ridiculing Zhao Jinxin’s idea of role-play sex. Hahahaha. Something like that… It’s a Chinese saying. I had to ask my Mandarin teacher the meaning lol! She must’ve thought that I’ve been studying well. Hahahaha! Oh and by the way, in the story, the author uses ‘0’ and ‘1’ as ‘bottom’ and ‘top’ respectively (this is how the Chinese use it in their slang) but I just omit them to ‘bottom’ and ‘top’ for you to easily understand.

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